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Theatre for Your Ears

Theatre for Your Ears

By Suzanne Delle
Enjoy original short audio plays. Our gift to you.
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I Hate Your Body by Paul Hood
The year is 2050 and an experiment is underway. Which men will be granted permission to settle New Earth? This final installment of season 2 features ShaiQuana Mitchell as Dr Muth, Josiah George as Lear and Benjamin Dick as Hemingway.
April 29, 2021
MLA: Magical Law Annulment by Leo Orndorff
Everyone dreams about what they’d wish for if they rubbed a genie’s lamp, but what happens when you’re not happy with the outcomes of those 3 wishes? Featuring Charity Stump as Susan, Teddy Hendricks as Antauri the Ancient and Patrick Grimes as the mischievous Xavros.
March 22, 2021
Capital E Earth by Ann-Giselle Spiegler
How helpful is Angie’s (Rebecca Etzine) husband (Charles Kehres) really as she tackles writing a play about climate change, the Green New Deal and polar bears?
February 22, 2021
No Regrets by John Minigan
What’s a girl to do when her groom- to- be RSVPs no to the wedding? Directed by Suzanne Delle, featuring Kyla Tacopina as Emily and Maria Hendricks as Charlene
January 25, 2021
The Date by Joan Lipkin
First dates are nerve wracking. Two men navigate that moment when the date ends and they are not quite sure if the relationship will begin.
September 04, 2020
The Skip by Olivia Cottle
Every job is the same: long stretches of boredom, not enough snacks, and idiot coworkers. Even when your job is skywave operator for the resistance.
August 15, 2020
Polly-Wally-Doodle by TJ Young
What happens when teenagers are on a mission to get the most popular girl in school’s phone number?
July 01, 2020
I’d like to (softly) cut the chord by Kevin Broccoli
Welcome to the 1st episode of Theatre for Your Ears! Come into the secret dealings of a cable TV company as one subscriber tries to cut the chord.
June 08, 2020