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The After Thought Podcast with Joe Hill

The After Thought Podcast with Joe Hill

By Joe Hill
Bronx native comedian and writer Joe Hill discusses his thoughts on real life issues, controversial topics, sports, entertainment and of course comedy. Special guests will be dropping by every week to help add a vibe to a dope platform. With Co-Hosts JP Campbell and Tiff Tanto this show is a whole different vibe. "The Pro Tip with JP", and "Ain't This Some BullS**t with Tiff" Follow us on social media @The_Afterthoughtpodcast for more content.
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Self Care | Ep. 33 With Macho Miranda
The Crew is back chopping it up about Kanye West listening event in ATL, Simone Biles, Mental Health is Real, then Macho stops thru to talk about his new upcoming feature film "The Boogie Movie" @Theboogiemovie. Ain't This Some BullS**t with Tiff, The Pro-Tip with Jp, and Who's man is this with Joe segment are filled with the vibes. Follow us on social media @theafterthoughtpodcast.
July 30, 2021
Return To Greatness Ep. 32 | with Jerry Law
Joe, Tiff, & JP get back into the swing of things with updates in entertainment, news and sports. Richard Sherman's Arrest, Bill Cosby released from prison, Biz Markie's death and impact on the culture. Comedian Jerry Law stops thru and talks about his weekend of shows in Missouri, his comedy journey to this date and what's in store. The Pro Tip with Jp, and Ain't that some bullsh*t with Tiff segments you don't wanna miss. Follow us on social media @Theafterthoughtpodcast
July 23, 2021
Accountability Ep. 31
The crew dives into the George Floyd guilty verdict against Chavin. We discuss the most recent shooting in ohio with Makhia Bryant. We tackle accountability. Would this officer who killed George Floyd been convicted if there asn't a video? Will Makhia Bryant's case recieve the same justice? Also, The Pro-Tip with JP, Ain't This Some BullS**t with Tiff! and of course hella updates going on in our culture. Follow us on social media @theafterthoughtpodcast
April 22, 2021
As We Continue On Ep. 30
The crew is back chopping it up about all your current events in news and the culture. DMX's health condition. The Pro-Tip and Ain't that Some Bullshit with Tiff. Follow Us on social media @theafterthoughtpodcast.
April 22, 2021
Back Again For The First Time Ep. 29
Joe & JP recap current events, sports, and contreversial topics on an all new episode. Joe returns from his ATL trip, What you watching? and of course "The Pro Tip" with JP. Follow us on social media at @theafterthoughtpodcast on all social media. 
April 07, 2021
The X-Factor Ep. 28 | with Zilla Vodnas
Joe and JP interview one of the hottest comedians/producers in the NYC comedy scene. Zilla Vodnas is a force with her quick wit, hilarious stories, and amazing perspective as a latina woman in comedy. Follow her and all that is ZillaVision. Follow the show for more content @theafterthoughtpodcast on all social media. 
April 06, 2021
Present & Accounted For Ep. 27 | Fit N Funny Katrina Pope and Gina G
Joe, Tiff, and JP interview the hilarious ladies of FIT N FUNNY Katrina Pope and Gina G as we discuss health is wealth and women in comedy.  Wanna support the show? Visit and follow @the_afterthoughtpodcast
March 02, 2021
What More Can She Say? Ep. 26 | With Comedian/Actor JJ Mattise
Joe, Tiff and Jp interview Comedian/Actor/Writer JJ Mattise. New topics and more interaction on an all new episode. Follow us @the_afterthoughtpodcast
February 22, 2021
Life Is Comedy Ep. 25 | With MindSex Mentor Delora Guignion and Comedian/Actor Talent
Joe, Tiff and JP chop it up with MindSex Mentor Delora Guignion, followed by Comedian/Actor and NY King Of Comedy Talent in a dope interview about fatherhood, his journey in comedy, as well as the future state of comedy. Follow us on social media @the_afterthoughtpodcast for all content.
February 12, 2021
All Black Everything Ep. 24 | with Professor Shaunee Wallace & Comedian Willie Crow
Joe, Tiff and JP dicuss current events, provide the laughs and always has amazing guests. In this episode "The Pro-Tip with JP" is back! Joe's "Who's Man's is this?! segments returns. We also have Professor and Publicist Shaunee Wallace stopping by, and comedian/actor Willie Walker performing a "Hot 5" stand up comedy live on the show! Follow us on social media @the_afterthoughtpodcast for more content and past episodes.
February 05, 2021
The Rebirth Of Comedy Ep. 23 | With The Legendary Bob Sumner
Joe, Tiff, and JP interview one of the forces in comedy for the last 30 years Bob Sumner. Producer of Laff Mobb Laff Tracks on Tru Tv, and recognized some of our favorite comedians ever to grace the big screen. Producer of Def Comedy Jam and Laff Mobb Laff Tracks. We will be talking comedy, Who is Bob Sumner?, and the future of comedy. Follow us on social media @the_afterthoughtpodcast for more content.
January 30, 2021
Boss Shit Ep. 22 | with UGK Of Comedy Jevon Johnson, K Smith, and Emerson Striveson
Joe, Tiff, and JP honor MLK and chop it up with The Underground Kings Of Comedy (K Smith, Jevon Johnson, Emerson Striveson, & Joe Hill) about the state of comedy, their growth, insights to new projects and tour dates. Follow us on social @ugkofcomedy @the_afterthoughtpodcast @jpc2klub @itsreallytiff_tanto @jevonmjohnson @ksmith4real14 @thisisjoehill & @official_strive
January 26, 2021
The Grind is Real Ep. 21 With Travis Blunt, Fem Sensual & Gray
Joe, Tiff and JP chop with up with Syracuse Comedian/Actor Travis Blunt, then things get spicy with Fem Sensual and we close out the show with talented Artist and Producer Gray. Follow us on social media at @the_afterthoughtpodcast.
January 16, 2021
New Year Same Vibez (2021 Kick Off Episode) Ep. 20
The crew jumps into the new year with updates on the vaccine, moving as a country going forward, and the storming of capital hill and the after math of DC. New segments "Ain't that some bulls**t with Tiff" ,"The Pro Tip with JP", and "Who's man's is this?! with Joe" will have you laughing with persepctive. Stay tuned for more content. 
January 13, 2021
Co-Vid 19 Health and Wellness Ep. 19 | With Kiara Whittle
Joe, Tiff and Jp interview chemist and advocate Kiara Whittle. With the pandemic still being a serious threat to america we wanted to stress the important of stay safe. Kiara also talk about the vaccine and the future of the pandemic. 
December 14, 2020
Gratitude Served Fresh Ep. 18 | with Comedian/Actor Walt Miller
Joe, Tiff and JP interview Walt Miller from VH1's Black Ink Crew and we talking industry, his comedy grind, and his new brand Laced! Make sure you follow @Da_Wzrd @theafterthoughtpodcast for more content. Streaming on all platforms!
December 04, 2020
What Are You Grateful For? Ep. 17
Joe, Tiff and JP bring you a Pre-Thanksgiving Episode. What are you grateful for? It's been a tough year not only for the country but us as human beings. Join us as we bring love and light on this episode all about being grateful. Follow us on social media @theafterthoughtpodcast
November 27, 2020
The Giveback Ep. 16 | with Mary Crews
Joe and crew chats with comedienne and producer Mary Crews aka Ma Ec out of Pittsburgh, PA. Not only is she a force but also an educator and activist. Follow her story and us on social media @theafterthoughtpodcast
November 27, 2020
Society Tells Us Ep. 15 | with The Aware Brand w/Drew Sanders, Richard Faison and Sam Jones
Joe and crew interviews the co-founders of The Aware Brand talking about their journey in the industry. Also, focusinf on community buiding and why it's so important. Then we have Sam Jones, creative director from Comedy Central shares some insight on writing, producing and more. Follow the show on social media @theafterthoughtpodcast 
October 29, 2020
Started From The Bottom Ep. 14 | with Sixx John & Tim Victor
The ATPodcast crew is back with another dope episode of great vibes.  Joe, Tiff, and JP are honored to have these guests.  Sixx John, songwriter and producer in the music industry for over twenty years working with artists like Neyo, Heather Headley, Shaquille O'neal and more. Sixx John discuss his musical background and journey from music to television panning songs for Tyler Perry movies and the hit tv show Empire. Tim Victor, singer, songwriter and educator talks about the importanance of keeping the arts in schools. Listen to his jourey from music through educating our youth.  Follow us @mrtimvictor @sixxjohn @jpcklub @itsreallytiff_tanto @thisisjoehill @the_afterthoughtpodcast  Wanna support the show? visit and hit the "$Support" tab! Thanks for listening and supporting!
October 10, 2020
There's No Debate Ep. 13 | with Rick "Wind" Herrera & Bruce Leroy Williams
Joe and co-hosts Tiff & JP break down the presidential debate. Pro's and Con's of this years election. Rick Herrera, singer/songwriter and comedian talks with the crew about his upbringing in brownville brooklyn, journey into music production and more. Comedian Bruce Leroy brings the laughs talking comedy, fatherhood and Yoga for Dads. Follow the show on all streaming platforms @theafterthoughtpodcast 
October 01, 2020
Being Transparent Ep. 12 | with Avery Watson & Monique Latise
Joe and co-hosts JP and Tiff discuss the importance of not allowing stress to take over. Balance is key. Breona Taylor Update. The crew chops it up with publicists, author, and educator Avery Watson. Then we stir up laughs with comedienne and comedy club owner Monique Latise. Follow us on social media @theafterthoughtpodcast @jpcklub @itsreally_tifftanto. Support the show by donation after hitting the sponosorship button
September 27, 2020
Full Circle Ep.11 | with Lisa Ray and Howie Bell
Joe and co-hosts Tiff Tanto and JP Campbell interviews writer, author, radio host, and motivational speaker Lisa Ray. Then we have comedian, actor, and writer Howie Bell as seen on BET, Comedy Central, and HBO joins the show with some hilarious laughs as well as his taken the Breona Taylor family settlemnt of 12 million, and school re-openings. Follow us for more episode and content @the_afterthoughtpodcast @thisisjoehill @jpcklub @itsreall_tifftanto
September 21, 2020
The Wellness Check Ep. 10
Joe and Co-Hosts JP Campbell and Tiff Tanto check in with our wellness check, the state of our country, verzuz battles, and relationship woes and a jam pack episode filled with great conversation and comedy!
September 13, 2020
Back For The First Time Ep. 9
Joe does a wellness check during these quarantine times, Teddy vs Babyface battle review, and meeting his father at 23. Make sure you follow us on social media at @theafterthoughtpodcast or email us 
April 25, 2020
If The World Wasn't The Same Ep. 8
As we continue to be on quarantine Joe discusses his daily routine, the media coverage of this outbreak, and diving into our world not being the same after the outbreak. Follow us on social media @the_afterthoughtPodcast.
April 06, 2020
We Gotta Do Better Ep. 7 | Part III with Tiff Tanto
As we conclude this three part series centered around the "Male Approach" Joe interviews fellow podcaster Tiff Tanto she gives us the female perspective. Follow us and stay updated on social media @the_afterthoughtpodcast. 
March 29, 2020
We Gotta Do Better Ep. 6 | Part II with John Paul Campbell
As part of our three part topic series "We Gotta Do Better" we invite special guest John Paul Campbell on the show to disect little more deeper into the male's approach now a days. The question remains. "How did we get to this point?!"  Make sure you share, subscribe and follow us @the_afterthoughtpodcast. 
March 28, 2020
Reminiscing Over You Ep. 5
This generation has it good. Sometimes too good! Joe takes you down memory lane talking about being an 80's baby, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Action Figures, and hoarding things as a kid! Follow us on social media @the_afterthoughtpodcast. 
March 21, 2020
We Gotta Do Better Ep. 4 | Part I
Joe discusses our state of emergecy due to the corona virus and also diving into the male approach to women. 
March 19, 2020
Wash Yo Hands! Ep. 3
Joe discusses the latest corona outbreak and the effects on everythng. Washing your hands, and not getting caught up in the hysteria. 
March 13, 2020
Protect Your Energy Ep. 2
On this episode Joe dives into protecting your energy as an artist, Pop Smoke's tragic passing, Joe debates whether MJ had more competition vs this generation, and more. 
February 20, 2020
Do It For The Culture Ep. 1
Joe talks about doing it for the culture. The theory of comedy being like the NBA, Hip Hop Culture and more!
February 19, 2020
Pre-Launch Episode | Legacy & Greatness
In this pre-launch episode, Bronx native comedian and writer Joe Hill talks about Kobe Bryant, leaving a legacy, What is greatness?  Follow the journey @thisisjoehill
February 19, 2020