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The Challenge (Bonus Episode 1)

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The Four Horsemen, The BEAST (@beastfitnesswpg), CaramellThunder (@caramellthunder), Mr.Trivia aka Oswald (@they_holla_ozzy) and Mr.KleanFit (@klean_fitness). Showing you a good time and chiming in on topics such as entertainment, sports, lifestyle and fitness.
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The Challenge (Bonus Episode 2)
Here is part 2 of The Challenge Mini series.  Your boy The Beast is joined by 2 women who are in the 6 week Challenge at Fitbody Bootcamp South.  Chantel and Ruth sit in and discus what they have done, gone through and what they are looking for in the end of this all.  A great talk with the ladies.  This was after a secret, special bonus workout on Sunday with 7 dedicated challengers who wanted more.  Have a listen and feel free to comment on the show. Audio Clip: Maria Maria - Santana [Google Play]
May 29, 2019
Sports is a business!!
All the Horsemen are back from a long layoff and bring you an interesting show.  The show starts off talking about traveling both in and out of the country.  We then talk about the NBA Playoffs, the Raptors and the most recent NBA Draft and the possible conspiracy with the resent results.  We then have some Geek Talk with Caramell Thunder about Game of Thrones. Audio Clips: Long Kiss Goodnight - Notorious B.I.G [Google Play] TTC Chime - Bad Boys - Inner Circle [Google Play] I'll Be There For You - The Rmbrandts [Google Play] Northern Touch - Rascalz [GooglePlay]
May 19, 2019
The Challenge (Bonus Episode 1)
  Here is a 6 part series on fitness and the journey with The BEAST, who has joined the Fitbody Bootcamp South 6 week challenge.  This is happening at 35 Scurfield Blvd. in Winnipeg, MB. Canada.  I will talk about the trials and tribulations one could go through when doing a challenge like this.  I will try to give advice, as well as talk about my own struggles with the matter of losing weight.  The ultimate goal is to change the way I train and live my life, but the short term goal is to win a trip for 2 to Mexico.  Wish me luck, and enjoy the Bonus Series. Audio credit: Going the Distance - Peter Fox (Google Music)
May 12, 2019
ENDGAME-GOT Spoiler Review
The Four Horsemen are back!!  With our return to the Anchor platform, we hit you with the biggest topics out there right now.  The Avengers: ENDGAME movie and a recap of the last season of Game of Thrones (GOT).  We talk about got back to the independent scene and thank SafetyNetStudios (SnS) helping us learn and try to master the craft of podcasting.  So Enjoy the show and get ready for more amazing content.  Your home to Edutainment! Audio Clips: We Gonna Make It (feat. Styles P of the Lox) Song by Jadakiss [Google Music] Avengers Theme [Google Music] Game of Thrones Theme [Google Music] Game of Thrones Clip from Crave/HBO Media
May 3, 2019
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