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The Barebow Project

The Barebow Project

By Frank McDonough
Providing a positive environment for growth of barebow and traditional archery competitors, sharing proven methods from successful competitive archers and coaches.
Frank MCDonough
John Demmer
Grayson Partlowe

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Episode #1 What Is The Barebow Project

The Barebow Project

Q&A with John Dillinger
In this episode of the Barebow Project podcast Frank sits down with John Dillinger to answer a question from one of our viewers
November 26, 2020
All things NFAA
In this episode we talk all things NFAA this year.
November 8, 2020
Competition Archery Media (CAM)
In this episode Frank, John and Mick speak with PJ Riley and Josh Grine from CAM. We get a behind the scenes look at the effort that these masters of content make for each live event, interview, and episode of the CAM. Support CAM by checking out their Facebook page and YouTube channel today!
September 18, 2020
2020 US Men’s Barebow champions
In this episode Mick Chambers takes the lead in talking with some of the best Barebow archers in the United States. Winners of the US Open and 136th National championship join us for a chat that is an incredibly fun ride.
September 6, 2020
Episode #13 Women of Barebow
In this episode Frank and John sit down with the winners of the 136 US National Championship. These are some of the finest archers in the world!
August 29, 2020
The Barebow Project Ep. 12 : Barebow Kids
In this episode Fawn and Frank sit down with some amazing youth barebow archers and also talk to holly from S3DA about college scholarships. Please don’t forget to Comment below and hit that like button to show support for our Youth Archers. Subscribe and hit the bell to get notified of some amazing content we are about to launch. Thanks again to our sponsors Yost Archery - XS Wings arrow vanes - Grass Hallow Archery - ArcheryGeek on YouTube -
August 8, 2020
The Barebow Project Ep 11: IBO Trad World Champs!
In this episode of the Barebow Project Podcast, top coach Frank McDonough, and iconic archery John Demmer III, talk with some of the winners of the 2020 IBO Trad World Championship.
August 1, 2020
Episode #10 With Rob Kaufold - Support Everyone Through Archery, Training With Casey, The Eastern Archery Comp, and The Lancaster Archery Classic 2021
In episode #10 we discuss the growth of barebow, the carry over of training from Olympic to Barebow as it relates to Casey's training. Rob talks a little but about social distancing and The Lancaster Archery Classic as well as the barrier of entry for competitive archery with new shooters and much more!
July 21, 2020
Episdoe #9 Team USA 3D Barebow Bootcamp w/ Fawn, Dewayne, Calvin and John Demmer
In this episode we look at the  training/fundraising event for Team USA that is all inclusive for our barebow and longbow archers. This event has 9 mentors from previous USAA World 3D teams prepared to help train current and  future hopefuls make it to the big stage. The founders of the event come to The Barebow Project to discuss the nitty gritty of the event.  See event details here:  Come work with 3D mentors! Pick the brains of: Calvin Smock, Dewayne Martin, Fawn Girard, Jim Powell, John Demmer III, John Winker, Ken Rienas, Mark Hodges and Randy Irvine. Learn how they prepare for the competition, tackle course management, deal with pressure, and execute their shot process.
June 18, 2020
Episode #8 The 50 Meter Barebow Game with Rick Stonebraker
We got together with the #1 Mens Master Barebow shooter Rick Stonebraker about his set up and addressing issues for shooters trying to up their 50 meter game. We talk equipment set ups and answer many listener questions!
April 13, 2020
Episode #7 - How is COVID-19 effecting you? Discussing USAA Indoor Nationals and What Options Shooters have to stay in the game.
Special Guest: Elton Wong - "Director" of Barebow Project Online Tournaments ;) Elton gives an in depth explanation on how to participate in our online tournaments, the benefit of shooting them, how to shoot them and also how to use your sanctioned FITA tournaments to continue to compete in them.  The class to our tournaments are outlined below.  On this episode the crew touches upon where we are in the world of archery with the COVID-19 pandemic , the results of USA Archery indoor national and how it panned out for us. We then get extensively into what we can be doing at home while we are waiting for things to calm down and ranges to open back up.  The bottom line is don't "NOT" shoot and continue down the path of training and preparing. We highly encourage everyone to participate in our Online Training Tournaments as well as the money tournaments at Archery Abroad. Frank, John, and Grayson do not compete in our own obviously so we invite guys that are shooting on that higher end to come shoot with us. We enjoy the competitions and realize that its the therapy of competition that keeps us coming back. Please come shoot them with us!  Online Store to register for the tournaments, apparel, and shooting gear:  Novice: Intermediate: Advanced: !!!NEW!!! Longbow Class:
March 23, 2020
Episode #6 "The Johns" Recapping The Vegas Shoot and the age old question "When do you let the string pull through your fingers"
In this episode John Demmer and Frank McDonough have a lengthy conversation with Lancaster and Vegas shoot winner John Dillinger as well as 2nd place finisher John Winker. The conversation as usual takes a light hearted turn to discuss where Grayson and his Hot Tub are this week but also we dive into a listener question that is absolute barebow gold.  We take the time to discuss "How do you know when its the right time to let the string pull through your fingers" and break down the conscious and subconscious portions everyone's shot sequences. When you shoot at the level of Dillinger, Winker, and Demmer it's worth your time to listen real close and maybe even grab and pen and paper to keep some notes. This is some solid barebow archery discussion. 
February 27, 2020
Episdoe #5 With John Dillinger Mens Barebow Champion from the Lancaster Archery Classic
On this episode we speak with John Dillinger about his recent win at the Lancaster Archery Classic. 
February 1, 2020
Episode #4 Everything Lancaster Archery Classic And Much More
I’m this episode Frank, John, and Grayson discuss just about everything you need to know before coming to #theclassic. They also discuss where they are as far as prep as competitors. And answer the following questions. Questions: Stephen Morley asked During practice when would you stop the session, when things aren't going very well, do you push through or leave it to come back fresh the next day? Mental Game to keep aiming? How much do you practice at a big event before shooting?
January 21, 2020
Episode #3 - 2019 Barebow Year In Review, World Records, National Records, Recovering, and more
In Ep#3 the guys talk about where they are shooting wise, how the world records will break down, review multiple big tournament finishes through out the past year and records broken. The listener question from this week is how to recover from a bad shot on the shooting line.
January 10, 2020
Ep #2 - Registration Deadlines, G1 Give Away, Barebow Seminars, Roma Review, Alignment Discussion,
Special thanks to XS Wings for joining The Barebow Project as a sponsor! In this episode we hammer our upcoming tournament deadlines, talk Barebow seminars at #theclassic and GHA, review Roma Archery Trophy Shoot, talk alignment, and review some questions from the subscribers group!
December 27, 2019
Episode #1 What Is The Barebow Project
In this episode meet our hosts, learn where our archery journeys started and what we want to do to help barebow grow. Our goals run deep and our passion for the sport is second to none. Intro 00:30 What is Barebow Project 2:40 Helping Other Shooters 4:00 Bridging NTS and Helping Coaches 5:20 Tournament and News Coverage 8:00 Growth of Barebow Internationally for US 9:45 Intro of Frank, John, and Grayson 22:15 Getting Good Information Early On 24:00 Applying The Information To Your Game 25:53 Yost Archery Products Spotlight - Email: and visit https :// 26:34 Barebow Information Poll - Mental Game over Form 28:34 Aiming , Locked off Target, Aiming Maturity, Changing Focus, Shooting With One Eye More info coming soon 38:00 Lancaster Archery Classic 43:30 Training In The Shoot Up/Head To Head Warm Up 47:00 Glass Ceiling / Moving On From A Bad Day 50:15 Mental Game Re-Visited 52:00 Black Eagle Arrows Spotlight
November 22, 2019