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The Way Out | A Sobriety & Recovery Podcast

The Way Out | A Sobriety & Recovery Podcast

By Hosted by Charlie & Jason
Sobriety Power Topics and Powerful Recovery Stories to Jumpstart Your Sobriety and Enhance Your Recovery!
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The Way Out Podcast Episode 127 - Kristin Casey

The Way Out | A Sobriety & Recovery Podcast

Robert Pardon is The Recovery Guy | The Way Out Podcast Episode 244
In this edition of The Way Out we bring you an extraordinary interview I had the good fortune of having with The Recovery Guy, Robert Pardon, who just celebrated his 35th year of long-term recovery from alcoholism and addiction, and Hosts The Recovery Guy Podcast and is without question the genuine article. Roberts journey to and through recovery to this point is marked by profound feelings of inadequacy and not fitting in while in active addiction and alcoholism and using external substances and behaviors in an attempt to ameliorate this deep seeded pain, a feeling so many of us can deeply relate with. Robert’s recovery journey then, is consequently marked by meaningful connections to people in long term recovery who had something he desperately wanted – peace, serenity, and a level of contentment that demonstrates a recovery program well worked. There’s near limitless relatability to the internal and external adversity in Robert’s journey and the spiritual and recovery wisdom that emanates through his story is equally as vast. Without question the headline is that you can recover regardless of anything or anyone provided you follow a few simple suggestions – namely admit we have a problem, trust God as you understand God, clean house and help others. To that end Robert shares his experience, strength, and hope with a passion and rawness that’s as heartfelt as it is evocative and incredibly enlightening so Listen Up. Contact The Recovery Guy - Robert Pardon: The Recovery Guy Podcast: Greatest Recovery Advice: You can get weller than well Song that Reminds Robert of Recovery “I Can’t Drive 55” – Sammy Haggar Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
June 7, 2021
Jeff & Debra Jay Reinvent Intervention with Love First - A Family's Guide to Intervention | The Way Out Podcast Episode 243
In this rendition of The Way Out we have an exceedingly revealing and illuminating discussion with renowned specialists and Authors on Love First Intervention, Jeff and Debra Jay. Both Jeff and Debra are in long term recovery in their own right, Jeff from addiction and alcoholism and Debra from the codependency and family side of recovery. Jeff’s owes his recovery and very life for that matter to a successful intervention, an experience that proved to be fateful indeed. Their experience in their own recovery journeys, combined with their subsequent professional experience in treating those with addiction and their families has culminated in a new model of addiction intervention that represents a true shift in what a traditional intervention looks like. A model that has been incredibly well laid in in the now Third Edition of their book Love First – A Family’s Guide to Intervention. I lieu of the often anger, threat, and ultimatum centric affair that aims to shame or scare the suffering addict or alcoholic into a recovery program, the Love First approach focuses on the family first and builds family recovery teams who are united in a love centered approach, and to that end have already begun their own recovery process well before the intervention is conducted. When the anger and negative emotions are removed, the dynamic has been radically changed, often with much more desirable outcomes for the addict who is suffering and the families who love them. We discuss the myth of the rock bottom requirement, what not to do in an intervention, the transformative power of a Love First Intervention, and most importantly that meaningful, enduring, and rewarding recovery for those who are in the midst of addiction and the families who love them is achievable and absolutely worth the effort so listen up. Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention by Jeff and Debra Jay: Contact Jeff and Debra and Get Resources: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
May 31, 2021
Dr. Paul Kaloostian on the Science of Addiction and Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 242
In this rendition of The Way Out we’ve got a fascinating and indeed incredibly illuminating interview on the science of addiction with Neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Kaloostian. Dr. Kaloostian and I discuss the effects addictive substances have on our brain’s reward and memory centers, our physical wellness, and yes, even on our very genetic makeup which dovetails on what we already know about genetic predisposition to addiction. The known impact of addictive substances on our brain and body is quite profound, from the negative effect on our brain cells in response to these substances and behaviors, to the at times severe impact on our physical bodies. Equally or perhaps even more profound is the remarkably adaptive and healing properties of our brain cells and bodies to long-term abstinence and healthy behaviors that in many cases can completely reverse the damage initially caused by addictive substances or behaviors. We go on to explore the science behind how some of us are genetically predisposed to addictive substances and behaviors and how these substances and behaviors can actually change our very genetic makeup. Without question the best news Dr. Kaloostian brings us through the science of addiction and recovery is that the plasticity of or brain, and the healing properties of our bodies means that if we embrace sobriety and work toward wellness of our minds, bodies and spirits, true recovery – in every sense of that word is not only possible – it is a scientific certainty so Listen Up. Dr. Paul Kaloostian’s Writing: Contact Dr. Paul Kaloostian: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa  ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND  4.0(
May 24, 2021
David Poses and the Truth About his Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 241
In this installment of The Way Out we’ve got an incredibly enlightening and supremely relevant interview with Author of the new book “The Weight of Air – A Story of the Lies About Addiction and the Truth about Recovery” and person in long term recovery, David Poses. David’s story is rooted in the all-too-common dual struggle of having a mental health disorder such as depression and addiction, which creates an often incredibly difficult and complex chicken or the egg, which is the problem and which is the symptom, kind of issue to address. Are the substances causing the mental health disorder or is the mental health disorder the root and the cause of the addiction? Certainly, there’s plenty of evidence to support the fact that drug and alcohol abuse and addiction can exacerbate mental health disorders, and indeed make difficult or impossible to effectively treat. Indeed, addiction can cause what might be best described as situational mental health issues like depression and anxiety and once the addiction is treated effectively and recovery is achieved the depression and anxiety lift or substantially improve. Conversely, the opposite is also true for many folks who are suffering from any one or a combination of a severe and often chronic clinical anxiety, depression or other mental health disorder that is causing such acute pain the only option is to kill it or numb it with a substance of choice, which often turns into a near intractable addiction. For David, his severe depression ultimately led to heroin use, which ultimately led a decade plus long addiction. David shares how a medication, buprenorphine, along with therapy was the key for him to achieve rewarding and enduring recovery when nothing else prior had worked, and why this can and should be a viable and available treatment option for those in the throws of opioid addiction and desperately looking for a way to safely and effectively stop opioid abuse and misuse and address their mental health so they can begin the life changing process that is recovery so listen up. The Weight of Air – A Story of the Lies About Addiction and the Truth about Recovery and person in long term recovery by David Poses: Contact David: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
May 17, 2021
From Jail to Joy with Amy Liz Harrison | The Way Out Podcast Episode 240
In this edition of The Way Out Jason’s got an interview that’s sure to be an instant classic here at The Way Out Podcast with person in long term recovery and author of the new memoir Eternally Expecting: A Mom of Eight Gets Sober and Gives Birth to a New Life...Her Own, Amy Liz Harrison. Jason and Amy talk about the pressures that came from trying to keep up appearances, both inside and outside the home, which was tantamount to Amy leading a Jekyll and Hyde double life. From the all too familiar childhood sense of feeling different from everyone else, to feeling like our substance of choice was the answer to all our problems, to the nothing short of miraculous recovery born out of the ashes of her rock bottom – Amy’s journey to and through recovery to this point is incredibly relatable, enlightening, and indeed inspiring. The journey through all the heartache will truly give you hope when you hear what recovery has done for the lives of Amy and her family. This one is genuinely a must hear so listen up. Connect with Amy Liz Harrison on Instagram @amylizharrison and visit Eternally Expecting: A Mom of Eight Gets Sober and Gives Birth to a New Life...Her Own Best piece of advice: "Be comfortable with being uncomfortable!" Book Recommendation: Big Book and NA literature Recovery song: Dreams by Van Halen Daily Routine: meetings everyday, prayer and meditation most days, daily readings Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
May 10, 2021
Chantal Jauvin on Finding Love Without Martinis | The Way Out Podcast Episode 239
In this installment of The Way Out we bring you a remarkable, incredibly useful, and yes desperately needed discussion on how couples can build healthy, meaningful relationships in Recovery. It was a true pleasure and honor to interview Author and Attorney Chantal Jauvin, whom, along with her husband Bill has navigated their own and collective recovery journeys for 13 years and counting. There are many resources for those with a substance use disorder, like alcoholism or addiction and likewise a plethora of resources for those whom identify as co-dependent, the all too common manifestation of the family disease that is addiction. What is lacking, until now, is a guide for couples to work through the complex and challenging issues that they are faced with when alcoholism or addiction surfaces. Chantal set out to fill this chasm in the recovery literature sphere, and quite frankly – she nailed it with Love Without Martinis How Couples Build Healthy Relationships in Recovery based on real stories. Unquestionably the two key truths born out of Chantal’s work and subsequent book are embodied by two quotes by two well known authors in their own right. Earnie Larson and Tim O’Brien. The first truth, one close to our hearts here at The Way Out Podcast is represented by Author Tim O’Brien’s quote that reads “Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is.”. Arguably there is no more difficult situation a person can face than that of addiction, especially when we understand the full scope and effect it has on the addicted person and those closest to them – often their partner and immediate family. Hearing how others overcame their problem gives us a roadmap to overcome our own, and gives us hope that it is possible. They can be very much like trusted travel guides whom have been where we’ve been and relate to that, but at the very same time they have also been where we desperately want to go, and show us how they got there so they we might too. The second truth is personified by Recovery Author Earnie Larson who said “The core of recovery is becoming a person increasingly capable of functioning in a healthy relationship”. That’s the holy grail of Recovery, is to transcend mere abstinence and learn how to love ourselves and others in a healthy, rewarding way that aligns with the ideals of the people we’re striving to become. To that end, I give you a wonderfully enlightening and intensely valuable foray into how couples navigate the road to a happy and loving relationship in Recovery so listen up. Contact Chantal: Love Without Martinis by Chantal Jauvin: Dr. Jeremy Frank (Book Contributor):  Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
May 4, 2021
You Can't Hurry Healing with Jennifer Leone | The Way Out Podcast Episode 238
In this rendition of The Way Out our tremendous co-host Jason interviews woman in long term recovery, Jennifer Leone. Jennifer is truly an open book as she shares how she came back from the ashes of addiction and childhood trauma to find herself, rebuild her relationships, develop a stellar career, and found a powerful voice that she uses to help others recover! Jason and Jennifer talk about trauma, parenting, and purpose. Her story is proof positive that we can indeed recover from addiction, trauma, and live a rewarding life of purpose in sobriety. The recovery and spiritual truths that emanate throughout Jennifer’s journey are both universal and incredibly relatable. Her story also reminds us recovery is an ongoing process, and some things need to be worked on repeatedly. All of this makes for one highly instructive and inspiring interview so listen up. The Edge Treatment Center on Facebook and online: Jennifer's Live Talk Show- Contact Jennifer on her personal FB profile: Book Recommendation: "Think like a Monk" by Jay Shetty Song Recommendation: You Can't Rush Your Healing by Trevor Hall Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
April 26, 2021
Every Clean & Sober Day Counts with Hope Collaton | The Way Out Podcast Episode 237
In this edition of the The Way Out we have an incredibly brave, honest and enlightening interview with someone that has recently begun their journey of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. When this interview was recorded, Hope Collaton had a collective 104 days clean and 69 days sober – and it’s important to stress they were not continuous, and that’s been an important part of her process as she continues to learn and apply the tools of SMART recovery in her daily life. Often we in the recovery community get very hung up on a clean and sober date; after which point we’ve remained completely abstinent – and should we slip, or relapse we start all over again with a new date – like we’ve lost all of that time in sobriety we just worked so hard to accumulate. Without question, one of the big recovery truths that comes out of Hope’s journey to and through recovery to this point is that every day that we’re clean and sober, counts and helps us as we navigate the often non-linear, rocky road to meaningful and enduring recovery. Just as instructive is the truly transformative power that lies in a program of recovery that provides real tools that allow us to make meaningful changes to our thoughts and actions combined with a community of people who are modeling these positive behaviors and indeed show us, just like Hope does, that sustained and healthy recovery is indeed possible and without out question worth the effort so listen up. Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
April 19, 2021
Brothers in Recovery with Brandon Rudeen | The Way Out Podcast Episode 236
This week we’ve got a truly extraordinary interview for you with two brothers in long term recovery from alcoholism and addiction. We hear what it was like for these brothers to grow up in the same house, with a single Mom and Dads that were either barely there, or not there at all. That’s right folks, our exceptional co-host interviews his younger brother, Brandon Rudeen on his own journey to and through this point in his recovery and let me tell you right now folks, it’s one wild ride with a whole lot of spiritual and recovery truth layered in. This interview is a genuinely special one to Jason, as evidenced by the deep talks they get into about recovery and the evolution of their relationship over the years. They used to get high together, and now by the grace of God they do recovery together so listen up. Contact Info: Best piece of advice: Bring the body, the mind will follow Book recommendation: Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Song that reminds Brandon of my recovery: Nice to know you - Incubus Recovery Resource: Will Work for Recovery Daily Routine:  Start with a daily meditation reading and periodically talk to God Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
April 13, 2021
An Indigenous Journey to Recovery with Michael Wanbdi Gdeska OConnor | The Way Out Podcast Episode 235
In this edition of The Way Out, we’ve got an incredibly special interview with a person in long term recovery from the Native American Indigenous Community. His Native American name is Wanbdi Gdeska, which translates to Spotted Eagle, and he’s otherwise known as Michael Oconnor. Michael’s journey through and to this point in his recovery is both strikingly similar to, and profoundly different to so many we’ve had the sacred opportunity to share. So many of us can relate to adverse childhood experiences, and the trauma that can haunt us. So many of us can relate to the allure and vicious and seemingly unbreakable spell alcohol, drugs, and addictive behaviors can have on us. Indeed many of us can relate to reaching spiritual and emotional bankruptcy, and the unmistakably awful feeling that accompanies it. The truly fortunate among us have had the experience immediately following of a profound and sincere surrender and a genuine willingness to truly change and do whatever it takes to get better. Not too many of us, however, can truly understand how growing up as an indigenous person in America, complicates life. Likely very few of us can relate to the underprivileged conditions that are pervasive in the Native American community. Very few of us can truly relate to the experience of not seeing anyone that looks like you in recovery. No doubt, many of us thought we were unique and different, but the astonishingly low rates of recovery in the indigenous community make it very difficult for those in the indigenous community to find someone from their own community to relate to and serve as a mentor in recovery. Michael has taken this on as important part of his own recovery, to provide an example to those in his community that enduring, meaningful, and rewarding recovery is possible. Despite the very real differences in his journey to recovery, we get the unshakable feeling that the spiritual and recovery truths that Michael so humbly shares with us are with out a doubt universal and indeed achievable to all who earnestly seek them so listen up. Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
April 6, 2021
Jesse Plumley Didn't Come This Far Only to Come This Far | The Way Out Podcast Episode 234
This week our magnificent co-host Jason has a genuinely instructive interview with person in long term recovery, Jesse Plumley.  Jesse’s story of overcoming his battle with drugs and alcohol reinforces truly universal truths about alcoholism, addiction and what it takes to achieve durable recovery. We must, as Jesse did, admit to and face the fact we have a problem and then, and this is so critical, we must reach out and seek help from those who have overcome similar problems. We must, as Jesse did, be willing to do whatever it takes to get better and recover and be willing to help others just as we were when we needed it most. We must, as Jesse did, make fundamental lifestyle changes and surround ourselves with others who’ve done and are doing the same. Jesse’s recovery is not rooted in any one particular program, yet his journey and lifestyle changes mirror many of the fundamental principles of any well-known recovery program! No doubt about it, there’s lots of great recovery insights in this episode so listen up. Contact Jesse at Best Piece of Advice: Take it one day, or one moment at a time! Book Recommendation: Anything by Brene Brown Song that symbolizes recovery to Jesse: The Package by Perfect Circle Recommended recovery resources: Unlocking Us Podcast AND having a support network Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
March 29, 2021
A Recovery Journey to The Balanced Self with Will Black | The Way Out Podcast Episode 233
In this installment of The Way Out we’ve got an outstanding interview with person in long term recovery, Yoga and meditation practitioner and advocate, as well as a Yoga Teacher and founder of The Balanced Self – Will Black. Will recounts his journey through alcoholism and to and through recovery to this point in extremely relatable, authentic, and transparent fashion. Of specific value is to hear Will share about his personal struggle with alcohol and depression and how tapping into a recovery community combined with meditation and ultimately Yoga provided a transformational pathway to lasting and meaningful recovery. Undoubtedly one of the key recovery truths Will’s story highlights is how important connecting to a recovery community with others in sobriety is in entering and maintaining recovery. This is how we learn and really begin to believe that if other folks that are like us can get better, then indeed we can too. Of equal importance is finding a recovery pathway that both speaks to you and works for you, in Will’s case Meditation and Yoga, so that integrating it into your daily routine allows for it to truly become a way of life you actually enjoy living. Regardless of your preferred recovery pathway there’s much we can learn from Will’s journey to sobriety and ultimately the Balanced Self so Listen Up. Reach to Will: R/StopDrinking on Reddit: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
March 23, 2021
A Savage Journey to Recovery with Stephen J Sacchi | The Way Out Podcast Episode 232
In this edition of the way out our exceptional co-host Jason brings us an outstanding interview with person in long term recovery and author of the new addiction memoir Savage: A Journey Through the Opioid Epidemic, Stephen J Sacchi. If you’re like us, you’ll be instantly smitten with Stephen’s quick wit and always honest and often dark and self-deprecating humor that is artfully interwoven into a spellbinding recounting of his often-rocky road to recovery. He shares honestly about the struggles he had along the way and what it was like writing his memoir Savage. Without question, Stephen’s story illuminates two irrefutably universal truths about addiction and recovery. First, our rock bottom is when we stop digging and often that is an emotional and spiritual bottom – not a monetary or material one. Second, and equally as instructive, is that recovery and building a new life is a process that takes time, often years or even decades. If we allow ourselves to be patient and bite it off in one day at a time chunks, we will get better and in turn, life will follow suit. After all the lessons Stephen’s learned there's lots of instructive wisdom in this episode so listen up. Best piece of advice- It takes years to build a better life Book Recommendation- The War of Art: by Stephen Pressfield: Song that symbolizes recovery to Stephen Drive : by Incubus Contact Info: @unclesacchi on Instagram Stephen's book Savage is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
March 16, 2021
50 Ways to Worry Less Now in Recovery with Gigi Langer | The Way Out Podcast Episode 231
In this installment of The Way Out we have an ultra-informative and super-instructive interview with person in long term recovery and Author of the new, and folks I don’t say this often, absolute must-read book  - 50 Ways to Worry Less Now -  Gigi Langer. Gigi shares with us her journey to and through recovery and what she’s learned up to this point in 35 years of sobriety including many of the recovery, spiritual, energy, and cognitive tools that can put an end to the pernicious worry, anxiety and ultimately fear that dogs so many of us prior to, and even in sobriety. Without question one of the overriding and compelling elements arising out of Gigi’s story is the series of reckonings and recoveries that occur throughout her recovery journey, starting with addiction and alcoholism, all the way through codependency and being an adult child of an alcoholic. Equally as fascinating is the phenomenon and experience of being an a Highly Sensitive Person, first identified by Dr. Elaine Aron and how profoundly important it was for her to understand and accept this about herself and then undergo a process of learning, acquiring, and applying an assortment of tools to bring about a transformative recovery rooted in the 12-Steps and a Higher Power. There’s so much spiritual truth and recovery tools in this here interview so you might just have to play this one twice but whatever you, do make sure you listen up. 50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection Other Books and Resources Recommended by Gigi Langer: Pema Chodron: Dr. Kristin Neff: A Course in Miracles: Emmet Fox: The Shack: Highly Sensitive Person (Elaine Aron): Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
March 8, 2021
Tri-Polar: The Recovery Story of a Bipolar Athlete with Tim Davis | The Way Out Podcast Episode 230
We have Author of the new book Tri-Polar: The Story of a Bipolar Athlete and person in long term recovery Tim Davis. Tim, as you may have guessed, lives with Bipolar disorder and shares an exceedingly instructive and remarkable story of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in the midst of also having to come to grips with and learn to successfully cope with his mental health. Tim’s story is ultimately one of personal triumph over two seemingly intractable afflictions; addiction and bipolar disorder. Out of this victory we gain incredibly valuable wisdom and insight into what it took for Tim to overcome the very diseases that threatened his very life and come to understand that if we apply the same formula to our own lives, we too can achieve meaningful and enduring recovery. Without question, Tim’s story bears irrefutable witness to the redeeming value of true surrender, absolute willingness to do whatever it takes to get better, and the commitment to addressing mental health alongside a recovery program such as the 12-Steps so listen up. Tri-Polar: The Story of a Bipolar Athlete by Tim Davis: Contact Tim Davis: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
March 2, 2021
Truth 101 with Veronica Powell | The Way Out Podcast Episode 229
In this edition of the The Way Out our tremendous co-host Jason gets the straight truth in his interview with Veronica Powell. Veronica talks about growing up on the south side of Chicago, becoming a product of the harsh and difficult environment in which she grew up, and how trying it was to navigate her childhood without any real positive male role models. After years of abusive relationships and struggling with drugs and alcohol, Veronica tells us how God set her free from the chains of addiction and gave her a newfound purpose and a servant's heart! She definitely sticks to the truth and keeps it real on this episode so listen up. Best piece of advice: Just be YOU! Book Recommendation: Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren Song that symbolizes recovery for Veronica: Your Love by William Murphy Recovery Resources:  and Truth101 via FaceBook Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
February 23, 2021
Colin Cash and the Sober Squad | The Way Out Podcast Episode 228
In this edition of The Way Out co-host extraordinaire Jason has a certified must listen interview with person in longtime recovery and co-founder of the Recovery group Sober Squad, Colin Cash. Colin was born on a reservation in northern Minnesota but was raised as a ward of the state, bouncing between foster homes and group homes. With no roots and no loving home, he shares about where his problems took him and how he ultimately found a way out. No doubt one of the over-arching themes of Colin’s recovery story is the false beliefs that kept him stuck and in his addiction, and the positive beliefs, like in that of his Higher Power, that helped him achieve a meaningful and lasting recovery and a very special belief that led him to start a movement which would help those within and outside of his community! Colin’s come from thinking he was a zero to a being a true recovery hero and he’s just getting started so listen up. Contact Info: Sober Squad Facebook Group: Book Recommendations: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: by Gabor Mate Song that symbolizes recovery to Colin: Make a Change by Nahko and The Medicine People Great Spirit by Nahko Bear Daily Routine: Being present in each moment (mindfulness) Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
February 17, 2021
Our Recovery Life with Tom Walsh | The Way Out Podcast Episode 227
This week Jason’s got a wonderful interview with the founder and creator of the YouTube Recovery Series Our Recovery Life. Tom's story resonates on so many levels as he shares his journey to and through recovery thus far with a no holds barred approach on sharing what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now. There’s some downright insane moments that will leave you wondering how he gets through and equally inspiring moments that provide real, honest to goodness hope. Tom has developed new passions on this journey and found some great meaning and purpose in his own life along the way. You quite simply can't help but be inspired by the story you're about to hear so Listen Up. Book Recommendation: NA Basic Text and The Journey Continues Recovery Song :High Cost Of Living by Jamey Johnson Best piece of advice: Never give up Most difficult thing Tom did: Ask for help Most rewarding thing Tom did: His Family Contact Tom via email : Facebook group: On YouTube: Coming soon= Our Recovery Life Podcast and Live on Twitch TV Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
February 10, 2021
The Addicted Child with Richard Capriola | The Way Out Podcast Episode 226
In this edition of The Way Out we’ve got a must listen interview with Richard Capriola who shares with us invaluable tools that can serve as a guide we can use should we have an adolescent child or loved one that may be engaging in Substance Abuse. Many of us know all too well, how devastating addiction and alcoholism can be to a family, especially if the addicted individual is a child or adolescent.  For over two decades, Richard has been providing mental health and addiction counseling services to both adults and adolescents, giving him a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of addiction and mental health diagnosis and treatment. One critical fact we explore in our discussion is the key differences in how addiction manifests itself in the life of an adolescent as compared to an adult. These key differences impact how we identify a substance abuse problem in an adolescent versus an adult and can make all the difference in making a real and meaningful difference in a child’s life.  Richard has distilled all of this incredibly valuable wisdom and practical guidance in his new book The Addicted Child: A Parent's Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse. We discuss how we recognize substance abuse, addiction, alcoholism, as well as process and mental health disorders in an adolescent child, how we can get them the help they need, and what that help looks like in adolescent children so listen up. The Addicted Child: A Parent's Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse by Richard Capriola Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
February 2, 2021
A Thousand Wasted Sundays with Victoria Vanstone | The Way Out Podcast Episode 225
We have a truly remarkable story to share with you about a woman, who’s life throughout her adolescence and for most of her adult life, had two constants - chaos and alcohol. Like so many of us who have battled King Alcohol or the Dictator that is Addiction the all too familiar company of trauma and mental health issues make their appearances in this truly extraordinary story of how this remarkable woman who’s relationship with alcohol never seems to be a problem. In fact, in so many ways Alcohol becomes so tightly integrated into her identity it becomes nearly impossible to separate herself from the alcohol fueled escapades that only serve to add to the wild and enigmatic persona that is always the life of the party and surely the last one to call it a night. A story, told through the eyes of mother, writer, and soon to be published Author, and indeed the one person who had the best view of it all, Victoria Vanstone herself. Victoria’s story is chalked full of relatable experiences, wisdom, and sobriety truth – and of equal value are the two key messages that rise to the top and are as striking as they are instructive. Minimizing real pain from trauma does not make it disappear. Trauma of any kind, no matter how insignificant it may seem as compared to another, affects each of us differently and the emotional toll it exacts it quite real and must be dealt with in order for any meaningful recovery to take place. Victoria also underscores an important fact – alcoholism and addiction is very spectrum and we need not meet a litmus test to reckon with our own relationship with alcohol or substances. Read: we don’t have to be penniless and destitute to fully concede to our innermost selves that in fact alcohol is no longer serving us; an instead is very much harming us and indeed is preventing us from living the life we are truly capable of living so Listen Up. Victoria Vanstone’s Blog: Drunk Mummy Sober Mummy - The Sober Social for Sober Curious Women - Look for Victoria’s new book coming to an online book seller soon! A Thousand Wasted Sundays (All About Becoming A Sober Parent) Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
January 25, 2021
How to Stop the Backslide & Reverse Regression in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 224
We’ve prepared for you an incredibly relevant and applicable Power Topic to serve as the main feature of this rendition of The Way Out Podcast. If we’ve been in recovery for any substantial length of time, it’s quite likely we’ve experienced a common and often subtle enemy to our serenity, happiness, and indeed sobriety itself. Regression, or backsliding as it may be dubbed, is process in which we revert to either old patterns of thinking or behavior, or pickup new counter-productive thoughts or conduct that actively work against our forward progress in Recovery. These attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors, if left unchecked can very much erode our serenity and peace of mind, often referred to us being “dry” or suffering from “untreated alcoholism or addiction” and even could present the ultimate consequence – relapse. These warning signs are also an opportunity to apply the HOW in our recovery toolkit, wherein we apply rigorous honesty about the attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors we’re currently and actively engaging in and then being open and willing to do the work required to change our behaviors in order begin moving forward again, one day at a time. We’ll address how we can identify if we’re regressing, and provide a practical guide on HOW we make the simple changes that will have us cultivating gratitude and forgiveness of self and others and engaging in constructive recovery-enhancing activities, plus we’ll share feedback from the Sober & Serious community and take your calls so Listen Up! Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
January 18, 2021
Recovering Benedict with The Very Reverend Canon Dr. John Crean Jr. | The Way Out Podcast Episode 223
In this rendition of the The Way Out we’re truly honored to bring you a special interview with The Very Reverend Canon Dr. John Crean Jr., an ordained Episcopal Priest, Professor, Author, and now distinguished guest of this very podcast. Father John is an expert in Religious Medieval German literature as well as foreign language teaching methodologies. During his work, Father John struck upon on an incredible document with roots going all the way back to 480 AD, written by Saint Benedict. This document originally penned in Latin during a very chaotic time in the Roman Empire had been translated to German for Female Convents. Benedict had fled Rome for the desert due to the rampant sin, debauchery, and decidedly unchristian behavior that had befallen Rome at the time and others began to join him in search of a more God centered life than what Rome had to offer. While there, he authored what’s now called the Rule of Saint Benedict – a guide for how monasteries should be run.  Father John, no stranger to the 12 Steps and the masterful work entitled “Alcoholics Anonymous”, also referred to as the Big Book, began to see that the spiritual principles embodied in the 12 Steps and the book Alcoholics Anonymous were the very principles Saint Benedict had incorporated into The Rule of Saint Benedict some 1500 years ago. The brilliance of what Father John has done with these two ideas is to incorporate them into a practical daily reader designed to enhance your daily recovery repertoire. Thus, Recovering Benedict – Twelve Step Living and the Rule of Benedict was born. Father John and I explore some of the more profound and significant touchstones between the Rule of Benedict and the 12-Steps which reemphasize the truly universal spiritual principles of forgiveness of self and others, gratitude, discipline and above all love – so listen up. Recovering Benedict: Twelve-Step Living and the Rule of Benedict by John Edward Crean Jr.: Life Recovery Devotional: The Rule of Benedict: A Spirituality for the 21stCentury Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
January 11, 2021
Chase the Vase with Brock Bevell | The Way Out Podcast Episode 222
In this installment of the Way Out we give you a truly rare and extraordinary opportunity to hear both sides of the proverbial war on drugs. We hear from the point of view of the undercover cop, who dedicates his life to the often dangerous and clandestine world of informants, drug dealers, and addicts – and how that can color their perception of those who suffer from addiction and alcoholism. Then, we hear from the addict, who didn’t intend to become one, but nonetheless finds himself in a knock down drag out battle with opioid addiction, even turning to selling narcotics to feed his growing and out of control addiction. The kicker you ask? The addict turned dealer and the thrill seeking undercover cop is the same person – and that’s just the start of what is genuinely an incredible story of a man who at one point has to make the ultimate split second decision as a police officer, finds himself growing to hate the addicts and dealers he’s chasing, and ultimately becomes one himself – that is the story of Brock Bevell, but Brock’s story doesn’t end there – no Brock does indeed persevere and now over ten years sober shares his amazing story of high drama, intrigue and most importantly hope with us so listen up. Chase the Vase: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
January 3, 2021
The Sickness and The Recovery with Robyn Wyttenback | The Way Out Podcast Episode 221
This week our unfailing superstar co-host Jason has a truly raw and authentic interview with his friend and fellow in recovery, Robyn Wyttenback. Robyn talks about her Recovery path which has been riddled with pain and adversity. She has overcome losing her children, a devastating addiction, self-destructive codependency, and every kind of abuse you could possibly imagine. Despite these seemingly insurmountable odds she has achieved meaningful and lasting recovery to the tune of 4 years, has reunified with her kids and has dedicated her life to them and to sharing the message of hope for recovery so listen up. If you'd like to reach out to Robyn here is her contact info - Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
December 30, 2020
From Unraveled to Recovered with Laura and Tom Boldt | The Way Out Podcast Episode 220
In this edition of The Way Out we have 2 spectacular guests sharing some genuine and downright legit experience, strength, and hope. Laura and Tom are the Mother Son duo behind the new book Unraveled, and are both now in long term recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Laura and Tom’s stories are inextricably intertwined and one of family alcoholism and addiction, followed by meaningful and enduring recovery. The dueling perspectives of Mother and Son while in the throws of addiction and coming into lives of Recovery are at once refreshing and revealing, and most certainly provide ample hope and reason to believe that we can indeed break the cycle of addiction through the miracle that is 12-Step recovery so Listen Up. Unraveled by Laura and Tom Boldt: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
December 21, 2020
Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life with "Positive Energy Phil" Garrie | The Way Out Podcast Episode 219
In this rendition of the The Way Out our ever-reliable co-host Jason has a wonderfully enlightening interview with Mindset Coach Phil Garrie.  Phil shares with us his own experience battling mental illness and suicidal ideation and how he has learned to transcend his own struggles with mental illness, as well as how he became inspired to start helping others do the same so listen up Phil's Facebook group- Positive Energy Phil ( On Instagram- Phil's YouTube channel- Phil's podcast(also available on other platforms) Best piece of advice= Love Yourself Book recommendations= 7 habits of highly effective people - Stephen Covey You can put yourself next on the list - Louise Hay Song that reminds Phil of his own recovery- 'Sunny days' by Lighthouse Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
December 15, 2020
Tierni Proves Progress is Priceless | The Way Out Podcast Episode 218
In this installment of the way out we have a tremendous interview with our new friend Tierni M. Tierni’s story is not unlike that of many of us who have wrestled with addiction and alcoholism. Tierni’s early childhood was marked by unexpected tragedy, fueling an overwhelming combination of anxiety and depression which led an eating disorder and ultimately substance use – and for Tierni Alcohol became the solution that made everything better. And as so often is the case it absolutely works until it stops working absolutely and turns into what can ultimately be, as Tierni learned firsthand, a fatal progression. Tierni shares her true tale of alcoholism and at long last recovery with us in only the way she can; genuinely and authentically – complete with all of the warts of imperfections, failures, and losses. That’s the beauty of Tierni and her story – it’s not polished up and clean, with a fairy tale ending. It’s a work in progress, it’s flawed and imperfect, and there’s things that she doesn’t have back – YET. That’s where the progress lives, the growth, and the magic of recovery truly lies. Not so coincidentally, that’s also exactly where we can all relate to each other in this journey we’re on. Who can actually relate to fairy tale endings and perfectly crafted recoveries? Exactly nobody; so to that end I give you a perfectly imperfect, wonderfully flawed and all together relatable interview with the one and only Tierni so Listen Up. Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
December 8, 2020
I Believe in You with Judge Dyanna Street | The Way Out Podcast Episode 217
In this edition of The Way Out our intrepid and talented co-host Jason has a profoundly personal and powerful interview with Judge Dyanna Street. Judge Street is the person that chose to give Jason another chance at life by awarding him a downward departure in his felony case in lieu of 98 months in prison. You'll get to know her as a person and get a rare opportunity step inside the mind of a judge. We learn what challenges and rewards come from doing this type of work, as well as hearing lots of powerful personal stories from her career So listen up. Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
November 30, 2020
One Good Reason with Sean McCann and Andrea Aragon | The Way Out Podcast Episode 216
In this rendition of The Way Out we have two truly remarkable guests with one incredibly powerful message, that true and lasting recovery is possible – if you’re willing to do the necessary and yes, often hard work. Sean McCann and Andrea Aragon are each at once disarming and enchanting  and are not just husband and wife, but also a compelling example of love, perseverance, and the embodiment of what a relationship can look like coming out the other side of the devastating toll alcoholism and addiction can wreak on a marriage. You might know Sean from his days with Great Big Sea and indeed you’d be well served to give a listen to his solo material, and believe me when I tell you, you won’t have to listen to Andrea long to understand why Sean adores her so. We talk a just a wee bit about the book they co-wrote, One Good Reason, and a whole lot about shedding shame, speaking our truth, and leaning into the difficult and essential work that leads to enduring and meaningful recovery not to mention a truly special surprise at the end of our chat which by my count is much more than One Good Reason to Listen Up. The Book: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
November 25, 2020
Wake Up Recovery for Codependents with Sherry Gaba | The Way Out Podcast Episode 215
This week the best recovery podcast co-host in the business, Jason has an outstanding interview with veritable Recovery Powerhouse Sherry Gaba. Sherry Gaba is a licensed clinical social worker, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, and Certified Recovery Coach specializing in individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy as well as the editor of Recovery Today Magazine. Sherry was the go-to expert for Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab show on VH1 and later on the spin-off, VH1’s Sober House as well as Celebrity Rehab’s Sex Addiction. As you’ll soon discover, Sherry frames addiction and codependency as two sides from the same coin, indeed codependency has a lot more in common with addiction than we might think. We get to know Sherry, learn a lot from her about her life's work, addiction, and codependency, as well as how we can identify and overcome it so #Listenup Sherry's books FREE E-BOOK! "The truth about codependency" plus quiz The Law of Sobriety: Attracting positive energy for a powerful recovery- by Sherry Gaba Love Smacked:How to stop the cycle of relationship addiction and codependency to find everlasting love.- by Sherry Gaba To join the tribe at Wake Up Recovery for Codependents go to Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
November 16, 2020
There's So Much More in Store Sober with Holly Wilson | The Way Out Podcast Episode 214
In this edition of The Way Out we’ve got Holly Wilson; a Woman in long term recovery and the founder of Women's Recovery – a Treatment and Recovery Center for Women. Holly shares her story and journey through alcoholism and into long term recovery openly, honestly, and with a singular goal – that her story might inspire others to seek and achieve enduring and meaningful recovery. From early childhood trauma and battles with perfectionism, over-achieving, and self-harm to a bonafide battle with alcoholism, and a profound moment of clarity followed by honest the transformational work embodied in the 12 Steps - Holly’s story indeed has it all. Without question she’s an absolute treasure and talking recovery with a dynamo like Holly makes for tremendous recovery radio – so listen up. Women's Recovery Treatment and Recovery Center Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
November 10, 2020
Shoulder Taps from God with Duane Fletcher | The Way Out Podcast Episode 213
This week our intrepid recovery podcast co-host Jason has a tremendous interview with Duane Fletcher – a person in long term recovery with nearly 8 years of continuous sobriety and co-host and co-creator of the Our Recovery Life Video Series on YouTube, which like this here podcast, features incredible recovery stories and recovery topics to inspire and enhance recovery. Duane’s story is an extremely powerful and all too familiar one of childhood instability, abuse, trauma, with a through line of chaos and wicked battle with addiction that even in sobriety proved to be a formidable adversary. Duane shares his story in particularly relatable and down to earth fashion and in a way to that is chalked full of hope for those who are still struggling. Through his remarkable journey to and through addiction and into recovery, Duane gives us plenty of recovery and spiritual wisdom we all can apply to our own recovery so Listen Up. Best piece of advice: "Build and use your support network. You are not alone!" Book Recommendation: Big Book- Acceptance is the Key (pg. 417) Song that reminds Duane of his recovery.- Slippin'- DMX Best I AM - FLAW Daily practice: My knees hit first ( daily surrender) Recovery resource: Check Out Duane on the YouTube channel "Our Recovery Life" Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
October 26, 2020
Success and Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 212
We’re back with another enlightening and valuable edition of our Recovery Power Topic Series. The topic dejour? Success and Recovery. Anyone who’s ever happened upon a recovery based social media group doesn’t have to look for too long or very hard to find folks highlighting their accomplishments in and out of recovery. Fact is folks do that in recovery meetings quite frequently too; and to that end a big part of 12 Step recovery is centered on celebrating length of sobriety milestones which seems magnified on social media often with corroborative evidence of what life was like pre recovery and what it’s like now in recovery in the form of the ubiquitous pre and post sobriety side by side pic with how much time has been spent sober, sometimes down to the minute. Now no doubt this can show real and honest hope that in fact recovery IS possible AND your cohost and I have certainly produced our own iterations of this very phenomenon in hopes that someone might just see it and think if THAT guy can do it – maybe, just maybe so can I. The slippery slope, however, is to start comparing how many reactions or as I like to call them now, internet points, yours gets versus another’s. Moreover, length of sobriety is a hyper one dimensional and rather shallow standard in which to measure the success of one’s recovery, much like the length of an individual’s life doesn’t tell you a whole lot about how well that life has been lived.  Success then, is in the eye of the Recovery Holder, and we’re here to guide you through some of the standards, spiritual truths, and recovery principles at work when you go about the business of attempting to evaluate your own success both in and out of recovery so listen up. Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
October 19, 2020
Don Cummins Comes Home to Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 211
This edition of The Way Out features a story unlike any other we’ve told before. Author, speaker, person in long term recovery and reformed serial bank robber Don Cummins shares his incredible journey to recovery with us with remarkably true humility and candor. For Don this is a story, ultimately, of coming home after spending what seems like more than a lifetime lost and unwell in mind, body, and spirit. Don’s story is poignant and striking evidence that we can and do recover from seemingly hopeless circumstances and indeed proof positive that no matter who we are and how severe our individual case of addiction and or alcoholism is, we don’t ever have to drink or use again – provided we are willing to do a little work. So strap yourselves in, Way Out Casters – you’re about to go on one awe inspiring, heartfelt, and wild ride with one heck of a happy ending courtesy of our new friend Don Cummins – so Listen Up. More about Don & Contacts: Insta: Website: About the book: Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
October 12, 2020
The Alcohol Matrix with Dustin Dunbar | The Way Out Podcast Episode 210
In this installment of The Way Out we’ve got author of the upcoming book, Alcohol Matrix and PHD holder Dustin Dunbar. Much is made of and discussed in recovery circles about the problems that lie within us and how those problems increase our susceptibility, severity, and recovery to alcoholism and addiction. There’s little doubt that adverse childhood experiences, trauma, mental health diagnoses, and arguably even genetics play a role in the chances an individual may become addicted to alcohol or any other substance at some point in their life. What perhaps doesn’t often get enough attention and discussion, is how addictive these substances, and in this case alcohol in particular, actually is. It seems we give alcohol a pass and think of it in a very different way than we do other addictive substances – often faulting the individual who’s become addicted for the problem – and none of it on a toxic substance that anyone can become physically dependent if they consume enough of it for long enough. Maybe because it’s legal, socially accepted, and habitually advertised, we come to think of it as wholly different than illicit drugs; but the real truth of the matter is, the nature of how an individual becomes physically dependent on heroin is precisely the same as how one becomes dependent on the drug that we call alcohol. Dustin, now living an alcohol free life, shares with us why he’s chosen to live alcohol free, what his research and studies have revealed about alcohol and the toxic and addictive nature of it, and how we can flip the script on the idea all too many of us have embedded in our deep subconscious minds – that alcohol in some fundamental way benefits us – and accept the reality that indeed it causes far more harm than good so Listen up. The Alcohol Matrix Book (50% ALL Pre-Orders): Copyright: (c) 2015-2021 The Way Out Podcast | All Rights Reserved Theme Music: “all clear” ( by Ketsa ( licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0(
October 5, 2020
The Funky Brain with Dennis Berry | The Way Out Podcast Episode 209
This week I have a thought provoking and unbelievably instructive interview with Life Coach and fellow podcaster, Dennis Berry who is also in long term recovery from addiction and alcoholism. Dennis and I illuminate incredibly important topics that can transform your recovery and life. We talk about purpose in giving, the awesome power of meditation, quieting and calming that funky brain of ours, and truly nurturing our mind, bodies, and spirits with physical, mental, and spiritual actions and activities so that we can truly be living in the present and be living our true purpose so listen up. Contact Dennis Berry! The Funky Brain Podcast:
September 28, 2020
Healer, Heal Thyself First with Alyssa Rocco | The Way Out Podcast Episode 208
This edition of The Way Out can be summed up by answering a very compelling question: What happens when you’re a life coach and you find yourself in the middle of your very own life crisis that reveals a critical obstacle that’s been preventing you from truly connecting with the people you’re trying to help? The answer my brothers and sisters is you go about the business of healing yourself first; which is precisely what our very special guest, Alyssa Rocco, went about the business of doing as soon as the true nature of her predicament was uncovered. As a life coach, often the presumption is this person has all the answers and furthermore has it all figured out. As we’ll learn however, this isn’t really how life coaching works. No, life coaching is at it’s core a process of allowing the individual on the receiving end of the coaching relationship to get honest about what they are truly seeking, and working with their coach to remove the barriers to achieving that end goal – whatever that might be. As it turns out, Alyssa had some obstacles of her own to address before she could truly be of maximum service to her newfound higher power and the people she interacted with in and out of her work. At it’s essence this is a story of self-honesty and humility put into action producing a profound transformation within Alyssa; who is brimming with spiritual and recovery wisdom as a result so listen up. Contact Alyssa Rocco:
September 21, 2020
On the Front Lines and to the New Frontiers of Addiction Care with Dr. Harshal Kirane | The Way Out Podcast Episode 207
In this installment of The Way Out we have some serious addiction care and research brain power coming at you by way of Dr. Harshal Kirane, a Medical Doctor, Addiction Psychiatrist and the Medical Director of Wellbridge Addiction Treatment and Research. Dr. Kirane’s passion and sincere desire is to put in the work to bring the still suffering the best of what we presently know in addiction care, as well as continue advance pertinent research in order to improve care and produce better outcomes for a greater number of those afflicted with the disease of addiction. We dive into important and relevant subject matter in and around the diagnosis and treatment of addiction as well as the genetic and biological predispositions and manifestations of this disease that is still so deeply misunderstood and stigmatized by society at large. Indeed, we’ll learn about how our genetic makeup, childhood experiences, and yes, our very own brains affect our likelihood of becoming addicted and how that addiction manifests in our bodies and minds. Further, we discuss what kinds of therapies and methods can be combined to provide care that has the power to truly transform active addiction into meaningful recovery so Listen Up. Links to the resources mentioned in this episode: Wellbridge Treatment and Research: SAMHSA Treatment Finder:
September 15, 2020
Change is Easy When You Stop Chasing the High with Micheal G. Dash | The Way Out Podcast Episode 206
In this installment of the Way Out we bring you an enchanting interview with Entrepreneur, former CEO, and Author of “Chasing the High”, Michael G Dash. In long term recovery from both gambling and drug addictions, Michael takes us for a ride through his tumultuous foray into and out of addiction, which included an Adderall infused, six-year legal battle with a former business partner. Through the 12 Steps and a combination of the transformational power of EMDR and FLOW; Michael came out the other side a changed person; which he argues is NOT as difficult as we often want to make it out to be. Michael insists the idea that change is hard is a counterproductive and self-fulfilling prophecy whereby we convince ourselves that change is hard before we have begin to do the work of change; and meaningful change begins by doing something different, something positive one day at a time. That’s a concept I wholeheartedly embrace as the day at a time mindset is very much at the heart of 12 Step Recovery. Michael challenged me on the what I now view is the “Change is Hard” FALSE belief and we here at The Way Out Podcast officially challenge each and every one of you to flip the proverbial script in your own hearts and minds – dare to tell yourself that meaningful change isn’t the big bad boogey man we all too often make it out to be and follow it up with action. Start making your bed – today. Start a new physical activity – today. Here’s to change, and here’s to an illuminating and instructive conversation that, if we make our minds up to it, we all can learn a thing or two so Listen Up. Books Mentioned on this Episode: Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod: Chasing the High by Michael G. Dash:
September 6, 2020
The Dangers of Idolizing Others in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 205
In this edition of The Way Out we’re back with a serious recovery power topic – The Dangers of Idolizing Others in Recovery. The working title of this episode was a skosh more sensational, but I digress. The desire to pedestalize others who seem to be working the perfect recovery program, or that appear to living the good life because of sobriety is quite natural. We hear phrases like stick with the winners, and to a large extent that’s sage advice. What becomes dangerous, is when we raise these recovery rock stars to demigod like status in our own minds – that’s when the balance has officially tipped precariously too far in the wrong direction. I got better, indeed, most of us got better by finding the people that had what we wanted and applying what worked for them to our own programs of recovery. Some of those things stuck and worked like spiritual and recovery magic while others fell by the wayside due to inefficacy or lack of relevance. When we enable others to be launched into recovery super stardom, or conversely attempt to be Recovery Icons ourselves, that’s the exact point in which we’ve crossed the God line. Right out of the gate when we finally surrendered to our addiction and/or alcoholism we admitted we were powerless. You and me. WE. Then WE went about the business of connecting to a power greater than US. That means I can’t be my own higher power and neither can you. When we idolize another, or quest to become idols ourselves, we’re putting our faith in someone who’s powerless over this disease, and that my friends is perhaps the greatest danger of all. That’s precisely why we’re going to dig deep into the how and why of it all as well as provide practical tools to ward against this pitfall of recovery. Plus we share feedback from the sober and serious community and take your calls so Listen Up.
August 31, 2020
The Spiritually Transformative Experience with Tim Moon | The Way Out Podcast Episode 204
In this rendition of the The Way Out we have Tim Moon, a frequent listener of The Way Out Podcast who has been in long term recovery from alcoholism for over 2 years. Tim writes about his recovery and spiritually transformative experiences for the website contemplative light, as well as his own website, quantum recovery. Tim’s journey through alcoholism and into recovery is marked by two distinct spiritual experiences, one rooted in religion early in adulthood and another much later as part of his recovery from alcoholism which was firmly rooted in the 12 Steps. The contrast between these two experiences in relation to Tim’s relationship to The God of His Understanding, and the spiritual work involved in the later experience highlight a central truth – faith without works is dead. Both of Tim’s spiritual experiences were quite profound in their own right; the later was infused with transformative action centered in spiritual principles designed to straighten out the relationships held with God, Self, and others. You’ll find Tim’s experiences both relatable and illuminating, and indeed downright fascinating so Listen Up. Quantum Recovery by Tim Moon: Tim Moon’s Essay on the Spiritually Transformative Experience and Recovery:
August 24, 2020
Junk Knowledge with Marques Marchand | The Way Out Podcast Episode 203
In this installment of The Way Out Jason’s got a spectacular interview with Author, and person in long term recovery and dual diagnosee, Marques Marchand. Growing up in the 80’s, Marques endured his share of family dysfunction and adversity and like so many of us found drugs and alcohol to be quite the suitable escape from not only the strife within the family, but also his bi-polar II disorder which he wouldn’t discover until well into sobriety. Sober at 22, Marques’ story is a welcome reminder that we don’t have to drink and use for decades to fully qualify as alcoholics or addicts. Indeed, as his recovery journey unfolds, we come to understand what sobriety without working a program of recovery can be like – and how profoundly we can change, grow and truly transform when we start applying fundamental spiritual principles and sound behavior change on a foundation of sobriety. Listening to Marques share his road to true recovery is like sitting with an old friend in Recovery share their story, complete with all the laughter, camaraderie, and heaps of spiritual and recovery truth at every turn so Listen Up. Best piece of advice- "Just be willing" Direct quote- "The Boogie Man is a coward. He lives in the closet for a reason." Book Recommendations: Can't hurt Me by David Goggins Song that symbolizes Marques' Recovery: Protection by Massive Attack Marques' Books: Junk Knowledge: This is how I stayed sober The Darkest Chapter: A Messy Guide to Dual Diagnosis Recovery Resource Recommendations: Alcoholics Anonymous Adult Children of Alcoholics Marques strongly suggests Journaling or Writing
August 16, 2020
God Works in Mysterious Ways with Adam Fout | The Way Out Podcast Episode 202
In this edition of The Way Out Podcast the best Co-Host in the business has an exceptional discussion with writer and person in long term recovery Adam Fout. Adam’s journey to recovery, like many of ours, begins in fits and starts before it takes hold in a way that’s meaningful and enduring. Relapse is a part of many of our stories, and truly we can learn from them and use what we experienced when the next window of recovery opportunity presents itself. Adam’s window flew open with the undeniable help of the hand of God himself when his brother fell gravely ill and with the push he needed from those that loved him most. What Adam did with that opportunity is the stuff that universally makes recovery possible and indeed sustainable; and the genuine and authentic manner in which Adam relays his God inspired, hope filled, and wisdom bearing story is nothing short of compelling so Listen Up. Website: Contact Info: Best piece of advice ever received - "Do you really think God brought you this far just to drop you on your ass now?" Book Recommendation - Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson Song that symbolizes Adam's recovery - Discipline by Nine Inch Nails Favorite Pearl of Wisdom from the interview - "The steps are just something to distract you while God heals you in the background."
August 11, 2020
Do Not Give Up Now with Essi Bagheri | The Way Out Podcast Episode 201
In this edition of The Way Out we’ve got a story and a guest like none we’ve had before with motivational speaker, author, and trauma coach Essi Bagheri. From growing up in Iran and separated from his 11 year old mother before the age of 1 and  subject to untold abuses, to child soldier, to refugee and what amounts to more than a lifetime’s battle with addiction and alcoholism, and finally coming out the other side to use his powerful and inspiring story to drive home a powerful message – Do Not Give Up Now. Essi’s story and amazing journey is a case study in a fundamental truth: so long as we’re still alive – there’s always hope. The circumstances of Essi’s experiences are at once extreme and poignant, yet the universality and commonality of what it means and feels like to battle addiction and alcoholism, and the common solution so many of us have found rings pure and true. No question way out casters, this story right here embodies the fundamental problem we all experience and the universal truth that provides our solution so Listen Up. Book Mentioned on this episode: Shattered Soul by Essi Bagheri: The True Story of a Child Soldier Contact Essi: Social Media Links: Email: Website:
August 3, 2020
Jesus and the 12 Steps with Katy Patton | The Way Out Podcast Episode 200
In this installment of The Way Out cohost Jason has an outstanding interview with Katy Patton. Now, I stopped believing in coincidences somewhere inside of my first six months of Recovery, and I ain’t about to start now. The fact that we had a last minute cancellation, creating a gap in our weekly episode rhythm, combined with the fact that Jason was quite literally on a trip with Katy who’d already agreed to be on the show, and the house of their mutual friend they were staying in had a professional voice over studio? Well, color me convinced that The God of My Understanding wanted Katy’s story to be our 200th episode – a feat I wouldn’t have dreamt possible prior to my own recovery in 2014 round about 5 and half years ago. Katy’s story is one that in large measure is living on both ends of the spiritual spectrum, from a militant, and for a stretch sober atheist to a down and dirty struggle with addiction, in and out of treatment, to finally, a full and complete surrender to the God of her Understanding, in Jesus. Katy shares in a an ultra-relatable, humble, and downright inspiring fashion what was blocking her from true recovery; along with the essence of what ultimately brought about true change, and the enduring and fulfilling recovery that followed so Listen Up.   Resources:  Hope Recovery Manor  PARKERSBURG, WV 26101 3048939086 EMAIL: HOPERECOVERYMANOR@GMAIL.COM Brandi's Legacy (women's faith based) 1417 Lancaster Street Marietta, OH 45750 304-916-8468 New Hope Creation Center (men's faith based) 800 North Main Street Malta, OH 43758 304-916-8468 Harmony Ridge Recovery Center 330-481-3727 Life Changers 865-456-2064 Book recommendations: Bible Big book  NA Basic Text Song recommendations: Worship Music Boha Tribe Best advice: Keep coming back! It works if you work it!
July 26, 2020
Hope Springs Eternal with Scarlet Begonias | The Way Out Podcast Episode 199
In this edition of The Way Out we have a truly extraordinary interview with Scarlet Begonias, a full time traveling professional model and person in long term recovery from addiction. We’re truly honored to be the first to share the story of Scarlet’s journey to sobriety and wellness in no small part because of the passion and authenticity woven into her words as she speaks her truth so that it may encourage and inspire you in your own recovery journey. Beautiful inside and out, Scarlet’s unabashed sincerity, forthrightness, and willingness to be vulnerable with us proves in undeniable fashion that comparing our insides with other folks outsides in equal parts self-injurious and counterproductive.  Stay tuned way out casters – Scarlet’s about to take us from a broken, down and out restaurant worker to a woman in long term sobriety quite literally living her dream – with one down right wicked bout with addiction smack in the middle of it all – and most importantly real recovery wisdom combined with an impassioned message of hope that will without question resonate – so listen up. To Write Love On Her Arms:
July 17, 2020
Sobriety Isn't Perfect But It's Worth It with Kellina Martin | The Way Out Podcast Episode 198
In this edition of the way out we’ve got a truly wonderful and insightful interview with Kelli Martin, a dear friend of mine whom I had the pleasure of meeting inside the rooms of one of my favorite 12-Step fellowships. There is an old saying in the rooms of recovery to describe someone who has allowed their sobriety and recovery to permeate their entire being, mind body and soul. It goes like so “You know, that so and so wears their sobriety like a loose fitting garment” – and that’s exactly the feeling I get every time Kelli and I get the opportunity to talk Recovery. Kelli’s journey to recovery was not easy, perfect, or always pretty – she had to persevere through some incredibly difficult stuff as a child. She had to shed old ideas about God and life that were not serving her. She had to come back to the rooms after a wicked relapse and be intentional about reconnecting to a higher power and getting involved in the 12-Step program and fellowship. She had to find peace with the fact that her two adult children still, after nearly a decade of sobriety, will not have anything to do with her. Kelli’s story proves to us that we can have meaningful, enduring, and satisfying lives in recovery that are not perfect fairy tale endings. You’re in for a real treat way out casters – Kelli is the real deal and her story delivers an undeniably rich combination of spiritual truth, relatable experiences, and practical wisdom we can all apply to our own recovery tool kits, so Listen Up. The Other Serenity Prayer God, grant me the serenity To stop beating myself up for not doing things perfectly, The courage to forgive myself because I’m working on doing better, And the wisdom to know that You already love me just the way I am.
July 10, 2020
From Dumpters to Happy & Free in Sobriety with Ray C. | The Way Out Podcast Episode 197
In this edition of The Way Out I’m honored to bring you a terrific interview with a loyal listener and now aspiring recovery podcaster Ray C. Ray’s story is loaded with adversity as he quite literally takes us from being homeless and getting high behind a parking lot trash dumpster all the way to nearly two decades of sobriety with a loving wife and family and even running a company. Above all this is a story that proves to us once again, that no matter how far down the scale we’ve gone, our experience can indeed benefit others. I sincerely believe there’s magic in Ray’s story that will provide hope and change for many here on this podcast and in his own podcasting adventures. There’s true spiritual power in all of our stories, because we see ourselves in them. Because they give us real hope. Hope that we too can recovery. Proof that we too can change, if we’re willing. To that end, and without further ado I give you Mr. Ray Corona the 3rd – so Listen Up.
July 4, 2020
Dual Diagnosis Recovery with David O'Meara | The Way Out Podcast Episode 196
This week our favorite recovery pod co-host Jason’s got an enlightening and relatable interview with David O’Meara, who’s authored 2 books which share is personal accounts of his struggles with and recovery from addiction and alcoholism, as well as schizophrenia and depression. David’s shares his story of what it was like to wrestle with both addiction and mental illness openly, honestly, and unapologetically in print and here for us for one simple but powerful purpose – to help those who are still suffering like he once did – and that is a shared mission here at The Way Out Podcast. Undoubtedly, you’ll find yourself relating and identifying with the more poignant pieces of David’s story, and surely you’ll delight in the unmistakable and undeniable message of hope that’s embodied herein so Listen Up. David’s books: The Book of David: God, Life and Recovery The Book of David: Path to Recovery David's best piece of advice: "Don't give up and keep coming back!" David's book recommendation: The Holy Bible If you would like to reach out and contact David you can email him at
June 26, 2020
Shedding Shame | The Way Out Podcast Episode 195
The Way Out Podcast is on right now. Along with our beloved cohost Jason, I’m Charlie and this edition of The Way Out we’re talking exactly how we can shed the shame that often accompanies alcoholism and addiction and shed it for keeps. Shame and guilt are frequently used interchangeably but they are two distinctly different feelings. I feel guilty if I take something that’s not mine without permission. I feel ashamed because I can’t stop stealing even though I know it’s wrong. Shame is a feeling of unworthiness. It’s a feeling of plain not being good enough. If you really knew who I was and the things I’ve done you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me. Shame becomes a part of our identity. There’s two likely culprits of this often debilitating and negative cycle perpetuating beast called shame. We’re either ashamed of how we’ve treated people, including ourselves or we’re ashamed of becoming addicts or alcoholics. No doubt we likely are suffering from one or both of them as we enter into recovery.  Buckle up Way Out faithful, We’re going to show you precisely how we were able to shed that shame monster for good, plus we’ll share feedback from the Sober and Serious Community and take your calls so Listen Up. Shame Acronym: Shame: Should Have Already Mastered Everything Smart Recovery Meeting Facilitated by Alan: Don't let COVID-19 keep you from getting your Recovery Tonight! At SMART Recovery, we have online ZOOM meetings "going on" for you. I will be facilitating an online meeting every Sunday night at 10 pm ET under the username SleeplessInSeattle. It is free to attend, confidential, active participation is optional and e-mailed meeting verifications are available. SMART Recovery is for all addictive behaviors. Our meetings last 90 minutes and we average about 175 attendees per meeting. Here is our meeting format: To Join Tonight's 10 pm ET Meeting If You Do Not Have Your Free, Confidential SMART Recovery Online Account: 1. Go to 2. Click on "Online Community" 3. Click on "Register for SROL" and complete your free, confidential online registration. 4. Click on "SMART ONLINE MEETINGS" and then "Meeting Schedule & Event Calendar". 5. Click on the Link Entitled: Sunday @ 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM ET - Facilitated by SleeplessInSeattle - VERIFICATIONS PROVIDED Want to find out more about Smart Recovery? Watch Our Introduction Video:
June 23, 2020
When It's Hard to Do the Next Right Thing | The Way Out Podcast Episode 194
The Way Out Podcast is on right now. Along with the cohost with the mostess, Jason I’m Charlie and we’ve got a stellar rendition of The Way Out on a topic not oft discussed in and out of recovery. Many of us are quite familiar with the Recovery mantra “Do the next right thing” when faced with uncertainty in how to act in a given moment or situation, and for good reason – this saying embodies the idea that we need to act our way into right thinking, rather than think our way into right living. We have new spiritual principles that we’re now aiming toward, principles that are rooted in love and guided by a power greater than ourselves. What happens wayoutcasters, when it’s hard to do the next right thing? How do we move through decisions and situations where doing the right thing is also seemingly the most difficult thing? It’s times like these where the ol’ platitudes of Just Do It and Don’t think Just Do, frankly fall short and rather flat. While these suggestions might be well intended, they’re not all that practical or helpful when we’re faced with a daunting decision that has us deeply conflicted. We’re going to fill in the gaps for you on what and how to do, when it’s hard to do, the next right thing. Plus we’ll share feedback from the sober and serious community and take your calls so Listen Up. Smart Recovery Meeting Facilitated by Alan: Don't let COVID-19 keep you from getting your Recovery Tonight! At SMART Recovery, we have online ZOOM meetings "going on" for you. I will be facilitating an online meeting every Sunday night at 10 pm ET under the username SleeplessInSeattle. It is free to attend, confidential, active participation is optional and e-mailed meeting verifications are available. SMART Recovery is for all addictive behaviors. Our meetings last 90 minutes and we average about 175 attendees per meeting. Here is our meeting format: To Join Tonight's 10 pm ET Meeting If You Do Not Have Your Free, Confidential SMART Recovery Online Account: 1. Go to 2. Click on "Online Community" 3. Click on "Register for SROL" and complete your free, confidential online registration. 4. Click on "SMART ONLINE MEETINGS" and then "Meeting Schedule & Event Calendar". 5. Click on the Link Entitled: Sunday @ 10:00 PM to 11:30 PM ET - Facilitated by SleeplessInSeattle - VERIFICATIONS PROVIDED Want to find out more about Smart Recovery? Watch Our Introduction Video:
June 14, 2020
Sober Meditations with Buddy C. | The Way Out Podcast Bonus Episode
I’m super stoked to bring you this bonus mini episode with Buddy C who shares with us his new project – Sober Meditations. Inspired by his work with his own sponsees and centered on the 12-Steps, Spirituality and the healing and transformative power of the practice of mediation, Sober Meditations is available through an app on both Google Play and the Apple App Store as well as online via any current web browser. I’ve been on my own meditative journey for exactly 120 days and mediation is now very much a core spiritual and recovery practice. If you’re looking to start your own foray into mediation, I highly recommend you look to Sober Meditations. Buddy shares his own insight and experience with meditation, walks us through installing and navigating the app, and gives some helpful advice for meditation beginners and pros alike so Listen Up. Get Your Sober Meditations! On the Web: Android: (Also Available on Apple IOS) Like the Show? Share the Love by leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts in iTunes! Leaving a review on iTunes is the single greatest way you can help us get our message out to folks. Drop us a rating and review by going to this link and then opening Apple Podcasts:
June 9, 2020
Turning Excuses into Change in Progress | The Way Out Podcast Episode 193
We’ve got a brilliantly informative and enlightening rendition of the show for you all about excuses, recovery, and how to turn these counterproductive defense mechanisms into positive change in progress. Rooted in fear and purpose built to prevent meaningful and rewarding transformation, excuses are quite complicit in the perpetuation of active addiction and alcoholism as well as lack of progress or regression in Recovery and spirituality. Excuses, justification, and rationalization are intrinsically tied together and born out of fear. Perhaps it’s fear of change, or failure, or of losing something we desperately believe we need to survive, such as our substance of choice. Alas, we don’t have to live in a world of excuses, justifications and rationalizations that keep us stuck, sick, and perhaps back in our disease. What we must do, is feel the fear and do the next right thing anyway. Because on the other side of fear wayoutcasters – is freedom. We’ll demystify the how and why of excuse making and share how we, and you too turn excuses into positive change in progress. Plus we’ll share feedback from the sober and serious community and take your calls so Listen up. Book referenced in this episode: Pain to Power Vocabulary: Step 1 Worksheet: Like the Show? Share the Love by leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts in iTunes! Leaving a review on iTunes is the single greatest way you can help us get our message out to folks. Drop us a rating and review by going to this link and then opening Apple Podcasts:
June 8, 2020
Let the Body Heal the Mind with Dr. Alice Kerby | The Way Out Podcast Episode 192
I wanted to take a brief moment, off the top to acknowledge and address what’s happening in my hometown in this moment. Born in Minneapolis, raised in the Twin Cities, and a life-long Minnesotan, I am, nay we all are still very much grappling with the heinous and horrendous tragedy that is the killing of George Floyd this past Monday, May 25th. I’m at once experiencing feelings of deep sadness and incredible helplessness after watching the now infamous footage of this horrific event and left desperately searching for a way to help make this right as I watch the city in which was born be burned to the ground and the very fabric of our community be torn apart. Many of you are now experiencing much the same in your own communities this very moment. Only through sobriety and recovery can I turn to the only answer that makes any real sense at all. I must turn to love, compassion, and put them into action. To that end our family will be donating food and supplies to my beloved South Minneapolis this very afternoon. This is a show about Sobriety, and Recovery and yet at our core what we attempt to embody is how to live in harmony with ourselves and others, how to act more out of kindness, tolerance, humility and ultimately love and less out of fear, animosity, and hate. The true purpose, desire, and mission of this show is to give you, the listener, of all ages, races, identities of gender hope that you too can recover and indeed the tools that work for you to truly thrive in the time we have on this earth. To that end, in this week’s edition of the show we have a supremely informative, beneficial, timely and apropos discussion on the use of somatic experiencing to address the often chronic states of stress, anxiety, and the near constant mental ruminations that always seem to accompany these unwanted states of mind and body agitation. Many of us are trauma survivors and have endured adverse childhood experiences that contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety. These undesirable states may be even more prevalent and exacerbated due to the current pandemic and community strife we are all experiencing. Dr. Alice Kerby, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a trauma practitioner, and a person in long term recovery shares how Somatic Experiencing can and does heal us from bottom up through incredibly simple and effective tools rooted in tuning in to the sensations of our bodies. These practices, when done regularly under professional guidance can profoundly change the way we feel in our own bodies AND minds, reduce, and eliminate chronic and acute stress and anxiety and ultimately improve our overall well-being, so Listen Up. Somatic Experiencing Practices Mentioned in this Episode: · Interoception · Pendulation · Orienting · Extended Exhale · Qigong · 5 Senses Practice · Self-Body Check-in Sober & Calm Course (5 & 30 Day Courses) Book Mentioned in this Episode: Laura McKowen We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life Contact Dr. Alice Kerby:
May 31, 2020
Got Problems? Heidi Davis Found Her Answer in Jesus | The Way Out Podcast Episode 191
This week co-host extraordinaire Jason’s got a killer interview with Heidi Davis, a woman in long term recovery from alcoholism and addiction and very passionate about what brought her to and keeps her in long term recovery. I happened to read one of her social media posts that read like an intro to a recovery memoir and immediately said to your favorite recovery co-host “get her on the show”. I can’t tell you exactly why I was immediately compelled to get Heidi on to share her story, but I’ve learned after a few 24 hours in recovery to trust my instincts when they speak to me, and this time my instincts were demanding for Heidi to share her experience, strength, and hope. I do not claim to be a Christian, nor do I believe that Christianity, or any other religion is the only way to recover or the only path to freedom from Addiction and Alcoholism. What I do sincerely and whole heatedly believe however, is that it is indeed, if you will indulge me a play on words A Bonafede Way Out of addiction and/or alcoholism. A the old 12-Step mantra goes – take what you like and leave the rest. I urge you to listen to the similarities in Heidi’s story – heavens knows I found more than a few myself, and indeed listen for the commonality in Heidi’s struggle through a ravenous, unrelenting and certainly progressive bout of alcoholism and addiction and look for the universal key to recovery regardless of method – complete surrender. You’ll be nodding your head and laughing along as you relate to Heidi unfurling her story in only the way she can, so Listen Up. You can find Heidi Davis on Facebook and you can contact her on FB messenger*** LADIES ONLY PLEASE *** Book Recommendation: The Bible If you don't know where to start Heidi recommends the gospel of John. Because John is the gospel of LOVE and you need to first understand how much God loves YOU! Heidi's best advice: Battle Plan 1) Have at least one believer in your tribe who has battled the demon of addiction. 2) Be brutally honest with them. Share your struggles, pain, fear, concerns, and victories! 3) Get life verses. Find scripture that reminds you of who God says that you are and who He says that He is. PUT THEM EVERYWHERE. Jeremiah 29:11 is a great one! 4) Check in daily. 5) Pray daily. 6) Get in the word everyday. Read even when it doesn’t make sense. NO WORD RETURNS VOID. 7) Find a church and go. Even when you don’t want to. Those are usually the days God has a message for you. 8) Don't suffer in silence. Some days are going to be HARD. Put on praise and worship and SING YOUR WAY OUT! 9) Be still and know that He is God. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Know He does. 10) Show yourself grace and don't strive to be a SUPER CHRISTIAN. Let the Holy Spirit do the heavy lifting.
May 22, 2020
The Power of Connection in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 190
In this edition of The Way Out we turn our collective attention to a the very human need of connection and as we’ll discover, it has particular importance to those of us in Recovery from substances or other addictive behaviors. Recent and mounting evidence suggests one of the factors in determining whether or not an individual will develop an addiction is their ability or inability to establish and maintain healthy, meaningful connections to others, to the world around them, and to something greater than themselves. In a very real way, the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it is indeed connection. Abstinence, however is a prerequisite for those of us who are addicts, alcoholics, or both for the artificially induced dopamine high courtesy of something decidedly non-human blocks our ability to connect in a meaningful, authentic way to the very people we so desperately want to connect with, whether we are aware of it or able to admit it or not. It’s no coincidence then, many of us who are in the midst of, or in recovery from addiction long have had trouble creating and sustaining the vital connections that are fundamental for all humans to truly thrive. This difficulty in connecting, often but not always rooted in childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences is very much part of what we are healing when we begin our recovery journeys. Establishing meaningful, healthy, caring, and supportive relationships with good people in and out of recovery is essential for a sobriety that is truly satisfying, for a life that’s worth living. When we incorporate powerful and transformative connections to a power greater than ourselves we are able to supercharge our connectedness to others, as well as embrace the healing power embodied in the flora and fauna found in nature. We come to realize we all are inexorably connected to each other, to a power greater than all of us, and to nature – in fact we are one. We’ll dig deep into the how and why of it all; share feedback from the sober and serious community and take your calls so listen up. Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Connection is the opposite of addiction Ted Talk: Relationship Quality Litmus Test: Additional Resources on Connection & Recovery: Brene Brown Podcast on Loneliness & Connection
May 17, 2020
Change & Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 189
This edition of The Way Out is all about change. At the center of the recovery journey is a transformational change that occurs within us that allows us to shed old, negative and self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and most importantly behaviors and begin to replace them with those that are healthy, positive and aligned with who we yearn to be. A truth my dear, late member of my home 12-Step group was fond of goes “If you don’t change, your sobriety date will”. If we are to recover, instead of merely abstain, we must change. In the beginning we may change because we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, or because the pain of staying the same become greater than the fear of change; or because if we don’t – we’ll die. Even in the most dire of circumstances; change is hard. It’s Messy – and it feels wrong. It’s supposed to feel foreign, like you’re wearing somebody else’s clothes or living someone else’s life – which in a way is true you’re living in the new you and it’s going to take a good while before that feels natural and integrated into the person you will become. We begin to learn, as we undergo our individual transformations; that the uncomfortable process of positive change is well worth the effort. In a very real sense can become change artists and begin to change things before we are in crisis; before the weight of some impending doom is upon us. We can choose positive and healthy change – in other words - we can chose to keep growing and thereby progressing in physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness journeys. To that end we’ve got an episode that’s jam packed with everything you need to know about change – that is; how to move through the ever so common fear of change; how to cope with changes that are beyond our control, and precisely how we can create meaningful, healthy changes in our own lives that are as positive as they are enduring, plus share feedback from the sober and serious community and take your calls so Listen Up.
May 10, 2020
The March to Madness with Nelson Dacier | The Way Out Podcast Episode 188
This week we’ve got an absolutely delightful interview with the Author of the new book “The March to Madness”, Nelson Dacier. Nelson, now six years sober, shares his story; which was the inspiration for his book, with equal measures of humor, wisdom, and authenticity. We dig into his recovery journey, what it finally took to enter meaningful and long-term recovery, and his process in writing the tale of the debaucherous double life he led during active addiction, the unbelievable events that lead him to the literal brink of death, and what recovery looked like in the aftermath of the tumultuous saga that was his life prior to getting sober round about six years ago. This one’s got it all folks, so Listen Up. Reach out to Nelson: Book Recommendation: Drop the Rock
May 1, 2020
12 Steps of Healthy Love with Rachel Levy | The Way Out Podcast Episode 187
This week Jason’s got an absolutely terrific interview with transformational and Imago Relationship Therapist, Love Coach, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Rachel Levy. Rachel shares with us about her journey, her practice, and her creation; the 12 steps of Healthy Love. We learn about the 4 pillars of her recovery program that is designed to be accessible to all. Rachel shares her truth with us as well as an abundance of spiritual, emotional, and transformational wisdom, which is all centered in love. Get ready way out casters – Rachel is a total powerhouse - a modern-day sage who’s got insight and spiritual truth to spare and we’re about to dive headfirst into the deep well of a Bonafede love guru – so listen up. Rachel's song recommendations- Everything is Allanis Morissette's song defining what the Shadow is according to Debbie Ford’s definition:  our shadow is all of the qualities within us both Our Light and Our Dark.  Embracing our Shadow, every part of it, was inspired through Ford's shadow process. Allanis went through the coaching program and was a student of Debbie’s. This Grudge is a song of the long and pain filled journey of Forgiveness and needing to let go of the Grudges we hold onto to honor that those who wounded us were also there as fodder for our ultimate growth and who we are meant to become. Only if we do this sacred work of walking the conscious path seeking to heal and become whole.  Allanis has done this work ... Hence the line  in her song This Grudge:  “You’ve been vilified and used as fodder, you deserve a piece of every record" Recovery wisdom: "A miracle is a shift in perception, to see now what we couldn't see." ~A Course In Miracles Book Recommendations- The Best Year of Your Life- Debbie Ford The Dark Side of The Light Chasers- Debbie Ford The Artists Way- Julia Cameron Getting the Love You Want- Harville Hendrix ~~HEALTHY LOVE MEETING~~ The Healthy Love Meeting is every Thursday night at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Contact Rachel at: THE REGAL 550 11TH STREET SOUTH BEACH, FL 33139
April 26, 2020
Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts with Michael Brody-Waite | The Way Out Podcast Episode 186
This week we’ve got an interview that will push the limits on your conventional understanding of what it means when we hear the 12-Step vernacular around practicing the principles of recovery in all our affairs. Entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker Michael Brody-Waite contends far too many of us in recovery are likely, and unwittingly compartmentalizing the tremendous power, embodied in the 12-Steps, exclusively to our addictions all the while shielding the other parts of our lives that could be similarly transformed – if we only applied the very same principles of Recovery to other parts of our lives – namely our work lives. Michael and I discuss specifically what elements of Recovery can transform your work life and how to apply them and his new book – “Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts: How living like a drug addict will transform the way you lead yourself and others” all the while sprinkling in his recovery journey and the spiritual wisdom embodied within his 17 plus years of continuous Sobriety so listen up. Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Michael Brody-Waite: Books: Brene Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection Daring Greatly
April 20, 2020
Survivor's Guilt in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 185
This week we’re addressing a topic that very likely affects many of us as we enter into recovery, and especially the longer we sustain our recovery. But before I introduce this week’s topic; I’d like to humbly invite anyone who’d like to hear my recovery story to join a weekly online Zoom speaker meeting at 8pm Central Time this Saturday the 18th of April. A dear friend of mine, Buddy C. asked if I would share my recovery story – and I was told under no uncertain terms very early in Recovery that when asked to be of service; we are obliged to do so given we have the ability. Check the show notes for the details on how to attend and I hope to see you all there! Now, back to this week’s topic. We’re talking about experiencing Survivor’s Guilt after someone close to us relapses or tragically dies as a result or consequence of their addiction and/or alcoholism. Greif is a complex, difficult, and often messy process that can be complicated by the emotions associated with Survivor’s Guilt. We may be plagued by questions like why me? Questions that stem from an unhealed part of ourselves desperately screaming to be mended. These emotions can often leave us feeling stuck; and be a counterproductive force in our recover journey. If you’re one of the many who’s struggled with the agony of Survivor’s Guilt, then this episode is for you. We’ll find out what Survivor’s guilt is, how it befalls us, and what precisely we can do about it to heal in order to overcome this unpleasant and unwelcome emotional distress so that we can really be there for those who are still with us, so Listen Up. Saturday Night AA Speaker Meeting: Open online AA Meeting every evening at 9 PM Eastern Topic Meeting Nightly with a different AA Speaker every Saturday Night ( Please log in early  to install Zoom software Access from any phone, PC, or iPad Meeting ID is 432316244 Go to (url goes directly to zoom link) to install software and access meeting. Will continue based on attendance.   Text and share with all your friends in recovery that may need a meeting!
April 13, 2020
This one's for the ladies (and gents) with Ashlee Herget | The Way Out Podcast Episode 184
This week Jason’s got an interview that all you ladies out there will especially relate to with Ashlee Herget. Don’t tune out just yet though gents; I related to Ashlee’s story in a way I didn’t expect and though I know I shouldn’t be surprised by now; the universal struggles that unite our collective experience as people in, or contemplating recovery show up early and often in Ashlee’s story. Just shy of 3 years clean and sober, Ashlee brings her story to us in a disarmingly frank and vulnerable retelling of her journey to recovery rife with fits of inadequacy; shame, family turmoil and knock down drag out bouts of addiction and alcoholism – all from the female perspective. So to all you ladies out there bringn’ your sober on the daily, this one’s for you and for every single one of us there’s a whole lot recovery wisdom and insight about to be heard regardless of what gender you happen to identify with so Listen Up. Book recommendations: Jesus Calling- by Sarah Young The Body Keeps the Score- by Bessel van de Kolk Best advice: "You hit the bottom when you stop digging" "Nothing is too damaged that recovery can't fix" Contact info
April 4, 2020
Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic Sane & Sober | The Way Out Podcast Episode 183
We’re bringing you a special episode dedicated to helping you work your program of recovery and survive – nay – thrive in this unprecedented time of Pandemic Covid-19 sane and sober. For many of us we’re dealing with new fears we likely hadn’t even dreamt of just a couple of months ago, and major life changes are being thrust upon us in the form of our daily routines, work lives and home situations. Two mega triggers for recovering addicts and alcoholics – Fear and Change are flaring up for many of us big time right now. We may be feeling off kilter; and reeling from all of these sudden but necessary adjustments and we’re here to help. Working toward being spiritually, mentally and emotionally centered as well as physically healthy is the name of the game and we’ve got just what the Doctor ordered for you as we demystify why so many of us are feeling the way we are right now and give you sound, tried and true spiritually practical actions you can take, one day at a time, to get through the Coronavirus Winter feeling right as rain, so Listen Up. Online Meeting Resources: 9:00 pm Eastern Daily Meeting ID: 943 741 005 Password: fob 5:30 PM Eastern Daily  12:00 1pm Eastern Smart Recovery Online Meeting 10pm Eastern In the Rooms: AA: NA: Check your the websites of your local Alano or Intergroup for online meeting links and information Facebook group mentioned in this episode:
March 29, 2020
No Turning Back, Regardless with Lisa Daggs | The Way Out Podcast Episode 182
This week we’ve got an absolutely righteous interview with Singer, songwriter, producer, writer, and all-around dynamo Lisa Daggs. Along with her many and varied artistic talents, Lisa is a person in very long-term recovery, with over 30 years of continuous sobriety. Lisa’s journey to and through Recovery as told through her Book No Turning Back – Regardless is especially relatable and oozing with universal spiritual truth. We talk about the book, her path through addiction and alcoholism while trying to make it in the cut throat, take no prisoners, chew you up and spit you out music industry and what it took to Recover and live life on life’s terms as a sober Christian woman. So lend us your ears won’t you while Lisa spins yarns about days gone by and what life is like now living Sober, Joyous, and Free while we mix in a few handpicked originals by none other than Lisa Daggs. No doubt about it way out casters, you’re in for a special treat – so Listen Up. Original Tracks by Lisa Daggs Featured on this Episode (in order of appearance): Regardless I'm Still Dancin' Some Kind of Wonderful Links Mentioned in this Episode: Book Featured in this Episode: No Turning Back, Regardless
March 22, 2020
PRIDE in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 181
This week Jason brings us the straight up compelling story of Kristin Massman. Kristin’s recovery story will grab you by throat and not let go until right up to the end. Kristin, an unabashed bi-sexual woman, now over 3 years sober, shares her at times heart wrenching and other times super relatable history in a truly authentic and vulnerable way. You will be captivated by the way her journey has led her from the proverbial gutter to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and her powerful ability to advocate for the development of a more inclusive culture in recovery and the community at large. One where everyone is welcomed, loved and accepted as they are. For all of us who know what it’s like to feel shame around who we truly are, and for all of us who have genuinely known the fear living our authentic selves, who know what it feels like to feel like an imposter in your own life, indeed for all of us who know all too well what it’s like to wrestle with addiction and alcoholism, this story is for you so Listen Up. These are the nonprofits that Kristin works with: Recommendations: · To work ANY 12 Step program · Therapy (EMDR, Behavioral) · Parenting classes · Writing · Speaking (tell your story) · Fun sober activities · Exercise · Assume best intent!! (when communicating with others)
March 15, 2020
All You Need is Less - Peter S | The Way Out Podcast Episode 180
This week we’ll hear co-host extraordinaire Jason interview our good friend Peter S, who candidly shares his Recovery story. Peter’s called in to the show a time or three and brings unbridled honesty and spiritual truth every time. Ultimately his is a story of love, loss and redemption, Peter’s remarkably poignant story is rife with pain and anguish as a once promising career in the Wine industry complete with six figures, a beautiful fiancé and all the trappings was ultimately swallowed up by alcoholism and addiction, leaving him literally jobless, penniless, homeless, and alone. We all know better than to think that’s where Peter’s story ends, don’t we? Fact is, in more than a few ways it is truly where his Recovery story begins. I’m telling you all, this story is candid, raw, and seriously compelling and the wisdom and spiritual truth embodied herein is truly palpable, so Listen Up. Book: Varieties of Religious Experiences-William James Recovery Resources: Opportunities for Change program by the MN Dept. of Corrections Minnesota Recovery Connection Recovree Minnesota Recovery corps 2218 Alano Club
March 9, 2020