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The Aspie

The Aspie

By Chevone Petersen
Whilst writing is my abosolute passion, I also realise that not everyone enjoys reading; hence the birth of The Aspie podcast. The space where I expand, in audio, on my blog.

I'm Chevone, Autistic and fierce, flipping the script - in my own time and space. Living and experiencing life on a different frequency . . .
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The Aspie Podcast Launch - This is Me!

The Aspie

The Aspie Podcast - The Myth of No Feelings
My empathy leaves me vulnerable!  Yet, there is this myth that Autistic persons, or people with Asperger's Syndrome have no feelings. Autistic persons are individuals, each one of us unique.  We are all different in the way we experience and respond to people, situations and our environment.  This individuality and uniqueness applies to all people, whether Neurodivergent or Neurotypical. Remember this. In today's episode I share with you my personal experience of the 3 types of empathy: Cognitive Affective Compassionate Feel free to share your own experiences with me in the comments on whichever social media platform you access this on, and please do share, like, follow and subscribe. You can also learn more about me, and my creative writing and real life experiences on my blog at ChevsLife.
November 25, 2019
The Aspie Podcast Launch - This is Me!
This, the launch episode of The Aspie Podcast, where I share a little about me, allowing you to know a bit about the voice behind the podcast. If you enjoy reading, then I also encourage you to visit my blog, ChevsLife, as I will use this space to expand upon some of my blog posts.  Huge thanks to my son, Ausome Kai, for creating the jingle for The Aspie Podcast, and also much gratitude to Wayne Turner from Hello Muizenberg for introducing me to podcasting and helping me with some of the technicalities behind putting my first podcast episode together.
September 25, 2019