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The Worth Of Our Opinion

The Worth Of Our Opinion

By The Worth Of Our Opinion
Welcome to “The Worth Of Our Opinion” podcast. We are Indian Post-grads in Psychology. We share our experiences and conflicts - of the world, the other, and the self. We post episodes on the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month.

Instagram: @theworthofouropinion
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13. 2021 - Tabula RAsaa

The Worth Of Our Opinion

16. The Good-er Side
The last day of 2021 is FINALLY here. With loads of highs and lows, from breaking down to building up, we have come a long way! We both want to extend our gratitude to you all for sticking around with us. Join us in today's episode as we talk about the good-er side of 2021; news, events and ideas from all over the world that made us warm from the inside. Grab your favourite drink and sit with us tonight :)
December 31, 2021
15. Amateur Wisdom
Hello everyone ✨ We're back again with our 15th episode. We hope you're all doing good and are safe and well! Every episode is exceptional for us, but this episode, in particular, is so special because we speak about how insightful and wise November'21 has been for us. We've had the opportunity to learn several unexpected life lessons that we wanted to note down and share with you all. We hope you enjoy the episode. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the episode, and we'd also love it if you could share what you've learned in 2021. Warm regards, Kalpana and Yashna 💕
December 12, 2021
14. The Comeback
We are finally back after what seems like a lifetime. Thank you so much for sticking around patiently. Join us on today's episode as we fill you in on what's been going on with our lives and our hopes for future episodes.  Honestly, it may be just us, but we hope you guys laugh and enjoy this new episode, as well!  Last but not least- Happy World Mental Health day! Fist bump! Until next time 💕
October 10, 2021
13. 2021 - Tabula RAsaa
THE NEW YEAR IS HERE!   Join us in today's episode as we go on a lot of tangents and talk about what we look forward to this year and qualities/skills we want to develop. We had so much fun recording this episode. We hope you do, as well.  Please do like, share, follow and download on your podcast listening platform of choice. We love y'all. Let's have a great 2021 🥳
January 10, 2021
12. TWOO's 2020
IT'S THE END OF 2020. As we bid farewell, join us as we share an overview of our year as well as the beginnings of what became a major part of our 2020- The Worth Of Our Opinion Podcast.  Happy new year! 🥳 Loads of love, Kalpana and Yashna.
December 31, 2020
11. It's Christmas Time!
It’s a mystical evening, everyone!! Grab a cup of hot cocoa/coffee, a throw blanket and huddle up next to the Christmas tree under the fairy lights on Christmas Eve. Today we are back with an episode. Join us as we share our stories and our usual giggles :D
December 24, 2020
10. Feedback: Make It About You
Hi everyone! In our first episode of the month- we talk about feedback and criticism (be it personally or professionally). Why is it that criticism is so scary? How do we receive and give feedback in such a way that it stimulates growth? Tune in to find out what we are learning in the process.
December 10, 2020
9. Tuesdays With Morrie - Book Review
Hey everyone! Today's the 30th and we are back with another book review! Yashna takes us through an all-time favourite of hers: "Tuesdays With Morrie" by Mitch Albom. A beautiful story from the perspective of a dying professor who musters up the courage to teach his favourite student- one last time. But this time there was no syllabus to follow, no papers to grade, no final exam to be given. The subject was: "The Meaning Of Life"- taught from experience. Hope you all enjoy listening to this episode!
November 30, 2020
8. Who Are We?
Hello everyone! Today’s episode is extremely personal to the both of us, as we ask each other questions- and dig a little deeper to talk a little about our lives and quite literally answer “who we are”. We had so much fun recording this episode as it was open-ended and raw. Although this episode doesn’t fully encompass everything about us, this is the first of many to come. Hope you all tune in! Much Love.
November 20, 2020
7. Accepting Our Bodies
Hello everyone! In this episode, we navigate around the ever-evolving process of dealing with insecurities, and more specifically- those pertaining to our bodies. Where do our insecurities come from? What do we do about them? How do I take my time when I’m expected to accept myself before I’m ready? Join us and share with us your thoughts!
November 10, 2020
6. Book Review - Fight With Fat
Hi guys! Today, we released our second book review on Dr Kamal Kumar Mahawar’s  “Fight with Fat”. In this episode, Kalpana takes us through his book which provides an Indian perspective on the global obesity epidemic and several key takeaways from the book.
October 30, 2020
5. Did Movies Get It Right?
Hi, everyone! We’re back again with another episode. Today we’re going to be talking about movies that depict mental health issues and its spectrum of accuracy. Tune in on Spotify and Apple podcasts to hear what we have to offer.
October 20, 2020
4. gHOsTs
SpOokie Month is FINALLY here! What better way to start October other than with a T.W.O.O episode! Tune in today as we talk about ghosts, it’s psychological perspectives and Kalpana’s frightening (and quite frankly - embarrassing) experiences. Happy Halloween month, ya’ll! 
October 10, 2020
3. Conversations on "How To Read A Person Like A Book"
Being aware, paying attention and truly listening - is key to fruitful communication. Releasing today - is the first episode on our monthly series! Tune in to Spotify or Apple Podcasts as Yashna takes us through “How To Read A Person Like A Book” by Gerald I Nierenberg and Henry H Calero.
September 30, 2020
2. Not-So-Great-Peeps
There is a high possibility that we all have been in friendships with people who are “not-so-great”. Join us as Yashna talks about few among many types of such friendships, as well as how we choose to respond to them. 
September 20, 2020
1. Pressures Of Productivity
Productivity has sadly become an overly popular concept (in our time today) wherein “output” outshines the “process”. Join us as we share our story and what worked for us. Tune in for our first episode. 
September 10, 2020
The Trailer
Welcome to our podcast!
July 17, 2020