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The Real Us

The Real Us

By Thea Williams-Scalco
A place where we discuss (and listen) to what is going on with the new planetary shifts. We are experiencing changes in health, consciousness, society and culture.
The chaos is a sign of renewal. Let's educate, inspire and transform to who we truly are-magnificent beings!
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A Peek into the Life of Psychic Medium, Chris Johansen
What is a natural psychic Medium?  An entertainer versus a Psychic that offers solutions  How to have a great session. What to look for in a Psychic and what to avoid. Are Curses real?  And more fun and humor with the incredible Chris Johansen Psychic and the Genie 313 Colorado Ave., Stuart, FL +772-678-6170 Also visit my website Purchase my book, The Real Us (and we're not crazy) On Amazon, Barnes and Noble for Print and a multitude of ebook suppliers such as Kindle, GoodReads and more 
November 18, 2020
The Forbidden Topics with Tom Zaimes
My guest tonight is Tom Zaimes.  We didn't even get to talk about so many things I planned on because all you need is one "trigger" and away we go. Life is unpredictable and uncomfortable, but wouldn't it be boring if it wasn't? This conversation just kept going and I am going to have to have Tom back. He is actually a very spiritual guy and so am I, but being spiritual doesn't mean we aren't human. We walk between Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are here to experience it all, the raw, the edgy, the calm and serene.  This episode immediately goes into the mask controversy. Wait till you hear what he says. and where we take it.   No matter what you  believe compassion starts by listening to others, then you decide what you want to do with the information, Topics include  Triggers: T.V, The 2nd Amendment The division, Trump, and Vaccines. Solutions: Laughter, music, Grounding, Meditating  Find Tom on Facebook.       (He still hasn't  given me his radio link... OH TOM! )  The Real US Facebook page: The Real Us (and we're not crazy) available on Amazon,( See Link Below)   Barnes and Noble and a long list of ebook stores
October 15, 2020
A Mother's Path to Conscious Health
Join your host Thea Williams and her guest, Jen Cuti discuss leaving the old health paradigm behind and creating a new one. I met Jen many years ago and she immediately inspired me. It was so refreshing to hear an intelligent, young, woman discuss the new concepts of TRUE HEALTH. Topics include: Finding Your Time and Space to let ideas flow. How assisting your body with the "right stuff" will also increase your intuitive abilities. Becoming a more conscious parent. Having Compassion and Peace during these "crazy" times.  and more...         As always,  we end the session with a meditation and this one is incredible. (I must say)  Links for Jen Instagram: JenCuti_diffuseyourself     Facebook: Jennifer Muschott Cuti Go  Diffuse Yourself YL Oil Website Aroma Freedom Therapy Programs. (Click on Title Below )  Six Weeks to Self Love:   Aroma Freedom Technique Book:  Practitioner Certification: Certification and Coach Training  Sign up at for my email list  Donate Please HERE : if you want to hear more . Next Podcast TOM ZAIMES, oh and this one will be wild. 
October 10, 2020
Are We ALL Healers?
Thanks for your patience with Episode 2. I am still learning the process, but this one is worth the wait.  Today we are discussing energy healing and our own innate ability to heal ourselves and others.  Alexander Felicione is my guest. He will share his story as to how he entered the field of energy healing and what he has learned. We will talk about the quantum field that connects us all. We may feel and see things differently, but we are all experiencing the unity of collective consciousness.  We share our space here on Planet Earth. We share our traumas and our joys. So how can we lift ourselves and each other? You will have to listen to find out.  I am your host, Thea Williams, B Msc.  Integrated Energy Therapist and Instructor Author of The Real Us (and we're not crazy) Our Sponsor is The Spiritual Alchemy Store at 
October 6, 2020
Episode 1 . Introduction to The Real Us
Do you have those late nights, I mean very late nights, where the thoughts come flowing in and there is no one to discuss them with? My first episode of The Real Us is just me; me discussing what I want to do with this amazing technology we have to get our message out. And if there is ever a  time to speak up, it is NOW.  My general tone in life is somewhat positive and always hopeful, but this invisible enemy has caused so much chaos in our lives. One day we are angry and scared, the next we can see the beauty in the simplest forms of life.  I have wanted to do this podcast for a while now and I decided there is no time like the present. So at 3 am, I just hit record and that is exactly what you got here, a woman who just wanted to talk about our current reality, but with insight and hope.  For the first time in our history, we can honestly say, ' We are all in this together."  But how did we get here, where are we going and how can we transcend it?  Is there a big beautiful light at the end of this tunnel, or is the tunnel an endless journey into the unknown?  My name is Thea Wiliams. I am a mother, an author, a Quantum Therapist and most of all your sister.  You can learn more about me at You can purchase The Real US (and we're not crazy) on paperback or ebook at many booksellers  Please reach out to me, if you have any thoughts or comments. YOU MATTER. . 
August 23, 2020