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By Tony Berardo
I know a little bit, about a lot of things. So let’s talk about it!
#4 | Be Positive!
Today you yelled to at least one person while driving. That's okay though, because so did 85% of the population. Many things can bother us, so how do we stay positive? Well, I may have a few steps for you to follow to help with that.
July 9, 2018
#3 | Sleep Better
I thought I was an insomniac for a long time but after a lot of research, there's a few things I was doing wrong. I'll share the 5 steps you can take to ensure you sleep better.
June 26, 2018
#2 | Veganism?!
My struggle with Crohns Disease forced me to change my diet. So after a lot of trial and error and numerous different diets, I finally made the switch. It's been the best decision for me to become a Vegan. Here I talk about the benefits and WHY you should give it a try TODAY!
June 17, 2018
#1 | Poppin The Cherry
This is the first of many episodes we'll be posting. Just a quick little intro of who I am and what you'll be hearing from The Berardo Podcast. Follow me @theberardopodcast
June 15, 2018
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