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The Airgun Podcast

The Airgun Podcast

By Tay Vaughn
Airguns are not what they used to be. They can do things from 1200+ yard shots to taking big game animals like Bison and Water Buffalo. The Airgun Podcast (T.A.P.) dives into the innovations that have brought them to where they are today and gets the stories of the people who have helped grow the industry and push the limits! T.A.P. covers as many aspects of airgunning as there is. From competition shooting of all sorts; long range hunting and big game hunting; big bores and small bores; custom guns and modifications and everything in between. Follow along on social media for more content.
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Update From Mexico - TAP is Back(ish) | Ballistic Fuel & More
Hey everybody this is just an update to let you know where I have been and why I fell off the face of the earth for a little bit if you didn’t know already. Some really hard things this past year took place and required my attention as well as some really good things that I mentioned in the episode. I love all of you and appreciate your support more than I can express. Please reach out with any questions on social media to either the Airgun Podcast Instagram or the ballistic fuel Instagram. Cheers!
May 04, 2022
What It's Like Being New To Airguns and Diving Right In: Markeith Hall of Donny FL & Saber Tactical
We had a chance to get a good little interview in with the man behind the camera of DonnyFL and Saber Tactical, Markeith Hall. Markeith is a former Unites States Marine and now does graphic design among many other things for Saber Tactical and DonnyFL.   He hopes to get more people of color into the sport of airgunning and to grow the sport in general. Being his first time at the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge he was blown away by what else the airgun industry had to offer in community, competition and diversity.  Be sure to follow along with the work he is doing with the tags in the video or links below:   Markeith Hall IG:  DonnyFL Instagram:  DonnyFL YouTube:  Website:   Saber Tactical Instagram: Website:
December 13, 2021
What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Scope: Joe Rhea of Cyclops Videos Talks Optics at 2021 Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge
We catch up with the one and only Joe "Cyclops" Rhea from Cyclops Videos to discuss optics. We cover questions like "What are the basics? What should you know before you buy an optic? Which optics companies are doing it right? " as well as what scopes we are seeing being used in competition and why?   Be sure to follow along on Joe's channel here: 
December 06, 2021
Keith Gibson takes home Gold at the 2021 Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge: Post Award Ceremony Interview
You're listening to the first interview with Keith Gibson of 68 Whiskey after accepting his $21,000 first place prize at RMAC for first place in the Pro class 100 yard Bench Rest. Keith has been on the podcast with us many times before but this was new and different and exciting for everyone! Be sure to follow along on YouTube with Keith and his channel and stay tuned for RMAC 2022 with Utah Airguns for an even bigger prize, more fun, more guns and more awesomeness!!!!
September 02, 2021
TAP is BACK! Texas, Airgun Hunting, Chasing Dreams and Getting Healthy
We took a break from putting up episodes while thigs began to settle with the new house and new baby but here we are! We talk with my brother Josh, AKA Don Shula, on what he is doing in my neck of the woods and where he is going. Better and bigger places await him in many regards. Hunting, Airgunning, Eating, and just living! Please don't forget to leave a review on the podcast! Love you guys!
July 09, 2021
Beeman Underlever PCP: An Underlever Bullpup?
As exciting as it is to see new innovations and ideas in the industry I am a little skeptical on this configuration until Tyler reassures me that it is actually a functional and pretty smooth operation with the new Beeman Underlever PCP in the bullpup configuration. After we talk specs we cover airgun news and announce the arrival of the wooden stock Avenger and the individual sale of the wood stock coming this summer for those Air Venturi Avenger owners! Check out Pyramyd Air for more on these guns at !
May 05, 2021
Squirrel Safari Round 2. Why It's Necessary To Take 1700 Squirrels Down
Joined by the core crew of the latest "Squirrel Safari" by Utah Airguns, Justin Welch, Justin Jacobson, Austin James and Tanner Godfrey give us the  behind the scenes to another awesome video displaying the unbelievable capability of modern airguns. Not only do they talk about the setups they were using but they give us some insight as to why this type of culling is necessary in certain species. On top of the amazing high-end hunting equipment we also get a glimpse of what the bigger picture is when it comes to hunting, shooting and finding common ground. Is the M3 really that much better than the MkII Impact? Is it about the bonds and the fellowship more than the hunt? Stay tuned to find out.
April 30, 2021
Target Forge, Men's Health and Shooting Airguns with Bill Ruehl
In this episode we talk about Target Forge, an up and coming brand of airgun targets made in America, and make a PSA on men's health! We hope to remind people the importance of the journey that brings them to where they are and encourage them to embark on new ones that can take them to elevated positions and maximized living. Although it's not our typical combo we feel the need to encourage healthy lifestyles across the board so that our hobbies can be done in good health and ultimately make them more enjoyable. Make sure to check out Target Forge and pick up some American Made Steel Targets and accessories for an affordable price!
April 27, 2021
FX Impact Evolution, FX Impact M3 and New Technology with Jonathan Elvegaard-Tueller of FX USA
In this episode we run through the story of Jon's into to airguns and his first time touching an FX Impact to the newly released M3 version  that is the talk of the century right now. Jon has a unique perspective coming at it from an outsider looking in and realizing the potential and capabilities of modern day airguns and what a pivotal moment it was in his career when he handled the Impact for the first time.
April 16, 2021
Q&A: What Does It Take To Be An Airgun Personality or Brand?
Have you ever wondered what it takes to make it in the industry as a brand or “personality”? This is my personal advice on what it takes to make it as a new “influencer” or brand specifically in the Airgun industry. I hope this helps those of you who are curious about this type of thing and gives you practical ways to get started on your own entrepreneurial journey.
April 06, 2021
Insane Trick Shots with Shooter 1721, Rick Rehm
Rick is a well-known trick shot legend! His creativity never ends and he is always pushing the limits of physics and airgun technology. From lighting matches at 100 yards with pellets to shooting the wings off a fly, Shooter 1721 has some serious skills that practice just can't account for. Shooter 1721’s talents have gained him a spot on the TV show American Airgunner! Trick shots and hunting go hand in hand for this guy. Be sure to follow along on his incredible journey, great attitude and fun demeanor. C'MON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 02, 2021
What’s The Best Gun? Competition Shooting for Beginners
What’s the best Airgun? How do I get into competition shooting? Tyler Patner and I dive into the discussion of “what is the best gun?” For beginners in the sport as well as beginners in competition. The devil is in the details and you need to know exactly what you’re going to do with the gun before you can choose which one would be best for you.
March 30, 2021
I Got Covid and Remodeled My New House
The title is pretty self-explanatory and so is this quick little update about when episodes will resume. Thank you for your support and your patience and we will be back next week with Tyler Patner on the Q&A andShooter 1721 for Friday’s episode!
March 26, 2021
LIFE UPDATE: Where I Have Been (Not Dead Yet)
Hey guys. Here is an update of things and why episodes haven’t made it out as frequently this month as I would have liked but good things are on the horizon. Thank you for your support.
March 15, 2021
How To Tune Your Airgun: Airgun Tuning Basics
What is tuning an airgun? How do I tune my airgun?  Such an important topic to address but it is tricky considering all that goes into tuning. In short, tuning is finding the "sweet spot" for your gun with certain ammo where you maximize accuracy and air efficiency; however, not all airguns give you the components to tune in this fashion. Some may only allow a simple adjustment to be made that changes airflow output but still can in theory be tuned. So, be sure to take notes and check out tuning and ballistics videos as they go hand in hand.
March 02, 2021
How to Set Up Your Ballistics App and Where to Aim When Shooting At an Angle
How do I become a better shot at long range? How can I stretch out my max range of being effective and accurate for hunting? Where do I aim when I'm shooting at an angle? These are all very important questions to ask when it comes to shooting. A very popular question when it comes to precision shooting with airguns is what app to use for your ballistics calculations but even more so is how to set up the app. In this Q&A we talk about why you should have a ballistics app to maximize your long range accuracy and what data is necessary to give you the best chances of your app calculating correctly for you. This means ballistic coefficients, humidity, spin drift etc... Many variable are at play so the more data you can gather the better. Don't forget to check out past episodes and Q&A content that helps you get better every day! Feel free to write in your questions on Instagram!
February 22, 2021
Telling The Other 99% of Our Hunting Stories with Robbie Kroger of Blood Origins
Could it be that we as Hunters are one of the biggest threats to hunting existing in the future? Are we part of the reason the lifestyle is under attack? How can we change the tide? Many deep questions like this rise to the surface as Robbie Kroger and I tackle the subject of hunting. Robbie's pursuit of these questions gave rise to the Non-Profit "Blood Origins", who's primary goal is to convey the truth about hunting and how to align ourselves properly with that message. Like it or not, we are responsible in large for the picture in non hunters' minds about what it means to hunt and to be a hunter. Please be sure to stick around until the end to figure out how you can win awesome gear for day to day life and in the field use as well as once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunities for you and 2 buddies when you support Blood Origins for the cost of a cup of coffee per month!
February 19, 2021
How To Get A Hunting/Pest Control Permission & Top 5 Things To Consider
This is a very popular question by many people getting into the sport of airguns but especially those who don't live in an area where this type of shooting is available without seeking out the location. In this Q&A with Keith Gibson we discuss tactics on how to go about getting a hunting or pesting permission and the top 5 things to consider once you have gotten the permission. It all comes down to situational awareness and efficiency. Be an asset, not an ass. 
February 15, 2021
Ryan Rehm: Branding Shooter 1721, Media Management and Entrepreneurship
Ryan's extensive experience with the shooting industry and media management has allowed him to produce some of the best content we as airugnners know. He is the man behind the beloved and well-known channel, "Shooter 1721" with Airgun Trick Shot Extraordinaire, Rick Rehm who is Ryan's father. His role in the shooting community does not stop there though. He and his wife are a big part of The Airgun Sporting Association and many other outdoor organizations that promote hunting and giving back to support parks and wildlife for habitat and wildlife management as well as the promotion of the Second Amendment. On top of his story, many entrepreneurial endeavors and entry into airguns, Ryan is able to give us a literal behind-the-scenes look at some of the things you may want to consider when you're thinking about content creation especially in the shooting realm. Be sure to follow along with his other projects like "Nighthawk Media" and "Liberty or Death Co."
February 12, 2021
Q&A with Keith from 68 Whiskey: Should I Shoot Pellets or Slugs?
This is just a little conversation of a new segment that will be added to The Airgun Podcast. It’s basically a Q&A segment where we will dive in and answer different questions as we discuss the topics we cover in the segment. In this bonus episode we do go about answering whether you should be shooting pellets or slugs and what caliber would be best and most importantly, WHY?!?! Don’t forget to write in to TAP on social media or through the contact page on the website. Cheers my people.
February 01, 2021
Justin Welch: Retiring Firearms for Airguns, Helicopter Hog Hunts and Competition Shooting
Justin and I talk about how he made the switch from firearms to airguns and why he hasn't gone back to shooting firearms in over 2 years! His upbringing in the world of firearms makes this all the more surprising and interesting but the experience he has had so far with ariguns and airgun technology has made the willing change of shooting styles a blast. From his very first airgun competition to now shooting hogs from a helicopter with some of the world's best known shooters, Welch has been hooked on air for good and the best is yet to come. Check out the epic Utah Airguns video and Justin's 563 yard Arigun kill here: Ultimate Airgun Hunt (Squirrel Safari)
January 29, 2021
Dana Webb, Mountain Sport Airguns, American Air Arms and The Right to be Picky
Dana Webb of Mountain Sport Airguns joins me to talk about his unique entrance into the sport and being picky with your gun when you pay top dollar. Dana has a refreshing style of camping meets airgunning and he doesn't pull any punches when it comes to reviews. He lets the top dogs know when something needs to be fixed and also is honest about budget friendly guns holding their own in the ever-continuing battle of airgun technology mastery.
January 26, 2021
The Airgun Podcast 2021 Update and Moving Forward
Hey, everybody lots to digest here in this mini episode on a lot of different levels. Please do consider the things talked about in this update for the podcast and moving forward and what it might look like for you to support the podcast in ways that you can and also to make the best of your own time. Cheers to 2021 in the world domination from TAP and the Yeet Fleet.
January 17, 2021
Umarex Air Saber Hog Hunt, African Safaris and Feeding Villages with Chris Cook
Chris and I recap our 5 day hunt in Texas for the elusive nuisance animals that cause millions of dollars of damage in Texas each year. Though plentiful in number, the hunt was incredibly challenging yet very rewarding. Chris dives into his entrance into airguns and his impressive hunting background and achievements as he pursues the deeply engrained call in his soul to closely interact and be intimately involved in the process of obtaining his own food. Follow on Instagram: Chris Cook
November 27, 2020
Predator, JSB and Lead-Free Slugs with Dick Dixon of Predator International
Predator and JSB are two legendary companies know for making amazingly accurate and consistent airgun ammo. Any airgunner knows the names, but what they may not know the whole story behind the "Predator" and "JSB" relationship.  Recently former lead man of Predator International, Dick Dixon, clears this up for us nicely in his last interview and gives us the story and vision behind Predator and the lead-free ammunition that seems to be the way of the future or at least isn't going anywhere.
November 20, 2020
Versatile, High Quality, Affordable Scope Cameras and Filming Setups with Rudy Nunez of TACTACAM
In this episode with former Paratrooper Rudy Nunez we talk a newcomer's perspective on the airgun community and an incredibly diverse system for filming hunts. As the sport of airgunning explodes and the love of hunting and shooting footage grows, more and more people want to be in on the action of recording and documenting their hunts whether that is directly through the scope or mounted to the weapon. With modern 4k scope camera setups for (but not limited to) airgunners costing upwards of $1200 and being limited to rifle scopes only, it is really good to see a company providing the same quality product for significantly less money. As Rudy explains, where the real bargain comes in is the versatility of the TACTACAM system. The simple and streamlined process for switching your TACTACAM between your weapons of choice makes all the difference in the world when it comes to ease and convenience. From Airgun, to Bow, to Shotgun, all that needs to move is the camera itself and not the entire mounting system. If you're in the market for this kind of thing, TACTACAM is a great place to start looking.  Check out this video of Rudy doing a mag dump with the LSC SK-19: Follow TACTACAM Instagram Facebook  Follow Rudy Nunez  Instagram Facebook
October 23, 2020
Airgun BS-ing, Industry Politics and When You As A Consumer Should Care with Tyler Patner Pt 2 of 2
Part 1 continued, talking politics and other airgun BS like good old friends do. In particular, we discuss "copying" designs or features on other guns and when it's just petty to really care.
October 09, 2020
Airgun BS-ing, Industry Politics and When You As A Consumer Should Care with Tyler Patner Pt 1 of 2
Everyone knows there is the political side to this beloved industry but it's tricky to know when you should be getting involved and take a side and when you should just leave it be and carry on. Most of the time you shouldn't be too concerned. You should just enjoy the sport, all the good it has to offer and the fact that you have a sweet gun. So Tyler and I talk airgun politics, business strategies and why certain manufacturers use other companies is ultimately for our good as the consumers. This is Part 1 as Tyler and I get long winded on certain subjects.
October 02, 2020
Field Target, South Africa, and Being Female In a Predominately Male Sport with Lauren Parsons
Lauren Parsons is a decorated Field Target and competition shooter all the way up to world championship level. She shares her expert advice and guidance on the topic of Field Target and what it's like to compete as a woman in a mostly male sport. With a South African heritage she has a broad and unique perspective on airguns and sheds some light on different gun laws between the US and South Africa. She also talks about her homeland culture versus her current culture being in the states and teaches us a little bit of Afrikaans in the meantime. We get to see a personal side of this serious competitor and the unique story she is a part of. Be sure to follow along on her social media below. Instagram
September 18, 2020
Bear Hunts and Super Charged Big Bores with Chad Simon of Lethal Air
After being introduced to big bore airgun hunting by a friend, Chad's interest in airguns and power modifications grew exponentially. It was only a short time before it became a full time job operating Lethal Air Airgun Shop. Lethal Air was able to produce super-powered big bores capable of energy outputs never-before-seen in the airgun industry and they are not stopping anytime soon. As of the latest, they have a 50 caliber airgun putting out over 1,200 FPE (foot pounds of energy)! Just for some perspective we can take a one-hundred and fifty grain .308 hunting round traveling at almost three-thousand feet per second. This is far above super-sonic speeds with pressures upwards of sixty-thousand PSI occurring in the barrel of that gun.  We are able to produce almost half of that energy with working pressures of only 4,500 PSI compared to the 60,000. With this type of technology it has opened the door even further for ethical big game hunting with airguns. Chad hosts camps each year now like the "Maine Bear Camp" where food, lodging and the animal are all in one inclusive package for the big bore airgun hunters. Be sure to follow along with lethal air with the links below. Lethal Air Website Lethal Air YouTube Lethal Air Instagram
September 04, 2020
YouTube Secrets & Stumbling Into Your Passion with Joe Rhea of Cyclops Videos
Though his roots for starting on YouTube were all about classic airguns, Joe saw a gap in the "guns" niche that had room for improvement and took advantage of that opportunity. With the help and support of several other airgun community members, Joe's channel "Cyclops Videos Joe W Rhea" has taken off and is one of the top channels for reviewing optics. One key factor to his growth is his personality and sense of humor.  Not only do we cover the YouTube secrets and the journey of growing a channel, but we cover the real life challenges and practicality associated with doing this. Life happens in the midst of pursuing your passions and hobbies and you must overcome those obstacles to succeed. Joe embodies what it means to persevere through many different trials and is seeing the fruit of what dedication, authenticity and consistency bring. Making a point to be vulnerable and talk about real life challenges and hardships makes this one of my favorite episodes because of how real and raw it is. It's not all fun and games; kittens and rainbows. But, as always, we cover airgun topics and practical advice regarding shooting them and which one is right for you. If you're looking ofr optics reviews that are real, honest and trustworthy, be sure to follow along with Cyclops Videos on YouTube!
August 21, 2020
Umarex Hammer, Air Saber and Air Javelin with American Airgunner Challenge Contestant Eydin Hansen
Eydin Hansen is a professional shooter and military veteran who joined the airgun ranks after the military with Umarex, a company bringing top tier airguns at an affordable price! He can be seen in action on "American Airgunner Challenge" with 5 other of the nation's best shooters and airgunners. We talk about the competition and challenges he faces on the TV show, American Airgunner Challenge, and what surprises the show holds. We also cover some of the awesome innovations that Umarex has taken on in the airgun industry with regulated big bores like the Hammer and arrow-slinging PCPs and Co2 Guns like the Air Saber and Air Javelin, all of which are hunting capable! Be sure you're following along with Eydin at "@txhogdude" on Instagram as well as "Eydin Hansen" and "Umarex" on Facebook and YouTube!
August 07, 2020
UpNorthAirgunner, Chris Turek: Hunting Tips, World Records and Knowing Your Airgun Laws
Chris Turek, known as "UpNorthAirgunner" on social media, has made a big splash in the hunting community by way of super powerful, large caliber airguns. With a military background in Armored Tanks and long range combat, Chris knows what it takes to get the job done at distance. We discuss when and how to properly use airguns for hunting and where their limits lie as well as how to get involved in your community to begin the approval process of airgun hunting for big game animals. Chris has personally confirmed hits on target at over 1200 yards with airguns. He holds a confirmed world record along side this feat and has been seen on his YouTube channel performing many other challenging shots. Among many new innovations, one topic we tackle is copper ammo for airguns. Copper ammunition, up until the latest advancements, has not been on the radar in the airgun industry because the issue of friction and lack of pressure produced by airguns compared to firearms, however; Turek is currently working with a company in the firearms world to cross over into airguns with new ammunition technology that could forever change the big bore hunting capacity of airguns allowing copper slugs to enter the scene and be utilized with astonishing accuracy. Follow on YouTube Follow on Instagram
July 24, 2020
American Airgunner Challenge & Growing The Sport Of Airguns with Rossi Morreale
As the sport of Airgunning grows, it has never quite had the potential for exposure on the level that being on mainstream TV would allow, until now The American Airgunner Challenge. We dive into the mind and ideas behind the show with Rossi Morreale as well as where you can find the family friendly show. It airs on Wednesday nights and can be found on the Outdoor Channel. You can also download the "frndly tv" app and get access to the show as well as a free week trial. Be sure you're following American Airgunner on all Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and that you're sharing, reposting and tagging friends to get them talking and spreading the word.
July 13, 2020
A Quick Update and How To Help Grow This Podcast
This one is pretty self explanatory by the title but wanted to give you guys a little bit of context with the Corona virus situation and things that are in the works for the Podcast/Brand
July 08, 2020
Shooting Slugs Before They Were Trendy, Long Range Hunting and Big Bores
In this episode we cover custom airguns, hunting and long range shooting with slugs and big bore air rifles with one of the airgun community's best, Cedric Sophus aka Tofazfou! Not only has he been one of the original Airgunners to be using slugs but he has also been one of the OGs pushing the distance when it comes to long range shooting and demonstrating the energy retention downrange. Cedric has a plethora of knowledge, information and wisdom when it comes to the sport of airguns and his YouTube channel is a fantastic resource for all of the above. Follow on Instagram Follow on YouTube
June 19, 2020
Utah Airguns, Epic Wildcat MkIII Hunt and BROadtrips with Don "Josh" Shula.
Joined by one of my older brothers, Joshua, I head out to Orem, Utah to visit the legends at Utah Airguns, shoot some .25 hybrid slugs out of the MKIII Wildcats and experience the country's (likely the world's) largest airgun showroom. An epic ground squirrel culling took place and hundreds fell victim to the Wildcats. What an epic trip it was. Visit Utah Airguns for inquiries about what we discuss in this episode. Follow on Instagram
May 29, 2020
Whiskey, Guns, Farm Life and Philly Cheesesteaks with 68 Whiskey
Competitive shooter and army veteran, Keith, meets Gracie Jujitsu Instructor and RC extraordinaire, Norm, and the rest is history. Shooting high-powered powder burners at long range on a farm, they slowly moved to PCPs for the sake of their neighbors and haven't turned back. Norm and Keith have become excellent long range airgunners, each boasting confirmed kills of over 300 yards on barn pigeons which can be seen on their YouTube channel, 68 Whiskey. They have tons of experience in shooting all types of guns and ammunition and claim that airgunning has made them better shots overall. Facts and no fluff, they aim to be the best, use the best and produce the best content they can for viewers as they embark on their fairly new-found love journey with airguns. Their experience over the last year has already gained them insight and innovation in the industry as Norm has helped develop a speed loader for high capacity magazines for FX, Daysyate and Hatsan models and they have both been on the receiving end of product testing from the best companies.  Follow on Instagram ****As COVID-19 is still affecting day to day life around the world, you can support the grass-fed and finished farm and get yourself a speed loader to pass the quarantine time. To support these gentlemen here are the emails to get a hold of the highest quality beef and some amazing speed loaders.  Speed loaders:  Meat:
April 10, 2020
High-End Airguns, The RMAC and Humble Beginnings with Justin Jacobson of Utah Airguns
CEO and Founder of Utah Airguns, Justin Jacobson, let's us in on the story of growing his company that started inside a gas station to being a big name in the industry. We hear his introduction to airguns and what lead to his passion for them. Now with an internationally recognized and sought after competition called the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge, Justin and his team have developed a niche in the airgun industry: Providing high-end air rifles that are tuned and customizable through their shop to your exact specifications. He and his team know their craft and their products inside and out and provide only the best to their customers.
March 27, 2020
Overcoming Adversity with Dave Bitkowski of RX TARGET SYSTEMS
On this day, March 17th 2017, Dave's oldest daughter contracted a rare auto immune disease that threatened her life and the medical treatments necessary became a financial burden on the family. Having to think and act quickly amongst all the chaos, Dave and his family bravely decided to take his newfound hobby of making airgun targets to the next level in an effort to help make ends meet as they went through this very trying time. Not only was he able to create a product that filled a huge gap in the market with exceptional quality but he was also able to make things work to provide financially for his family and even went as far as donating part of his proceeds to a fund that is set up to help families of pediatric patients like his as they face similar struggles. Since his endeavor he has managed to be recognized and his products used by names such as Crosman, Umarex, Pyramyd Air and Utah Airguns and several more to be featured in the near future. We have set up a special Promo Code offering $10 off for this episode for anyone who wants to support the company and give back to help those in need. Listen for the code and visit to support the business and the amazing cause. Follow on Instagram
March 18, 2020
Law School to Airguns: Tyler Patner of Pyramyd Air
In this episode of The Airgun Podcast I we get to sit back and enjoy a nice conversation with Tyler Patner, most commonly known for his good looks and role he plays for Pyramyd Air, an airgun supply giant! Tyler tells us his story and some interesting things, that by nature, our social media lives and professional appearances don't disclose. Sit back and enjoy this one folks. Part 2 of our interview inevitable because this was too much fun and there is so much more to get to!
February 28, 2020
T.A.P. Season 2 Ep 1: Varmint Knockers Slugs & How To Tune Your Airgun For Them
Bearded legend, Dale Riggert, of Varmint Knockers Slugs talks about his story and journey of swaging custom slugs and common misconceptions in the Airgun industry surrounding that type of ammunition which we are seeing grow in popularity as of late in the realm of hunting with airguns. Listen and learn from the veteran himself about finding the right slug and tune for the best Airgun hunting experience. Check out Varmint Knockers Slugs. Follow on Instagram
January 17, 2020
How To Find “The Right Gun” For You and Swallowing The Price Of Airguns
We dive deep into the Airgun community and practicalities with PJ Clarke of Wisconsin AirGunners. We talk pros and cons of top end guns like the FX Impact and why it might not be for most of us. PJ’s story encompasses rediscovering airguns, surviving heart attacks, 29 years in the police force and coping with the prices of certain airguns with his spouse. We uncover the magic behind them for some people and how to find the best one for you. The secret is.... THERE IS NO SECRET! Find a price you can stomach and and go for it. You can always make changes later and fine tune what fits you best. Follow on Instagram
October 04, 2019
Homemade 50 Cals, CO2 Shotguns and Mad Science with Rick Turbo
In this episode I am joined by my friend Rick who I met through the Airgun community. Rick is an airgun enthusiast and is a very gifted machinist who builds things from .50 air rifles to motorized drifting tricycles! We talk everything from what got him into the world of airguns to where he thinks they will go in the future. Are airguns here to stay or just a fad for rich people who have nothing better to do with money? Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel and Instagram as well! 
September 13, 2019
Gun History, Lewis & Clark and Airguns in the Military
In this episode of The Airgun Podcast we cover a brief overview of airgun history and innovation, from their use in militaries to how they are actually an essential part of the Lewis and Clark expedition success, according to scholars and experts. Give some love to the UK, the motherland of airgun technology and innovation and some respect to William “Steve” Clark who’s name I totally forgot and didn’t really care about.
August 13, 2019
Airguns: The Toys That Can Kill Bears and Bison
In this episode we discuss what airguns can do and that they aren’t the “toys” they were once considered. Currently capable of big game lethality at long ranges and ridiculous energy output thanks to modern innovation. Not only in your typical pellet size but moving up to 50 caliber slugs. I believe we can begin to bridge the gap of firearms and airguns as we see them trickling into hunting.
July 19, 2019
TAP EPISODE 1: Who I Am and My Story
In this episode you get to know me a bit better and hear where I came from and how I got into airguns. Feel free to share these with whoever you wish and please do follow along with The Airgun Podcast journey.
July 12, 2019