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The Andrew Baker Show

The Andrew Baker Show

By Andrew
I have a severe itch to learn about everything under the sun!

Business, health, fitness, cooking, gardening... I don't care!

We're here to explore every topic of every kind!
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Working on What you Love with Dylan Ogline

The Andrew Baker Show

The Corporate Exhausted Hero w/ Mark Heydt
Most of us are working 9-5's and most of us are exhausted! Work should be tiring, but not exhausting. Check out Mark's book on Amazon! Rescuing the Exhausted Corporate Hero
December 22, 2020
Do you understand your fears?
Jason and I dive into an amazing conversation about understanding how some of your positive qualities might actually be based on fear, like a love of learning as we discuss, and why internalizing external necessity is key to sustained movement. Please go follow Jason at his website, 
December 8, 2020
Working on What you Love with Dylan Ogline
We dive into a lot of topics here with Dylan! Accepting you're going to suck at everything you start for a while, why a lack of formal education opened him up to knowledge, and working hard on things you love!
December 5, 2020