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The Art Cake Coach

The Art Cake Coach

By Cristina Arévalo
A podcast for cake artists, cake decorators, bakers, and cake enthusiasts to help them with their time management, social media posting, and mindset towards their business, teaching their craft and helping them be part of an international cake community, cake collaborations, and cake competitions.
Create your own cake collaboration
Hi, my sweet friends! This episode is a short one, dedicated to one topic I  forgot to mention on the podcast series about cake collaborations. How to be a curator of a cake collab and create your own collaboration. Do you have a great idea and need some guidance to make it possible? Check out this episode, and join The Cake Collective to find all the help you need to be a cake collab admin. The Cake Collective link: Thanks so much for listening and as always, Stay Creative!
July 01, 2022
#6 About Cake Collaborations (Part 2)
Hello, my sweet friends! Welcome back to another episode of The Art Cake Coach, today we close the topic of cake collaborations with this second part episode about cake collabs. I´ll be leaving here the links to our online community that this week reached 7K members, let me invite you to be part of Cake Friends Stay Creative: This episode is sponsored by : The Art Cake School, is my online school for sugar paste modeling, cake decoration, and coaching for cake artists. Enroll with either of the three available subscription options, Free, Basic subscription plan, or Premium Subscription plan. Link here: I am so happy to have Saracino and their FREE online magazine " We Love Pastry" as part of The Art Cake Coach. Great products, that I use for my cake collaboration projects and this amazing FREE online Magazine.  Download your FREE May issue which is bursting with beautiful tutorials by very talented artists from around the globe. Enjoy reading interesting interviews and blogs. And check out the creations made by all of YOU. ❤ Download for FREE: allow up to 2 minutes to download) Flick through: And remember that I am waiting for you on our private FB group The Art Cake Coach:
June 28, 2022
#5- About Cake Collaborations
Hello my sweet friends, welcome back to The Art Cake Coach podcast! Today I´ll be sharing with you something that I love and has been a game-changer in my cake decorating career: Cake Collaborations. In this episode, I´ll cover what a cake collaboration is, why to participate, and how to participate and I´ll leave you the links for the groups and communities you can join to be part of a cake collab. The Cake Collective: Sugar Mad Group: Cake Friends Stay Creative: Sugar Junkies: And, let me remind you that The Art Cake School, my online school for sugar paste modeling and coaching for cake artists y open for enrollment. Follow this link to find out more about my online school: Join our FB private group The Art Cake Coach
June 21, 2022
Podcast short: About Prioritizing your Tasks
Welcome to the first " Short" of my podcast, a podcast episode under 5 min that will give you tips and tricks about the topic we have been talking about. And, since the last episode was about time management, this " short" is about prioritizing your to-do list tasks. When you are making your to-do list for the week think about this: What needs to be done today? What tasks are urgent? What tasks are important but not urgent? Can I delegate any of these tasks? Can I remove any of these tasks from my to-do list? Hope these questions help you organize your tasks in a better and most effective way. Thanks for listening and as always, Stay Creative!
June 14, 2022
#3 Time Management for Cake Artists
Hello, my sweet friends! Can you relate to this? Too many things at the same time, working from home and not being able to separate your work from your shores and family time, people not respecting our working time because we are at home, getting lost in social media, procrastination…being there, done that! So let me help you, and together we can find an easy way to manage your time wisely and productively. Let me ask you, do you know the main mistakes we make about time management? Listen to this episode and I am sure you´ll find a few tips to help you. Now, let me invite you to be part of our private Facebook group The Art Cake Coach, where we talk about these topics and much more. There you´ll find, posts, live demos, conversations, and tutorials to help you with your time management, social media posting, goal setting, and much more. Hope to see you there: Thanks for listening and as always, Stay safe and stay creative!
June 07, 2022
#2 Tips to build a Cake Community
Building a cake community, getting out of your comfort zone, and learning new things can be challenging but so rewarding. Hello, my sweet friend! Welcome back to the second episode of The Art Cake Coach. Today I´ll be talking a bit about my story, how it all started for me in this cake journey, and how everything changed after the pandemic and the creation of my online cake community Caje Friends Stay Creative. Want to know more, stay with me and let me invite you to listen to today´s episode. Want to be part of the community? I would love to have you there, here is the link: Thank you for listening and please, leave me your opinion and your review, it means the world to me. and as always, Stay safe and stay creative!
May 31, 2022
#1 Welcome to The Art Cake Coach Podcast
Hello, my sweet friend! I am Cristina Arévalo, sugar paste modeling artist and teacher, gelatin art instructor, cake decorator, coach for cake artists, Cake Friends Stay Creative online community manager, and Cake Star Competition official representative. Let me welcome you to the first episode of The Art Cake Coach Podcast, a podcast for cake artists, cake decorators, bakers, and cake enthusiasts who seek help with the " not so sweet" part of our cake journey; time management, social media posting, teaching your craft, organization, mindset towards your business, cake collaborations and cake competitions. Today I´ll be giving you a small introduction of what this podcast will be about and invite you to stay with me and follow my Podcast. thanks for listening, and as always Stay safe and stay creative!
May 31, 2022