The Z-X spectrum

ZXS 03: "Brighton Pride, Big Companies and Brittany Spears"

An episode of The Z-X spectrum

By Lizzie Hodgson & Brandon Relph
The Z-X spectrum brings ThinkNation founder Lizzie Hodgson (Generation X) and youth marketing thought leader Brandon Relph (Generation Z) together as they take an intergenerational view of tech and digital of the moment.

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ZXS 03: "Brighton Pride, Big Companies and Brittany Spears"
After returning from Brighton Pride 2018, Brandon and Lizzie discuss the implications of big brands on Pride festivals, how the LGBTQ world has changed and what comes next. LINKS: BRANDON RELPH: LIZZIE HODGSON:
August 17, 2018
ZSX 02: "Young people: Patience, perspective, perseverance"
Genuinely fascinating conversation with podcast co-host Brandon Relph and recent university graduate, Rebecca Longhurst. FOCUS: We discuss young people in work/employment, the 'work ethic', impatience, social media, anxiety, commitment, robots and machine learning, social aspect of work, and explore if some young people are missing the value of experience and grafting, but still expect to get the 'promotion' in an instant? LINKS: REBECCA LONGHURST: BRANDON RELPH: LIZZIE HODGSON:
August 3, 2018
Ep 2 Extract: Are young people missing the point of work?
A short extract from the upcoming podcast, The Z-X Spectrum, when we talk about young people in work, 'perfection', and pressure to succeed. In this extract, Rebecca Longhurst (aged 20) and Brandon Relph (18) talk about the value of work experience in low skilled jobs, questioning if it is missing from many young people's lives.
August 1, 2018
Episode 1 Extract: "Your consumption of content becomes a premium"
The very first episode of The Z-X spectrum!
July 30, 2018
ZXS 01: "Your consumption of content becomes a premium"
In our first podcast, The Z-X Spectrum, we kick off with Brandon’s choice of subject: The Love Island effect. Pretty much deconstructing the whole phenomenon, we explore what impact the UK’s ITV2 show has on social media, streaming and traditional media, product placement, consumerism, the podcast - and ethics - asking is the Love Island pure escapism, or a little more complex? We also touch on Facebook and their Cambridge Analytics fine, advertising in the ‘Hey Alexa’ world, buying yourself out of all advertising and newspapers… even Dr Who gets a mention. Plus how this year’s other huge TV event, the World Cup, created a sense of unity in England after a period of feeling quite the opposite. Hope you enjoy! You can learn more about Lizzie Hodgson at: You can learn more about Brandon Relph at:
July 19, 2018
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