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The Wing Women

The Wing Women

By Jules Varney, Ronda Holman
Wing Women Podcast is for women everywhere, so they don't fly solo through life. Jules and Ronda are two chicks with mics, share a love for teeth and are on a mission to create smiles in a completely different way. Talking smack about everyday life, work, relationships and much more. Stories from the closet, that will make you laugh, cry and relate with many out there. You're not alone. We all have a story from beyond that makes us who we are.

Raw. Real. Inspiring. "Don't Fly Solo"
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"You Can't Coach Quit." Lynne: A mom, wife, author, coach and so much more.

The Wing Women

"You Can't Coach Quit." Lynne: A mom, wife, author, coach and so much more.

The Wing Women

They Whine, So I Wine...too.
Listen as Jen and Jules tackle the momsplaining and why it should just stop. Take a listen.
September 21, 2019
Random Ramblin's
Ronda and Jules discuss body image, social media and chin hairs " Who's going to pluck them when we're 80?" Take a listen.  
September 21, 2019
"You Can't Coach Quit." Lynne: A mom, wife, author, coach and so much more.
Lynne talks about why "You can't coach quit" when you're a mom, wife, friend, coach and author.  As a basketball coach to a girl's team and several dental practices, Lynne shares her passion about helping others to be better. How coaching has played a role in her foundations for raising kids, helping dental practices and guiding today's girl basketball players on the right path of success.  Do you have coaching in you? Would you like to implement coaching in your everyday life? Talk a listen as Lynne shares her passion.  Lynne's Book: "You can't coach quit." is now on Amazon.  Check out Lynne's services here: Victory Dental Management Subscribe to our updates
September 07, 2019
"I'm not everyone's cup of tea. " Mom Blogger- They Whine, So I Wine.
Today's flight: Co-host, Jules talks with Jennifer, Mom Blogger of They Whine, So I Wine.  Recently, Jennifer's blog post of "I'm not everyone's cup of tea." blew up, helping moms or women in general, to know it's OK just to be you.  That you don't have to be liked by everyone. Take a listen as she talks about her "Open Table" approach on friendships and what she loves about being a mom.  Fun. Engaging. Relating.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you "Don't Fly Solo" through life.  Subscribe to weekly updates at
August 30, 2019
Mom Guilt-The Struggle is Real, with special guest- Grace Rizza
Episode 5: Grace Rizza, an expert marketer shares her struggles with mom guilt.  As a successful woman in business with 2 small girls, she shares what worked and what didn't for her. How to slay the pressure with being a first time mom, the unwarranted advice that you get from others and how to overcome daily obstacles.  "At the end of the day, it's what you do best for your family, your lifestyle and career that matters." Take a listen to Grace, you are not alone in this journey. Be a wing women. 
August 22, 2019
Work Life Balance, Is there such a thing?
Being moms with full-time careers with side hustles, we often find it difficult to balance. But,  do we really have to balance it out? We say do what works for you, your life style and where you want to go in this crazy journey.  Listen on how we juggle or don't at times.  Subscribe to updates here: Want to be a guest? Feel free to email us.  Follow us on Instagram @thewingwomenpodcast  Like us on Facebook @The Wing Women Podcast Don't Fly Solo
August 16, 2019
About Ronda- A rockin, joyful soul in life
Wing Women Co-host Ronda, shares her postcard style life and how she flies through. Full of life, with passion and a purpose. A short inspiring listen. 
August 09, 2019
About Jules- Unleashing "Gloria Soundstage"
Learn what makes Wing Women Co-host, Jules get up everyday and plow through. Why "Gloria Soundstage" holds a special place in her heart.  A short listen that you don't want to miss. 
August 09, 2019
Wing Women Introduction Ep. 1
Welcome to the Wing Women Podcast, where you "Don't Fly Solo" through life. Get to know your hosts, Jules Varney and Ronda Holman. They are ready to take you on a journey flight by keeping raw, real and inspiring, while dishing on everyday happenings.  Episodes will launch every Friday morning. We will launch 4 episodes a month: 2 episodes a month we are together, then 1 episode with Jules and a special guest, and then 1 episode with Ronda and a guest.  Have something to share? Would you like to be a guest? Contact us at  Thank you for being part of our flight crew. We are excited to have you.  Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.  Jules and Ronda, The Wing Women Podcast Hosts
August 01, 2019
The Wing Women Podcast Introduction
 Welcome to The Wing Women Podcast, with Co-Pilots: Jules Varney and Ronda Holman. A podcast where women don't fly solo through life. We are two chicks with mics, talking smack about everyday life, work, relationships and much more.   Our flight episodes will make you laugh, cry and realize your not alone in this destination journey that we call life. Every woman should have a wing woman or many wing women that guide them, support them and provide them with unconditional friendship.  Join us on this journey flight, as we are here to let you know that you "Don't Fly Solo Through Life". We are your Wing Women.  Podcast Launch: August 1st, 2019 Future episodes will be launched weekly on Friday.  Hashtags: #iamawingwoman   #beawingwoman  #wingwomenrule   #wwpodcast #wingwomennation Want to join us on this flight as a crew member? Contact us at
July 07, 2019