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The Artistic Foodies

The Artistic Foodies

By The Artistic Foodies
Whether we are talking to artists about food, with chefs about art, or with each other about both, you are sure to leave every episode having learned something new.
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Episode 9: Interview with Zarqa Nawaz

The Artistic Foodies

Episode 11: Khamsa The Project w/Guled Muse
We sat with producer and community organizer Guled Muse to talk about his background and artistic journey leading up to the unveiling of The Khamsa Project. Khamsa, the Arabic word for five, is a multimedia art exhibition showcasing 20 Black, Muslim, Immigrant, and Refugee visual artists and musicians expressing the five stages of grief. Khamsa aims to address the different forms and contexts of grief, weaving both personal and universal experiences of loss.  This is a project to find harmony in our shared stories, bridging differences in cultures, beliefs, and history.⁠
August 28, 2022
Episode 10: Interview with Rizwan Manji
Catching up with Rizwan Manji (Outsourced, Schitt's Creek, Peacemaker), we got to hear the REAL origin story behind his iconic mustache, reflected with him on his journey as a brown Muslim building a career in media, as well as a reflection on his latest role as the Imam in Zarqa Nawaz's comedy series title "ZARQA".
July 18, 2022
Episode 9: Interview with Zarqa Nawaz
It was a LOT of fun interviewing Zarqa Nawaz to discuss storytelling, narratives, and speaking honesty through popular media. We talked about her groundbreaking TV series from 2007, Little Mosque on the Prairie, and how she developed into a Producer and Actor for her new series, ZARQA, which premiered on Canadian TV in May of 2022. Full episode up on Spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts!
May 29, 2022
Episode 8: Wajahat Ali and The Domestic Crusaders: 20 Years Later (Part 2)
This episode, we delve deeper into the ground-breaking play, "The Domestic Crusaders" with cast member Monisha Shiva. We also get to dive deeper into Wajahats life and the context in which he wrote the play between 2001 and 2003, and he also shares his favorite Qeema recipe.
May 17, 2022
Episode 7: Wajahat Ali and The Domestic Crusaders: 20 Years Later (Part 1)
We start our second season off with a deep dive into the groundbreaking play about a Pakistani-American Muslim family, "The Domestic Crusaders" written by Wajahat Ali. We get a chance to not only hear from Wajahat, but also from the New York debut cast members about their experience of the stage production nearly two decades ago. Don't forget to tune in to Part 2 of this episode coming out soon, which features a special Keema recipe from Wajahat himself!
April 20, 2022
Bonus Content: Ramadan Special Part 2
Abbas and Irfan share more of their favorite Ramadan recipes
April 06, 2022
Episode 7 Trailer: Wajahat Ali’s Domestic Crusaders
We start off season 2 of The Artistic Foodies podcast with an in-depth discussion with Wajahat Ali, and original cast members, about the ground-breaking play “The Domestic Crusaders”. We also chatted about his new book, “Go Back to where you came from and other recommendations on How to Be an American” coming out on Jan 25th. Check out the episode trailer right here
January 25, 2022
Year End Review and Preview for Season 2
Hosts Abbas and Irfan review season 1 of the podcast, and preview season 2 (2022). Plus, we talk about our special Halal food map, as well as the latest news in the bay area halal industry
December 25, 2021
Episode 6: The Fiqh of Food (Part 2)
We continue our conversation with both Shia and Sunni Islamic Scholars, to discuss the Fiqh (Islamic Rulings) of Halal Food! Featuring Imam Tahir Anwar, Maulana Amin Rastani, and Imam Dawood Yasin, we asked about frequently asked topics such as cooking with alcohol, eating seafood, kosher, and the meat of People of the Book, and the etiquettes around eating Halal! This episode also features a special recipe at the end from Imam Dawood Yasin!  #HalalFood #FiqhofFood #BayArea #HalalFoodies #TheArtisticFoodies #Podcast
December 06, 2021
Episode 5: The Fiqh of Food (Part 1)
We had the pleasure of interviewing Islamic Scholars, Sunni and Shia, to discuss the Fiqh (Islamic Rulings) of Halal Food! Featuring Imam Tahir Anwar, Maulana Amin Rastani, and Imam Dawood Yasin, we asked them a lot of the "Hot Topic" questions that people have today such as Hand v. Machine Slaughter, Cooking with Alcohol, Eating at Restaurants which serve Alcohol, etc. etc.  This Episode is so big we had to split it into 2 parts! Here is Part 1. Enjoy! #HalalFood #FiqhofFood #BayArea #HalalFoodies #TheArtisticFoodies #Podcast
November 14, 2021
Episode 4: From the Caliphates to California: The Evolution of the Shawarma and the Guitar
Mohammad Abutaha (Shawarmaji, Owner) and Ronnie Malley (multiinstrumentalist, musical genius) sit with us for an exciting discussion about Shawarmas and the classical instrument, the OUD. Whether it is through musical instruments or through delicious food, culture evolves over time. We interact with others crossing our geographic and ethnic boundaries, to transcend superficial differences and build new and beautiful things together. Art and food are both great markers of culture, and what an honor and a pleasure it is to be able to observe, experience, and be a part of this intergenerational evolution.
September 16, 2021
Bonus Content: Full interview with Ali Hussain about Star Wars
If you enjoyed the parts of his episode in Ep 3, you’ll love this. Join us as we take a deeper dive.
July 16, 2021
Bonus Content: Full interview with Zaki Hasan about Star Wars
If you enjoyed the parts of his episode in Ep 3, you’ll love this. Join us as we take a deeper dive.
July 08, 2021
Episode 3: The Star Wars Special
The Star Wars universe contains multitudes, join as we explore the films and the inherent spirituality of The Force. Plus, for all the die hard Mandolorian fans, we get into talking about the bone broth Grogu always sips on, including a recipe right at the end!
July 02, 2021
Episode 2: Ramadan Special
Ramadan 2021 will be an interesting Ramadan, and hopefully the last one in quarantine. Join us as we talk about Ramadan memories, talk about why we fast, and of course some classic traditional Ramadan recipes for you to enjoy this year
April 08, 2021
Episode 1: Halal Restaurant Week 2020
In this episode, we discuss the success of the first-ever Halal Restaurant Week in North America, which was held in the SF Bay Area in Dec 2020. We interviewed foodies, chefs, and restaurant owners including Chef Lisa Ahmad of Mirchi Cafe, Sameer Parvez of Port of Peri-Peri, Food Vlogger Zoha Raza, and one of the top HRW 2020 Prize Winners Wakas Haider.
February 25, 2021
Bonus Content: Interview with Hisham Abdelfattah with El Halal Amigos
Irfan Rydhan, co-host of The Artistic Foodies podcast interviews Hisham Abdelfatth, Founder and Head Chef of El Halal Amigos to go behind the scenes on why he started a Mexican Halal Food Truck.
January 06, 2021
Episode 0: Who are the Artistic Foodies?
In our intro episode, our hosts Abbas and Irfan introduce the podcast and themselves! They then delve into their favorite Bay Area food spots, and then explore two of the latest Halal food trends in the bay: Birria Tacos and Hot Chicken sandwiches! This episode has been sponsored by the Bay Area Halal Restaurant Week...
November 22, 2020
Bonus Content: How to Plan an Event, Interview with Irfan Rydhan
Welcome to our very first guest interview on the channel. We had the pleasure of spending time with Irfan Rydhan, the founder of several large community events which are talked about around the world. Learn how to find the right location, generate a support team, attract talent, get organized and execute a massive event. This...
August 14, 2020