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Bonus Episode - What Is An Award Worth?

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Leah (voice actor and radio person) and Nic (voiceover and voice coach) interview people working at the top of their game in all things audio industry related - voiceover, animation, radio drama, commercial, sound design, all sorts. If VO is your thing, so's this podcast! There’s a new episode out on the first of every month. Follow us on Twitter @theVOsocial or search for "VO Social North" on Facebook
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Leah (voice actor and radio person) and Nic (voiceover and voice coach) interview people working at the top of their game in all things audio industry related - voiceover, animation, radio drama, commercial, sound design, all sorts. If VO is your thing, so's this podcast! There’s a new episode out on the first of every month. Follow us on Twitter @theVOsocial or search for "VO Social North" on Facebook

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23. The Puppeteer - Warrick Brownlow-Pike
Once upon a time, there was a three year old who was puppet MAD. Warrick Brownlow-Pike watched them, drew them, made them, moved them and gave them great big muppety voices. Now he's a grown up major-league puppeting superstar - Gonger on Sesame Street, Dodge the Dog on the BBC, and The Chamberlain in Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance - so we've spoken to him about what makes a voice "muppety", how to make it more "monstery", and what happens when you have too much fun on live TV. Also in this podcast -  the one simple trick you need to know about sight reading, and some cold hard truths about winter remedies. Take a deep breath, and throw that menthol in the sea...
November 1, 2019
Bonus Episode - What Is An Award Worth?
Our Leah was nominated for two VOX awards this year, but did she win them? Does it even matter? What’s the difference between awards in the UK and the US? And what if you have to pay to enter? Does that make it worth less? We bring you all the answers - or at least some vaguely researched pontificating - in our special bonus episode direct from VOX 2019. Featuring insider info from multi-award winners Rick Loynes, Darren Altman & Jack Oddie, and the super-talent that is Natalie Silverman.
October 13, 2019
22. The Studio Engineer
We’ve cornered studio engineers Tom Rowbotham, Kirsty Gillmore, Rob Bee and Rich O Donoghue and asked them what on earth they're twiddling with. Featuring: A fancy new(ish) way to get rid of mouth clicks Ten things you really need to know about studio etiquette Some truly heartwrenching answers to the question "What's been your most catastrophic session? A competition to win brand new Focusrite studio equipment worth hundreds of pounds! Get 10% off at for the whole of October 2019 by entering our special code “VOSOCIAL10” at checkout And here's a link to a video of Nic's advice on noisy breathing from this episode's Panic Room: Send your voice related query into the Panic Room by clicking on “send us a voice message” link below or email an MP3 to
October 1, 2019
21. The Voice of God
Ladies and Gentlemen, this episode is about to begin! VOG specialists Katie Flamman and Lorraine Ansell tell us everything they know about getting the sound exactly right, Nic tackles a mysterious squeak in the Panic Room, and Equity's Audio Committee makes a big announcement! Got a voice question? Send it to the Panic Room using the “send in a voice message” link below, or email an mp3 to We’ll keep you anonymous! Like the occasional discount on useful VO stuff? Fancy knowing about things before other people? Sign up for the monthly newsletter here: 
September 1, 2019
20. The Impressionist - Jess Robinson
We’ve dragged ourselves out of a sluggish 38 celsius funk to bring you the sparklingly musical (and non-musical too) impressionist Jess Robinson.  In this episode, Jess reveals who has the trickiest of all the voices to get right as well as which ones do her the most damage, and in the Panic Room - ARG I'VE FORGOTTEN HOW TO BREATHE Got a panic? Send it to us! We'll keep you anonymous, we promise. Click the “send voice message” link, or email an MP3 to  PS: Kim Chandler’s Fun and Funky:
August 1, 2019
Bonus Episode - The Socials
Did you know there are VO Socials across the UK? Join us on a whistlestop tour round three of them – Bristol, Scotland and Hull - for advice on tricky clients, VO horror stories, and a surprising amount of nudity… Get involved in real life: NEWCASTLE 5th August at the Town Wall opposite Central Station from 7:30pm BRISTOL 21st August at Bambalan from 7pm (Happy 1st birthday Bristol!) SCOTLAND 1st September, most likely in Glasgow  HULL 7th Sept at the Humber Dock Bar, 2-5pm MANCHESTER 28th September, the Ape and Apple, 2-7pm BATH 16th October, details tbc Get more events and opportunities plonked in your inbox by signing up to our monthly newsletter – just email to be put on the list.
July 14, 2019
19. The Radio Commercial Producer - Adders
EXPLICIT CONTENT! Be warned. This interview with radio commercial producer Adders from LBS has absolutely zero bleeps in it. That’s despite it containing an extraordinary, previously unbroadcast recording of one of voiceover’s most famous mavericks raunching up a car dealership, and TWO whole OTHER swear words as WELL. If you feel you can manage all that, you'll also hear: Why SEO is worth troubling yourself over What the heck is a “non-voice” voice (and why you should care) How to keep your reel out of the studio bin.  Join us in the inaugural Panic Room to find out how to abolish mouth noise, and if you’d like resident voice coach Nic Redman to sort out your voice problems, send them using the link below or email an MP3 to We’ll keep you anonymous!
July 1, 2019
18. The Famous Actor - Hugh Bonneville
   It’s the One Voice Conference 2019 in podcast form! Featuring keynote speaker Hugh Bonneville, voiceovers from all over the world, and the Northern winners from the One Voice Awards. Don’t forget to leave a review, and send your questions to our brand new Panic Room by clicking on the "Send Voice Message" link below (or by emailing if you can't see it)
June 1, 2019
Bonus Episode - Paul Brown
 It’s a bonus episode! Join Nic, Leah, Paul Brown and special guest Natalie Silverman for a quick jaunt back in time to find out if things really were better in the olden days of commercial voiceover. Plus, find out how YOU could be the proud owner of the preposterous number plate A1 MVO!  Also, the oooonly time we could find to record this bonus episode was on the fast (loud) train home from the One Voice Conference. Thank goodness for the amazing Rob Bee! He saved the day with his magical noise hoover. Here’s his website, do use him for all your audio needs: By the way, Nat is a naturally husky VO anyway, but this was some extreme husk... She's better now though, fully recovered from whatever it was and back to husking around at a sensible level. 
May 14, 2019
17. The Radio Commercial VO - Paul Brown
Paul Brown is one of the most well known radio commercial voices in the UK. He’s been at it since the 70s, and now works from his home studio near Macclesfield for a floor-moppingly long list of huge name clients. We popped round his gaff to find out what he knows, and have a nosey at his great big fancy booth. Ooh it is posh though.
May 1, 2019
16. The In-Store Radio Producer - Toby Huggins
This time around,  we have an avant-garde bash at getting the levels right and then expert In-Store Radio producer Toby Huggins from KVH Media takes us on a trip all over this under-lauded industry. He also reveals the details of a party he's planning in the aisles of a high street store near you, AND we launch our competition! You can win TWO brilliant prizes (info in the podcast), and all you have to do is write a review of our show in iTunes then email us on to tell us you’ve done it. The voices you hear in Show Offs Corner are: Nic Redman - Co-op Kate Whelan - Asda Sara Davies - Matalan Jessie Brooks - Spar Tony Collins - Dobbies Justine Harris – Asda And if you’d like to feature next month, (of course you do, what a redundant if) email us your stuff! 
April 1, 2019
15. The Agent - The VO Gallery
In this episode we chat to Judith from Manchester/London voice agency The Voiceover Gallery about how being based up North makes a difference, current casting trends, and what to do if your client's "being a nob". There's an absolutely lovely chap featured in Show Offs Corner, and Nic tells you how to get tickets for the ridiculously brilliant guest coach she's shipped up North for a workshop. SEND US YOUR STUFF for Show Offs Corner via, and follow us on twitter @vosocialnorth PS: That agency we talk about, that we aren't sure if it's still going or not? We checked, it's not. Closed a couple of years ago actually...
February 2, 2019
14. The Video Production Company - Bearded Fellows
The North played a blinder at the VOX awards 2018, with a load of nominations and an outstanding TWO wins by Cumbrian lad Jack Oddie, so we called him up to get his perspective on regional accents taking over the commercial mainstream. Also in this episode, Manchester based video production company Bearded Fellows smash through some frankly savage home truths about how they cast voices, and Leah gives Nic a terrible Christmas present.
December 4, 2018
Bonus Episode - Boz Temple Morris
Boz talks in this bonus episode about casting, music, sound design, authenticity and purpose in Holy Mountain's "Billie Homeless Dies At The End", "Saving The Blue", "Hay El Matar" (back on BBC Radio 4 from November 19th) and "The Good Listener" (which is being repeated on BBC Radio 4 on 12th September 2018) Episode 14 of the podcast will be published in December - send your VO work to to be considered for Show Offs Corner!
October 1, 2018
13. The Radio Drama Producer - Boz Temple Morris
Here, have an interview with the man from Holy Mountain; Leah's favourite creator and award winning, industry disrupting megatron, Boz Temple Morris. The most Northern of our VO Social attendees features in Show Offs' Corner, and there's a clip of one of the Guardian's "Best Shows To See" at the Edinburgh Festival at the very end... for reasons that will become apparent. Send us your contributions for Show Offs' Corner to, and sign up for a session at Nic's Northern Voice Collective launch here:
August 22, 2018
12. The Animation Casting Director - Dave Peacock
This VO Social meets… episode features major UK animation casting and voice director Dave Peacock (who says some frankly astonishing things), a bag of shiny voxes from the One Voice Conference 2018 AND we introduce our new segment, Show Offs Corner. Send VO related MP3s of stuff you’re proud of to, also email us to get your name added to our newsletter! AND you can follow Nic @NicRedmanvoice, and Leah @Leah_etc if you fancy it.
June 21, 2018
11. The Sound Designer - Eloise Whitmore
In this episode, we meet extraordinary Manchester based sound designer Eloise Whitmore, find out what a half decent radio drama actor sounds like, learn what the future holds for our ears, and Leah says two things she probably shouldn't. ALSO, we announce some HUGE NEWS for the social on the 10th March! We don't say HUGE NEWS lightly you know, we've checked with and that is actually right.
February 1, 2018
10. The Audiobook Narrator - David Thorpe
In this aggressively festive episode, Leah and Nic explain exactly what's expected of the next social's attendees, and award winning audiobook reader Dave Thorpe tells Plog what's what when it comes to reading those audiobooks. Email to be added to the mailing list, and follow us on Twitter @VOSocialNorth. Ho ho ho!
December 1, 2017
9. The Voice Actor - Melissa Sinden Gray
In this Plog Meets... episode we journey out to a little stone cottage in the countryside to chat to our Melissa... She's been a pro voiceover and a radio drama regular for ages and has some extremely interesting things to say about all of that. Sign up(if you haven't already) for more interviews with fascinating audio experts - email and we'll pop you on the mailing list.
September 1, 2017
8. You've worked for WHO?!!
The 8th edition of the ever popular VO Social North PLOG. This month we brag unabashedly about the excellently talented people who come to hang out with us at our voiceover social meet up in Manchester.
June 1, 2017
7. We take April Fools' Day very seriously
To celebrate April Fool's Day, we've compiled ludicrous voiceover stories from the professionals that attend our socials. Also featuring a coordinated attack by the swarming street sweepers of Salford.
March 1, 2017
6. The toppermost of the tippermost
The talented and well established voiceover industry folk who come to our dos share the most useful secret tip they're prepared to give away.
January 1, 2017
5. Happy Oneth Birthday to us!
Find out all about the astonishing shenanigans Nic got up to when she turned one, feel the birthday love in stereo and open your special birthday present from us. All in under two minutes.
October 1, 2016
4. Do you feel fonder?
We take a stroll through the grimiest bit of Manchester's Northern Quarter and talk about how nice it's going to be when we all see each other at Mr Thomas' Chop House.
July 1, 2016
3. We love the North a LOT.
...also pingpong.
April 1, 2016
2. The Blue Peter Garden
The first ever social went so well we're going to do it again! So we go for a walk in the wind to discuss why and how, also when, although not where.
January 1, 2016
1. What is all this?
Nic is a voiceover and vocal coach, Leah is a voiceover and radio person. We met on the internet over a wayward apostrophe, accidentally both moved to Salford and then set up a thriving social for voiceovers across the North of England. This is the first episode of the podcast we make to promote it. Nice to meet you!
October 1, 2015
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