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For What It's Earth

For What It's Earth

By Marissa Jacobs - The Art of Ecology
Join Marissa Jacobs of The Art of Ecology for a unique blend of the arts and environmental sciences as she helps listeners connect to the natural world, podcast by podcast. Discover natural phenomenon like the science behind sunsets, or how chipmunks vocalize. Get inspired to be an environmental steward with eco-actions you can take at home and explore many DIY ways to make the world a greener place all on For What It's Earth.
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Beach Dune Ecosystems: Special Plant & Animal Adaptations

For What It's Earth

What May Cause Fall Allergies: Ragweed or Goldenrod?
Let's debunk the myth that Goldenrod causes fall allergies (also known as hay fever)! Goldenrod has many ecological and health benefits and definitely looks suspicious with it's pollen-laden flowers, yet there is another flower that is causing our allergies. We'll examine the differences between them, how to identify them, and how to mitigate your allergies this fall! We'll also talk about how important goldenrod is to the landscape and to healthy, biodiverse ecosystems. Links:
September 21, 2021
For the Love of Trees: Exploring the Many Reasons to Care for Trees with Arborist, Zack Jacobs
From providing oxygen and habitat for numerous wild animals, to appreciating the shade and cooling of the large canopies, to being in awe of their general beauty, there are so many reasons to love the trees in your yard, community, and all over the world! This week, I am joined by arborist  Zack Jacobs, to help educate us about the field of arboriculture and why he loves trees, which is different from why an ecologist loves trees, which could be different from your own reason to love trees! Links: (a portion of all art sales for the month of September will be donated to Fallen Families Fund)
September 14, 2021
Explore Fabulous Fungi for Mushroom Month
Discover the wonderful world of fungi as we celebrate National Mushroom Month (September)! We'll take a look at what makes fungi different from plants and animals, how to identify some fungi categories, and learn more about their role in the ecosystem.
September 7, 2021
Back to School Education Opportunities Through National Geographic
As teachers, students, and parents gear up for the school year, I thought I'd take the opportunity to shout out the National Geographic Educator Certification! This free certification is a great way for any educator to get some more professional development hours, deepen their understanding of the world, and improve their lesson plans/curriculum by incorporating the National Geographic learning framework and standards! This doesn't directly apply to environmental science educators only; if you know any educators, of ANY discipline or grade, this is perfect for them! Learn more about certification for educators here:
August 31, 2021
Foraging Tips, Tricks, and Etiquette
To celebrate that my new book, "trails-to-Tasting" Foraging guide & cocktail recipe book is now available for pre-order, I wanted to share more about foraging etiquette and how to be sure that what you're foraging for is actually edible! Learn more about the Universal Edibility Test, some good rules of thumb for foragers to follow, and some seasonal wild edibles to harvest whenever you're listening! Links:
August 24, 2021
Leave the Leaves and Keep the Weeds
As autumn approaches and we get ready for our fall gardens and backyards, learn the importance of keeping the weeds, dead stems, and fallen leaves in creating vital habitat for many animals. Not only will this save you money, but it will also save you hours and hours of yard work and maintenance!
August 17, 2021
Celebrating Water Quality Month
Happy August, or Water Quality Month! We all know that clean water is important, but do you know how much actual water is even available on the planet for humans to use? We'll examine the little water available, as well as the plants and habitats that are vital to the cleaning and filtering of that water. We'll also discuss some ways to conserve what little water is available to us and how our actions at home can impact those around the globe! Links: Water Calculator:
August 10, 2021
Examining Butterfly Wing Coloration and Adaptations
Joined by guest, Samantha Rebuck, we take an in depth look at the many differences between moths, butterflies, and skippers, as well as investigating some of the incredible adaptations that they have! Sam answers my questions and teaches us all about butterfly wings, their anatomy, and how coloration helps these animals to survive.  
August 3, 2021
The Missing Color: Where is True Blue in the Natural World?
We see so much red, purple, green, yellow, and orange in the natural world, yet we don't often see the color blue. When we DO see it, it's often just in the sky or at the beach. Why is that? We'll examine what's up with the color blue, and how a majority of plants and animals (except for one cool creature that we'll examine), even the ones that we THINK are blue, are just tricking our brains into seeing that color!
July 27, 2021
Beach Dune Ecosystems: Special Plant & Animal Adaptations
Celebrate the middle of the summer season by discovering the wonderful world of beaches! Explore the embryo, fore, and back dunes, and the unique plants, like sedges, and animal, like Piping Plovers, that call those dunes home. 
July 20, 2021
Celebrating Plastic Free July by Reducing Single-Use Waste
Happy July to all my listeners! Did you know that this month is "Plastic Free July"? Throughout this month, we celebrate by reducing our plastic consumption in a variety of ways, but sometimes it's hard to think of what to do besides skip the straw and bring reusable bags to the grocery store. Let's take a look at why reducing our plastic use is so important and some creative ways to inspire you to be the best environmental steward you can be!
July 13, 2021
Podcast Trailer: Let me Introduce Myself: Marissa Jacobs of The Art of Ecology
Many who follow my blog, but don't get to join me for my in-person programs don't know who is actually behind the Art of Ecology! Let me introduce myself in the first episode (well, not really an actual episode quite yet!) of my new audio blog podcast. I am Marissa Jacobs, an informal environmental educator who blends the arts with the sciences. This trailer will let you know who I am, why I am so passionate about the arts and environmental sciences, as well as a sneak-peek of what to expect with my upcoming official episodes! Thank you so much for listening in and I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for future environmental and conservation education with a creative spin!
July 9, 2021