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On a Break Podcast

On a Break Podcast

By Thea Newcomb
On a Break is a podcast for breakups, breakdowns and breakthroughs. Tune in if you're simply on a coffee break, going through a breakup, or if you're all about the break-throughs! We're here for you to share stories, tips, thoughts and journeys.
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On a Break with Thea and Christine A Podcast - Episode 1 - An Introduction

On a Break Podcast

On a Break with Thea and Christine A Podcast - Episode 2
On our second episode of the On a Break Podcast, Thea Newcomb and Christine Webber talk about love, loss, luck and self worth too. We're also delighted to share Christine's new kind offer for affordable coaching to the world's love lorn and even discussed a sort of "drop in" group session to share stories too. Connect to Thea and Christine You can find Christine Webber at  Thea Newcomb at on
September 29, 2020
On a Break with Thea and Christine A Podcast - Episode 1 - An Introduction
It's Break Time - Welcome to On a Break with Thea and Christine This is the first episode by way of an introduction to who Thea and Christine are and what On a Break will be about. Once we get rolling we'll have special guests on to chat with us. Christine Webber Christine Webber is a psychotherapist, broadcaster, columnist and author. She has written 16 books including How to Mend a Broken Heart and Too Young to Get Old. After 20 years practising as a CBT therapist in Harley Street, she has now moved on to coaching in positive ageing and relationship difficulties. Find out more on her website. Thea Newcomb A Californian in Scotland - broadcaster, blogger and founder of - launched in 2000 to help the lovelorn of the world. SYBD now is a place to talk about turning pain into not just surviving after a breakup but thriving. Log on to share your breakup story or how you bounced back from "it's over" to "over it". Podcast topics we'll be talking about will include: Love Loss Dating Breakups Recovery Starting Over Positive Ageing Really we'll be talking about anything relating to the human condition - especially around heartbreak and recovery. Please share your ideas, stories and thoughts with us.
August 30, 2020