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The Bitcoin Builders Podcast

The Bitcoin Builders Podcast

By omoemm
I want to deliver you precious knowledge whether you are an entrepreneur curious about Bitcoin or a Bitcoiner curious about entrepreneurship. To that end, I interview entrepreneurs to discuss their successes and failures. With the Bitcoin Builders Podcast, you will learn from others, avoid pitfalls and grow.
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#03 - Bitcoin does not bet on its future - Gustavo J. Flores
This time I sat with Gustavo Flores, Head of Research and Product at Veriphi, a Bitcoin consulting firm in Montreal. Gustavo has been involved in the Bitcoin industry for many years: he started by an hands-on experience in the mining industry in 2017, then later co-founded Veriphi, a leading consulting firm in Bitcoin here in Montreal.
September 12, 2020
#02 - Quite bullish on humanity overall - Thibaud Maréchal
So, I just met Thibaud Maréchal. Thibaud has been working in the Bitcoin industry for more than two years as VP Growth and Head of Client Development at Knox, a Bitcoin company focused on insured custody. Knox answers a basic need: how to safely hold Bitcoin for others?
September 12, 2020
#01 - The serial entrepreneur - Pascal Leblanc
So I Just Met Pascal Leblanc a few Fridays ago. Pascal is a serial  Bitcoin entrepreneur and blockchain expert. He built his first company  back in 2014 and is now working on different projects, still very active  and willing to disrupt organisations with blockchain technology. We discussed Bitcoin, entrepreneurship, how to handle failure, what  to look for in the blockchain space. Jump in for an overview of what is  being built in Montreal.
September 04, 2020