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Discussions about deep dives into little-known facts and exploring the possibilities of realistic conjectures.

It's always interesting to see where we end up.
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Coronavirus: an International Perspective. Is it deadly or a hoax?


Coronavirus: an International Perspective. Is it deadly or a hoax?


Deadly Lies: Vaccine shedding, Autism, downplaying COVID deaths.
Previous Relevant Episodes: An interview with a man who does not believe that COVID is real or that it is dangerous: The episode where I explain my own religion: Synopsis: This episode is about the sad reality that America is faced with: people insisting on believe in idiot over an immunologist, people ignoring the facts with which the whole world surrounds them to insist on believing in lies, fallacies, and baseless claims that have only served to get people killed. In this episode I make clear what the truth is regarding vaccinations, covid-19 statistics, and I address some of the wild and baseless claims about America's life-threatening pandemic situation. If you know anyone who tries to use religious claims and excuses for why they oppose vaccines, then you're going to like this episode. I myself an a Christian and I know that there is no reason why a Christian can claim that their religion is any excuse to dodge the vaccine.  I wish these ridiculous claims that I'm refuting in this episode could simply be something ridiculous and hilarious that the whole nation just laughs at, knowing that it's simple stupid to believe in any of Trump's COVID lies, but sadly, this misinformation has lead to record-setting numbers of unnecessary deaths and people being crippled by the permanent effects of the virus. This is one situation where reality is just a strange as some wild fiction. Too bad these statistics are real. Please share this episode for the good of the world. Prevent unnecessary spreading of COVID-19. Prevent unnecessary deaths.  relevant links to this information:  -Vaccines never have caused autism and this is proven: -The COVID-19 vaccine is safe. There is no reason for a normal, healthy person to avoid it:
May 27, 2021
Massage for Fat People: Why Massage Doesn't Work
Massage, to many people, is an intriguing and mysterious medicine. Most people don't even realize that massage is interesting at all. People have a very shallow understanding of what massage is and they often believe that it's merely the act of rubbing on muscles to help alleviate pain. This could scarcely be further from the truth. In fact, for massage to be effective at all, many techniques which people don't even associate with massage must be incorporated to reorganize the tension balance in the body.  That being said, it's also important to understand that because the physical aspect of massage only deals with posture and tension balance, there are many reasons why even the best and most accurate techniques for the desired pain relief goal will not be effective in some people. That's what this episode is all about. Explaining what is preventing certain people from being able to enjoy the full benefit of massage. Why some people achieve magical, long-lasting pain relief after just one session and why some people are lucky to spend $150 on just an hour of very temporary, partial pain relief. 
May 21, 2021
The Infamous Jonestown Massacre
The very dark, very interesting story of the Jonestown massacre, plus, some interesting bits about Heaven's Gate that we didn't mention during the Heaven's Gate episode. The People's Temple (cult that committed "mass suicide" in Jonestown, Guyana) was a tragic and disturbing story. However, it was also interesting in its own twisted way.  Links to check out: A documentary on the Jonestown massacre Our Heaven's Gate Episode! Donny Podcast's Brief Biographical Episode!
February 20, 2021
The Famous Heaven's Gate Cult
In this episode, Tommi and I examine the fascinating details about the most well-known and iconic cult that has ever existed in the US, Heaven's Gate. Learn how they came to be, how they lived, what they believed, and how they ultimately decided to leave this planet. During this episode I mentioned the following links: Donny Podcast's own religion: A Psychologist's analysis of the cult: The Heaven's Gate official website: Member's Exit Interviews: Do's Exit video: Heaven's Gate Documentary: Do's New Member Initiation Video: Hope you enjoy this episode!
February 6, 2021
Coronavirus: an International Perspective. Is it deadly or a hoax?
In this episode we explore opposing opinions regarding the dangers presented by the coronavirus. These opinions are shared by an an American and a European based on their starkly contrasting first-hand experiences. we referenced this song, published on Placeboing: of course, that song is not my work, nor the work of anyone involved with making any episode of TheRabbitHole. In this episode we discuss the following: Moonlanding COVID Trump and his experience with COVID Alex Jones Gay Frogs (the song) Placeboing (youtube channel) George Floyd Social distancing BLM equality Justice Police corruption 5g HIV cancer ebola Below are links to other episodes relevant to this content: Was the Moon Landing Fake? Trump's COVID 5g Conspiracy Theories Four Ways to Prevent Illness
October 26, 2020
The Moon Landing: How did it happen? Did it even happen?
In this episode my guests, Mr. Petrescu (a materials engineer), and Stone (an avid researcher) talk to me about the likelihood that the moon landing could have been real or faked, if it even happened at all, how it would be possible, what the astronauts reported seeing there, and what obstacles make landing on the moon difficult (if not impossible).  subjects discussed during this episode: Anunnaki Buzz Aldrin Neil Armstrong Aliens Fake Moon Faked Moon Landing Gamma radiation Modern Slavery Illuminati Other episodes mentioned during this podast and relevant episodes: The Amazing Powers of Water Predicting Right-wing Conspiracy Theories Oumuamua is an Alien Spacecraft Enjoy! And if you'd like to donate to this podcast, you can do so by visiting this podcast's main page and clicking the "support" button.
October 20, 2020
The Worst of Trump's COVID Battle is Yet to Come
Trump celebrated victory over his COVID-19 battle extremely early. He's downplayed the disease and is pretending that he has already completely recovered from the virus. In a previous episode, we had some fun coming up with right-wing conspiracy theories that we think the conspiracy theorists are going to come up with. In this episode, I explain why Trump has a long way to go in his battle against COVID and why he may have a lot worse to deal with in the near future. I will explain the reasons why he may not have a hard battle with COVID along with reasons why he may be in for more than he thinks he'll have to overcome.  Other episodes that I've mentioned in this episode:
October 8, 2020
Predicting Right Wing Conspiracies
In this lighthearted episode, my co-host, Charlie, and I take turns making up what we think the next QAnon or Breitbart conspiracies are going to be regarding Trump's COVID-19 infection.  We mention several real conspiracy theories that are actually being circulated by these misinformation campaigns and use that as the basis for our not-so-far-fetched predictions of what the latest conspiracy theories will be when they are published. This episode is meant to be very fun. I, Donny Podcast, personally don't care what anyone's political affiliation is; there are good people on both sides and I think we should all just think for ourselves and vote for the best candidate based on logic and facts, not based on the herd mentality circus that has become the American political system. 
October 4, 2020
Donny Podcast: The Most Interesting Man in the World
In the episode about escaping from hell, I spoke about the very ridiculous living situation I was recently in.  There are three things I wanted to address in this episode: 1.) How did I get in that living situation, in the first place? 2.) Why I have had such a large amount of life experiences, jobs, and such a wide range of things in which I've been educated. In other words, why did I live such an "interesting life" so far? And, why do I feel comfortable talking from experience on such a diverse range of topics in which most people have no experience? 3.)Why there's always hope. Even if you have no hope of going the mainstream route of college to get a decent form of employment, why it's still practical and reasonable to shoot for the stars. In this episode I've mentioned some good resources for educating yourself for well-paying jobs for free and/or very low cost: freeCodeCamp Khan Academy Udemy There is a revolution beginning to happen where, in America, businesses are starting to realize that the college-debt enslavement process is not working and is a detriment to businesses everywhere. America is waking up to the realization that valuable talent is being denied solely due to the lack of a bachelor's degree, and that is not good for anyone. We are currently living through a revolution of the system in which major businesses are beginning to wake up to the idea that they had better start hiring qualified candidates with the skills they need for the jobs they are trying to fill. Businesses all across the country are beginning to notice that self-educated people are often more proficient at the job for which they were training than candidates who merely learned just enough to pass their classes and obtain a diploma with a grade average of 70% or higher. Due to the obvious flaws in this corrupt system, businesses everywhere are beginning to hire anyone qualified to do the job, rather than deny talent simply because that very qualified candidate didn't waste his money or time on a bachelor's degree. The above resources I have linked can help you to obtain valuable skills and they are either free or very inexpensive to utilize.  Never give up. Keep striving for better. 
September 30, 2020
I've Escaped From Hell!
My most recent living situation was a form of hell created by a system-leeching, selfish, disrespectful fraudster of a landlord. Due to the hardships I've been enduring for the past 18 months, I've often been late for my goal of publishing a new podcast episode every Wednesday. You won't believe how asinine my situation was or the things I've had to deal with on a daily basis. This is the episode I've never wanted to make. This episode is very candid, very real, and explains why sometimes I've fallen short of my goal of publishing an episode on a weekly basis. I hope you all find it interesting because I've gone through hell and come back to bring this content to you. Here is the link to Charlie's podcast, The Cosmis Platypus.
September 17, 2020
More Evidence That Oumuamua is an Alien Spacecraft
There is more evidence than ever before that Oumuamua is intelligently controlled, and theories of Oumuamua being a natural object are now more thoroughly debunked than they ever have been in the past. This episode provides and explains scientific theories on how Oumuamua can't possibly be a mere chunk of frozen hydrogen tumbling through our galaxy. This episode explains how it's mathematically and physically impossible for Oumuamua to be any sort of naturally formed object, based on the claims UFO-denying scientists have made compared to the laws of physics and mathematics that TRUE scientists have used to evaluate Oumuamua with an UNBIASED and empirical approach toward the evidence provided.  Recently, many more things have been discovered about Oumuamua, and this object and its behavior have been closely scrutinized, providing further proof that no "naturally-occuring-object" theory about Oumuamua holds water whatsoever. UFO fans are going to love how this episode explains the truth about Oumuamua based on undeniable facts provided by legitimate scientists. 
September 10, 2020
Mine-sweeping Rats!
An organization in eastern Africa is using rats to sweep minefields.  Is this safe? Is it ethical? Are these rats simply being sent to their doom? Find out in this episode. Check out the APOPO website to learn more about their organization and how you can help them out. The following are some interesting Youtube videos about these mine sweeping rats: The rat trained in this video is going to Mozambique to perform a mine-clearing mission, since she passed all her tests. Mine Sweeping Rats of Tanzania In this video, documentarians watch rats sweep mines. They blew up un-exploded ordinances with a clacker. African Giant Pouched rats are used to clear mines.
August 20, 2020
The Next Ice Age is in 2021?
Learn why the beginning of 2021 maybe literally be the beginning of a century-long ice age and famine for most of the world. Learn what you can do to prepare for this potential apocalypse while at the same time learning a new, fun, interesting hobby. Here is a link to the aquaponics guide that I was mentioning in this episode. Please donate to my podcast if you want to support it and help it grow. Just click on the support button on my podcast's site. They provide you with options as low as $1 per month. Thanks for listening. See you in the next one. And this is a Youtube video demonstrating a complex aquaponics system that someone built with the guide to which I've provided a link in this description.
August 5, 2020
I've Discovered My Own Religion! Let Me Explain It
After more than a decade, I've decided that the conclusion I've come to regarding God and religion is accurate. The more I learn about things about religion and/or the esoteric, the more confident I become in regard to what I understand to be the true God. Though this type of statement may seem controversial, I believe that people of all religions would actually embrace and enjoy my views on God and religion because, in my religion, I believe that whoever or whatever God is, we are all worshipping the same entity that we as the people of Earth have named and described in different ways. Here is the link to Dojopsi, where you can practice remote viewing for yourself and verify your own ability to remote view (and thus prove to yourself that you are communicating directly to the creator(s) and the universe's energy: Remember, if you like my podcast and want to help it grow and improve, support it with a donation.
July 29, 2020
The Amazing Powers of Water
In this episode, we discuss esoteric things about water, such as its ability to record information, its response to positive and negative thoughts, its ability to become a more potent hydrator of crops, and its ability to take more desirable forms when the intention is put upon it.  There is scientific evidence that water is capable of far more than that for which we give it credit. Note: I often say "molecules" when I mean to say "atoms" in this episode. Here is a link to a video about Masaru Emoto's water study : Patreon: If you like this podcast and what to donate toward its success, the "support" button is the simplest, most convenient way to donate. Just click the button and pick the amount. Any bit helps. Thanks.
May 27, 2020
What is the Perfect Diet for Humans?
This interesting episode braves the passionate and controversial world of dietetics with no apologies. There is a known healthiest way to eat for human beings, and it may shock you. It's all based on extensive research, even going so far as to do analysis of the remains of paleolithic people to determine what they ate. The results may surprise you. Think of every major disease (other than COVID-19) that has been plaguing America for decades. What if most of these, if not all of them, were caused by eating a poisonous diet which we were all brainwashed into thinking was the "proper" and "healthiest" way of dining? What if the cure to virtually every major chronic disease America has is already known and can be put into action immediately? BTW, If you guys like my podcast, please click on the "support" button. You will be able to donate small amounts, if you'd like, such as $1 per month.  Or, if you prefer Patreon, here is the link to the Patreon for this podcast: Also, the documentary "The Perfect Human" diet is mentioned all throughout this podcast. If you'd like to watch it, you can find it on Youtube:
May 20, 2020
Access Your Brain's Full Potential
We are often told that we only use 10% of our brain. What if there were free, simple methods you could employ to access areas of your brain that science USED TO believe were completely out of your control? In this episode we will discuss how to bring out your inner genius in many arenas: analytical thinking, creative thinking, interpersonal relations.  This is one very powerful episode that has the potential to help people of all walks of life achieve their goals, no matter what the nature of those goals are. If you like the content of my podcasts,  please consider supporting this channel with donations and sponsorship. You can elect plans as low as a $1 per month. To make a donation, click on the "support" button on this podcast's page. here is a link to TheRabbitHole369's anchor page: Also, we, at TheRabbitHole369 have decided to provide a Patreon page in case you are more familiar with making donations that way:
May 13, 2020
The Amazing Benefits of Kefir
You probably walk past it in the grocery store all the time. You may not even be aware it's there. But, you would be amazed at how important and beneficial kefir could be. Tune in to this episode to find out what makes kefir the best probiotic food ever to exist.
May 1, 2020
Killer 5G Conspiracy Theories
*Nothing in this episode is to be considered a fact **No statements made are directed at any nation or people. All statements about people in this episode are referring to the human race as a whole.  In this episode Donny Podcast and Lord B explore concerns about 5G wireless networks and have fun with 5G conspiracy theories. This episode entertains the questions that enquiring minds want answered: Is 5G a technological disease vector? Did 5G cause covid-19? Are pengolins spiritual animals who are metaphysically punishing their biggest offenders, the humans of Earth? Is there a global plot by the Illuminati to annihilate millions of people? Is the planned pervasiveness of the 5G network really a secret to control the entire world by accessing our energetic, vibrational constitution? Check out Lord B's music and his podcast at the following links: Music and Youtube: Podcast: Scientific American Article on 5G;
April 22, 2020
Don't Be a Mouth Breather!
In this episode of TheRabbitHole369, we explore the many amazing benefits of breathing through your nose. It seems so simple, yet the benefits are many!
April 15, 2020
Powerful Ways to Meditate
The nature of TheRabbitHole369 podcast is to dive deep into the esoteric and come back with scientifically founded evidence about subjects that may have only been previously thought to be supported by subjective information. Meditation is a phenomenon that is so powerful, yet so poorly understood by the crude tools of science. This episode does a great job of introducing you to powerful ways to meditate and providing you that information from legitimate scientific sources. If you thought you knew what meditation could do for you, you may have to think again. Take a listen to this episode!
April 8, 2020
4 Ways to Prevent Illness
*Nothing in this podcast should be considered medical advice. This podcast is purely for entertainment purposes. If you like this podcast and want to support it, you can make donations at this link: Now, more than ever in recent history, people are very concerned about their immunity. This episode of TheRabbitHole talks about four little-known ways that studies seem to suggest may help people prevent themselves from getting sick, even if they believe they have come into contact with a pathogen.  Most of what is stated in this podcast is based on peer-reviewed studies. It is fascinating how simple things could potentially be very powerful in maintaining good health. Why now is the time to invest in crypto: Wim Hof Study on Immunity: Link to Article about Saltwater and the Common Cold (you can also find the study on this if you search for it): Like my podcast? Please make a donation to support this podcast to keep it going:
April 6, 2020
Deep Breathing Exercise. Breathe With Us!
*Nothing in this podcast should be considered medical advice. It's purely for entertainment purposes. According to studies, as well as the beliefs of many, breathing exercises can be surprisingly powerful and beneficial for well-being. In this episode, I'll be guiding my co-host through a deep breathing method and explaining why there is so much information out there regarding the potential benefits of deep breathing exercises.  One supposed benefit of deep breathing is in regard to immunity. For people trying to protect themselves against contracting a contagious illness, such as a virus or bacteria, you may be interested in listening to this podcast to see what one study seems to suggest regarding that.
April 5, 2020
Why Now is the Time to Invest in Crypto Currencies
Two major events are coalescing to form the perfect storm for investors. Find out how anyone can get started in investing in currencies such as Bitcoin Ethereum, and Litecoin with very little money with a free app, which offers commission-free trading. And, find out why now is one of the best opportunities anyone will have for a long time to make investments. If you are new to cryptocurrencies and you want to learn what it is, how to invest in it, and why now is an amazing opportunity to get started, tune into this very valuable episode of TheRabbitHole!
March 20, 2020
March 12, 2020
March 12, 2020