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The Black Futurist podcast with Bryndan Moore

The Black Futurist podcast with Bryndan Moore

By Bryndan "Be" Moore
The Black Futurist podcast is a series of interviews with futurists, people whose work has changed, or will change the world, or at least our perspective.

Our conversations will touch on career, relationships, motivation, through the lens of our guests.

“What is the baseline? What was the world before you and ever since?”

We’ll also discuss
* Sci-Fi (visions fo the future in pop culture)
* Current events in science, tech, entertainment that engage visions of the future, and
* Record features on futurists of the past.
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The Black Futurist podcast with Bryndan Moore

Creative Uses For Augmented Reality w/ Brandon Stephens, fashion designer
Brandon Stephens is a budding fashion designer whose curiosity for tech has shaped his latest collection.  Brandon discovered browser-based augmented reality servers, which he's using to integrate messaging, video and audio elements into his garments. His work reads as part art, part science fair experiment.  Experiencing the collection definitely piques our curiosity for further consumer level applications of AR we may soon see in our homes. Guest: Brandon Stephens, IG: @experimentul The making of his digital hoodie: Link Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry, Multi-Cultural Education, IG: @MDEduc8r Host: Bryndan D. Moore, IG: @BeMor Bryndan D. Moore is a community builder, producer, and an award winning entrepreneur. Personally committed to creating equitable participation for Black professionals and Black families, Bryndan often serves as a consultant, helping organizations achieve brand and supplier diversity goals and objectives.
August 08, 2022
The Futurist's Guide to Mitigating Gun Violence w Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
This is not yet another reactionary cry for help in the wake of America's most recent tragic and incredibly sad mass shooting.  Instead, in this conversation I've invited two incredibly accomplished and highly educated professionals to the table to discuss my thoughts for an idea I have to mitigate mass shootings going forward. Take a listen and let me know what you think of my approach.  Leave feedback and definitely join us in community for these conversations on As I share in the episode, I am a gun owner.  An aside on Black gun ownership, my grandparents left the South during the great migration seeking better opportunities and education for their children in NJ.  That move didn't come without its threats and challenges.  As a result, there was the NEED to keep arms in the home.   Guest: Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, IG: @RhadiFerguson Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is a performance-driven, strategic, and process-focused Olympian and Performance Coach, showcasing subject matter expertise in deliberate practice, strategic/tactical implementation, balance & positioning, and human movement encompassing all aspects of mixed martial arts (Judo, Jujitsu), Brazilian grip fighting, and football. Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry, Multi-Cultural Education, IG: @MDEduc8r Host: Bryndan D. Moore, IG: @BeMor Bryndan D. Moore is a community builder, producer, and an award winning entrepreneur. Personally committed to creating equitable participation for Black professionals and Black families, Bryndan often serves as a consultant, helping organizations achieve brand and supplier diversity goals and objectives.
June 01, 2022
Hip-Hop Mashups by Aaron Phillips AKA UltraMag7
Hip-Hop is alive, ever evolving, and creative as ever. Today’s example comes courtesy a Hip-Hop historian and pop-culture aficionado who is connecting the music we love with visuals that push our enjoyment further. Guest: Aaron Phillips, IG: @Ultramag7 Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry, Multi-Cultural Education, IG: @MDEduc8r Host: Bryndan D. Moore, IG: @BeMor Bryndan D. Moore is a community builder, producer, and an award winning entrepreneur. Personally committed to creating equitable participation for Black professionals and Black families, Bryndan often serves as a consultant, helping organizations achieve brand and supplier diversity goals and objectives. Join these conversations on
May 28, 2022
Blockchain Solutions to Bias in Testing w Dr. Damon Bryant
Dismantling racism doesn't happen by simply one self-diagnosing as being "not racist," it requires actively engaging in dismantling systems and processes that are inherently biased according to race, socio-economic status, zip-code etc.   As an example, it's not enough to say "I do not promote the keeping of trash in the full, kitchen trash can," we have to move onto the action steps starting with taking out the trash.  Then we can start to implement systems that prevent the filling of the trash can and signaling to draw attention when needed. I take you around that allegory to explain the premise behind the work Dr. Damon Bryant is advocating.  In order to join the NFL, the NBA, get into graduate  school, or compete for a job, testing is required.  Rightfully so, correct?  If you or your organization needed to fill its ranks with the appropriate type of talent you would need ways to evaluate applicants, I get it. What Dr. Bryant has shown is that the test that many organizations employ are flawed, biased, lack transparency, and in many cases don't actually test for their intended variables.  Simply put, old systems that we have failed to tear down are impacting the trajectory of our families, generation after generation. The good news is that Dr. Brant and his team are confident that employing blockchain technology they can change the game.  Take a listen.  -Be Moore  PS: Play this podcast on Spotify for the option to watch video or simply listen to audio.   Join our discussions online in our community, SEVEN. #DEI #BiasinAI #AI #Inherentbias #Equityandinclusion  Guest:  Dr. Damon Bryant, Professor and Researcher, Morgan State University Company:, Strategic Advisor  Dr. Bryant is an award winning industrial and organizational psychologist with experience in predictive modeling and artificial intelligence. He has been active in blockchain since 2015 and is certified by the Government Blockchain Association.  Co-Host:  Dr. Maurice Dolberry, Multi-Cultural Education  Host:  Bryndan D. Moore Bryndan D. Moore is a community builder, producer, and an award winning entrepreneur. Personally committed to creating equitable participation for Black professionals and Black families, Bryndan often serves as a consultant, helping organizations achieve brand and supplier diversity goals and objectives.
May 10, 2022
Sometimes Violence is Required w Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
Rhadi Ferguson gave me a 7 minute warning to jump on a vide call to discuss the "Mike Tyson on a plane" episode.  Obviously we disagree. - Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, 4x National Judo Champion and Judo Olympian, understands and maybe believes Mike Tyson did exactly the right thing on that flight. What do you think? #miketyson #rhadi #theblackfuturist #IronMike #JetBlue
April 21, 2022
Strategies for Parents of Students Impacted by the Pandemic w/ Cydnia Young
The COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on just about every aspect of life, all over the world. Parents may have noticed declines in academic performance by their students once all learning went virtual. What are the impacts of these changes in on college admission and completion rates?  How will the global workforce be impacted?  How should we be approaching these concerns at home? #TheBlackFuturist Guest: Cydnia Young, LCSW Hosts: Bryndan D. Moore Dr. Maurice Dolberry #Education #MentalHealth
April 18, 2022
Better outcomes for Black families with one action?
Conversations like this are made for community. Join ours by visiting The beauty of The Black Futurist is that the conversations we host here were going to happen regardless.  This show is the product of having access to professionals with a great wealth of knowledge, and the forethought to press record. In this episode we weight the pros and cons of one move that could be a game changer for generations of Black families.  Interestingly enough it turns out this is no novel idea (duh...) but this conversation might move your family discussions forward at home. We'd love to hear from you. Join us on SEVEN. In conversation: Dr. Maurice Dolberry & Bryndan D. Moore #TheBlackFuturist
March 24, 2022
CES 2022 pt. 3 and DEI when done correctly feat. Alana Cheeks Lomax
Hosts: Bryndan D. Moore & Dr. Maurice Dolberry Guest: Alana Cheeks-Lomax Alana Cheeks-Lomax is a mission driven strategist with over 10 years of consulting experience providing management and strategy solutions to non-profits, public, and private sector organizations looking to achieve their strategic objectives through business transformation, organizational growth, and social impact. She is passionate about bringing innovative ideas to the intersection of business and society, using her experiences to solve an organization's most challenging problems. Alana currently works at Block, Inc. (previously Square, Inc.) where she leads Inclusion & Diversity for their Cash App business unit. In her role at Cash App, Alana is responsible for developing the strategic direction of the I&D work, and partners closely with the leadership team to drive a culture of inclusion across the global ecosystem. Prior to joining Square, Alana worked at Microsoft where she led the company’s Diversity & Inclusion reporting strategy including the analysis of diversity data, identification of trends and patterns in data, and communicating insights to the CEO and his executive team. She was also responsible for partnering with the company's Center of Excellences to drive the Diversity & Inclusion strategic planning process while supporting the global strategy and implementation.  Prior to Microsoft, Alana spent seven years at Deloitte Consulting as a strategy manager, leading several projects in the healthcare space. During her time at Deloitte, she co-founded Communities of Color from Coast-to-Coast (C2C), a program which champions user-centered design and grassroots inclusion practices that promote the retention, advancement and well-being of global talent, starting from the viewpoint of black women. Alana is a proud alumna of Carnegie Mellon University where she holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, and Masters in Healthcare Policy and Management from the Heinz School of Public Policy. #CES2022 #ArtificialIntelligence #Diversity #Equity #DEI #DiverseWorkforce #TheBlackFuturist
February 10, 2022
Reflections of CES 2022 - Part 2 - with guest Tony Winders
I've recently returned from Las Vegas, after hosting tech tours (StoryTech / CTA) during Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES® is one of the largest and most influential tech event in the world — and can be a proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.  CES showcases companies including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more. TBF presents a 3-part series of reflections and impressions of the exhibitor content from #CES2022. Keywords: Tesla loop, Flying car, autonomous trucks, 8k laser projector, Samsung freestyle, Samsung frame, OLED, Autonomous racing, smart home, health tech, sleep tech.  Guest is this episode: Tony Winders - Tony Winders is a digital marketing pioneer whose leadership, strategic insight and integrated programs have contributed to hundreds of successful B2B marketing campaigns. As founder of The Winders Group, he leads a global team of marketers to provide extraordinary strategy, content and campaigns for technology brands.
February 06, 2022
Reflections of CES 2022 - Part 1 - Matt Moroz and Hardie Tankersley
I've recently returned from Las Vegas, after hosting tech tours (StoryTech / CTA) during Consumer Electronics Show (CES). CES® is one of the largest and most influential tech event in the world — and can be a proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators.  CES showcases companies including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more. TBF presents a 3-part series of reflections and impressions of the exhibitor content from #CES2022. Guests is this episode: Matt Moroz: Accomplished streaming media and e-commerce product leader with global partnerships experience in the media & entertainment industry. Patent holder, keynote speaker and passionate about digital transformation, anticipating changes in the marketplace, driving businesses into the future, operating at scale and in critical situations. Excels at managing relationships and building multi-disciplinary teams with focus on innovation. Hardie Tankersley: Senior-level technologist, builder, collaborator, data-driven developer of teams, relationships and ideas. Expert in a broad range of media technologies from HLS to USDZ, DAI, Agile, analytics, frameworks, and ad engines. Experienced in the broad range of business: product management, innovation, and cross-functional collaboration with marketing, finance, legal, HR. Has built new business lines for both horizontal consumer markets and vertical business applications from $0 to $120MM+.
January 25, 2022
"Awakening" book, with Sci-Fi author Ted Cummings
Guest: Author Ted Cummings Host: Bryndan D. Moore Participate in these discussions by joining Seven.Community
October 12, 2021
The Creative Genius of Biz Markie. Analysis of Loki and Tomorrow War.
#TheBlackFuturist #YoGabbaGabba #Loki #TomorrowWar
August 03, 2021
Discussing Prison Abolition with Amber Crowder, and Tesla Model 3 Test Drive
In this episode we're joined by Amber Crowder (Hines), recently released from Federal Penitentiary, now using her humor and network to shed awareness of the challenges for families and individuals negotiating the prison system. Amber is flat out hilarious, and brilliant.  Her messages use humor to illuminate incarcerated life, removing the stigma so we can actually have productive discourse on the topic while preserving the humanity of those incarcerated people. Find out more about her project here: The Been Down Project - IG -  AUTO: The Second segment of the show is dedicated to the Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle.  We've driven it.  We had fun.  There's much to discuss.  - OUR GUEST: Amber Crowder’s Been Down Project is a returning citizen’s brutally honest, yet comedic, account of how she went to federal prison over an email. Her vulnerable and transparent account highlights the inequities and flaws of the federal criminal justice system and the unique hardships for women in the industrial prison complex. Amber intends to use her platform to be a voice, a resource, and an inspiration for women with recent federal indictments, women currently incarcerated, and women reentering society. Amber is an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry who currently resides in Washington, D.C. - HOSTS: Bryndan D. Moore, @bemor, Dr. Maurice Dolberry, @mdeduc8r #TheBlackFuturist #PrisonReform #PrisonAbolition #TheBeenDownProject #AmberCrowder #EV #TeslaModel3 #TeslaTestDrive
July 28, 2021
Bridging the Digital Divide. The Path to Digital Equity with Vickie Robinson
The digital divide is the economic, educational, and social inequalities among communities, and people caused by a lack of access to technology.  While many people take for granted their ability to have easy access to the internet and technology, others are unable to participate in what has become an integral part of modern life, and modern business. There are many approaches closing this gap, such as providing low-income families with broadband at a reduced rate or implementing programs that give students in low-income, and low access schools opportunities for training and greater connectivity.  In this discussion, Vickie S. Robinson, General Manager of Microsoft's Airband Initiative, shares how teams like hers should be thinking, and working on solutions for broader connectivity and why it is mission critical right now. Guest: Vickie S. Robinson, General Manager, Microsoft Airband Initiative Vickie oversees strategy and operations for Microsoft's global Airband Initiative, which is focused on connecting the unconnected through partnerships with internet service providers, energy access companies and other private and public sector organizations.  She is an alum of Howard University, and Howard University School of Law. Hosts: Bryndan D. Moore, @bemor, Dr. Maurice Dolberry, @mdeduc8r #TheBlackFuturist #digitalequity #broadbandequity #microsoft #airband #HowardAlumni #HUSL #FCC
July 20, 2021
Explaining Critical Race Theory, and Kelle Rozell of Black Dollar Index
Critical Race Theory has been thrust into the National discourse recently, as Florida Governor Rick Desantis lead the political charge of Republican lead states to outlaw its teaching in schools. “The woke class wants to teach kids to hate each other, rather than teaching them how to read, but we will not let them bring nonsense ideology into Florida’s schools.” Desantis said. Luckily for us, The Black Futurist has a resident Critical Race Theorist on site to explain to us the nature of CRT and answer the question " What''s the BIG deal?" Also in the is episode we are joined by Kelle Rozell, the social justice platform founder who started Black Dollar Index.  The Black Dollar Index, is a multi-factor scoring system that rates top consumer-facing corporations from 0 – 100 across critical factors for racial equity. Guest: Kelle Rozell, Kelle Rozell is the founder of the Black Dollar Index and a Marketing Executive for Disney General Entertainment, with over 17 years of experience working in media and entertainment. Throughout her time working for major record labels and television networks, Kelle has established herself as a seasoned marketer and storyteller, working on award winning campaigns for companies such as A&E TV, truTV (WarnerMedia), and VICELAND (Vice Media). In February of 2021, Kelle and her team launched the Black Dollar Index, a Black consumer advocacy platform that sits at the intersection of economic and racial justice. Hosts:  Bryndan D. Moore, @bemor, Dr. Maurice Dolberry, @mdeduc8r #TheBlackFuturist  Join our conversations on
June 30, 2021
Valuable Lessons we can Learn from Neighboring Communities w/ Alfonso Wright
Alfonso (nickname: Tito) is an author, a computer geek, and is an owner of the incredible tea room and loose leaf tea brand Brooklyn Tea.  He has lived in diverse communities including Washington, DC, Buckhead, Atlanta, and various parts of Brooklyn, all which have informed his sense of community, and give him a perspective into how he would like to shape his community for the future.  Growing up, everyone in Alfonso Wright’s West Indian household had a job to do; his was serving tea to his mother. After graduating from Hampton University and working in various roles along side his mentor, Bryndan Moore, Wright found himself hearing the call of the tea business. He secured a job at a Manhattan tea shop and learning the business side while simultaneously studying to be a tea sommelier. In 2017, he used his digital prowess to launch an online tea store with now fiancée, Jamila McGill. A year later, the pair opened a brick-and-mortar shop that gave an immersive experience serving 60 tea varieties, delicious pastries and tranquil, communal vibes in Bed-Stuy. Today Brooklyn Tea curates nearly 100 varieties of tea, ranging from South African rooibos tea with Belgian chocolate pieces to Pu-erh grown in the mountains of China to herbs cultivated in Washington State. As a result of Wright’s training and passion, the teas on their menu are never spared the story of their origins and are described in a manner akin to wine tasting notes. #TheBlackFuturist Host: Bryndan D. Moore | @bemor on IG and twitter Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry | @mdeduc8r on IG and twitter Guest: Alfonso Wright, Founder of The World Famous Brooklyn Tea, a tea room and tea brand based in the Bedford-Stuyvestant section of Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn Tea continues to expand its consumer reach everyday with valuable business and corporate partnership such as: Adidas NYC  Chicky’s General Store  Facebook  Google Happy Cork Brooklyn  MasterCard  Netflix New York City Store  Peloton Salty Suite Gaming  Wegmans  WeWork  Youtube
June 02, 2021
Coping with Loss... and our families have seen plenty of it during the pandemic.
The pandemic has been rough on many families. On January 12, 2021, Drew Moore, my Dad, passed away. Not knowing that this would be the topic of the show, Mo took us there... maybe broke the emotional plane, and uncovered several key questions I may have not immediately addressed about dealing with that loss. I'm sure there's a good chance that those of you listening have also faced loss in your family or friends circle during the pandemic.  I know we ALL have suffered at least the loss of time spent in the close company of our loved ones. Take a listen.  Some of these feelings may be familiar. Join our discussions and our community at #TheBlackFuturist
May 10, 2021
It's the Lessons off the Field... with Coach Desmond Dunham
Desmond Dunham is one of the most decorated high school coaches in the country and boasts National All-Americans, National championships, and International titles in cross-country and track & field. Coach Dunham has lead his teams to an overwhelming number of conference, state and national championships.  He is responsible for developing numerous club, high school, and collegiate All-Americans, and has been recognized for his accomplishments, touting numerous coaching awards, including Coach of the Year. In 2014 Desmond founded Kids Elite Sports, a youth sports development organization that operates summer camps and specialized training for committed youth athletes seeking a competitive edge in their primary sport.   Since its inception, Kids Elite Sports has impacted nearly 800 young athletes through summer camps and has hired and trained nearly 500 high school and college camp counselors. Your pre-order of Desmond's upcoming book, Running Against the Odds supports 4 charities for youth athletes, providing shoes to each, thanks to Coach Dunham's partnership with Under Armour. #USATF #USTFCCA #trackandfield #crosscountry Host: Bryndan D. Moore Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry #TheBlackFuturist podcast discussions leading up to and based on the show are hosted in the online community
April 07, 2021
Capitalism, when practiced correctly... with Tarik Brooks, President of Combs Enterprises
As the President of Combs Enterprises, Tarik A. Brooks oversees all business operations and investments owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs. This diverse portfolio includes ventures in spirits (Ciroc Vodka and DeLeon Tequila), media (REVOLT TV), music (Bad Boy Records), consumer packaged goods (AquaHydrate) and education (Capital Preparatory Schools).  Brooks also leads all new business development activity, including the launch of Our Fair Share, a platform that helped African American owned businesses access capital through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). In this role he manages a team of business unit leaders and serves as Combs’s conduit to a broad set of stakeholders. Brooks serves on the boards of REVOLT, DeLeon Tequila, AquaHydrate and Capital Prep Harlem. Also mentioned in this episode: Our Black Party Our Fair Share Ray Dalio, Sean Combs Technologies: 5G, Blockchain, AR / VR / XR Howard University Host: Bryndan Moore Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry #TheBlackFuturist #RevoltTV #Ciroc #OurBlackParty Prior to Combs Enterprises, Brooks was the Chief Operating Officer of the Account Management and Trading department at Bridgewater Associates, a global investment management firm with approximately $160 billion under management. He was responsible for building and managing the Program Management Office, overseeing the department budgets and leading long-term planning. He was previously the Executive Vice President at RLJ Companies, a portfolio of companies led by investor Robert L. Johnson, where he led the development of several businesses including several gaming/nightlife ventures in the Caribbean and the completion of RLJ Kendeja, a resort hotel in Monrovia, Liberia. Throughout his career, Tarik has represented companies in a variety of transactions, including acquisitions and capital raises, led major strategic initiatives and oversaw compliance in highly regulated industries. Tarik is a graduate of Howard University and Harvard Business School. Additionally, he serves on boards a The Pilgrim School and Private School Village. Tarik lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.
March 26, 2021
The Message and the Messenger w Cameron Trimble - National Director of African American Paid Media for Biden Campaign
Cameron Trimble is the National Director of African American Paid Media for the Biden / Harris Campaign.   This means he was responsible for shaping the messaging and the vectors to effectively reach African-American voters.  Mission accomplished, but how did he do it?  What worked, and what did he learn along the way? Also mentioned in this episode: Hip Politics Podcast Whip James Clyburn Ice Cube's Contract with Black America Brandon Neal Charmion Kinder Howard University Host: Bryndan Moore Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry #TheBlackFuturist PS: In the time since this recording Cam's title has changed to Deputy Digital Director - Community Engagement at 59th Presidential Inaugural Committee.  Way to go, brother.
December 14, 2020
Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic w/ Meedie Bardonille - What we've learned
If you caught our previous episode, you heard our friend Meedie Bardonille, RN, BSN, FCN, current chair of the DC Board of Nursing, talk about the importance of our involvement in the political process. We stayed behind after that recording session so I could hear the story of her selection to the DC Electorate; she will be one of the three citizens to cast the electoral college vote for the district. Having recently travelled, I asked Meedie about her comfort level flying, due to the pandemic.  That question lead into an informative conversation about the current state of our knowledge of COVID-19, how we should be thinking, and what we need to know in order to protect our families. Take a listen and be sure to join us on to join conversations like this. Host: Bryndan Moore Co-Host: Maurice Dolberry, PhD #TheBlackFuturist #twindemic
November 16, 2020
The Power of the Vote w/ Meedie Bardonille, Lavell Flamon and Rudy McGann
The 2020 Presidential election touts the most votes cast in any United States election ever. It only took an incredibly polarizing incumbent President, and a global pandemic, to bring Americans to exercise their voting power en masse. What will it take to keep America engaged in the process? What are our next steps? What change should we be driving in our time, for a better tomorrow? Guests:  Meedie Bardonille, RN, PCCN-K - Meedie is a Washington, DC based Registered Nurse, member of Delta Sigma Theta, and a 2020 Electorate of Washington, DC. Lavell Flamon - Lavell is a licensed electrician in Denver, Colorado, and former Executive Board member in his local union.   Rudolph McGann - Rudy is a Staff Attorney at the DC Board of Elections, and self-described coolest Dad we know. All three are graduates of Howard University. Host:  Bryndan D. Moore #TheBlackFuturist
November 09, 2020
Your Man O'Shea - Ice Cube, his CWBA, and public response
This conversation started on and lead to us inviting Dwayne Meekins to the podcast. Host: Bryndan Moore Co Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry Guest: Dwayne Meekins Dwayne's original response to the discussion on SEVEN... "For real?! Ironically, he’s terribly tone deaf to have been in the music industry his whole life. He’s fallen for the banana in the tail pipe bit that there is no difference between the parties. Were he attempting to have this conversation 25 years ago, he might be on to something. What he’s saying makes sense ... in 1996. Running this out now is dangerous and reckless, especially with his voice and platform. One party actually believes in democracy. The other doesn’t. Two of our last 5 presidential elections were won by the party that LOST the popular vote. Those presidents, W and the current occupant of the WH, will have seated 5 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices assuming this Barrett confirmation goes through. That matters. The members of that party in Congress represent something like 38 million FEWER people than the Congressional members of the party who actually won the popular vote in those elections. So what we have now is called “Minority Rule”. That party has basically gutted the Voting rights act because they know their base is dwindling and the fewer folks who vote, the better things are for them. They are stacking the courts so when their minority rule is challenged, they can take you to court and they’ll WIN. It won’t matter if you’re right. Our kids and grandkids are going to end up fighting some of the same battles our grandparents fought. That’s a failure on our part. We’re supposed to move the ball forward. Major regressions have happened on our watch due to the actions of one party and we want to play the false equivalency card? One party wants to take us backwards. Back to Leave it to Beaver times when things were great ... for straight white men. I can have a real conversation with somebody who’s ok with me being in the room. I can’t have an honest convo with somebody who wants to go back to when we couldn’t even have lunch together. Cats thinking like Cube are the reason we’re in this mess now because they didn’t vote last time or they let their misogyny get the best of them and didn’t vote for the person who is probably the most qualified person ever to run for President in this country. Don’t need Cube’s partially informed and poorly timed viewpoint right now. He can have that conversation when shit is normal. That’s likely why folks are mad at Cube. We no longer live in a functional democracy. Do you realize that? Mofos legit straight ignorin subpoenas from CONGRESS! The Pres incites political violence. You remember anybody seriously planning to kidnap a Governor before? Recall maybe. Kidnap? Nah. That’s what you get when the big guy says “Liberate your states!” The Justice Dept is acting as this cats personal law firm! NONE of this shit is normal. None of it! And Cube wants to have a discussion like we’re living in normal times. We aren’t. WE ARE NOT! Fuck that. Nah Be. Cube is wrong. If you know his people, I’ll tell him and explain why he’s wrong. He needs to understand what he’s dealing with and it doesn’t sound like he does. The guy in the WH is literally the founder’s worst nightmare and folks like Cube are going to help get him re-elected. This democracy will not survive another 4 years of this guy. He’s done a tremendous amount of damage already discrediting the FBI and our entire Intelligence community. Compromising the Justice Dept, casting doubt on the validity of elections, etc. I have serious concerns about how long it will take us to recover if he loses, but we’ll be a failed state if he wins."
October 16, 2020
Lovecraft Country: A Deep Dive on Episode 8 - Somehow Rachel Dolezal got mentioned and it makes sense.
Co-Host: Dr. Marurice Dolberry Host: Bryndan Moore
October 12, 2020
Lovecraft Country: A Deep Dive on Episode 7 - Applied Lessons from I Am, Hippolyta's Journey, and a Jay-Z worthy Triple Entendre
Guest: Dr. Ericka Goodwin Host: Bryndan Moore Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry
October 05, 2020
Bonus - 3 Life Changing Takeaways from Lovecraft Country Ep 7 - I Am - We were guests on Dr. Ericka Goodwin's livestream
We were recently guests on Dr. Ericka Goodwin's live stream to discuss her 3 life changing observations from Lovecraft Country episode 7 - I Am. This was fun and we will still definitely be recording our own TBF episode on the show as well. Enjoy this.
September 30, 2020
Lovecraft Country: A Deep Dive on Episodes 5 and 6. "But is Gary REALLY a Korean War vet tho???"
Host: Bryndan Moore - Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry - Mentioned in this podcast: Sammy Sosa Them a Bleach Agents of Shield Daisy / The Destroyer of Worlds Batman Star Wars / Anakin Skywalker SEVEN community by Alumni Roundup -
September 21, 2020
Parenting During the Pandemic - The Super Fantastic Show Reunion with guest Eric Roberson
Host: Bryndan Moore Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry Guests: Dr. Rhadi Ferguson - 4 time National Judo Champion and 2004 Judo Olympian Jada Wright-Nichols - Lactation consultant Eric Roberson - Grammy nominated Singer and Songwriter
September 14, 2020
Lovecraft Country: A Deep Dive on Episodes 3 and 4. "James Evans or Montrose?"
Host: Bryndan Moore - Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry - Mentioned in this podcast: James Baldwin - The Fire Next time Emmitt Till -  Ta-nehisi Coates - Between the World and Me Howard University - The Capstone of Education Wonder Woman / Diana -  Hippolyta -  The Birth of a Nation (Nate Parker) -  James Evans, Sr. - Good Times (I refuse to link) SEVEN community by Alumni Roundup -
September 07, 2020
Lovecraft Country: A Deep Dive on Episodes 1 and 2, and Jordan Peele's "Hits blunt moments."
Lovecraft Country, airing on HBO, and is the on-screen interpretation of the novel by the same name by Matt Ruff, created by Misha Green (Underground, Helix, Spartacus) and Jordan Peele (Key & Peele, Get Out, Twilight Zone). The show stars Jonathan Majors in the lead role as Atticus Freeman, Jurnee Smollett as Leticia Lewis, Courtney B. Vance as George Freeman, and Michael K. Williams as Montrose Williams. Mentions in this episode include: Misha Green Jordan Peele JJ Abrams Matt Ruff Jonathan Majors Jurnee Smollett HP Lovecraft Jackie Robinson A Princess of Mars Gordon Parks James Baldwin The Count of Monte Cristo Gil Scott-Heron Host: Bryndan Moore - @bemor Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry - @8JadeHorses The Black Futurist #TheBlackFuturist
August 24, 2020
On the Selection of Kamala Harris for Vice President w Inga Willis
Guest: Inga Willis Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry Host: Bryndan Moore #TheBlackFuturist #KamalaHarris #HowardUniversity #HBCU #AlphaKappaAlpha
August 18, 2020
Hyper-masculinity vs Emotional Literacy with Therapist Cydnia Young
Guest: Cydnia Young Host: Bryndan Moore Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry Cydnia Young is a psychotherapist at Hampton University working with students, helping them to maintain and enhance their physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being and functioning.  She thinks of therapy and as a pilot and co-pilot relationship.  Cyd is also a proud and active member of the Chi Rho Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Incorporated. She holds a B.A. in Administration of Justice from Howard University, Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California, and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University. Professional licenses, certifications, and training include:  Licensed Master Social Worker (Virginia), Qualified Mental Health Professional (Virginia),  Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  Eye Movement Integration,  Domestic Violence Counseling,  Suicide Prevention and Rewire the Anxious Brain: A Neuroscience Informed Treatment of Anxiety, Panic, & Worry.
July 28, 2020
Science and Black Male Introspection with Dr. Roger Mitchell, Jr.
Dr. Roger Mitchell is a renowned physician and scientist.  More importantly he'll tell you, he is my very good friend. In this episode of The Black Futurist we touch on health disparities in America, scientific literacy, Forensic science and its use in criminal investigation, men's fellowship, and how Hip-Hop shaped a generation. I'd love to hear your feedback on this conversation. -Be Moore Dr. Roger A. Mitchell, Jr. is the Chief Medical Examiner for the Government of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC, he was appointed in 2014. He is a graduate of Howard University, Washington DC, and UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ. He has a B.S. in Biology from Howard University and he is licensed to practice medicine in New Jersey and Washington DC. He has performed over 1300 autopsy examinations in his career and has testified as an expert on numerous cases. He began the study of forensic science and violence prevention as a Forensic Biologist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – DNA Unit in January 1997 at the FBI Headquarters Building. Dr. Mitchell served 4 years as the Assistant Deputy Chief Medical Examiner, in charge of Medicolegal Death Investigations, at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences prior to serving 2 years as the Regional Medical Examiner for the Northern Regional Medical Examiner Office in Newark, NJ. He is the Chairman of the National Medical Association’s Workgroup on Gun Violence and Police Use of Force, which examines violence as a public health issue. He is board certified in Anatomic and Forensic Pathology by the American Board of Pathology. He is a Fellow with the National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME). He sits on national subcommittees for NAME including Education & Planning and Strategic Planning as well as Chairs the Deaths in Custody Ad-hoc Committee. Guest: Dr. Roger Mitchell, Jr. Host: Bryndan Moore Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry Dr. Mitchell is a Founding Member and active participant of
July 20, 2020
Black Leadership, Integration, and HBCUs with David Banner
Before podcasting was a thing, there were still great conversations. As a guy whose father was locally known as the Black MacGuyver, I was blessed with having the context for understanding technology.  Radio Shack was just a bike ride away when we were kids, and my friends and I experimented with components regularly. Roundup Radio was a way for me to gather friends to have critical conversations in the Black community. We shared them via youtube at the time. This episode of The Black Futurist is a throwback, which you'll no doubt discover due to the sound quality, but the quality of the discussion is top notch and as relevant today as it was a decade ago. Guests: David Banner - Rapper, producer, now host of the David Banner podcast Maurice Dolberry - Now Dr. Maurice Dolberry Lavell Flamon - Architect, Electrician, Investor
July 14, 2020
The Power of Symbols pt. 2 - The United States Flag w Dwayne Meekins
I’ve been having a running conversation about the weaponization of symbols. This may impact the way you protest. Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry Guest: LCDR (Ret.) Dwayne Meekins Episode art: Kadir Nelson
June 29, 2020
The Power of Symbols pt. 1 - The Confederacy w Dr. Maurice Dolberry
Guest: Dr. Maurice Dolberry
June 22, 2020
Modern and future applications of Video Games and Game Technology
In 1977 kids were enamored by the magnetic attraction of the single button joystick and paddles that allowed us access to the digital world through the Atari 2600. In the 40 plus years since the release of that system, gaming computing power and the participation in the medium has grown beyond description. Now those pong playing kids are adults, with money and nobody to tell them it's bedtime. How are we handling it, and what is the future of gaming? Guest: Dwayne Meekins, Owner of Game Truck, Charlotte, and Salty Suite gaming venue, Co-host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry #TheBlackFuturist #VideoGaming #AugmentedReality #VirtualReality
June 08, 2020
Creating a Future through Investing w Joel Rodney Harrison
The investment information shared in this episode contains what I consider to be in the must-learn category. Parents, play this with your teens.  Couples, discuss your financial philosophies together (preferably BEFORE getting married or having children together).   I think many people may start doing things differently with additional information and context. Guest: Joel Rodney Harrison - Inside of Trading #TheBlackFuturist #WhatWouldJoelDo #HowardAlumni
June 01, 2020
Updating what we know about COVID-19 with Dr. Brad Wilson
Guest: Geneticist, Dr. Bradford Wilson Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry #TheBlackFuturist #COVID19 #HowardAlumni
May 25, 2020
Kool G Rap to Kenya Barris, The Power of Biographic Fiction
6 HBCU Alums walk into a record store... Yeah right, it's the COVID-19 era, and were all quarantined, BUT this IS the conversation we would have had IF we were allowed to congregate and talk about our musical and pop-culture influences. How do the characters entertainers play impact the potential outcomes of their careers? We explore the power of fiction in this episode, with 6 people who really love Hip-Hop and who really love Black culture. In this episode: Dr. Maurice Dolberry - Educator Tracey Lee - Hip Hop Artist Ali Muhammad - OSCAR Nominated Filmmaker Eric Roberson - GRAMMY Nominated Singer Songwriter Lance Williams - Fiction aficionado References: (These are all great watches individually) Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road to the Riches Black Thought - Black Thought’s Favorite Verse: Kool G Rap’s “Road to the Riches” Jay Z - Reasonable Doubt Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Larry David - On playing Larry David | Curb Your Enthusiasm Kenya Barris - #BLACKAF Tags: #HipHop #Fiction KoolGRap #JayZ #Raekwon #BlackAF #Blackish
May 18, 2020
Understanding the Novel Coronavirus w Dr. Bradford Wilson
Like many of you, I've been tuned into the news and reading daily on the science concerning, and impact of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. As a result, I feel like I'm pretty well informed, but in this conversation with Dr. Wilson I definitely learned a lot more.  I highly recommend setting aside the half hour to absorb.  You'll find it fun and informative, and it may change the way you see this thing. -Bryndan Guest: Dr. Brad Wilson, PhD is a geneticist, and self-described investigator, dedicated to the elimination of health disparities which disproportionately affect underserved populations. "My research interests include the genetics of cancer disparities including breast and prostate, mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its co-morbidites, and pharmacogenomics." Co-Host: Dr. Maurice Dolberry, PhD - Multicultural Education "I conduct research and report on it in ways that not only reach, but include people at the grassroots level as well. Public scholarship challenges the idea that there are “researchers” and “subjects”, and the former do experiments on the latter. As a public scholar, I work with people who need my help and together we design ways to test, analyze, and report what we learn. Everyone is equally invested and represented, and the results are useful to everyone, rather than stashed away in the Ivory Tower… in a journal no one reads… in language no one understands!"
April 27, 2020
The Future of Fertility with Geneticist Dr. Brad Wilson
The conversation in this episode has ALREADY BEEN hugely hugely helpful to couples looking to conceive a child. One in six couples will have difficulty achieving pregnancy.  Knowing this, I asked my Howard University classmate, Brad WIlson, to educate me on key topics including: Fertility wellness testing Carrier screening PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Insulin resistance IVF - In vitro Fertilization, and more. Of course you know we'll get into visions of the future, with a little sci-fi in there as well. Dr. Brad Wilson, PhD is a geneticist, and self-described investigator, dedicated to the elimination of health disparities which disproportionately affect underserved populations. "My research interests include the genetics of cancer disparities including breast and prostate, mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its co-morbidites, and pharmacogenomics." Dr. Maurice Dolberry, PhD co-hosts. #TheBlackFuturist #fertility #howardalumni #genetics #IVF #PCOS
April 20, 2020
Addressing Health Disparities in Black America w/ Dr. Jorielle Houston and Dr. Maurice Dolberry
During this COVID-19 pandemic, the African-American community is suffering disproportionately high mortality rates. Simply stated, that means Black people are unequally contracting and dying from this virus. The reasons are various, but include the fact that Black Americans have less access to health care, and live with a higher occurrence of the underlying conditions which compound the impact of the respiratory ailments presented with COVID-19. This episode addresses the issues and helps us frame action items for our families next steps. Today we're joined by: Dr. Jorielle Houston, MD Dr. Maurice Dolberry, PhD We'll be updating this resource frequently -
April 13, 2020
Emergency Medical Holograms - Telemedicine the future of healthcare w/ Dr. Ericka Goodwin
If you're a fan of Trek you're aware of the term EMH.  It stands for Emergency Medical Hologram, and in simple terms, it's a computer generated image of a physician that appears on demand with all the medical knowledge and skill an ailing young star fleet cadet would need. In Rodenberry's 24th century imagining, these holograms are common place on starships.  In the 2020 context, are we seeing the expansion of telemedicine as the future of medicing? I asked Dr. Ericka Goodwin to join the conversation today.  - - - Dr. Ericka Goodwin is a double board-certified psychiatrist, as well as a bestselling author, speaker, and integrative lifestyle coach. Her latest book is Fix Your Fairytale:  A Woman’s Guide to a Great Life, Love, and Legacy.  She is also a co-author of Mind Matters: A Resource Guide to Psychiatry for Black Communities, How Amari Learned To Love School Again: A Story About ADHD, and Thinking About Quitting Medicine, Vol. 1.  She is passionate about improving mental wellness, making people feel loved, cared for, and seen. Along with serving as the president of Global Health Psychiatry, LLC, and working as a traveling psychiatrist, Dr. Ericka also mentors and volunteers as faculty at Morehouse School of Medicine. Websites: and Social Media:  @DoctorEricka #telemed #telehealth #mentalhealth #SciFi #StarTrek
April 06, 2020
Successful homeschool strategies for parents w/ Dr. Maurice Dolberry
Dr. Maurice Dolberry, earned his PhD in multicultural education at the University of Washington. At the time of this recording, the world is facing the global pandemic, schools are closed and parents are at a minimum conducting distance learning activities at home.  Many parents, like myself, are outright teaching at home. Mo believes he's got strategies we'll all find helpful teaching these kiiids ;) Take a listen, and if you've got questions for him, leave a message using the link below.
March 31, 2020
"If Minorities Ran America..." Author Ted Cummings Explores an Interesting Alternate Reality
We're joined in this episode by science fiction author Ted Cummings.  Ted's book Slumber was born of his curiosity around what the state of Black people in America would be in the absence of Jim Crow, systemic racist policies, and 2nd class citizenship.  What would THAT world look like?  He'd need a mechanism to intersect and impact reality to create this new timeline.   His choice? A debilitating, fast moving virus... Do you see why I asked him on the show? Let's play this out SLUMBER is a Black science fiction novel that takes place in post-apocalyptic America. It is a dystopian tale in which a mutated virus devastates America. Millions become infected and succumb to the virus. As a result, the country is in chaos. The remaining population must now decide how and if it can survive in the face of many obstacles and many enemies. Order a copy -
March 23, 2020
Are Fewer People Practicing Religion w/ Eric Roberson and Pastor Matthew Watley.
Podcast Bonus -  This segment starts with the pre-show conversation between me my friend, singer/songwriter/producer Eric Roberson.  A short snippet of this conversation was published as a promo to the podcast episode, but this segment didn't make the show edit. Many people requested the segment on religion, which started out as just a mention of a previous episode with Rev. Dr. Charles Boyer of Bethel A.M.E. Woodbury. Additionally, I called my friend Pastor Matthew Watley of Kingdom Fellowship A.M.E. Church, to get his thoughts. Subscribe to The Black Futurist, and leave a review! -Be Moore
March 18, 2020
The Future of the Music Business, with Eric Roberson.
Based on what we see happening today, via technology, culture, etc, what are the future trends we'll see in the music business? How has the information age impacted the industry? I invited my good friend Eric Roberson in for the disussion. His website - Join his behind the scenes army, "The Process." - He's recently made available a download of a live show - ERRO Live - UK Also mentioned in the episode: Sy Smith - Find her music and tour info here - The Legendary Roots Crew - Here's their Youtube Jay-Z #JayZForPresident Will Smith #BigWillForPresident 50 Cent Ice Cube - re Boyz 'n the Hood and Friday Earl Sweatshirt, Lil Yachty, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Pop Smoke Kanye West - re Sunday Service A$AP Rocky Lady Gaga, Billy Eilish Layla Hathaway Digital Underground - re Virtual reality ala Sex Packets Jazzy Jeff - re Playlist Retreat
March 16, 2020
Creating the Foundation for Personal Freedom w/ Janay Smith
Janay Smith is a serial entrepreneur. Trained as a mechanical engineer (Howard), a product designer (Stanford), and an attorney who has worked in each career path, is now enjoying building her skills as a stand up comedian. Sounds like a mid-life crisis right?  Look closer. This is a story about creating the conditions that allows us to follow our curiosities.  This is a story about freedom. Take a listen.   J. Smiles Comedy - National Museum of African American History and Culture - Howard University - Stanford Product Design -
March 09, 2020
What is Black culture and will it survive? Plus Picard ep 5 w/ Dr. Maurice Dolberry
"I'd like to see a brother from Cleveland, in every episode [of Star Trek.]" I felt the need to elaborate on this comment from episode 1 so with the help of Dr. Maurice Dolberry (multicultural education, STEM, cosplay) we'll set out to answer the question "how do we define Black culture?"   That makes for fun discussion. Additionally, Star Trek, Picard has developed over the 4 episodes since our previous discussion.  We've been introduced to the main cast of characters including a Black, human protagonist Raffi, played by Michelle Hurd (SVU). What is Black Culture, and will it survive the passing of time, or will it be washed away or homogenized? #TheBlackFuturist
March 02, 2020
The Future of Criminal Justice w Rev. Dr. Charles Boyer and Douglas Coppin
Rev. Dr. Charles Boyer   Salvation and Social Justice -  Bethel AME Church Woodbury -  Douglas Coppin  Pre-Trial Services - An issue to watch -
February 24, 2020
Free Education. Morehouse College alumni gift, Lebron James I Promise school with Light Watkins
Pre-podcast episode number 2 follows up on the recently announced partnership between Lebron James' I Promise School, and Kent State University, providing opportunities for students to go to college, tuition free, and with free room and board for the first year.   It connected in my mind with a conversation I had with my friend and often debate partner, Light Watkins, about the pledge by billionaire Robert F. Smith to pay the student loans of the 2019 graduating class of his alma mater, Morehouse College. What are the pros and cons and the future impact of free education on the university level? Here's our discussion... Guest:  Light Watkins - For more information: Robert Smith - Morehouse College - Lebron James' I Promise School - Kent State + I Promise School -
February 17, 2020
Does Sci-Fi have a Black people problem? Also Picard premier, DS9 and Star Trek TOS.
Bryndan Moore with guest host Dr. Maurice Dolberry. Pictured in the episode art, our homeboy Shawn Andrews with Seth McFarlane from the set of The Orville. Dolberry makes a reference to an old joke in the first 2 minutes - Robin Harris' Piccolo Player
February 11, 2020