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Carolina Bellwethering

Carolina Bellwethering

By American Beacon Radio
A sometimes serious half comedic commentary on the realness of reality in american politics, life in general, and the state of affairs in carolina state governments
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The New Past: Why a 2010-2014 Strategy is the Way to Avoid Being Crushed
It's amazing how the media is back to the way they were. Defending war actions again. Expect the markets to do the same thing. If you lost a bunch of money this past week in your investments we're not surprised. I hope you're not sitting around waiting for the next round of covid relief. We also have a word on education courtesy of North Carolina's Lt Governor Mark Robison. I suggest you listen up to what he had to say at CPAC this week. Also a look at where this podcast has been over the years and why we are where we are now. 
February 27, 2021
Promises Unkept - A short commentary
A brief tribute to the legacy of Rush Limbaugh, and a reminder of just how bad Joe Biden and the democrats have been for America in less than a month. Only forever to go.
February 20, 2021
The Twitter News
A lot of what is going on right now is so damned repetitive that we aren't going to cover it the same way we did in 2008-2015. We are using this time to remind you of what following Linn Woodenhead Wood and his elk down a rabbit hole has done for the future of our republic. We are not mincing words. Yes the 2021 Carolina Bellwether podcast is a tour of the things we're thankful you thrown at us in the most unthankful way possible. Biden, Russia you name it.. we got it covered. America is Back! as he so eloquently proclaimed! lol!
February 6, 2021
Lock, Stock and Barrels
We know everyone is clamoring to understand the market activity. Don't worry the politicians are about to get involved and everything will be fixed... or not. You'd be amazed how many Democrats hate wealth except when it's their own though. Also the San Fran Board of Education has a history lesson for all of us. I hope your studied, because we're going to quiz you on it.
January 30, 2021
A few Weekend Thoughts
Bonus podcast introducing folks to our rumble channel and a preview of what we think is coming in the next week. Minimum wage debate is raging and the Biden administration is already failing the black community.
January 24, 2021
Build Back Better
We can't simply just walk into this next set of four years and whine about Biden when there are so many folks to thank on the other side for putting us in this situation to begin with. The Democrats have unchecked power for one reason - people followed the Linn Woods and Sidney Powell's off a cliff instead of focusing on what should have been winnable senate races in Georgia. What was the biblical saying "reap what you sow".. yea that. This is what you have given us for the next four years. If you are sick of the "we told you so's" find another damned show. Welcome back to endless war, pissing off our allies and getting caught up in endless wars overseas. It's the new normal... or should we say it's the nightmare version of a very old normal.
January 23, 2021
COVID Relief has always been "politics over people"
The progressive rendition of the stimu-"lies" bill being floated in the name of covid is deeply concerning. It threatens the health of small businesses. It threatens the sustainability and livelihoods of many americans who will be priced out of the market by this very dangerous 15 dollar an hour minimum wage proposal. Also we have more conspiracy crap to rant about on the so-called conservative side. No the national guard are not that to stop the inauguration. Keep making yourself a fool by believing that will you.
January 16, 2021
Who's Responsible for the Shrinking Moderate Political Class?
We're all tired of the censorship.. we've seen it this year like never before.. they started this in china a decade ago.. and its finally here.. and they control so much of what we say and do that we're really helpless to it. We don’t agree with the stuff Trump supporters did on Wednesday but we’re in deep sh** if this keeps going. Both sides are culpable - one side has an entire corporate world echo chamber and the other doesn't but they both have their faults. Linn Wood is a disgrace. Anyone who continues to believe his nonsense should be ashamed of themselves, and congratulations you have been played. A robot lotion theatre will also be played stay tuned.
January 9, 2021
The Death of an Era
What happened today is not something anyone should be standing for. I stand with Pence, not Trump. Peaceful transfer of power is such a sacred part of our republic. I don't like the policies mainstream democrats advocate for, but todays unrest was inadmissible. The simple fact is that Trump had the opportunity to answer the request of DC authorities call the national guard in and didn't. The simple fact is that if Trump did what was necessary to secure the capital I would have found a way to give him the benefit of the doubt. The fact is: he didn't do that at all. it took Pence to finally do it. Then that twitter video was atrocious-if the violence was non trump supporters why all the commentary about the stolen election. Pathetic. So many things have deprived us of the real conversations we needed to be having and that is the tragedy in all this. It should also make you angry. Don't expect amnesty if you continue down the Linn Wood rabbit hole. We'll explain!
January 7, 2021
The Supreme Court Has Spoken
You're not going to like everything we have to say. We break out the constitution to explain why we believe the decision to deny the Texas lawsuit as it stands was the right one. Come along for the ride and learn something. Also. Covid news continues to break with both vaccine and lockdown information.
December 12, 2020
A Texas Sized Lawsuit
Several States have announced support of the Texas lawsuit against 4 key swing states challenging the constitutionality of their election law modifications among other things. We are proud that South Carolina is one of the supporting states in that regard. Our expectations are low, but it is almost win at all costs mode with what the Democrats have promised to do to this country when power is returned to their grasps. It's not good for anyone - pandemic or no pandemic. We recap the Fulton County mess and some more covid wonderment on this weeks edition of Tuesday Tumbleweed.
December 9, 2020
The fact checking war on big tech beyond 2020
Facebook flagged another one of our posts - on a technicality. Fulton county wasn't using suitcases to flood and count ballots in the middle of the night after sending poll watchers home. They were instead carrying them in something different. Which makes total sense. Some more updates have come from O'keefe's Veritas expose on CNN. CNN isn't helping their case by compounding their lies with more lies in the aftermath - including falsely accusing James of racism. Our podcast exclusive segment focused on the need for reforms involving marijuana. You'll hear us mention the word wedge again.. we'll explain.
December 5, 2020
What the hell is going on in Fulton County?
Breaking News stories packed in this episode again. We condemn all threats of violence on officials or employees involved in any election related work. We simply want an accurate vote count and justice for any fraud. We maintain that we have not been presented enough evidence to overturn any election result. We have seen enough to charge some organizations and people in them with felonies. It is a felony to falsely vote in Georgia while pretending to live there (have a temporary address there, etc. Also Covid.. masks vaccines and scams. You'll want to hear the new CDC guidance!!
December 3, 2020
Tuesday Talk - Conspiracies and Moore
It's almost like this show is the only place where you can find unbiased analytical commentary about the election. It's not waving the white flag. It's looking at the facts and figuring out the way forward. You people calling for tribunals or civil wars or warts... are a feather on the ass of a large aardvark. Don't expect Bill Barr to chase after your conspiracies.. 1 election law is a state legislature issue and he also deals in facts. He hasn't denied the existence of fraud. What he is saying is that the Kracken has not impressed, and time is running out.
December 2, 2020
Edison County Electioneering and the CDC's new 7 Day Rule
Let's go Down the rabbit hole on Carolina Bellwethering!! With Election info, COVID-sanity and lawsuit paradise.
December 1, 2020
Trump Gives the Go Ahead for the Transition Team
Folks this isn't some samuri chess move. It's a sign of what we have been telling you for a while now. The legal challenges Trump has put forth are not materializing and the race is over. The fight for conserative values isn't over, but the 2020 presidential election is all but decided. We want to be wrong, but the evidence is overwhelming and has been for quite some time. Draconian covid laws are everywhere, and we also talk about some of the resistance efforts there as well.
November 24, 2020
Trump Campaign Distances itself from Sidney Powell
Not exactly the Kracken we were looking for just showed up and devoured Sidney Powell. It is critical that we discuss was is going on here. It is becoming increasingly likely that will will see a post thanksgiving concession from Donald Trump, because his legal team has been unable to produce the evidence needed to counter such a reality. We still don't see it either. We do believe there is some sketchy business going on with the people in charge of counting our votes. This system goes back to when we purchased it with shoddy oversight back in 2006. Talking about this, our future and more.
November 23, 2020
The Krackle Says Biden will be President
We don't like it.. but reality is reality. Unbased conspiracy theories are not going to save our republic, good people are. And there are plenty of them in our states despite the results of the election. We will rally those good people to make this country a free and more prosperous nation for the next generation. In some ways it is going to take a back to the basics approach. Carolina Bellwethering will be a beacon of hope and resistance of tyranny in even the darkest times.
November 21, 2020
Old Pandemics and Even Older Tricks
There's not much to be said. We are still waiting the results of some election legal challenges. People have also lost their ever loving minds over covid restrictions. Most of the new cases are in mask bastions, but that doesn't stop them from wanting to lock down the whole country. This is an instrument of tyranny and much  be stopped
November 20, 2020
Release The Kraken by Friday or Bust
You have till this Friday or/and This coming Monday to either prove your cases with more than mere words and hyperbole from Rudy, (If you knew how his arguments were conducted in PA Case, you know what we mean!) Trump Campaign legal team or we are through with this! We are annoyed now. Our republic is at stake.
November 19, 2020
Election Legal Challenges and Facebook Senate Testimony Updates
We're still in a rapid fire news cycle with a lot of things happening post election 2020. Donald Trump may never concede the election, but we're not going to follow him over the cliff if the evidence doesn't back up his assertions. That said we are following some important leads in the certification process for Michigan election results. We have also learned of some counties in the Georgia recounts turning up previously uncounted votes. Nothing we have seen indicates a change in the expectations of Biden becoming president but we want a free and fair election process with both sides held accountable for any screwups. Facebook should be in a world of trouble for their censorship efforts - listen to the episode to hear why.. 
November 18, 2020
Monday Night Matters
The breaking election news needs a subtance... Here's our official stance otherwise.. It's time that IF there is detailed evidence ,etc. MORE than somewhat stuff we have reported here. IT TIME! EITHER PUT UP or SHUT UP.. Trump legal team: We support your effort but you have THIS WEEK to do it. If not, You will lose that support and we'll consider it "rick rolling" at best.... We have a country and A CONSTITUTION that will not allow trifling. We deal in facts and that's it. Free and fair election is more important than outcome. Be warned we may piss off people on both sides with this one!!!
November 17, 2020
The False Democracy and the Acceptance of Oligarchism
It's not just enough that we have a disputed presidential election going on. We literally have an assault on liberty that many Americans are okay with. Freedom is not a currency for security public health or otherwise. You simple lose both. Yet the lockdown mentality is being pushed harder by the same folks who never see a dent in their paychecks during these times. Donald Trump may or may not have a path to victory. Bill is optimistic about the legal processes and Ryan a bit less so. That's the beautiful thing about the podcast though. Both perspectives are important. We consulted our own office of the president elect of bellwethers to map out what is left in this process.
November 14, 2020
Biden Vs Trump Election Integrity
The truth is Trump may have lost this election. It's not official yet. It hasn't been certified yet. We Need to first and foremost ensure that the entire process is lawful and respects the will of the voters. We also know there was also some voter fraud. There can be both evidence of voter fraud against your candidate and have you candidate lose an election out right. Both facts can be true. I'm not sure where the future lies if Biden Harris gets the white house. I do think it is encouraging to see historically democrat demographics open their hearts and minds to the cause of liberty - which is a resounding, universal and inclusive movement. We need to continue to build on that momentum going forward and defend the things we know morally to be true about America and about her people.
November 7, 2020
Election Night Chaos?
We seriously wonder if we have seen the last of free and fair elections in America. It's not a joke. It's quite literally that state and local governments have shown incompetence in the ability to contain unrest - and it's a legitimate question to ask if that is going to adversely affect the vote counting process in certain parts of the country on election night. Polling is encouraging among those who violence has impacted their votes - overwhelmingly those impacted by riots have chosen to support trump - and you know they will have motivation to show up like never before. Biden had several more embarrassing gaffes which we will get to. The most important takeaway in the final weekend of the election is that freedom is only yours until you give it up. Once you give it up you are not guaranteed to see it again.
October 31, 2020
The Howling Coyote, Biden Debates Biden
We have acquired some information we have submitted to project Veritas. Basically it confirms that 1. Joe Biden is a liar, and 2. the scope of the unelected bureaucracy that is ready to ruin your lives is far greater than you could even imagine. Donald Trump made him eat his words multiple times in the debate. We have reached a turning point. Our energy based swing states now know that Biden will destroy their economies. Robot lotion theatre makes a return in response to the false outrage over the trump comment about Coyotes trafficking immigrant children. Yes isn't it incredible - some of the children were already separated from their parents before hand? more than 1/3 are not even traveling with them yep! Trump's internal polling looks great :)
October 24, 2020
The Smoking Crack Pipe
We cover what twitter and facebook don't want you to know. This censorship is a significant part of the story. Trump is your last line of defense between the corporate authoritarianism that has developed and the authoritarianism that the left want to envelop the entire nation in if they come to power. The facts are: Joe lied. He jeapardized our national security and Hunter Biden has some incriminating emails that came out to prove it. Don't mess with Rudy Guiliani! He's on the case. Also Cuomo and your book tour! We have a COVID19 timeline that's your worst nightmare! We dare you to challenge it.
October 17, 2020
The VP Debate - Just a Demolition
We planned to cover the whole debate in real time, Pence's victory was so complete in the early rounds that we went on and hosted our own show. Trump has made an amazing recovery from COVID - the fake news media is losing their minds over it - and Trump wants these thearputics that made him better available to the American people ASAP. There's a new update in the North Carolina senate race involving "Cow" Cal Cunningham. That race is pretty much over. Pennsylvania, a key battleground state, has a fascinating republican to democrat ratio of newly registered voters. Yes its a quarter to midnight in the presidential campaign and all is well after this night. We'll be on break after this episode until the 16th - so enjoy this one!
October 8, 2020
Trump Has Coronavirus
Donald and Melania Trump were diagnosed with coronavirus early Friday. The fake news media and many on twitterverse were giddy, but we come on here with the common sense take. There's our commentary on the state of political dialogue in this country and how much more cruel and negative people from the anonymity of their keyboards. We need to talk about the changing dynamic of the upcoming race and the all important Pence/Harris debate. We also tie in some additional post trump/biden debate analysis we began earlier this week and why we think the libertarians need more attention in the public sphere. Lastly we bring back one of our age old parodies.
October 3, 2020
Trump Vs Biden - Debate 1
Bill and Ryan commentary the debate in real time and provide you with instant analysis that the lamestream media won't give you. We don't think this particular debate changed anyone's hearts. We do however think there are some takeaways from it that most folks aren't talking about. Oh and a Friday preview you don't want to miss - If you stick around ;)
September 30, 2020
The Platinum Plan
Joe Biden had a fascinating message for our troops in 2016. Secondly, there's a reason the libertarian party is completely irrelevant - you won't believe who Jo Jorgeson thinks would be worthy of a supreme court appointment. IS COVID-19 beginning to out mask the mask? We're not sure but we do have the CDC's halloween recommendations for you. Lastly, Trump's plan to save america and rescue the black community is bold and brilliant - which means CNN will most definitely hate it.
September 26, 2020
Biden is not well, and the campaign pressure is mounting
Breaking news this week - Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died. We pay our respects first off, call out anyone who won't do the same and also have a little conversation about what this means going forward. Hint it's not good for the left. The biggest elephant in the room is Biden's worsening health. Yes he says things that are very easy to poke fun at and we will continue to do so. We need to ask questions of the motives of the people putting Joe out there. This is a sick man who they are propping up to voters as a trojan horse for a much more elaborate scheme - a scheme that Kamala Harris clued us in on in the past week. All this and more.
September 19, 2020
9/11 Special - Redefining Never Forget
Some audio on this podcast is very traumatic and we intended it that way. One of the biggest problems in today's america, is we have an entire generation of people reaching adult age who have no knowledge or understanding of what america went through on 9/11/01. Lives were changes forever, and people rallied around the ideals of this country. We forgot about the things that divided us, quite frankly we didn't care. Police officers and first responders weren't out seeking to poor people or minorities. We were all Americans with the understanding that our way of life was under attack. That spiritual and patriotic revival that sparked unprecedented levels of unity directly contrast an illness that purveys the thoughts and minds of so many in 2020. Clearly many have forgotten, and many in the younger generation have never been taught. Well we are here to remind those who need to the reminder, and to give the wake up call to those who were never taught. Freedom is only a generation away from extinction, and we're here to give it a fighting chance.
September 12, 2020
Defund the Socialists
Our first bone to pick is with the Atlantic and their report on the 93% mostly peaceful riots. What are the names of all the organizations verifying that information? Trump had some big foreign policy successes. Some people think that's dangerous to tout since it didn't do George HW Bush any good, but we call that revisionist history. Lastly Governor Cooper of North Carolina has our attention. Is he going to placate the teachers unions or help his state? Also we have an endorsement announcement from the national fraternal order of police. We also have a new cue dingaling we are debuting for the convenience of our audience and hosts.
September 5, 2020
Turning Tides and What the Media Won't Tell You
Justice goes both ways. I hope we make that abundantly clear. We won't tolerate the violence though that is being aided and abetted by a radical political establishment which includes the democrat party. So we spend this show talking about the important issues. Why equality under the law matters. Why the police matter - especially in the context of real issues facing children across america that CNN for some reason won't tell you about. The corporate games are over, the time for truth and constitutional law and order is now.
August 29, 2020
Un-Conventional Conventioning
Breaking down the DNC breakdown and some new coronavirus phenoms sweeping the nation. Biden manages to make the show despite our efforts to ignore his Sunday night appearance on ABC. It's very difficult for him to not embarrass himself in front of a camera. Also what is Massachussetts doing with the flu shot? Tennessee also has a new way to handle the rioters - and the democrat party in that state is eating their own. All of this adds up to field day for the bellweatherers.
August 24, 2020
Infected Chicken Wings,Weird Numbers and Bad Masks
UT OH! Bill's by himself because Ryan is stuck on an island without PPE other than Suntan lotion,While it's raining! All by his lonesome, Bill discusses Bad masks, Bad numbers about masks, Covid 19 ism's. Biden and Kamala new mandate idea and Postal nightmares that may not be what is claimed to be...
August 15, 2020
Biden's Diversity
Do we need to say more... he gets away with it all. Also most falsi with falsi. Anyone thinks theirs a conflict of interest with the NIH and the development of this covid19 vacine with falsi? We think something is falsi and we'll tell you if you listen.
August 8, 2020
Remembering a Conservative Giant
Tonight we honor Herman Cain. A man who truly would have made this country a better place if he became president. One who still fought to make this country a better place anyway. Of the many people who have lost their lives to COVID19 his is one of the more difficult ones because of how much he meant to so many people. To those who wished him ill - we have a special message for one individual especially tonight. Unbelievably Fauci finds himself on the wrong end of a common sense argument again. Jim Jordan wasn't having it - and neither should you. We'll explain... Tune in!
August 1, 2020
Challenging the narrative: Flying under New York's Radar
We're pondering the so-called thesis of a supposed twitter conservative - that assimilation is communist, and that the color blind melting pot of america was somehow unfounded and unjust. I just couldn’t help but think - what’s the end game of that thesis - because for me the discussion is over once it becomes anti american. If you overlook the countries that throw gays off buildings and round up muslims and send them to concentration camps, the discussion is over. What about assimilation in the american sense is communist. What about being a citizen of the US require a homoegeneous expression of culture. Also we have a quarantine/totalitarian story to talk about from new york and an update on cloth masks.
July 25, 2020
The Curse of the Bellerers
It's time to play Cuomo's contract tracing game. Are schools or daycares safer places to store children during a pandemic? and finally which mask is right for you?
July 18, 2020
The Education Revolution and the Revenge of the Cloth Mask
The pandemic has accidentally revealed a lot to parents about the level of indoctrination in our school system. What exactly is it that has our schools failing by the metrics that really matter in the end. "A new building does not a good school make." So let's 'Follow the money' if you will. Trump is doing that - he just got a great idea to do with out universities which have been pumping out anti-american graduating class after anti-american graduating class over the years. Let's go after the tax exempt status of the multi billion dollar endowments of some of these elite ivy league universities have. Mind you these are same schools that want to charge their students $50,000 per year to go to online school so they can be given the magical piece of paper that gives them membership in their elite club of graduates. The reality is not only are people suffering from being miseducated, they are suffering from what they aren't being taught too. Whether its math, history, science, or the skill classes that prepare you for real life survival. Time's up. And the science says cloth masks are not what they seem. We'll explain.
July 11, 2020
Systemic Regression - The last gasp for freedom in a Totalitarian World
Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Jr. - say his name. Watch his father talk about him on the one media outlet that would give him a platform. His death in the Seattle occupied zone should not be forgotten. His life MATTERED. If America is going to continue to be free, America will do so by valuing life again, and yes we shouldn't be afraid to say that marriage and the family are the biggest security against poverty in a nation. Some things that are lost cannot be recovered - at least in their original form. That's the essence of the word Conservative. We believe great freedoms, great liberties, and incredible gifts from God above need to be given a safe haven in a prosperous society. Our fight, like in the preamble to the constitution, is a fight to make America a more perfect union. Others and this is being promulgated by the democratic party establishment, want to tear it all down and build a much more fascistic looking country in its place. In a paraphrase of Lincoln at Gettysburg - history will not long represent what was said, but what was done. So what will you do?
July 4, 2020
The "Not so Soft" Marxism
We are in the midst of cultural revolution. This is not about undoing past wrongs or correction the course of a nation that has fallen short of its principles. This is now about changing the history and purging any reference of a free America from the vocabulary of the next generation. They don't care what Abraham Lincoln meant to the people of his day. They don't care about politicians from the other party proposing real reforms in the senate. All they want to do is tell you, that you don't have a right to a voice because you support the system they are trying to tear down. Put down your tater wedges and follow us. Oh by the way - this podcast is now on the new free speech social media platform "Parler" Might want to join us @carolinabell and @billmcmicheals
June 27, 2020
The Hypocrisy of Cancel Culture
All good things end right? Well that's the saying someone once came up with. What if there are no good things left in life? what then? The radical left has already made it painstakingly obvious that there is not neutrality in this debate. You either have solidarity with the rioters - or you oppose their fraudulent ideals of freedom and democracy which disguises their fascism. The day you speak up is not the day they come after you, they already are. If you believe in America and the opportunity that it presents for all citizens the time to say it is now.
June 20, 2020
A new country is born out of the ruins
Tonight we honor CHAZ - the new fully autonomous regime inside modern day Seattle, which declared its independence on June 9th, 2020 as part of a valiant fight for the common well being of all those who believed in total oppression of opposing thoughts. We also are here to piss off conservatives again. You need to fight the battles that take principled stands and not the ones that sit on top of old moldy potato wedges. Ask yourself.. what will you give for unity? Not what principles will you sacrifice... what will it take for you to humble yourself? If you cannot respect a differing opinion - you give the appearance of having a supremacy complex.. yep I said it!
June 13, 2020
Having the Uncomfortable Conversations
In order to be able to understand the complexity of the problems we are dealing with in 2020 you have to be a free thinker. Partisanship will get you nowhere in this climate, and it will accomplish nothing on our quest for national unity. More importantly, the marginalized among us deserve better. Just because the origin of a problem is not your fault, doesn't mean you are abdicated of duty to solve it, particularly when it involves injustice. Let's not forget that we're also paying attention to who's offering the solutions to our nations problems in the political spectrum while analyzing the role they played in starting some of the problems. There are no innocent bystanders - just truth seekers or those who prefer to continue to live a comfortable lie. It's time to make that lie a little more discomforting.
June 6, 2020
Time for this to End
Peaceful protests have been coopted into riots. Why are so many people supporting the violence? Branston is helping to expose the people involved - and hint many of them are white. If you care about liberty help us continue to expose the one's who would cause reckless and wonton damage to our communities, particularly where minorities dwell and own businesses. I think we're finding out who the real racists are.
June 1, 2020
2020 - The Affirmation of Incompetence, Irrationality and Ignorance
There are many forces seeking to undermine America as a free country - most of them are from within. Some of these force are backed by very wealthy Global entities. Violence that begets violence is the path to some of the world's most fearsome tyrannies and the time to speak out again it is now. It's quite a task with all of the media - and most celebrities continuing to do everything they can to prop it up. Maybe we should start holding them liable for the damages? Oh and miraculously we've cured coronavirus instantaneously.
May 30, 2020
The absurdity of the COVID Crazies
The pandemic has brought out the worst in humanity. The controversy of mask wearing has left and right wing folks losing their collective minds. The number of people wishing ill will on those simply trying to go about their normal lives should absolutely offend everyone. From wishing beach goers get caught in rip currents, to calling for the end of all buffet style dining. We have a short vulgar phrase for that entire demographic of ideology. Tune in to find out.
May 25, 2020
Falsehoods over Lies, Myth-makers correcting myths
Fauci had some stern words to his past self about how he handled COVID19. Biden discovered a rare skin condition that occurs when you are an on the fence voter. It is only getting worse from here on out in Seattle. If it isn't COVID19 its fake unemployment applications causing them to lose millions of dollars. Speaking of racists, wreck-it-Ralph has a new guidance recommendation that requires universal masking. Are we there yet?!?!?!
May 23, 2020
Now that: South Carolina Strikes Gold, Dry Sand Kills
Have you ever noticed the Dr. Fauci is only "God" to the media when he says things the media likes? The time for games is up. The Podcast has introduced a new paid consultant Branston - and they don't miss important quotes. We have all the audio! There's a serious concern for health problems unrelated to COVID19 that are being suppressed due to the fear mongering by this same media. Also, some of these stay at home/shut down orders are being shut down by judicial review. There's a big reason for it. Find your patch of wet sand and kick back and be educated.
May 16, 2020
Idiot Avalanche and Addressing the Amaud Arbery Lynching
Idiocy is rampant. People are very confused about what's constitutional rights and whats just simply you being an idiot. Costco requiring you to wear a mask doesn't violate any amendments and it certainly is not an infringement on your rights. In the same vein, shooting someone who won't comply with your "orders" is not a second amendment issue either. newsflash it‘s racism! Its time to bring back sanity, and the sooner the better - but we're not hedging on it!!!
May 9, 2020
Gestapo Appreciation Day
Bill and Ryan are fed up with the tyrants and it sounds like a lot of other people are too. Whitmir an her long lost sister from Maine are on notice after doubling down that some important people are now paying attention to their horrendous abuses of power. Also stop using cumulative reports to count cases when reports of hospitalizations are a much more useful and accurate metric. Sleepy Joe Biden has some news for us all too.
May 2, 2020
COVID 19 Strikes the Work Force and Real Estate
Kristen Atkins joins the podcast to give a perspective on the housing market as people lose jobs and have to adjust to the changing socio-economic climate. The 180 we have done from prosperity to almost depression like levels has been hard to fathom. It is not sustainable. Secondly, How many people are due for routine dentist appointments that can't go right now? Just wondering... how many cancers aren't being caught early right now... or did cancer decide to take a break while we run around with our coronavirus heads cut off? How many preventable heart attack deaths are going unprevented? Just curious.
April 25, 2020
Special Edition - Bill McMicheals talks COVID19 Economics
There are some real life impacts that this shut down is having on people. This short special edition show talks about a particular situation in NC that is a lot more common right now than people realize and it's a big reason why the focus needs to be on reopening our country. Do it safely, but the self-inflicted wounds really do hurt the average American. We'll let the episode do the rest of the talking.
April 19, 2020
WHO is responsible for this
Why would we cut funding to WHO in a pandemic? Why wouldn't we? Plus we have a brand new set of rules derived for the internet on how to survive COVID19 - godspeed
April 19, 2020
The Economic Toll of Fear
Tyranny is not worth it ever. It has finally gotten to the point where the punishment government is inflicting on society is going to have a significantly worse collective toll than that of COVID19 - from economics to freedom to spirituality and general mental health. America used to not tolerate this level of abuse. What happened? Oh yes, some conspiracies are real - we'll explain.
April 11, 2020
The Harbinger of Bellwethers: Treat the Disease
What are we waiting for? People need us to step up and this economy cannot stay stagnant forever. Streamline testing and treatment - we have the evidence it works. Cut the red tape, so we can begin the long hard process of getting Americans back to work. For goodness sake! Stop panic buying lotion!
April 4, 2020
Bears and flea markets
So the house finally passed the rescue bill and the president signed it. So what the hell took so long? Do we really have the time or patience for any more grandstanding when lives are on the line? Also the banning of overwhelmingly viable COVID19 treatments for politics needs to stop right now!!! CDC Coronavirus Symptom Screener app:
March 28, 2020