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The Bald Brothers Podcast

The Bald Brothers Podcast

By Brendan Bald
Brendan and Brad Bald are two brothers from Annapolis, MD who started this podcast to showcase their personalities with the world. They cover ALL topics from entertainment to business and everything in between.

Brendan is an Actor and Writer pursuing the dream in Nashville.

"Life is too short to do something you don't love"

Brad is a Real Estate Attorney and Rule 31 Mediator in Nashville.

"Patience and fortitude conquer all things"
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21 Questions...or something like that
GET TO KNOW THE BALD BROTHERS! In this episode we switch things up and ask each other 21 random questions.  WE COVER IT ALL! Everything from celebrity crush to love language to pet peeves and even first kiss.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think!! Stay up to date with Brad and Brendan on Instagram!
March 02, 2020
Online Millennial Business Coaching w/ Nicole Prentice
 In this episode we link up with Women's Empowerment and Business Coach, Nicole Prentice. We chat all about... Nicole's background and transition into online coaching Taking control of your career Marketing your online business Using your own experience to find your niche Creating content that provides your audience VALUE Challenges facing millennial women considering a career change You can find Nicole on Instagram and Facebook. 
February 25, 2020
From Litigator To Filmmaker
In this episode we link up with Trey McClarnon, Owner of Best Part Productions. Trey was a practicing attorney before his passions took him into film production full time. We chat all about... - Trey's legal career and subsequent transition into filmmaking - How a law career develops invaluable skills for a film producer - The importance of networking as a film producer - Indie film 101 - Raising capital for films - Selling films for distribution - The state of the Nashville Film Market - How a grassroots approach is the BEST way to turn Nashville into a thriving film market - How being trapped in a certain career is a MYTH - Trey's exciting new projects for 2020 You can find Trey on Instagram. To learn more about Best Part Productions and stay up to date with Trey's upcoming projects visit
February 11, 2020
Making a Movie
The Bald Brothers have officially produced their first short film. The movie was written, directed, and edited by Brendan Bald but STARS both of the Bald Brothers. We recorded this episode to talk all about the filmmaking process. We specifically cover... - Choosing the right script - Pre-production - Assembling a team of creatives - Brad Bald's experience acting in his first film - Having fun on set - Post production The film is titled "Love and Lies" and will be published in the coming months. Follow Brad and Brendan on social media for updates! @BrendanBald @BradBald22
January 29, 2020
The Power of Video Marketing w/ Philip Van Reeth
In this episode we link up with Philip Van Reeth, a Business Development & Content Strategist at WMV Productions. We chat all about... - Philip's background and journey into Video Production - Using video to SELL video - The benefits of video marketing - Branding for artists AND white-collar professionals  - The importance of listening in sales - What a typical video shoot looks like - Promoting videos and measuring ROI of your videos You can find Philip on LinkedIn and Instagram
January 05, 2020
The Importance of Not Caring What Other People Think
In this episode we chat about...   - Not caring what other people think  - Trusting your gut  - Living without regret  - Major keys to acheiving happiness
December 23, 2019
Empathy is Everything: The Key to Success in the Fitness Industry
In this episode we link up with Personal Trainer, Keith Roberts and chat about... -Keith's Journey into the Fitness Industry -The benefits of boxing workouts -Maintaining energy as a personal trainer -The importance of truly caring about your clients -Authenticity on Social Media. 
December 10, 2019
Is "Follow Your Passion" Good Advice?
Have you ever been told to "follow your passion?"  It's a common statement these days. Hating your job is out and being happy is in.  In this episode we chat about... Whether "following your passion" is good advice The golden handcuffs  What to do if you're not passionate about anything Not caring what people think The importance of providing value
November 26, 2019