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The Ampersand Podcast

The Ampersand Podcast

By The Ampersand Project
A fortnightly podcast exploring themes of wellbeing, mental health, and self-care. We interview a range of guests, from creatives to campaigners, who share thoughts and experiences from their wellbeing journeys.
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Episode 3: Keep Looking Forward: #20IsPlenty with Benjamin Wimbush
In this episode, we talk to Benjamin Wimbush of the Lucozade Sport Movers List about starting the #20isplenty movement. Ben injured his spine in a trampolining accident 8 years ago, and started the 20isplenty movement as a way to help motivate able-bodied and disabled people, and those with mental ill-health.  To find out more about Benjamin, #20isplenty and #AteWithAMate, you can find him on Facebook, as well as follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @BenWimbushSCORD.  You can check out the Lucozade Sport Movers List and find out more about Ben and the other inspirational people on the list on the Lucozade Sport website.   A transcript of this episode is available on our website.  For more support and information about spinal injuries, you can visit the Spinal Injuries Association website, where you can also find their helpline and online chat facilities. 
December 11, 2019
Episode 2: Postnatal and Perinatal Mental Health
In this episode, we have a fantastic discussion with two mothers in Glasgow about their experiences with perinatal and postnatal health.  Join us as we talk about their individual stories and perspectives; touching on their experiences of miscarriage and infertility, birth and C-sections, and the pressures society often puts on pregnant people and parents, as well as post-birth trauma, the events leading up to it, diagnosis and treatment after. We also talk about where they found help and advice, and what friends and families can do to further support expecting and new parents. Content warning: PTSD, birth trauma, miscarriage You can find more information, including a transcript of this episode and a list of places you can find support if you or someone you know has been affected by the issues discussed on our website. 
November 15, 2019
Episode 1 - I Am Not A Human Resource : Living With Chronic Illness and Disability
In this episode, Josie Deacon meets writers Ever Dundas and Julie Farrell. Join them as they sit down to discuss Julie and Ever’s experiences living with chronic illnesses and disability. You can follow and contact Julie Farrell on Twitter (@weeredwriter), and visit her website is You can follow and contact Ever Dundas on Twitter and Instagram (@everdundas) and on Facebook (@EverRADundas). Her blog can be found at You can find out more about fibromyalgia at Fibromyalgia Action UK. To find out more about Ehlers-Danlos, you can visit The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK website. More information about M.E is available via the Action for M.E website. To learn more about Generalised Anxiety Disorder, you can visit Anxiety UK. To find out more about The Ampersand Project, you can follow us on social media (@TheAmpersandPro), or visit our website. For a transcript of this episode, please visit
October 1, 2019