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The 101 Podcast

The 101 Podcast

By Fejiro Onohwosa
A podcast “For Listeners By Listeners” exploring the 101’s of living in the 21st century!
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#1. The Tea On Isolating With Family

The 101 Podcast

#1. The Tea On Isolating With Family

The 101 Podcast

#07. 4 Things You Should Do Before The End Of The Year
I’m so ready to be in the new yearrr! & I know literally everyone else is because wheww what a year 2020 has been. Taking steps to end the year right is just as important setting new year resolutions sooo, here are 4 things you should definitely do before the year ends! Thank me later muah 💋
December 15, 2020
#06. Self Sabotage - Are You Your Own Enemy?
“Why do I keep doing this?” “How does this keep happening to me? If this sounds familiar, you could be sabotaging yourself. In this episode we talk about different ways that we self sabotage and how to prevent ourselves from doing it in the future. The Movement Blueprint - Follow Ashley on all her socials Support this podcast by following our instagram @101podcast as well as subscribing, rating & leaving a review on the podcast! Thank you 💋
September 26, 2020
#5. Five Toxic Relationship Habits That Seem Normal
Here’s the real ugly truth: toxic relationship habits are not only normal in our society, but are worshipped. Passionate love stories become blockbuster hits, and the idea of “love” becomes all-consuming, all-or-nothing, and “happily-ever-after.” The things that really makes a relationship good, stable, and fulfilling are not very exciting, which is why we often confuse “love” with toxic behavior. Here are the habits that feel normal in our society, but might be damaging your relationship. Gely Rhoma’s YouTube Channel : Gely Rhoma’s Social Media Handles: Instagram @gelyrhoma Twitter @gelyrhoma
September 19, 2020
#4. Your Network is Your Net Worth
Sorry Drake “No new friends” won’t get you the job! Build your network ONE PERSON AT A TIME! Be intentional about Networking and open to talking money, work, and goal setting with others so you can start aligning yourself with like-minded people! .
August 30, 2020
#3. Three Money Moves Every 20 Something Should Make Now!
Thou shalt not be financially lost forever. Welcome to your 20s — the decade of adulting. For a lot of us, this means navigating through & finishing university as well as getting started in a career (or trying a bunch of things), having the freedom to make your own decisions and (you know it) ramping up this whole money management thing. So where do you start? And then what? We’ve got you. Here are Three money moves to make in your 20s with Active Budgeter. JOIN The Active Budgeter community - MY MONEY 2030: A 10 year accountability campaign - Download the free Active Budgeter budget & vision tracker - Active Budgeter’s Instagram handle - @activebudgeter FOLLOW OUR INSTAGRAM @101podcast Cheers💋
August 24, 2020
#2. Relax, Baby!
It’s normal to feel inadequate sometimes. Especially with the pressure that comes with getting your life together. However, if we become consumed by feelings of failure and not accomplishing enough on a regular basis, this can be unhealthy so RELAX! Here’s how to understand this feeling as well as navigate it with Maryam. Follow Maryam on Instagram - @maryamikhina Follow Thrive & grow on Instagram - @thriveandgrowhq Link to Free Ebook (Four Step Guide To Living An International Life) & free Webinar (How To Get What You Want) - FOLLOW OUR INSTAGRAM @101podcast
August 16, 2020
#1. The Tea On Isolating With Family
The lockdown was a lot for some of us. Nevertheless, it’s helped us slow down as we live in fast paced world. It gave us the chance to spend time with those we love and focus on a lot more on ourselves. In today’s episode we have a couple of people share their lockdown experiences. Hope you love it! Instagram: @101podcast Guests: 1. Victory Anyaoha 2. Okey Onuchukwu Emmanuella || @chinumezi 3. Aye & Laju Jackson || @a.jackson & @lajthearcangel 4. Mesoma Peters || @_saturnssun_
August 8, 2020
#0. This is The 101 Podcast…
Everything you need to know about living in the 21st century from real experience stories and opinions, to thrilling interviews with celebrity guests. Join me on The 101 podcast for all that and so much more! IG: @101podcast
June 10, 2020