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The Big Crusade

The Big Crusade

By Nweze Chidera
Welcome to the Big CRUSADE podcast!
Every episode serves you with tips to christian lifestyle and mental health.
We eliminate falsehood and debunk myths about mental health.
On here, we talk about everything the bible has to say about godly living and mental health threats.
New episodes drop every Monday, 9pm.
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Dangers of Sin on the Mind || Season 2 Grand finale
It is the last episode on this season, season 2!!! Thank you so much for being with us all through this season. I am glad for the lot that you have learned and how much your life has been impacted. tell your friends about the Big Crusade!!! See you in the next season!!!
July 04, 2022
Why We Should Pray for our Mental Health w/Shedrach Pt2
My guest and I indepthly discuss the spiritual consequencies of disregarding the effect of poor coping mechanisms on our daily lives. He further says a heart felt prayer for every one who is struggling mentally. In this episode, enjoy!!! Do follow us on all our social media platforms @thebigcrusade.
June 27, 2022
Why We Should Pray for our Mental Health w/Shedrach Pt1
In this episode, there is an unfiltered conversation between my guest and I about the relevance of taking the state of our minds to God in prayer. Listen to learn more.
June 20, 2022
Faith versus Anxiety w/Crystabelle Adaukwu Nnamdi
My guest Crystabelle and I discuss our anxious moments and how faith comes through for us because of what Christ had done on the Cross. Listen today! Connect with us on all our platforms
April 25, 2022
Connecting with Your Spirit Through Journaling
Find out the host's journaling journey so far and learn how you can begin your own journey as well. Join our community 👇👇👇
April 12, 2022
Building Faith through Affirmations
This episodes features an affirmation session where we confess positive declarations to our lives. Join our community
March 28, 2022
Hurdles of an Average Christian Lifestyle w/Tosin
In this episode, we explore the different things people experience as they go about living a life of godliness. Join my guest and I to learn how to cope with temptations and negative emotions in our world. Thank you for listening and sharing our content. Tell your friends about the Crusade💚
February 14, 2022
Should Christians Use Therapy? w/ Sandra Anyahebi
Are there Christian therapists? Should Christians Use therapy? Find out in this episode as our guest explores the world of therapy! Tell your friends about the Big Crusade ❤️💚
February 07, 2022
The Concept of Spirituality w/ Adimchi and Shedrach
Together with my guests; Adimchinobi and Shadrach, the idea of being a spiritual being and living healthily mentally is discussed. After a long while, my guests and I will carry on the theme of this season! Join TBC mailing list to stay posted on everything that happens on the Crusade. Tell your friends about the Big Crusade and join our social media platforms
May 17, 2021
The Christian, Spirituality and Mental Health || Season 2
Welcome! To the 2nd season on the Big Crusade Podcast! This time, we are discussing around the theme THE CHRISTIAN, SPIRITUALITY AND HIS MENTAL HEALTH. Get your friends together, it's going to be a fun ride!
January 25, 2021
Self Limitations || Season Finale
Today I give you a round off of everything ever discussed on this season on the podcast. Now that you know more that there is to self and how it affects your God-journey and the challenges it might pose for your mental health, how ready are you to overcome the limits of self? Find out on this episode! Sign up for the Big Crusade newsletters 👇 See you in Season 2! Love, Chidera!
December 14, 2020
Self Awareness
The Christian deserves to be self aware! Being able to use the knowledge of who we are and how we feel to lead our best lives is the plan of God for every man. Have a listen and find out everything there is to know about Self Awareness for your christian and mental health journeys! Our page site is live for you to explore!👇
December 07, 2020
Self Motivation
This episode dissects self motivation as a self love and care tool. We find out everything there is about motivating ourselves, how to and what the bible says. Join the Big Crusade!!! 👇
November 30, 2020
Self Love and Care
Today on the episode, your are exposed to everything self love and care is. We dig in on it's role in the Christian journey and it's benefits to mental health! Of course you want to know all that there is to know. Go ahead and use the link! Our page site is still open for you to explore! Tell your friends about the CRUSADE!!!
November 23, 2020
Self Harm
On this episode, we explore everything that self harm is, why people practise it and how it's your concern. You may want to go on this big journey with me on the podcast! 👇👇👇👇Have comments or questions on this episode or the previous? Reach us via Visit our page site to find out more😃👇👇👇 Tell your friends about the CRUSADE!
November 16, 2020
Self Sufficiency
It's always a wonderful feeling to realise that we can be everything to ourselves without the support of the world around us. We strive daily to avoid poverty and being in need. It is a normal human need, but what happens when we become obsessed about needing no one? Find out in this episode of the Big CRUSADE podcast! Have questions or comments reach via Don't forget to subscribe to the Big CRUSADE if you haven't 👇 Tell your friends about the CRUSADE!!!
November 09, 2020
Self Deception
"Stop deceiving yourself!" Ever heard of that before? Have you told it to someone or vice versa? Did you become defensive? In today's episode, I'll talk to you about self deception; what it is, why it is and how to live above it. Contact us via👇 with your questions, comments and prayer topics. Do subscribe to the big CRUSADE through👇
November 02, 2020
Join Me to Pray for Nigeria
Today we are praying! We are praying for liberation from spiritual captivity for Nigeria and healing for all who are struggling with their mental health! Quite a lot has happened and we are ready to overcome! Pray with me!!! Have any prayer requests? Connect with us👇 and do subscribe to the Big CRUSADE👇
October 26, 2020
Self Absorption
In this episode, I shed light on self absorption. Is it something you can relate with? Find out by using the link❤️👇 Have any questions or comments? Do send in a voice message or a mail to Don't forget to subscribe to the BIG CRUSADE. It costs absolutely nothing! 👉 Tell your friends about the CRUSADE! Love❤️
October 19, 2020
The Christian, Self and Mental Health || Season 1
As we seek liberty from corruption and salvation for Nigeria and Nigerians, don't forget to say prayers for all those who have fallen victim of injustice. In the same vein, we address your mental health needs on the CRUSADE PODCAST. This episode lays a foundation for an elaborate conversation about the idea of self and overcoming it's desires. Have any comments or questions? Send a mail to You can now subscribe to the BIG CRUSADE through May God take care of you❤️
October 12, 2020