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By Zoe DeVoe
Hello friends beyond and within the Milky Way. Welcome to my literary orbit, an intergalactic Oasis filled with tea, books, and fellow writers. You can contact me at, or visit my website at Now, relax, and let's discuss the planets of fiction 🚀
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Writing and Spirituality
Hello writers beyond and within the Milky Way! In my first, official podcast, I discuss spirituality within the writing, social media community, and tips you can use from the spiritualism movement to improve your creativity and productivity!  Social Media Website: Instagram: @zoedevoe Twitter: @zoetheauthor Email: Writing Meditation Videos: Sources:
April 14, 2019
Hello writing legends and start ups alike! Welcome to my literary orbit. In this episode, I will be breaking down the basics of this podcast, answering who I am and what The 12am Writer is all about. You can find me at my website or email me at! Stay out there🚀
April 7, 2019
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