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The Worb Podcast

The Worb Podcast

By The Worb
Hello everyone, welcome to The Worb, my name is Will. Having recently made the decision to pursue and experiment with creative avenues such as digital art, website development and, well, podcasting, I've decided to take the opportunity to document my experiences of creating new projects through a podcast. Stick around while I discover and learn new things along the way!

Be sure to check out my website too, if you'd like to learn more about any of my upcoming projects.
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Episode 5: Weekly Worb Challenge - March 2022
Hello everyone. In this episode, I discuss the differences in productivity between March and February 2022, and the different posts I was able to make during this month. I don't want to feel like I'm making excuses for myself and the little work I feel like I've done for The Worb over the past few weeks. I'm going to try and maintain a better working schedule for April, when I go to tackle the End of the Month Project - April 2022. I hope you guys understand my predicament over the past few weeks, and I'm thankful for all of you who stay and continue to view and listen to my work. Thank you all! Will (Worb)
March 27, 2022
Episode 4: Daily Worb Challenge - February 2022
Hello everyone, so here we are! Apologies for the slight delay in posting this, however, believe your ears when they're hearing The Worb Podcast's fourth episode. In this episode, I talk about all of the different uploads I did and the stories behind them. Going through each factor that went into the creation of animations such as 'Black Eyed', 'The Mountaineous Region meets The Green Man' and more. Aspects such as spending five hours making an animation that's five seconds long, and the amount of times I've created things based around the blue mountains and pink skies. The list goes on. I hope you have fun in this hour long special! This month has been something else. Pulling through a month of content creation and moving The Worb out of it's introductory phase - I think the website is finally finding it's feet. Kind regards, Will (Worb)
February 27, 2022
Episode 3: An Honest Discussion of the Why
Hello everyone, thank you for making it this far and viewing my third episode! This goes over in a more personal way, the reasons why The Worb exists. Going over my early teenage years being a fan of the animation Eddsworld, to taking that further and pondering for years the idea of creating an animation / film. I go through this in a more honest way in comparison to the other two episodes, which in previous have helped to kick off the podcast up until this point, and have discussed what The Worb is. This should hopefully give you a better understanding of my personal reasons for getting into this, in response to a lot of confusion over the theme of The Worb and why I'm even going about making it. Please take the time to visit the website when you can, and start sending in voice messages for the next episode!
January 30, 2022
Episode 2: A History of the Worb
An episode inspired by friend Cal, I go through the history of how the name Worb came to be. With insights into how the website got started through and how something that started off as a joke ended up becoming a new opportunity for me to explore creating new things online, through animations and through learning new audio software (like Adobe Audition, Audacity and Anchor). If you have any new ideas on topics you would like to hear me discuss, please don't hesitate to leave a message on my website (, or send me an audio recording through Anchor (
January 30, 2022
Episode 1: Introductions and Such
Hello everyone! I've finally done it, a new podcast and this is some exciting time. Join me here as I go through in excruciating detail, or in other words, in over-generalised fashion what my plans for The Worb are. As the first episode of a monthly podcast, taking place on the last Sunday of every month, here I attempt to discuss whatever came to mind during my first recording session. on 30/12/2021, through such riveting topics as: whether podcasts should be edited, the current state of The Worb website, what The Worb is actually for, and what new opportunities are available to counter-act my procrastinations! Join me again on my next podcast episode, happening on the last Sunday of February (27/02/2022).
January 30, 2022
The Worb Podcast - First Trailer
Hello everyone, this is just a quick introduction to myself and The Worb Podcast, ahead of it's release on January 30th 2022!
December 30, 2021