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The Agile Leader

The Agile Leader

By Mark Buchan
This podcast is about helping organisational leaders become more Agile, both in their thinking and their behaviours. Hosted by one of the first UK based Agile coaches, Mark Buchan, the podcast is designed to be informative, educational and most importantly applicable to the everyday work context of it's leadership audience.
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How change leaders can make the most of COVID19 - Part 2

The Agile Leader

How change leaders can make the most of COVID19 - Part 3
Organisational agility has now reached fad status and many leaders are looking for novel ways to accelerate their organisation's agility.  All too often portfolio management isn't even considered a factor when organisations consider transformation. In this third instalment, John Wilson and I talk about a number of important factors around Portfolio Management.  we also provide some useful techniques to assist senior leaders and managers so that they can "do different" in order to get more done and become even more effective, thus improving the agility of their organisation.
June 4, 2020
How change leaders can make the most of COVID19 - Part 2
In this episode John Wilson and I talk about the importance of Agile portfolio especially bearing in mind the pressures that many managers and leaders are undergoing right now.  John shares a couple of interesting and useful analogies to help listeners get an idea of what portfolio management is all about.  
May 13, 2020
How change leaders can make the most of COVID19
Many of us who have been involved with change over the last 25 - 30 years recognise that these are unprecedented times that we are living in. These are truly VUCA times.  In this first podcast, I chat with an esteemed colleague of mine, John Wilson, a corporate change expert of over 30 years who has worked in large organisations such as Allianz, Legal and General, Schroders and M&G to name a few.  We both feel that in these strange times that change leaders in organisations have a huge opportunity, it's almost like someone has hit the pause button and has given many organisations a chance to reorganise and make the most of this time freeze.   But how many will?  How many leaders are feeling a little edgy right now and want to get on with business as usual.  we feel there is a huge opportunity in this current crisis for courageous leaders who are willing to "do different", but what exactly should they do?  With the help of John and myself, we will give you pragmatic and applicable answers and not just some stale management theory or useless platitudes.  Tune in to hear more ...
April 8, 2020