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The 7209 Show

The 7209 Show

By MarLan Parker & Ebi Okiyefa
Welcome to The 7209 Show! Here, we have two friends from college who are embarking on a life shifting decision to take on the task of legitimizing their side hustles. Join them on the journey into entrepreneurship as Ebi and MarLan deal with family life, jobs and a world of other obstacles. You will laugh, learn and love what they have to say! Welcome to the family! Check em out!

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Ep. 7- Boss Talk Vol. 1 with Special Guest Triune
Ebi and Marlan, as usual; put on a great show! This time they invited a BOSS on the show to discuss BOSS TALK! Guest: Triune Leader, entrepreneur, artist and speaker are a few things that come to mind when Triune is mentioned. For 20 years, Triune has made his mark in music & business that has garnered him a high level of respect and admiration nationally, and specifically in Southern California. From touring with artists like KRS-One, De La Soul, Talib Kweli, and many more, to producing the podcasts TriuneTV & Ear Candy The Show, to owning and operating his own digital marketing firm UNO Marketing, to founding Southern California’s first barbershop/shoe store Kicks and Cutz, Triune has established enormous value in many different arenas. Tune in and listen to the rest of Triune's interview with the fellas on his words of wisdom and continued projects he has in place!
April 4, 2021
Ep. 6- The Quiet Storm
Ebi and Marlan take the time in this episode to discuss the ups & downs in their collegiate experience, businesses and life in general. Both gentlemen reflect on how bad days do occur alongside the good ones in life and sacrifices are made through the bad moments in order to see light at the end of the tunnel. The gems shared on this episode is very deep! Tap in and receive some good eats for your mind and soul.
February 28, 2021
Ep. 5 - For The Culture
Ebi and Marlan breakdown Culture, ways they have impacted the culture in various spaces and the importance of doing so. Also within this episode, some life hacks for dealing with troubling instances within the public school system!  Listen up and allow these gems take YOU to the next level within your life!
January 25, 2021
Ebi and Marlan Segment their way back to the topic "Hustle" and decided to make this discussion: Hustle-Part 2. The significance of this episode included a guest on the show; Lawrence Hardy a.k.a. L-BOOGIE!  Lawrence Hardy is one of 4 original representatives from the 7209 crew. Lawrence was able to chime in on the show and reflect on his collegiate days with the fellas on working multiple jobs and side hustles while striving to graduate from college. All three gentlemen touched on some key points within the topic and reflected on their time together as young men living, learning, grinding and having fun in college compared to NOW as grown men with families!
January 5, 2021
Ebi and Marlan discuss the term hustle and what the word signifies within their lives. Both gentlemen discuss how they have hustled their way out of college and still continuously using hustle mentality and habits to take one's businesses to the next level! This episode is RAW, FUNNY and REAL!  Listen up and allow these gems take YOU to the next level within your life!  HUSTLE!!!
December 25, 2020
Ep. 2 -Take Action
In Episode 2; MarLan and Ebi discussed multiple ways of taking action! Their methodologies applied to anything or anyone holding one back in life overall. They mentioned different occurrences encountered in college where they generated multiple ideas (on the spot) and took action immediately in order to execute the plan. As young men, they were able to utilize their experiences to capture current ideas in present time and have an easier approach to TAKE ACTION of starting their businesses as entrepreneurs and executives in their respective career jobs!  Tune in and listen to Episode 2 of The 7209 Show NOW!
December 9, 2020
Ep. 1 - Shifting Your Mindset
In order to be successful you must shift your mindset; from negativity to positivity, from dwelling in failures to basking in successes.  This episode covers the steps to make that transition occur. Ebi Okiyefa (Twitter: @DJEbroc) and MarLan Parker (Twitter: @PrincipalPTheMC) touch on The 50th Law, The 10X Rule and how one should be cognizant of money spending tendencies.  Also, they address how your environment shapes who you are!  Come soak up some game from your kinfolk! Show Sponsors: Okiyefa Shades - Get Laced Laces-
November 28, 2020
Ep. 0 - The Intro
Welcome to The 7209 Show! On this episode you will be formally introduced to the hosts, Ebi Okiyefa (Twitter: @DJEbroc) and MarLan Parker (Twitter: @PrincipalPTheMC) . They will explain the rationale behind the numbers 7209 and an overview of their current business aspirations and obstacles.  Show Sponsors: Okiyefa Shades - Get Laced Laces-
November 18, 2020