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Instrumental Rapport: DIY & Independent Musician Podcast

Instrumental Rapport: DIY & Independent Musician Podcast

By Baraka the Conductor
Hosted by Baraka the Conductor and powered by The Audio Plaza, the Instrumental Rapport helps independent artists reach their idea of success while staying as independent as possible. That entails defining what 'success' is, what to spend money on, how much to spend, when and where to spend it, that sort of thing. Correspond with the Conductor on Twitter: @theaudioplaza.

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Episode II: Enter The Arena
To get the most out of what's available to you as a DIY artist, you MUST have one... Baraka goes over the steps it takes to have yourself a shiny new website complete with SSL security and a domain of your own - all for free. Be sure to follow along with the print format of Instrumental Rapport - All the links mentioned will be listed there.  THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS!
February 9, 2020
Episode I: An Introduction
This first installment of The Audio Plaza's Instrumental Rapport includes a brief explanation of what is to be expected from the online resource made specifically for the independent musician.  Learn what Baraka and The Audio Plaza has prepared in order to help you accomplish your goals in the music industry. Get to the "printed" format of the Instrumental Rapport.
January 25, 2020