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The Anatomy Nerd Show

The Anatomy Nerd Show

By Vanessa Ragains
We discuss crucial health topics, wellness modalities around the world, how to use herbs, spices, and foods in medicinal ways, to help listeners learn how they can heal their body in a holistic way.
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EP 14: 8 Tips For Sticking To Your Goals
January 9, 2020
EP 13: Vanessa Ragains: Self-Care Tips for Traveling During The Holidays
Self Care Tips for Traveling during the Holidays Keep your body Hydrated Use Essential Oils to support a healthy mood and immune system Breathing Exercises
December 25, 2019
EP 12: Tessa Stefanisko: Maintaining Your Body as a Dancer
Follow Tessa Stefanisko INSTAGRAM Shakti Dance Movement INSTAGRAM
December 17, 2019
EP 11: Rachel Beck & Liv Loo: Living The Vegan Lifestyle
Are you Vegan-Curious? I asked my friends Rachel Beck and Liv Loo on the show so I could pick their brains about what its like to live a Vegan Lifestyle. Tune in for this unique dual-interview episode! Follow Rachel Beck Facebook @newdelements Instagram @newdelements Website  Follow Liv Loo Facebook: @MoveToLiv Instagram: @MoveToLiv
December 11, 2019
EP 10: Dr. Perry Nickelston Stop Chasing Pain
STOP CHASING PAIN - Founder Dr. Perry Nickelston Instagram Facebook Website
December 3, 2019
EP 9: Dr. Angela Kelsey Giddings: Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
Meet Dr Angela Kelsey Giddings!
November 27, 2019
EP 8: Dr. Joe Ferrantelli: Posture Screen App
Posture Screen App!
November 19, 2019
EP 6: Vanessa Ragains: Stretching Vs. Foam Rolling Part II
Get your custom Mobility Plan by visiting
November 6, 2019
EP 5: Vanessa Ragains: Stretching Vs. Foam Rolling
Anatomy Nerd Community
October 30, 2019
EP 3: Shawn Fink: Savoring The Moment with Gratitude
I met Shawn in a Virtual Community called What Works. Learn about her journey as she discovered the magic of Savoring the Moment with Gratitude. I will link all of her contact information down below.  Instagram: AwakeShawn Facebook Abundant Mama
October 16, 2019
EP 2: Liv Loo: MoveToLiv with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Meet Liv! She is creating a movement of sorts.  She has an incredible journey to share about how she deals with her RA symptoms. Her connection to her body and mind gives her the courage to maintain her mobility even when her body seems to want to give up. Flare-ups can come from anywhere and Liv will share insights that have helped her through this adversity that she takes on like a champion.   Do you know someone dealing with the devastations of RA? Make sure to send them this episode so that they can connect with Liv today!   Tune in to get motivated to MoveToLiv!  HOW TO CONNECT WITH LIV: Instagram: Email: 🔗Check out our Post LIVE Interview
October 9, 2019
EP 1: Vanessa Ragains: Why I started this Podcast!
During this episode, I share a brief timeline of events during my life that has led me to start this very Podcast! If you are just learning about The Anatomy Nerd Show, this is the episode that I would like you to start with!  LINKS FROM EPISODE: 🔗Website 🔗Facebook 🔗Instagram Thank you so much for listening! 
October 2, 2019