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The WedPro Podcast

The WedPro Podcast

By Katie & Roxy - The Wedding Business Hub
Our podcast is packed with actionable step by step strategies to help you build a profitable business. If you've ever wished for 2 business mentors with over 15 years experience in the industry that you can carry around in your pocket - this is the podcast for you!

We help you breakdown the overwhelm and build a business you love, share strategies, marketing tips, and the industry's best kept secrets! Everything from pricing your services, keeping burnout at bay to marketing your business, generating sales and lots more.
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E32: The Story of Us
In this episode we are bringing you something a little different. We wind back the clock and chat through our story of growing up, the struggles we faced, how we met and then how we went on to create The Wedding Business Hub. It's a good one, Enjoy! There is still time to get your hands on the last remaining VIP Wedcon 2022 tickets.  Check out the link below to grab yours now:
August 02, 2022
E31: Ways You Can Stay Motivated in The Midst of Wedding Season
Wedding suppliers are often believed to have one of the best jobs in the world.  Working with giddy couples to build their dream wedding sounds just wonderful doesn’t it. And although we know you really do love what you do it’s OK to admit that sometimes all the client meetings, working long hours and giving your all to every wedding you work on can leave your cup feeling a little empty. You are only human after all. In this episode we give you lots of helpful tips on how you can keep yourself motivated for the busy season ahead and make sure you are on your A game for each and every one of your couples. To pre-order our brand new Social Media Planner which we mention at the beginning of this episode, pop over to the link below: Will we be seeing you at Wedcon 2022? To find out more and to book your ticket, visit the following link:
July 19, 2022
A Quick Special Announcement
To find out more and to get your hands on our Social Media Planner, visit the following link:
July 13, 2022
E30: The Three Contracts All Wedding Business Owners Should Have
Today Roxy is talking all things wedding biz contracts with Pranav Bhanot from The Wedding Lawyer.  Pran and his team are passionate about ensuring couples and suppliers have a wedding to remember for all the right reasons rather than the wrong ones. The Wedding Lawyer assists both wedding suppliers and couples before, during and after the big day.  One of the main sticking points they hear about is supplier contracts. In this this episode Roxy & Pran chat through the 3 contracts all weddings business owners need to have. So grab a cuppa an let's dive in! To check out The Wedding Lawyer visit: website -  Instagram - Don't forget to grab your Wedcon ticket if you haven't done so yet. You can book your ticket & find out more about our amazing day of wedding industry learning and networking here:
July 12, 2022
E29: Time Saving Tips for Wedding Season
 We are fast approaching the Summer and whether you've got a booked out diary or just want to have some time off and enjoy the sun you'll need to be working smarter over these next few weeks to just get everything done. As mums of young children and owners of a global brand we share with you our best productivity tips to ensure you can keep cool throughout the summer and get everything you need to - done!  As mentioned in this episode we have an amazing, time saving done-for-you marketing subscription - Content Club. To find out more or to sign up visit here: WEDDING CONTENT HUB | The Wedding Business Hub
July 05, 2022
Meet your speakers for the National Event you won't want to miss - Wedcon In this short episode of The WedPro Podcast we talk to you all about what you can expect at Wedcon this November.  We can't wait to bring you our annual event - top industry speakers, networking throughout the day and a whole load of fun too. This episode deep dives into what you can expect as a ticket holder to Wedcon.  So Save the Date and Reserve your Seat before it's too late! For tickets visit here: Wedcon | Wedding Business Hub 
June 30, 2022
E27: How to Money : Expenses You Should Be Claiming with Alexis
Are you claiming the expenses you can within your business? Some wedding businesses aren't and this means it's costing you too much Tax! Are you aware of the all of the expenses you can claim? If not this is the episode for you. Get your Free Expenses Tracker Here: Right Click with Alexis Do you love the Podcast and are you looking for the secrets to level up your Wedding Business? Join us for a day of high quality business education from top industry speakers and thought leaders and a day of Networking in the heart of the UK this November. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE
June 26, 2022
E26: 5 Ways to Maximise Your Income
 We are halfway through the year, can you believe it? Now's the right time to be taking stock and looking at what you can be doing to continue your business growth for the rest of 2022.  We'll be sharing the 5 ways to maximise your income for the rest of the year and stop leaving money on the table.  Resources  Click for your Sales and Marketing Guide    Website:  Find us on Instagram here
June 21, 2022
E25: Book More Weddings Using Instagram
Do you want to book more weddings using Instagram? On today's episode, we give you some real tips on how you can turn all of those posts on Instagram into bookings for your wedding business. For an all-access behind the scenes pass inside The Wedding Industry's Best Kept Secret, Content Club - save your spot here Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode. See you next time, Katie & Roxy
June 14, 2022
E24: Is Your Net Worth In Your Network?
Business (and dancing) is always better with others around you supporting you and lifting you up. And much like dancing you are less likely to trip up if you have some people to show you the moves and show you were the slip ups could be.  Join us as we talk about why having people around you in business is so important and is at the centre of what we do. And how you can network even if you are an introvert and the opportunities networking with people within the wedding industry can do for your business. _____________________________________________________________________________ If you are a wedding supplier looking to network in your business. Check out our upcoming events over on our website. For tickets to Wedcon 2022 and for our speakers list click here : Save 10% with code WED10 before June 4th. Be quick - it's going to be an amazing day!  If you could be interested in hosting an event and joining our team send us a DM over on Instagram or reach out via our Facebook group.  Don't forget to hit to Subscribe, so you never miss out on a new episode.  If you are loving the podcast or have found it helpful in any way you can support us by sharing it to your Instagram stories, tag us in @wedding_business_hub and we'll follow you and give you a reshare! Give us a little follow whilst you are there. You can also support the free training that we do by 'buying us a coffee'  here. We won't really buy a coffee but every penny of your donation goes towards supporting our free networking communities and you'll be supporting us in the running of those groups and continuing to ensure that wedding professionals always have somewhere they can go to feel supported.  We truly appreciate every bit of support and everyone of you lovely listeners. So please keep sharing. We couldn't do this without you! Get in touch Email us at - We love to hear what's going on in your business, and of course any questions you have or topics you'd like us to cover. No question is ever a silly question but we'll keep you anonymous if you prefer. 
May 23, 2022
E23: SEO Tips to Help You Reach More Couples
Let's break it down ....... SEO can be a difficult subject to get your head around and can be jargon heavy. However it's such an important business task that we just couldn't ignore it plus..... it's all about that money honey!  We are joined by Jay from Wedding Engagement Design to talk about how to get more of the couples you want to work with to your website.  We've kept the jargon at a minimum!  Why solving this one problem is going to help you climb Google Why you shouldn't be scared to Niche down and …….how it's hurting your business when you don't!  How to get more bookings and make more sales from the design of your website Plus we chat puppies, Harry Potter, what’s going on in the world of Weddings and general mumbiz challenges for a bit of balance!  Links & Resources To check out the SEO services that Jay offers click here & to receive 10% off all website templates and custom sites with them quote code: WBH10 at checkout to claim. For 2 Written For You Blog Posts to ensure you have some fresh content for your SEO click here  If you love what we do and have found our pod helpful!  You can support us by sharing the pod on Instagram, leaving us a review or clicking here to buy us a coffee or a cup of tea to keep us going! We really do appreciate each bit of support equally! Don’t forget to subscribe! 
May 17, 2022
E22: Yes You Need a Blog
Join us while we talk why you....(yes you) need a blog for your wedding business. It's time to stop making excuses and start blogging.  In this episode, we give you the reasons why you should step out of your comfort zone and start being proud of your expertise and experience.  Links & Resources To listen to the previous podcast we chat about in this episode click here To download our top tips for wedding business blog and to get your hands on 2 FREE blog posts to kickstart your blogging journey click here Don't forget to hit subscribe to be the first to hear when new episodes land and if you love our podcast we'd love you to leave us a review.
May 04, 2022
E21: Motion vs Action
In this episode we are joined by Rob from Rob Moore Photography to talk about Business Motion vs Business Action.  In less than 12 months of business, Rob’s been able to tick off some of the 5 year goals he had for his photography business and we delve into how he’s been able to increase his bookings and conversions.  Resources & Links  If you are interested in Content Club for your wedding business so you are able to focus on other areas of your business. Check it out here For wedding business freebies and our guide to the marketing ideas to grow your wedding business 
April 09, 2022
E20: Turning Your Passion into Profit with Lisa Johnson
Join me as I chat with Lisa Johnson the passive income queen. In this exclusive episode, I will be picking her brains on passive income and how she has taken herself from being £30k in debt to now a multi-millionaire.  Since entering her world we too have totally transformed our mindset, business model, and the way we make my money and you can too. To sign up to the masterclass you will now have to wait until next year BUT in the meantime check out our other services & products here
March 25, 2022
E19: How to Add Additional Revenue To Your Wedding Business
Today on the podcast we are talking about simple ways you can add additional income into your wedding business while still keeping your focus on serving your clients. Do you value MORE time with your family? Do you want to GROW your business revenue without increasing your workload? Do you want to have MORE flexibility on who you work with and how you run your business? If you answered YES to any of these today's podcast will open up so many possibilities for you.  We dispel some of the blocks that may be holding you back in making more money within your business. And if you're over here thinking "I have NO idea what to do or how to bring in more money. I'm already overworked!" ...then pop on over to today's podcast episode and give it a listen....We are breaking it all down for you. DM us on Instagram for any business brainstorming or discuss anything we said on today's topic  To get your hands on 100 passive income ideas click here.
March 07, 2022
E18: PR & Pricing with Anna Cordelia
The awkward M word ‘money’ sends so many of us feeling uncomfortable despite it being the keyword of business. Everything we do is with the ultimate goal of exchange of money for services & goods. In this episode we talk to Anna Cordelia as she explains why we should be talking about money, raising our prices and proudly making pricing part of our marketing by simply telling people.  We cover: The secret to old-school PR: the most cost-effective marketing strategy that beats most paid for advertising... Hint: you’ll be hanging out at wedding fairs, but not to meet brides! How to get your business seen and get (the right) brides talking about it. How to use pricing with PR to make a statement and attract the right customer. How to create content easily, without spending hours and where to post it to get it seen by wedding peeps Using PR & Pinterest so your biz is constantly marketing itself, without you burning yourself out. Links & Resources  Wedding Boss Pros  For wedding business freebies to help you grow your wedding business click here
February 21, 2022
E17: Tips to Help You Land on Page One of Google
With the top 5 ranking pages on Google getting 75% of clicks, Search Engine Optimisation is a really important skill to master to ensure you are bringing in leads to your business. In this episode, we speak to Justine, a celebrant and SEO whiz about the steps you can take to improve your ranking on search engines. In this episode we cover: The one thing you should ensure you have for your business to produce more clicks to your website. What keywords are and how to use them effectively to rank on major search engines. Why having a niche is important in relation to SEO. How Google and other search engines use the information on your website to rank your site and what you can do to improve it. Links & Resources To join Justine's Group click here Grab your wedding business freebies and check out our blog  Don't forget to Subscribe! 
February 04, 2022
E16: Creating a Vision Board for Success
Join us today as we talk all things vision boarding and how we plan out what we are going to achieve in our life and business going forward. Discover how we plan and work towards our goals Discover how manifesting can work for you and your business Learn to attract positive energy Plan out the big and small things you want to accomplish over the next year Learn what a vision board is and how it can help you to accomplish more in your business and everyday life Links & Resources To book your Power Hour slot with us click here For 12 marketing wedding business marketing ideas to elevate your business and other wedding biz freebies click here Don't forget to Subscribe and leave us a review! 
December 13, 2021
E15: Tips for Wedding Business Blogging
You probably heard that blogging is incredibly helpful for your website but what do you do if you hate writing? In this episode, we share how to create blog posts easily that boost your SEO even if you hate writing. Today we cover: How blogging helps your marketing How to plan your blog topics How to decide what to write about Why should you optimise for local venues Links & Resources Find out more about blogging and how to come up with your next blog topic click here Sign up for our total marketing solution for your wedding business click here  Podcast - don't forget to Subscribe! 
November 19, 2021
E14: Increasing Your Wedding Biz Visibility With Instagram
With 28 million Instagram users in the UK alone and 90% of all users following at least one business account, it’s no longer a question of whether Instagram needs to be a part of your overall marketing and more of a case of how best you can leverage your time and energy on the platform for best results.In today’s episode, we dive into all the things that make a great Instagram strategy as a business inside of the wedding industry and how to be visible on Instagram in a competitive market. We cover: Optimising your profile and how best to be found How to find your ideal client How to write a great caption and what makes your followers engage more with your content. How many hashtags to use. How to utilise Stories to make connections. Understanding your analytics to make better future content Links & Resources To get your hands on our best selling Hashtag Directory click here  For a 30 day free trial of Canva Pro click here  Our blog is one of the most popular things on our website. If top-notch learning is your thing - pop over here   Don't forget to Subscribe!  Spotify iTunes Please take 2 minutes to leave an honest rating and review . It will really help our show and its rankings. 
November 08, 2021
E13: Making Your Marketing Ready for Engagement Season
With over 40% of engagements happening between the 1st November and Valentine's Day in this episode we guide you through the things you should be focusing on in your business to ensure that your marketing is ready for the fresh cohort of engaged couples. We cover: Why your marketing needs to be stronger than ever this season. What couples are looking for in their wedding planning research. How to set and achieve goals. How to approach your marketing strategy so you get better results. What you need to be doing more of and what to stop doing. How you can get the help your business needs to get your marketing engagement season ready. Links & Resources Sign up for our total marketing solution for your wedding business here  Want 2 free blog posts to start attracting people to your website on autopilot? Click here Don't forget to Subscribe!
October 21, 2021
E12: 5 Steps to help your business THRIVE not just SURVIVE
Join Roxy and Jacquie Hale from Vector Business Coaching as we talk through 5 steps you can implement in your business right now to ensure you come out of the pandemic ready to rumble. Jacquie is the marketing systems queen and runs an established Tipi and Marquee Hire business. She now helps other businesses with their own business journey. Jacquie is also one of the speakers at Wedcon 2022 in November. For tickets to Wedcon held on November 9th 2022 in Birmingham head over to  Don't forget to Rate and Review 
April 20, 2021
E11: Are You Looking After Yourself Like You Are Looking After Your Business?
Join us as we stop for a second and ask ourselves whether we are actually really looking after ourselves as well as we could be.  We are joined by Susan Wlide from Dunn Crafting. Sue has had a complete mindset transformation over the last year and we were mega excited that she wanted to come and share her top tips with us. We also talk about our own struggles with anxiety, the dreaded imposter syndrome and share how to help keep your mindset positive.   For wedding business freebies, a guide to better blogging and our 12 marketing tips to elevate your business and get you better bookings - visit:   For Sue's Business Check out  @dunncrafting on Instagram  Don't forget to rate and subscribe! 
April 20, 2021
E10: When Two Become One
Join us for a Supplier Spotlight episode as we chat with Carolyn & Michelle from Olivia George Bridal. We learn all about their incredible story of how they were once industry rivals but now run one bridal shop together, learning to work as a together and making it a huge success. We also hear their business top tips and hear about how the ladies have managed their emotions over the last few months. Join our wedding business community by searching for The Wedding Business Hub on Facebook.  For freebies to help grow your business:    Olivia George Bridal you can go  Instagram @oliviageorge  Facebook @perfectonebridal
February 28, 2021
E9: Supplier Spotlight - Samantha Withey from Willow and Rust Weddings
Join us for a Supplier Spotlight special as we chat with the fabulous Samantha Withey from Willow and Rust Wedding. Samantha's started her wedding business during a global pandemic and we discuss the challenges this has presented, the marketing she is doing to ensure she's continuing to get bookings and how she manages her work life balance!  Grab some wedding business freebies to grow your business:   To find out more about Samanthas business you can go Insta: @willow_and_rust  Facebook: @WillowandRust
February 01, 2021
E8: Year Lockdown Review: Our Corona-coaster and top tips for living through a global pandemic
In this heart felt episode the girls reveal all as they chat through how they have coped with their own mental health over the last few months and talk through what they are doing to keep sane while running a business during unprecedented times, coping with homeschooling and the ever changing wedding business scene that we are facing as business owners.   Grab 12 free wedding marketing ideas to elevate your business and go from overlooked to fully booked: Join our community of over 11,000 other wedding business owners: Search The Wedding Business Hub on Facebook. Don't forget to subscribe and review
January 17, 2021
E7: Supplier Spotlight-Bimla Bee Productions
Join us for a Supplier Spotlight special as we chat with the fabulous Bimla Jackson from Bimlabee Productions. In this episode we learn all about Bimla's fascinating journey from cooperate production and events, to successful wedding planner.  We also find out how she finding being a new mum to a gorgeous little boy and being her own boss.  Join our community of wedding pros ready to grow their business here:  Download 12 awesome wedding business marketing ideas to elevate your business and take on more of your dream clients:
October 05, 2020
E6: Camera Shy to Camera Hi!
In this episode the girls chat to James Garrett from HNE Media all about getting camera confident. James not only has a successful media company but also has a wedding videography business too and has been in the industry 15 years.  We share hints and tips to take you from camera shy to camera hi in no time at all.  You can checkout HNE Media here:  Join our online community here:  Don't forget to subscribe!  For 8 email templates to help you go from overlooked to booked. Stop being ghosted by your enquiries:
April 26, 2020
E5: Finding Ways to Create Extra Income Streams For Your Wedding Business
In this slightly different episode Katie & Roxy check in to say hi and to see how you all are. Plus the girls chat to you about realistic ways you can increase revenue in your wedding businesses, through having more than one income steam.We are in this together and together we will be stronger and hopefully show more patience and kindness. We hope the message in this episode is helpful and inspiring and will serve as a reminder to the wedding industry that we are all in this together and as an industry, a community we will be stronger for going through this and while we may not be celebrating with our couples we can continue to celebrate and cheer each other on virtually.  So grab a pen, notepad and your favorite tipple as we brainstorm this one out together.  Download your free guide to 12 Wedding Business Ideas to help your wedding business grow:
April 10, 2020
E4: You are not one ordinary woman. You're four extraordinary ones
In this episode Katie & Roxy chat to Carlee Marie from Soul Modes about her fascinating theory that all woman go through a specific mood pattern and how once we know which soul mode we are in, how we can then use it as a super power.  Carlee is the master of motivational intelligence. She’s a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, online educator, renegade researcher, sought-after speaker and creator of the binge-worthy podcast ‘Go Hack Yourself’.  With her bold teachings and revolutionary frameworks, she empowers women all over the world to live differently. She has a deep understanding of how women work - what motivates us, what drives us, and what holds us back. And since coming out last year with her groundbreaking book and Netflix-style documentary, she’s holding nothing back.  Don't forget to hit the 'Subscribe' button to keep up to date with all of our new episodes.  Check out our events:  Download your free guide to 12 Marketing Ideas to Elevate your business:
March 27, 2020
E3: Customer Avatar and the 3 Zones
In this episode Katie & Roxy chat to Terry Lewis from Wedding Marketing Mastery.  Terry is also an 8-time wedding award winner (2x international and 6x UK), and an author of the popular book '12 Habits Of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Professionals.  Terry chats about how he used skills learned during a 12-year career in the City of London to catapult his wedding business from being under-booked and underpaid at startup, to being oversubscribed at premium prices today.  If you are under charging and are struggling with the process of raising your prices than this podcast is a must for you.  Join our community: Check out our events: 
March 04, 2020
E2: Why and how you are doing more public speaking than you know
In this episode Katie & Roxy are joined by Rowan Draper from Portavoce Coaching to chat about how you can increase your own confidence within your business when attending wedding fayres, approaching new clients & at networking meet ups. With 21 years of fused experience from the stage to leading a charity to local government Rowan now works with a variety of clients from political candidates, to small businesses, to father’s of the bride to first-time interviewees to help them perform to your best on your special day.Don't forget to hit the 'Subscribe' button to keep up to date with all of our new podcasts and if you wish to come and join our community of amazing wedpro's you can do so via the following link:See you over there!  Like this podcast ?Why not leave us a review
February 21, 2020
E1: Branding Your Wedding Business For Success
In this episode Katie & Roxy chat all things branding with Jenni Cabrelli. With over 14 years working in branding and over 11 years agency experience, Jenni has built up a wealth of knowledge, through working as a Creative Director in a brand agency as well as now running her own successful wedding business, The Handmade Sign Company.  We know first hand the struggles that branding can bring to businesses in the wedding industry and in this episode we will help you understand what the foundations of a good brand are and how you can easily achieve them .You can find out more about the book Jenni recommend here and her website here plusIf you haven’t done already come and join our Wedpro community via the following link To subscribe to our mailing list to receive exclusive offers and discounts click here 
January 30, 2020
Episode Zero
In this episode Katie & Roxy chat how they became to work in the wedding industry and their journey from stay at home mums to running a global business brand.Like this podcast ?Why not leave us a review
January 16, 2020