The Alpha Shift with David Krueger

The Alpha Shift with David Krueger

By David Krueger
The Alpha Shift is a discussion about how to be a powerful, effective, happy, positive and masculine REAL MAN in an uncertain and hostile world.

Your host, David Krueger, is a men's transformation specialist.

I want to show you how to be the most powerful, dominant, and effective version of yourself.

I want to show you that with the right attitude and knowledge, anything is possible.

I want you to pursue your own excellence before pursuing a woman.

Expect frank discussions about life, society, politics, money, and sex.

Ready, let's get started!

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The Alpha Shift with David Krueger

004 - Have men become overgrown children?

The Alpha Shift with David Krueger

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016 - Decoding Your Personality and Understanding Relationships
Hey everyone -  I have a really cool episode for you this week. My guest is Marilyn Moore and is a relationship coach and speaker. I met her through the most powerful healing and ascension modality I have ever been exposed to. I strongly suggest you check out their website. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke Aside from being extremely adept with I-Ching's healing technologies, Marilyn is a relationship coach and speaker and the co-founder of She uses a myriad of techniques and ideas to alleviate the stress points People have in any type of Relationship;  Intimate, Co-worker, Children, Parents, Neighbors, Anybody.   Marilyn is a Grandmother, Home School Mom, House Flipper, Wholistic Wellness Consultant and retired minister's wife of 30 years breaks into a new career that enables her to use her many years of interpersonal skills in a stunning and exciting way.    After spending just a few minutes with her, whether in personal conversation or a public lecture you will walk away with at least one AHA moment! In this episode, Marilyn demonstrates on ME the insight and clarity she brings into understanding your personality type and the dynamics of your relationships past and present. Aside from seeing the dynamic power of Marilyn's insights and tools for understanding, learn more about me than you ever wanted or needed to know! (I did think twice about putting this episode up!) Please give us a like, comment and share! Download and listen: iHeartRadio: iTunes, Spotify, and most other major podcasting platforms: Watch on Watch on YouTube:
February 17, 2020
015 - Walking Through a WALL OF FIRE and the POWER of a SUPPORT NETWORK
We're back! Alpha Shift Radio Episode 015: The power of a support network, and walking through your own wall of fire! David is back from his Global Family Reunion event in Los Cabos Mexico with The Global Information Network. It was incredible. David suggests you all come to play and learn all about it. More information can be found here: In this episode David and Don discuss: * The power of a Mastermind. The various types. You can enjoy an in-person mastermind or bring in a mental mastermind from anywhere. A support network is critical for everyone. Half of the men who write into The Alpha Shift are DEPRESSED. The reason is that they are isolated. * To get what you want, you must walk through a WALL OF FIRE. Maybe it's just plain hard, maybe you need to become someone new to receive what you are asking for. Your expansion will usually call for growth.  On the other side of your wall of fire is everything you want. Be courageous. * Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times. Bad times create strong men. Strong men create good times. And so the story goes! Watch on Watch on YouTube:
February 3, 2020
014 - Life Is Sales - Are You Getting The Job Done At Home And In The Bedroom?
Alpha Shift Radio Episode 014 Life, Love, and romance are all SALES You are always in sales. It's all sales. 3:00 - In building relationships you are selling yourself. What if you looked at it more like a game and add real value. 5:30 - Selling yourself to your wife is not manipulation. 7:30 - Small example - how do you treat service people - get better 8:45 - They are buying YOU 11:00 - You must keep selling YOURSELF. You are not entitled. 14:30 - What you get excited about. That's where your genius is. 20:30 - Don presents his four tab spreadsheet that he created to keep in front of his clients and his life. Don's Spreadsheet here. 32:20 - You can't be everyone's favorite guy. Get over it. 33:30 - Always be closing - always be committed - always be giving VALUE. ------------ Segment 2: 36:45 - Alpha Shift After Dark - are you getting the job done in the bedroom?  Common complaint from women - mend are self-centered unaware lame  lovers. 40:00 - constantly making the sale with your wife - how to keep her engine running. 42:30 - Why people have affairs. 44:15 - Have an affair with your wife. 51:29 - What would actually happen if Don's 16-year old daughter went on The Bachelorette. 54:00 - 50 Shades Of Grey and rabid sexual energy in women. Watch on the Website: Watch on YouTube: Download on iTunes and most platforms and support the podcast: Don's appearance at the Moth:
January 20, 2020
013 - Resources to Create the new YOU And make your dreams come true in 2020
Alpha Shift Radio  Episode 013: Resources to Create the new YOU (And make your dreams come true in 2020) 5:45 - we will start with emotional needs but the resource page will eventually grow. 7:00 - The Alpha Shift will become a real community in 2020.  10:15 - Why do men need support and resources. Article "Why Progressives should stop ignoring men's issues". 15:00 - money won't fix you. You wind FIND something to worry about. The resource page will help you build the man. What has to change is you. Gearing you towards books, audios, resources, meditations. 18:00 - Male suicide statistics. Eye-opening. 22:00 - How can men learn to open up? 26:00 - Letter from a listener - how to get out of a depression, get out of shame and get his wife's respect back? 33:50 - When you don't need her validation - you get it! 35:45 - Men will call you on your shit. You need a group of guys to confide in. 38:20 - Talk to the Alpha Shift. We are your buddy! 39:50 - How can an introvert start making friends and lift himself out of depression and anxiety. 47:00 - is a great way for a single guy to boost his social life. 48:40 - What will the resource page be and what will it contain? How to support The Alpha Shift... Become a patron, download on iTunes, Stitcher, and most other major podcasting platforms: Give to the cause and learn how you can bring money and attention to a cause of your own: The illustrious resource page That David and Don keep talking about: Watch this podcast on The Alpha Shift Website and subscribe to our email list: Watch on YouTube:
January 14, 2020
012 - Is This The End of Men or a New Beginning?
Alpha Shift Radio Episode 012: The first episode of 2020! Is this the end of men, or a new beginning? David and Don do the decade in review and then take a look forward... 1:10 review of the new Star Wars movie 9:00 Lesson from the movie - Chicks ALWAYS go for the bad boy! Be Kylo Ren! 13:00 The evolution of online dating shows our changing priorities in life. 14:15 Sharon Stone gets kicked off of Bumble. 17:00 How a woman finds her feminine essence again. 21:00 How a man finds his purpose. 24:00 Our thoughts on New Year's resolutions. 26:30 Applying the Kaizen principle to daily resolutions. 27:30 Journaling the year in review - setting New Years INTENTIONS. 31:15 Change is about US. Not the government or leadership. 38:45 You can create anything you want to create in your life. 41:00 We gotta brings Don's wife in for a guest spot! 43:00 Treating people with respect and making empowering choices. The in-love feeling will ebb and flow. It's normal. 45:30 We have made change a little too easy. 47:00 Traditional marriage is going to make a comeback but in an all-new way... 50:45 The year ahead. We want to help you find what you are looking for. Please give us a like or a comment. We want to hear from you! Ask questions, tell us your victories! We really want you guys to be an active part of all of this, we want you to come here and hang out more often. Resource Page and subscribe to our email list: Watch this Episode on The Alpha Shift Website: Watch on Youtube:
January 8, 2020
011 - Curing Nice-Guy-Itis and Depression - Becoming The Man Who Gets Respsect
Episode 11: Curing Nice-Guy-Itis and Depression answering your questions! 2:00 Can a guy be friends with a married woman? 3:40 You are a prize. Don't get hung up on unavailable women. 4:53 Do you want to be her emotional tampon? Dave is going to do a resource page... 8:10 Ia it foolish to try to make a woman happy? 10:30 the critical importance of purpose and direction. 14:10 Do women marry for the wrong reasons? Do they really love you? 16:10 How do you vet a woman? 18:00 Why can't I share my pain with her? 21:00 Why your wife wants to feel your strength. 24:00 you are creating your life every day moment by moment. It comes down to your ability to feel good. 25:30 I'm seeing a trend - a crisis of confidence. 27:30 How women test you. 31:45 A better man is good for everyone. 36:20 How do I stop being depressed and having anxiety? 40:20 I've been single for 11 years, what do I do? 46:00 What women really want from a man. View on The Alpha Shift Website and Subscribe: View on YouTube: Resource page:
January 4, 2020
010 - Be The Kind Of Man Women Want and The World NEEDS
Alpha Shift Radio - Episode 010: "How To Take Charge of Your Life: Be The Kind Of Man Women Want and The World NEEDS" *Please do me a favor and comment below/leave a review/give us a like/hit the notification bell. Let me know what you think, and let me know what questions you have. I want to hear from you!* Segment 1: OK, so everything seems to suck. The World is a Shit Show. Article - Are there no more marriageable men? Article - Charlize Theron says that she's shockingly single and men not stepping up are to blame So what do we do pack up and go home?  No, we take charge and create the life that we want. Segment 2: It's good to know the score. You can't be oblivious. But know this: whatever you want you can create. First, you have to take responsibility 100% responsibility for everything in your life. You can create anything you want. Stop observing what IS and start thinking about what you WANT to create.  Book recommendation: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. So what do we want to create? To begin with we want to create better versions of ourselves, strong dominate men with a purpose in life. Book recommendation: The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida Segment 3: The greatest dating advice ever given came from a shitty B Movie, "The Tao Of Steve" 3 basic tenets: 1. Be desireless 2. Be Excellent 3. Be GONE Gentlemen, Internalize this mindset and you'll never lack for positive female attention. Segment 4: Things you can start doing now: The Alpha Shift course. Get your ass in shape. Get your wardrobe going. Figure out who you are and get a life mission - know that it's the most important thing you've got going. Notice none of this included pick-up lines or what bars to hit. Let women figure out how to look sexy and catch YOU. YOU are the catch. Till next week, DK Start The Alpha Shift 7-Video masterclass here: Watch/listen on the website and subscribe here: Watch on YouTube:
December 22, 2019
009 - The Anxiety Epidemic And How To Rise Above It
This week we address the modern epidemic of rampant anxiety, and how it affects children, adults, and relationships. We then go into your own personal power and some things you can do to counteract the anxiety in your life and take control to have the life that you want! 2:30 - where the Alpha Shift started and where it needs to go. Mission and growth are everything. (Alpha, then shift..) We evolve together. 4:00 - when David rode with the four horsemen of the apocalypse (and David and Don get great feedback on the podcast). 5:45 - Angst - the Documentary. What does anxiety disorder look like? Fight or flight response. 10:30 - AP news college students seeking mental help and cannot be served. 14:30 - The only way is for people to take 100% responsibility for their own mental health. Meditate, think right, to get support, take charge. 16:25 - You can't eliminate darkness; you can only replace it with light. 18:30 - worry and focusing on the negative. Your mind is either in the past or the future. Never the present. 24:00 - The addiction to smartphones and being constantly connected - it's affecting people of all ages. 28:30 - What is our best advice what do we recommend? Take time to unplug every day. Meditate. Shut the phone and computer off. Journal, ASMR, make time to connect with yourself. We are powerful creators. We are creating our lives every minute. The true power of your thoughts must be understood. Controlling your thoughts takes discipline and work. Slow down. Focus on what you want. Holosync meditation is wonderful for people with anxiety. 35:00 - David describes the white light meditation.  Stress ages the brain. Air traffic controllers versus Tibetan monk brain. You can make your brain younger.  39:15 - the power of interaction and community in person instead of texting and separation. 42:20 - What if we treated technology like a controlled substance? 43:45 - so much depression is because people don't feel like they're in control of their lives. 45:00 - It takes time and discipline to clear the negativity and think about what you want. 50:50 - Expectations that we put on ourselves and society puts on us and cultural indoctrination where are my.... The correct expectations for a relationship. Subscribe and get more info here: Watch on YouTube:
December 15, 2019
008 - Saving The Marriage AFTER The Divorce
Alpha Shift Radio Episode 008: "Saving The Marriage AFTER The Divorce" This week's very special episode of Alpha Shift Radio is what The Alpha shift is all about!  Today we bring you something that is virtually a miracle... A good friend of mine recovered from the adversity that we all face in life and did something few have ever done: Put his marriage back together AFTER his divorce. Hugh and Sandra, facing the challenges that we all face in lifelong partnerships divorced after 20 years of marriage. What makes this story unique and inspiring is how Hugh took 100% responsibility for his situation and took the DARE from life and from the universe to step forward and succeed where he had previously failed.   He snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, found enormous financial success, and became the best version of himself. Once that happened everything in his life fell back into place, his wife fell back in love with him, and five years after the divorce, they remarried. Gentlemen, wouldn't we all like to be a little more like Hugh? So many men come to my work when they are in deep trouble. Their lives and their relationships are failing. They want to "fix it". They want a quick solution to a complicated and heartbreaking problem that too them years to get into. They want answers. So I bring you answers. Listen to this man's story. The challenges he faced are like the challenges many of us face. And his resolution and ultimate victory show us what's necessary to turn a situation around. I was inspired by his story and I wanted him to come on the show and share his secrets for all of our benefits. For any guy who has ever felt like things were falling apart and felt like you were losing your wife and your family, you can always snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Listen to every minute of this and take it in.  Anything is possible. As a man, you are responsible for your situation and your life. Learn everything you can from this story. There is gold here. Want to learn more about the training Hugh and I are always talking about? Learn more about that here: Watch or listen to this episode online at Watch on YouTube:
November 30, 2019
007 - Creating Your Reality
Alpha Shift Radio Podcast Episode 007: "Creating Your Reality" Building on last week's episode "The Secrets of Success," David and Don discuss techniques to clear out blockages and how to, on day by day basis, do the things required to create the life you desire and BE HAPPY. Highlights include: * Subconscious rewiring. How to reprogram the mind to eliminate subconscious blocks. * Self Talk has power. If you tell yourself you suck, you're fat, you're not Brad Pitt, then you will suck, will stay fat, and you can't LOOK like brad pit, but you can get in shape like him, smell like him. * Demonstration and discussion - breathing technique and mental auto-suggestion. How to clear out the blocks that hold you back. GOLDEN. * Success is not magic - it is something you do, or you don't do. It is predictable - if you do the right things consistently. * "Until" factor article by Bob McCurdy * It's sales-related, but in the article, he talks about Kobe Bryant, and when a reporter asked how long he would work on something to perfect the move or the shot, he said: "until."  * A man needs to create himself anew. The new man that he is will attract circumstances and relationships more suited to his liking. Stop trying to "get" recognition or women. * How to set a goal. * Dream 10-20 years - lifetime.  * Chief aim - 3-5 years. * Sweet spot goal 90 days - most of your focus should be on this. * Next logical steps day to day. * Kaizen is an approach to creating continuous improvement based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements. Typically, it is based on cooperation and commitment and stands in contrast to approaches that use radical changes or top-down edicts to achieve transformation. * Future pacing and manifesting. * Talk about your goals as if they are done - get in the feeling space of it. We demonstrate how to do this. * 68 seconds of thinking about want you want equal to 10,000 hours of labor. All this and more, give us a listen right now! And please subscribe to the email list below if you haven't yet! Comment below and let us know what you think! Watch or listen at Watch on YouTube.
November 22, 2019
006 - The Secrets To Success
Show Notes: In this episode, David and Don discuss the real secret behind personal success and making changes in one's life. David discusses his recent trip to Germany and the event at which he masterminded and gave a talk to several of his Global Information Network brothers and sisters. David has turned his life around using the system that The Global Information Network (GIN) has given him. That system is this: 1. Audios. Listen to positive inspiring audios every single day. At least an hour a day, more is better. 2. Read books. Even as little as a page a day will do. Audio and reading engage different parts of your brain and both are essential on a daily basis. 3. Attend live events. You must attend events as often as is humanly possible. Big stage events as well as smaller gatherings. It's important to get in the physical company of like-minded people who are going in the same direction that you are in life. The support you give and receive and the mastermind that you create together will propel you forward and life you up more than you would even have on your own. 4. Give and receive recognition. This is done far too little in life and in business today. Too often our achievement goes uncelebrated and unrecognized. We don't acknowledge our worth and self-esteem suffers. It is important to be recognized for our achievements. Even more powerful is having the opportunity to give recognition. When you whoop and holler and blast recognition at someone you are sending out a powerful transmission to the universe that will be reflected back to you many times over. 5. Form relationships. When you do the first four items on this list you will not be able to help but to form relationships with people who will support you and who are moving in the same direction you are. Your relationships are your riches. Everything you will ever receive in life will come through other people. The ability to form great relationships is the pinnacle of the entire system. Working together, these five elements will change your life - we discuss them at length. Don gives wonderful insights into the community, relationships and recognition that was afforded him through his lifelong association with the catholic church.  This is another critical clue to Don's marital and family success. This podcast is full of insights. Success leaves clues and I think this could be one of the better hours that you spend listening. Here is the link for David's special offer, this priceless material is absolutely free, no strings attached: (Use private invitation code: 1520914) Learn more about The Alpha Shift and Our Mission here: Watch this podcast on YouTube: Watch on my website:
November 14, 2019
005 - Live Life Like You're Dying, Relationships Are Your Riches and Burnt Corned Beef
Tonight's episode is very special and very personal for David and Don. It's the one year anniversary of the untimely passing of their dear friend, and tonight we celebrate and learn from an exceptionally well-lived life. It is an incredibly attractive and magnetically powerful thing to live life like it's precious, see people like they matter, and make everyone around you feel important. Building a community is literally where all your riches in life come from. ...And of course, you can't rush the preparation of a 30 lb - corned beef. Matt Bair, we love you, and you'll always be in our hearts. (Make sure to listen to the end, where we feature a live recording of Don presenting this amazing story at a Moth Story Slam!) 2:30 - Who Matt was. What was special and different about the way he treated people. 6:30 - Everyone goes their separate ways after graduation. It's all about the future! You don't realize you are ALWAYS living your best moments. Life is what happens when you're making other plans. 8:30 - Matt hosted everybody. The hospitality of the "Barriott." Matt is Lorne Michaels. We were all the cast of SNL. If you were his friend, you were his friend. Don created an acronym out of his name which embodies who he was, as well as principles we all can aspire to: M - Make friends wherever you go. A - Accept Everyone whoever they are. T - Take time for those around you. T- Tell people how much they mean to you. Do that every day. You will live a full life.  11:30 - If you live life every day like you are dying, how attractive is that? Dating, bosses, business associates, friends - everyone will be drawn to that! You will be magnetic. That's the energy everybody wants to be around. How do you handle adversity? Every moment is a gift. Faith. Life is always working to your advantage. You are safe; you are a spiritual being in a human body.  15:30 - worrying about what other people think. 18:00 - David's obsession with the greyhound bus. The details of Matt's untimely passing. Living like there's no tomorrow can be incredibly attractive. Put quality in life. Do it. 21:00 - Are we too independent? Do we not need anyone? Embrace people. Adamec's airplane story. Talking to people on an airplane. 25:45 - how Matt met the right woman at only 17 years old.  26:50 - Success for couples. Unusually successful couples. 27:20 - How Don met Kathy. 28:20 - Lightning bolt or slow burn? What's the best way to start a relationship? 31:00 - It not easy for anyone. Even the best relationships. 33:20 - what is numerology, and why is David so into it now? 36:00 - Divorced after 30 years. Who does that, and why? 41:00 - Don's wake up call. 45:20 - The power of not giving up and learning how to get it right. 50:30 - David and Don make a toast to a life well lived and to a friend who reminded them to live every day to its fullest. 52:20 - Don Kowalewski live at the Moth Story Slam, May 2018, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
October 21, 2019
004 - Have men become overgrown children?
Is it true that there are no marriageable men? *Warning* Explicit language.  (Brian was out of hand tonight. If you have children, elderly, small animals or sensitivities of any kind, don't play this one! Consider yourself warned...) Show highlights: 1:20 - Comic books, action figures. Addiction. David and Brian confess their lifelong habits and hobbies. 3:00 - Dork culture - when it's your identity. Nerd culture is in vogue. Are nerdy men, in fact, men?  5:00 - Money spent on yourself. The power of a decision and commitment. 7:50 - "Hot Heathers" - does the wife feel like he's not taking care of business at home? Is she raising another child? 9:00 - Cautionary tale - don't be like Bradley. Don't let your wife take care of business that YOU should be taking care of. 11:00 - Napoleon Hill - the mystery of sex transmutation. Man's greatest desire is to please woman. Men are being robbed of this key motivation today. 13:00 - Article - "The future of men and marriage is bleak." 16:00 - Brian makes personal not of professional women who "get it" and retain their femininity. 17:45 - How a woman or man can manifest their perfect partner. 19:00 - The one that Brian almost married - what went wrong? What could go right? What do men need from women in order to be Prince Charming? 24:50 - Mom's story - don't want to take care of another man - you attract your polarity. 26:30 - Young men today do not know how to be needed. 27:20 - "The acquaintance zone." 28:10 - Give up your hobbies and passions for her, and she'll resent you - the wisdom in "Hot Tub Time Machine." The people around you need you to be committed to your dreams. 30:30 Article - "The Overly Accommodating Male." The disaster a man creates by playing second fiddle. 35:35 - You are what you love, not what loves you. Let her do for you for both your own goods. 38:00 - Monogamy vs. non-monogamy. 43:00 - You can't save her. You're not her therapist. You are her man-lover. Period. 45:00 - Why can't everyone be like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward? You need every advantage to find your compatible match. 47:30 - Personality profiling and your life's journey. 48:30 - Comparing yourself to others. 50:30 - Mathematics is the key to understanding existence.
October 14, 2019
003 - Nice Guys, Bad Boys, and Oliva Newton-John
David and Don take on the Nice Guy/Bad Boy paradox. This was a really fun episode, and you'll get two different perspectives on this from two different life paths - enjoy! Do Nice Guys finish last? 2:47 - become the best version of yourself before getting into a relationship. - Evolve and grow and change as you go and that's a good thing. We are never going to be perfect. - A little better than the day before - Kaizen. 1% improvement every day. - Know your purpose in life. 5:00 - if you're not following your purpose, she'll become less interested and actually think it's something wrong with HER. - Need to be excited for the next day to begin. 7:18 - Tying a good tie knot. David asks for Don's help. Half Windsor knot. One of the hidden benefits of going to catholic school. 9:15 - one in 16 women reported first sexual encounter was not consensual. - Fifty shades - nice guy young boys self-worth and validation. - Exotic dancer pressured to have sex as a teenager - socialization. 14:20 - definition of a nice guy and why he's not nice at all. Why women get pressured into sex. 17:00 -  what if the nice guy and the exciting bad boy could be one guy and have all of the good in one package? 19:00 - don't fix her. 21:00 escapism vs. honoring your passion points. Respecting each other's passions. 24:40 - Khalij times - wife seeks divorce because husband is too nice. What did he do to drive her away? 33:00 - Confidence, Leader of the pack, and Olivia Newton-John. 36:00 - do you need to be jerk to be attractive - the red pill awareness where is the truth? MGTOW - internet of "things." 42:00 -  you attract what you ARE. And that translates to what is your polarity - a dominant woman gets a child-man.  43:00 - can David figure out what his ideal woman is? Can he become her ideal man? Does he even know what the hell he wants? Matthew Dick, Speak Up, Storyworthy book. Storyworthy Book - 46:00 - Don imparts the importance of recording your story. Your story is everything. 48:00 - the four horsemen David's heyday of dirtbaggery in college. 51:00 - Standards of what is perfect and sexy. Wrap up.
October 6, 2019
002 - "A Tale Of Two Lives..."
Welcome to the latest episode of The Alpha Shift! Featuring David Krueger and Don Kowalewski. David and Don met 28 years ago pledging a fraternity at Michigan State University. This episode is two men the same age who have known each other their entire adult lives. Yet their lives took interesting and different courses. Your humble host David had fun and calamity in his personal life, as you all know.   Don married his college sweetheart and has been married 22 years. He has three beautiful kids, three cars, a crushing mortgage, and a dog he doesn't even like. In this episode the hosts realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Show highlights include: * Life paths are different but one is not necessarily wrong. * Sometimes a man finds the right compatible girl and gets lucky. * A woman is attracted to who you are when you meet her. Too often we become someone else - someone who hides in the basement and stops courting her. * Having the guts and the stick-to-it-iveness to go after what you want in life. What it means to show up and get it done. * David's little known Hollywood career and Don's brush with stand-up comedy and how the choices they made affected their lives and loved ones. * There are no wrong decisions. * The danger of comparing yourself to others. * The real reason some couples stay together and some separate. * Don's formula for calculating your TRUE age. Hint you are YOUNGER than you think you are! Subscribe for notifications and email newsletter at
September 21, 2019
001 - Making Better Men
show notes: Featuring David Krueger and Brian Krueger. Welcome to Alpha Shift. It is a movement... In this inaugural edition of The Alpha Shift Podcast, David and his brother (from the same mother) discuss taking full responsibility for our lives, how we are on the side of women, and what we think has gone wrong for men (and women) in these interesting times we live in. Highlights: * The Elusive American Husband. Where have all the good men gone? Changing gender norms are leaving men adrift and women lonely and alone. The new rules aren't working. * Hasbro Toy Company goes full on "woke" with the introduction of Ms. Monopoly. The game is actually extremely insulting to girls as it gives them an unfair (and unnecessary advantage over boys). Also sends message to young boys that they are less important. WTF? * "Man Happily Includes Wife's Lover in Their Wedding Photos: Cheating on me is a part of her identity." Why polyamory and cuckoldry are signs of the coming apocalypse. There is no virtue or value is some younger generations and we share responsibility in creating it. * But don't worry we will turn this around and everything is going to be OK... Enjoy the show and we'll see you next week! - David 
September 13, 2019