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The Womansplaining Podcast

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The ladies of The Womansplaining Podcast answer questions sent by male listeners about a variety of women-related topics. Sure they may be a little day drunk, but their ultimate goal is to help men everywhere put one less foot in their collective mouths (oh, and inspire healthy open communication and all that stuff.)


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E45: No Scrubs
This week we’re joined by Sheryl’s friend Nikki and answering questions about dating, relationships, and lerrrrv. How much independence is too much or too little in a potential partner? How can you tell the difference between love and infatuation? And how dateable is a guy who lives with his parents? Our answer is courtesy of TLC’s “No Scrubs” Nikki brings us a harrowing Mansplaining Moment about breastfeeding and Rae rants about men saying “we’re pregnant.” Bro, no you are not.   P.S. You've probably been missing our regular postings, and that's because we are on a hiatus for the summer. We'll be back at you in the fall with season 3 of TWP! Miss you already! Have a question, topic, or Mansplaining Moment for Season 3? Email: Tweet: @TWPcast Text: 385-645-4717
July 23, 2019
E44: The Glass Curtain
This week we are joined by local actor (and Melissa’s college friend), Mara, to talk about sexism and misogyny in the arts. We discuss type casting, the lack of meaty roles for women, how men write female characters, the “casting couch,” and some #MeToo moments for good measure! We also have a things-stuck-in-vaginas follow-up and a brilliant Mansplaining moment from two of our listeners. Oh, also, we talk a lot about Keanu Reeves and we know he totally listens, so… hey, girl, we loved you in Much Ado About Nothing.  *** Have a question, topic, or a Mansplaining moment? Email: Text: 385-645-4717
June 4, 2019
E43: The Art of Drag
This week The ‘Splainers are joined by local SLC drag queen Mona Diet to answer all your questions about the art of Drag! Mona helps us tackle questions about performance styles, pronouns, makeup and fashion, tucking, and the gender spectrum. And remember, if you have any more questions about sexuality or gender, Google is always there for you. She never sleeps and she doesn’t care how dirty you ask!  *** Have a question, topic, or a Mansplaining moment?  Email: Text: 385-645-4717
May 20, 2019
E42: Sex Werk
OG guest of the pod, Gordon, is back with a question about sex workers. What are our opinions? How do we feel about it morally? Is it possible to avoid taking advantage of women? And at what point might it be taking advantage of men? We also chat about musical theater (nerds!), death drops, and Melissa has a very important question for the drag queens out there! No Mansplaining Moment this week because we need more submissions! Please send us your moments for future episodes!  *** Have a question or a Mansplaining moment?  Email: Text: 385-645-4717
May 6, 2019
E41: The Bod Squad
It’s our bodies, our choice! And we choose to take showers hot enough to melt our skin from our bones!  Why do we like such hot showers? Why did we start removing all our body hair? And how do we deal with body image pressure created by the world? Also, Melissa and Sheryl get real flirty with some cheese and a balsamic reduction. You can cut the sexual tension (and the cheese!) with a knife. We’ve paired this episode with a lovely Port Salut and a scalding hot bubble bath.  *** Have a question or a Mansplaining moment? Email: Text: 385-645-4717
April 22, 2019
E40: Cheers to One Years!
The first episode of The Womansplaining Podcast officially dropped ONE YEAR AGO! Can you believe it? We’re celebrating our anniversary by reminiscing about the start of the podcast and reading some favorite moments from our fabulous listeners. We also listen to your voicemails, give updates from past guests, and talk about all the stuff we’ve gotten wrong… but mostly the stuff we’ve gotten right! Thank you for helping to spread the word about this little podcast and for being with us on this journey! We couldn’t have done it without you! CHEERS! *** Have a question or a Mansplaining moment? Email: Text: 385-645-4717
April 8, 2019
E39: The Troll Toll
If you’re going to be a woman with an opinion on the internet, you gotta pay the troll toll!… Naw. We’re not having it. We’re tired of entitled a**holes thinking they can silence women’s voices or control women’s bodies. Also, a listener asks “why aren’t more women mass murderers?” This week’s Mansplaining Moment brought to you by Sheryl! Show Notes: Do online death threats count as free speech? This American Life: “If you can’t say anything nice” *** Have a question or a Mansplaining moment? Email: Text: 385-645-4717
March 18, 2019
E38: Second Period
Take your seats, class... Second Period has officially begun! There were so many follow up questions from our first period episode, that we decided to dedicate another full episode to more questions like: How do you pee with a tampon in? What is a “red tent”? And why do feminine products cost so much?! We also reveal our most embarrassing period stories and Sheryl decides to stop making poor decisions on couches.  *** Have a question or a Mansplaining moment?  Email: Text: 385-645-4717
March 4, 2019
E37: The Male Gay-ze
Hey ‘Splainers (and Queerios!) This week we’re bringing you a podcast mashup. Trent from Masc 4 Masc joins us to help answer your questions about queer issues! We’re talking about beards, the idea of “experimenting” in pop culture, dating in the closet, and making up words when we don’t know the lyrics to a song… (Sorry, Macy Gray.) Trent also delivers another amazing Mansplaining Moment that you won’t want to miss. *** Have a question or a Mansplaining moment?  Email: Text: 385-645-4717
February 18, 2019
E36: Urinal Envy
Grab your hand sanitizer and your Go Girl and buckle up for some bathroom banter! We reveal the secrets behind why women use the restroom in groups. It’s not witchcraft… or maybe it is? Also, we admit it, dudes, we are totes jelly about your amazing ability to urinate freely in the woods while standing up. We’re tired of squatting behind logs and peeing on our socks, ok!? This week’s Mansplaining Moment is brought to you by our lovely friend Trent from the Masc4Masc Podcast! (@m4mpodcast) *** Have a question or a Mansplaining moment? Email: Text: 385-645-4717
February 4, 2019
E35: Highway to the Friendzone
Fed up with dating apps? Fingers cramped from all that swiping? Tired of asking the same lame get-to-know-you questions over and over again? Wallet empty from all those coffee and ice skating dates? Well, you’re not alone. Our friend “Ranonymous” feels the same way and he needs a lady’s opinion. How DO you get out of the dating doldrums? Is it ok to ghost? Is that one guy Melissa dated actually dead? Tune in to find out! This week’s Mansplaining Moment is brought to you by the lovely ladies at the Profess-Hers Podcast. (@ProfessHers) *** Want to send in a question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
January 21, 2019
E34: Dick Pic Deathmatch and Other Dating Disasters
Ripped pants, clogged toilets, murder alerts, devil’s threeways, ugly crying, uncomfortable guitar solos, hotel rooms by the airport... is this a nightmare? Nope. Unfortunately, these mishaps and misunderstandings are straight from our lived experience. That’s right, it’s time for dating horror stories! Join us in the cringefest that is the retelling of our youthful indiscretions, polite idiocy, and confounding inability to advocate for ourselves in bad situations. Also, if you’re on a bad date, you don’t need to fake diarrhea anymore. No one will judge you. Just leave.  *** Want to send in a question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
January 14, 2019
E33: Celebrate Good Mens, C'mon!
It’s the last day of 2018, so we decided to end the year by celebrating all the good things about being a man! You know, arm wrestling tournaments, video games, bro-ing out, putting women down… Nope.  That’s what a high school in Southern Utah did to celebrate Men’s Week and we’re having none of it! So, how do we suggest that men celebrate their Man-ness? BFF of the Pod Cameron joins us once again to help with suggestions. Also, can a man ever express an opinion without it being considered mansplaining? Don’t worry, we’ve got a helpful chart to guide you. (Shout out to our listener, Jessica, for sending that in!)  Show notes: Are you mansplaining? Check this handy chart: Original SLTrib article: *** Want to send in a question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
December 31, 2018
E32: The ABCs and DDs of Bras!
By popular demand, we’re comin’ at ya this week to talk about all things bras! What are the kinds? How do you find your size? What is the secret to unlocking the elusive front clasp?! All of Victoria’s precious Secrets are revealed in one titillating episode! Oh, and get yourself a Boob Buddy. You’ll thank us later. *** Want to send in a question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
December 17, 2018
E31: Miss Ogyny
You voted on Twitter and this topic came out on top! (Who says your vote doesn’t matter?!) This week we’re chatting about female misogynists and screaming “WHY?” toward the heavens while we wrack our brains for answers. We also answer a listener question about how much women judge each other. Fun fact, men… We judge you too! (Shout out to Dean at Podscure for the topic suggestion!) *** Want to send in a question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
December 3, 2018
E30: Turkey Glitter
It’s the start of the holidays, mothereffers! So get your glitter and your mason jars and your craft paints and get ready to DIY your very own Thanksgiving centerpieces while you munch on some of our delicious frog eye salad. We’re talking about traditions and gender expectations during the holidays! P.S. Let us know if you need any of our Mormon grandma recipes or a TWP sticker to slap on your racist uncle’s bumper.
November 19, 2018
E29: Workplace 'Splaining
Ya girls are back and answering a listener question about mansplaining in the workplace. We put on our HR hats and dish out a bit of workplace ‘splaining. Also, we’ve got another flat-earther theory… the wage gap. Is it even real? Ladies, you’re not imposters, you deserve to make what you’re worth, and we know you can do more than just soap cars with your boobies. Oh, and holla if you’ve ever eaten a spam sandwich! *** Want to send in a question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
November 12, 2018
E28: Gaslighting 101
This week we answer a listener question about the G-word. Gaslighting. What is it? And how do you bring it up with your partner if they’re not a chronic gaslighter but just have some bad habits? Is your man a level 3, twirly-eyes manipulator? Girl. Call your friends. Also, you’re not crazy. SHOW NOTES: You’re Not Going Crazy: 15 Signs You’re a Victim of Gaslighting By: Aletheia Luna *** Want to send in a question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
October 29, 2018
E27: Lightning (and the Thunder) Round!
This week, we’re bringing you another heart-pounding, rapid-fire lightning round, but this time... Sheryl’s Canadian lover is bringing the Thunder! We’re answering as many of your questions as fast as we can… which is not that fast as it turns out... We’ve got questions about beauty products, sex, marriage proposals, farting, and much more! Also, Alex explains the delicate art of testicle shaving and Sheryl gets real sweaty several times.
October 22, 2018
E26: Cougars and Rhinos and Manthers OH MY!
This week we are answering some listener follow-up questions about double standards in dating. Why is it creepy if an older dude dates a younger lady? Why are women always complaining about men being shallow when they refuse to date short dudes? Also, we discuss the horrifying short film “Johnny Lingo” and Sheryl regales us with tales of her high school shenanigans. SHOW NOTES: Johnny Lingo: *** Want to send in your question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
October 15, 2018
E25: Ye Olde Dating List
Melissa brings us a dating relic from the 1950s to discuss (actually, it's "current" which is even more scary.) The "17 Secrets of Male and Female Pscyhology" from Utah's Dating Coach contains gems like: “Men like femininity,” “Women are turned off by men who are too nice,” “Men love to be heroes”... We definitely have a few thoughts. Also, we measure Ian's masculinity by the amount of jars he can open and furniture he can move. What do YOU think about the list? Go here to read and rage along with us: *** Want to send in your question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
October 1, 2018
E24: RIP Chivalry?
In a world.... where men and women are truly 100% equal.... Is chivalry dead? This is the question that keeps Hubs of the Pod, Ian, up at night, so we help soothe his worries with some hot Womansplaining action! We also discuss the various ways that modern technology has been slowly trying to replace men. Plus, Sheryl will pay you cash money to stomp her spiders.
September 24, 2018
E23: It's a TRAP!
Ahhhh, the eternal male dilemma: “How do I tell when she just wants me to listen or when she wants me to fix her problem?” Well, we do our damndest to answer this question (and others) with a little help from Hubs of the Pod - Ian! This episode has everything: accents, sass, traps, wine, and answers to your questions! *** Want to send us a question? Message us on social media OR Email: Text/Call: 385-645-4717
September 17, 2018
E22: Nursery Wines
It’s our special pregnancy episode extravaganza!! This week we join baby Sly in his nursery to finally answer all your amazing questions about birth and pregnancy. Melissa shares her birth story and gives some advice on how to get that V back in shape after ejecting a human child! Also, where exactly does the baby live in there?... We seriously school Sheryl on the reproductive parts of female anatomy. We paired this episode with Sheryl’s fancy birthday rosé because, of course, we got drunk in a nursery. *** Want to send in your question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
September 10, 2018
E21: Guy Walks Into a Bar
This week’s episode is chock full of our answers to all your hard-hitting dating questions! Guy walks into a bar… what line lands him your attention? When do women decide that they’re going to have sex on a date? What do we find attractive in men? What’s our idea of a perfect date? Also, we are forced to answer one of that hardest questions of this podcast thus far… stay tuned to the very end to find out what it is and how we answer! *** Want to send in your question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
August 27, 2018
E20: The Dick Situation
This episode is ALL ABOUT THAT D!!!! We finally got drunk enough to answer all your questions about male genitalia, dude listeners. Friend of the Pod “B” joins us once again to help answer these questions and things get… steamy… We discuss the various types of peen we’ve seen in the wild, and we throw some vagina talk in there for good measure and because we can’t help it. We paired this episode with some Carnivore Cab Sav because it had kind of a sexy label and we were feeling sassy! *** Want to send in your question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
August 20, 2018
E19: Cheat Math™
On this week’s pod, we interview a special guest about the ins and outs of Mistressdom! “Francesca” joins us to talk about what it’s like to be dating a married man for over a year while Sheryl enlightens everyone on the specifics of Cheat Math™ (the trademark is not a joke, we are totally developing an app for this.) We discover that not everything is so black and white; sometimes you end up living in the grey areas even if it’s messy. We paired this episode with a lovely bottle of Dark Horse Rosé - fav rosé of the pod. *** Want to send in your question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
August 13, 2018
E18: Jesus' Spank Bank
Guess what? New episode and NEW BABY! Melissa is officially on maternity leave after dispelling a human male from her vagina! What’s his name? We’ll give you one guess. (It’s not “Brosé,” that’s Sheryl’s name and she’ll fight you for it!) Best Friend of the Pod, Cameron, joins us again to answer some questions about dating. Is a creepy act really “romantic” when a hot guy does it? And how DO you ask a woman out without being a creep? We also read some fansplainer mail about Herpes, Sheryl boop boops someone her titty pics, and we discover why you should never wear a skirt to the Jiffy Lube. We paired this episode with The Show Malbec AND an old-fashioned. It was a wild time. *** Want to send in your question? Find us on social media OR Email us: Text: 385-645-4717
August 6, 2018
E17: Great IUDeas for Birth Control
Don’t let this punny episode title fool you, because today we are talking about something super serious and important. We’re answering a listener question about OBGYN appointments and birth control! We give you all the hot tips for the best kinds. IUDs? We got that. Nuva Ring? We got that. The Pill? WE GOT THAT. Also, why do men gotta complain about side effects of male birth control when periods are literally a mandatory side effect of having a vagina!? Sit down. We paired this episode with WAY too much wine as you’ll plainly hear upon listening.
July 30, 2018
E16: It's Just Addition - Part 2
We’re back this week with part two of our Polyamory series with special guest star “B”! This week we get a little “deeper” into the logistics of sex in a poly relationship, the difficulties of dating as a poly person, and “coming out” as poly to religious friends and family. Thanks for sticking with us on this two-parter! And remember, if you have any questions please message, email, text, or fill out or Google Form on Facebook! *** Show Notes: Polyamory Resources
July 23, 2018
E15: It's Just Addition - Part 1
This week is the first part of a super special, exclusive, eye-opening, and amazing episode all about Polyamory and Non-Monogamy with our very special guest, "B"! In part one, we talk about jealousy, open communication, self-discovery, and how these relationships are not just a glorified form of cheating, ok?! Also, women like to have lots of sex too! Make sure to tune in next week for part 2... We paired this episode with a nice, reliable bottle of Dark Horse rosé - The Pod’s wine of choice! ** Show Notes: “Stepping off the Relationship Escalator” - Amy Gahran
July 16, 2018
E14: Padded Bras & Spontaneous Boners
Best Friend of the Pod Cameron is back to help us answer your questions about dude bodies, toilet seats, and that lovely time in adolescense where no one is weird or greasy or smells gross or EVER thinks about sex at all... That’s right, we’re talking about puberty! So hairspray those claw bangs, pad up those training bras, douse yourself in some Axe body spray, and get ready to laugh until you cry because it’s just too relatable and then you start to spiral and pardon us while we go rip some pages out of our journals and burn them! *** Show notes: - The Mortified Podcast
July 9, 2018
E13: Chads and Sheryls
Gather ‘round, Fansplainers, and hear the sad, sad tale of the poor downtrodden Incels... the misunderstood "nice guys" of the internet. Actually, f*ck those guys. We take a hard stance against a dystopian Handmaid’s Tale future. Women aren’t things. We are humans and we don’t owe you SHIT. We paired this episode with a tasty old-fashioned, lovingly hand-crafted by Best Friend of the Pod, Cameron. ** Show Notes: - Shy Boys Documentary
July 2, 2018
E12: Mormonsplaining
Greetings from the Beehive State, the Land of Zion, ‘ol Deseret herself! We’re gonna ‘splain you all about what it’s like to be a woman in a state with a predominant religious community. Also, what is this “soaking” all those Mormon teens are doing these days? And Sheryl takes us to task for not having regular vagina check-ups. We paired this episode with a hefty donation to Planned Parenthood because women’s health is f*cking important! **Also includes an important correction for episode 11, wherein we get all the movies wrong!** Show notes: - Teaching women how to 'bate! - Marriage and dating in Jewish and Mormon culture.
June 25, 2018
E11: Wakandan Karate
Jeff Counts is back and this time we're discussing the topic that he knows best... pop culture! We answer a listener question about female tropes in movies and talk about how you can’t karate fight with your hair down. (Seriously, put that shit in a ponytail!) We paired this episode with Red Bull and vodka because the upper/downer combo keeps us balanced.
June 18, 2018
E10: FeMANist
The ‘Splainers™ are back and this time they’re joined by Melissa’s “boss” and Big Movie Mouth Off co-host Jeff Counts! Jeff asks us about male feminists, can you be one? And how much support is too much? You’re gonna want to put on your pussy hats for this one, boys, because we’re getting serious. We paired this episode with straight whiskey, because that’s what a man drinks!
June 11, 2018
E9: Hello! My Name is Lightning Round
It’s another lightning round, but this time we’re answering your questions about us! All the hard-hitting things you want to know like: “Cats or dogs?” “Favorite TV show?” “And what color is your ... period towel?” We paired this episode with rosé all day!
June 4, 2018
E8: Not-a-Pervert Scarves (.com)
Thinking of checking out that new Pixar movie by yourself? Think again, potential pervert! We give some advice on lone-wolf theatergoing. Also, what IS the best way to approach a group of women without ruining their lady vibes? And never take off your shoes in public. EVER. We paired this episode with a bottle of Santalba rosé (free wine for the name drop... ? wink, wink)
May 28, 2018
E7: Communication, The Other C-word
This week we’re switching it up Freaky Friday style! We’ve got questions from some lady listeners and are going to answer them with help from our friend and amazing jingle-writer, Ryan. We talk about porn, do all men watch it? Also, some tips for cohabitating and creating space for each other in new relationships. We paired this episode with pamplemousse La Croix and vodka. With a straw. Because we’re classy.
May 21, 2018
E6: Boob Money
Are you a cheap-ass if you don’t pay for the meal on dates? What IS an appropriate way to ask to go Dutch? We’ve got some thoughts and Melissa’s got an emergency stash of cash in her bra #justincase. Also, is the friend-zone real? Or is it like this “round earth” and “PMS” we keep hearing so much about? We paired this episode with water because someone’s husband decided to brosé out on their last bottle of wine....
May 14, 2018
E5: DIY Bulge
In this episode, we answer that age-old question: “Can women tell when a man checks out their boobs?” Also, is that a banana in your pants or are you just happy to see us? Hot tips for crafting your own DIY bulge! We paired this episode with some Watermelon-flavored Perrier because one of us is pregnant and the other had to drive home. #becomecoolbylistening
May 7, 2018
E4: Terminator Style
Gordon is back and armed with a GREAT question! We talk about encountering men on the sidewalk and what they can do to appear less threatening to women. Also, Sheryl has an amazing new idea for men’s fashion. We paired this episode with bottles of Angry Orchard rosé that Sheryl went to three different places to find, only to discover that it was kinda gross, so she gave them all to Rae.
April 30, 2018
Bonus: Lightning Round!
It’s our first ever BONUS EPISODE! We’ve got some lighting round questions coming at ya real fast (or not so fast…) If you’ve got a lightning round question, tweet us @TWPCast and don't forget to come back next week for a brand new full episode!
April 23, 2018
E3: Tinderproofers - Gordon
What? A man in the studio!? Gordon asks us for help with his Tinder profile and we graciously oblige even though two-thirds of us have never used Tinder (except for some casual backseat swiping). Was it a success? Only time will tell... We paired this episode with a bottle of rosé that Gordon brought in lieu of payment for our amazing Tinderproofing services.
April 16, 2018
E2: PMS Deniers are Like Flat-Earthers
Melissa, Rae, and Sheryl are three uterus-owners whose main qualifications for answering these period questions are, well… owning a uterus. We tackle a couple questions about PMS, dish on our first tampon-use stories, and discuss the finer details of applicator types. We paired this episode with a Pomegranate-rita that Sheryl picked up probably at a gas station on the way over.
April 9, 2018
E1: Bone Zone?
In the pilot episode of The Womansplaining Podcast, Melissa, Rae, and Sheryl tackle a question about female horniness and how can you even tell?! Communication in the bedroom can be hard and sometimes eyebrow waggle gifs are the only way to know. We paired this episode with a $12 bottle of red wine that we chose based on the label. Because that’s how we choose ALL our wines. Don’t judge us.
April 7, 2018
Introducing The Womansplaining Podcast!
The ladies of The Womansplaining Podcast answer questions sent by male listeners about a variety of women-related topics. New episodes start Monday April 9th! Music Credits: Lobby Time Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
April 7, 2018
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