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The Workplace Room

The Workplace Room

By Lawrence Itoro
Let's talk about employers and employees relationship and all about what happens between the 9-5hour in the workplace and even after the 5pm.

Earn, Stay Healthy and Be Happy.

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The Power Of Gratitude In The Workplace

The Workplace Room

The Power Of Gratitude In The Workplace

The Workplace Room

Communication is the human side of business.We outlined the myths associated with communication on this podcast. Happy Listening
June 16, 2021
We decided to attend to questions from our friends and followers and we made a show to answer these questions. The People ask,The Workplace Series answers😊.Happy Listening
June 16, 2021
Do You Deserve A Raise?
It is normal to ask for a raise.You should not be scared of asking for a raise .However, there are questions you need to ask yourself before you ask for a raise. I have outlined all the questions in this podcast. Lets see if you are qualified for a raise after listening to this. Happy Listening
May 28, 2021
My Experiences And Tricks About Fake Job Interviews
This is me telling you my story on job hunting. I fell into the hands of time wasters and learnt my lessons.I have asked this question severally "Is Nigeria safe for job seekers and those looking for legitimate means of livelihood? Here is me telling my story in the simplest language and with clarity for you to learn. I hope this open your eyes. Happy Listening
May 14, 2021
Recently,We have received tons of complaints and question from our friends and followers on how they can love their jobs. We decided to talk about this on The Workplace Series Show. Does loving oneself equate to loving one's jobs. What are the best ways to love one's job.This is actually a "premium package show"😊 because we want the best for you and on your job. Remember ,you should earn ,stay healthy and happy. HAPPY LISTENING
May 4, 2021
Managing Ego, Personalities And Pressure In The Workplace
On this show ,we discuss how to manage Ego , Personalities And Pressure.Our guest ,Olumide ,a GIS Analyst explained processes of dealing with different personalities,the solution to pressure and what to do what ego come to play in the workplace. Finally,he expressed his expectations for workplaces in Nigeria.
April 15, 2021
The Power Of Gratitude In The Workplace
2020 was funny but we should be thankful to everyone that stood by us though this funny times .We often then to forget how grateful and thankful we should be even in difficult time. This episode was designed to remind us of the need to appreciate everyone in our workplaces with or without money and in a professional way. This is me saying thank you in advance for listening .
February 23, 2021
The Workplace 2020( The Review
This show was the last show for The Workplace Series show on Lagoon radio in 2020. This show was designed to review all the events in all workplaces in 2020 and other activities that affected the workplace in general. In this episode, we talked about the lessons,personal experiences,the challenges we encountered and the reports we gathered during The Workplace Series Survey and of course the solutions for the coming year. I wish you all the best as you listen.
February 23, 2021
December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020