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The Autumn Witch Podcast

The Autumn Witch Podcast

By Joanne Mallory
Hi, I'm Jo, a British Witch living on the south coast of England.
I'll be talking about my pagan life and what it means to me, how I practice and what's happening in the spiritual community.

I run a facebook group for pagans of all paths, also called The Autumn Witch ~

You can also find me on youtube ~

and the interwebs ~

Thanks for stopping by,
Jo x
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Trailer ~ Welcome to The Autumn Witch podcast.

The Autumn Witch Podcast

4. WitchTok and Christo paganism.
Hello Lovely Folks, there was LOTS to cover on the pod this week. Which also means lots of links to. :)  Calm app ~ Headspace ~ For spiritual guided meditations try ~ The Honest Guys ~ Jason Stephenson ~ And if you want to chat with me, here’s my links ~ If you’d like to join my fb community, I run a group for Pagans of all paths - You can find me on IG - And on Youtube - For lots of witchy information - And for tarot cards and esoteric supplies - and if you’d like to support the content I create, then thank you so much, it does take time and lots of frowning at the screen to keep tabs on everything :) Patreon ~ Ko-fi ~ Paypal ~ Jo xx
February 3, 2021
3. Old Pagan Traditions ~ this time, it's Wassailing.
Howdy lovely folks,  I've transcribed this episode, and it's over over on the blog ~ If you'd like to come join my facebook group for Pagans of all paths ~ And if you really want to listen to more of my waffle, i'm also on youtube ~ Take care all, and Bright Blessings.  Jo x  To support the pod, on patreon or ko-fi -> Ko-fi ~ Patreon ~
January 16, 2021
2. Not looking back over 2020, and how I use tarot in my path.
Hi Lovelies, Thanks for coming back, as it’s the first podcast of 2021 I’ll start by saying, I will absolutley not be reviewing 2020. SO this week i’m chatting about looking into 2021 and how I use tarot and oracle for my practice. If you’re interested in the druid craft tarot, I did a review on it a few years back ~ And if you’d like to see the Animal Oracle Deck, you can find it here ~ If you’d like to join The Autumn Witch Group on facebook ~ I’m on IG and the web and youtube; links below ;) YouTube - Insta - Jo x
January 2, 2021
1. Let's talk about being pagan, organised religion and all the things.
Hi All, Welcome to my first stab at this podcast business; i'm hoping to create a little place for pagans of all paths ~ so if there's something you'd like me to chat about, drop a message, email or DM :)  Thanks for listening, and i'm going to try and remember all the things I said i'd tag.... This should be fun. Joanne Mallory-Writer-Person ~ Joanne Mallory-Witch-Person-On-Youtube ~ The Autumn Witch Facebook Group ~ Take care Lovely Humans, Jo x
December 9, 2020
Trailer ~ Welcome to The Autumn Witch podcast.
Hi, I'm Jo, a British Witch living on the south coast of England.  Join me for chats on paganism, witchery and spirituality.  Jo x You can find out more at
November 26, 2020