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The Blank Paige

The Blank Paige

By Paige Patterson
A space where creatives, entrepreneurs and storytellers can come to find the inspiration to keep GOING. Honest conversations about non-linear journeys, staying well and returning to the proverbial blank page again and again, hosted by Paige Patterson.
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Episode 30, Jackie Lipson (Singer, Songwriter)
In this episode I have the good fortune of MEETING and chatting with the immensely talented, integrated artist, JACKIE LIPSON.  Jackie is a soulful singer-songwriter with 2 new singles out: "Someday" and "Air After Rain".  We chat about tiny Jackie growing up in a musical family in Connecticut, her intro to performing at her local JCC's musical theatre camp (Li'l Abner for the win), how getting rejected from college musical theatre programs led her to study at Pace University in New York, her journey from NYC to Los Angeles, a joyful brief stint working at Trader Joe's, her experience auditioning to be on The Voice, the non-linear nature of building a career, how TV is her favorite creative chill out tool, her love of current pop music, the necessary political conversation of music, her sweet gentle advice for creatives during this pandemic, respecting oneself and one's process, the joy of releasing music, her beloved kitty, the magic of playing house shows, good vegan eats and sooooo much more.  She is a magical woman and this convo is sure to inspire you to be gentle and true to yourself.  Enjoy this convo and please check out her music for a serious mood boost.
May 18, 2020
Episode 29, Emily Burton (Actor, Clown, Creative)
In this episode with my new friend and kindred, EMILY BURTON!  We had a social-distance-friendly zoom chat (so please forgive us the occasional shoddy connection audio).  In this episode I get to hear Emily's fascinating story.  She talks about 5th grade Emily's electrifying time playing Lady Macbeth, her experience as a young model, her journey to the BFA Acting program at USC, her stint in the world of commercial casting, her travels in Europe and Australia, her serendipitous path into the world of clowning, the juxtaposition of her analytical mind and her artistic abandon, the pesky "buzz" that hinders her creativity, her disdain for the concept of "hustling", the callouses she's developed and how she is deeply committed to allowing, books, puzzles, and so much more.  This woman is such a special artist and her shares are sure to inspire you to explore and work in ease.  Bonus: please enjoy our mutual love for Lily Tomlin, Astrology and Human Design!
May 4, 2020
Episode 28, Jerrie Johnson (Actor, Poet, Writer, Arts Activist)
In this episode I have the magical experience of hearing a bit of Jerrie Johnson's story.  Jerrie is a truly magnetic, beam of light and a dream guest! We connected via Zoom for a deeply inspiring bicoastal chat.  She told me about 5-year-old Jerrie and her poetry, her earliest creative masterpiece--her classroom's bulletin board, how Ntozake Shange's 'For colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf" opened her up to her calling as an actor, her enchanted journey to the MFA program at ACT, unlearning colonized thought, the joy she finds in "out-manifesting" herself (like an INCREDIBLE DOUBLE booking right after grad school), how she maintains her expansive state and stays connected to source, the importance of FUN in her life, the earth's need for higher empathy, the magic of her alkaline diet, her abundance of book babies, creating from a specific sense of truth and authenticity and MUCH more.  Prepare to feel ignited... Keep an eye out for Jerrie recurring on Good Trouble on Freeform, and leading on a new Tracy Oliver comedy series coming to Amazon.
April 27, 2020
Episode 27, Fig Chilcott (Actor, Writer, Creative)
In this sweet episode I have a bi-coastal zoom chat with my unicorn of a friend, Fig Chilcott.  Fig is an exceptional actress, writer and observer of human behavior.  In this pandemic-time chat we talk about how Fig burst earthside during the Loma Prieta earthquake, tiny Fig's love of playing "preacher", her profound memory of wanting to use her very own BIG voice in a children's theatre audition, the sweet knowledge she gleaned from being raised by 2 lifelong artists, our wild monster-woman times together in college, how she uses humor to battle her ingestion of unhealthy societal norms, what self-care looks like for her, how she came into taking up space and owning her Actors Studio membership,  what she's learned from her bartending days, the kinds of stories she wants to tell, the lessons she's learned from theatre, how she manages worry, and LOTS more.  Fig is a wonder of self-awareness, wisdom and deep love.  If you're needing a reminder to care for yourself with tenderness this you are.
April 20, 2020
Episode 26, Logan Fahey (Actor, Writer, Photographer, Creator)
In this episode I have yet another nourishing "corona time" convo with a helluva guy, Mr Logan Fahey.  Logan is a damn good actor, writer, photographer and full spectrum creator.  In this episode we chat about the joyfully disruptive tiny Logan, his 2nd grade star turn as Christopher Robin (after he turned down the leading role of Winnie-the-Pooh), how filmmaking was an adolescent hobby of his, his journey into drama school at North Carolina School of The Arts, how he committed to writing, the process of making his film Iron and Dirt, the importance of mentors in his life, meditation, how he balances lots of invigorating time spent with people and time restorative time alone, the ways in which community is the lifeblood of his art, the sweet lessons he's learned from his wife Lindsay and so much more.  This is a lengthy (time stretches in quarantine) and inspiring convo with a courageous artist, so cozy up and enjoy.
April 13, 2020
Episode 25, Alyshia Ochse (Actor, Writer, Host of That One Audition, Creator)
In this episode I have a dream-come-true chat with my personal podcast mentor, the talented Alyshia Ochse. We talk about her earliest dreams of wanting to “be in the tv”, her humble beginnings in Los Angeles (complete with braces and a Rubbermaid truck), how becoming a mother taught her to see herself as a full-spectrum CREATOR, the things she’s dreaming up during the COVID-19 pandemic, her spiritual practices, all the irons she has in the fire and so much more. Alyshia is an extremely expansive soul for me and I know she will be for you as well. Catch Alyshia recurring on #freerayshawn coming to Quibi April 6th AND on Days of Our Lives this spring.
April 6, 2020
Episode 24, Lindsay Pulsipher (Actor, Writer, Musician, Artist)
In this episode I have a lovely chat (via Zoom) in the time of Corona with a woman who inspires me immensely, Lindsay Pulsipher.  Lindsay is an actress of formidable talent and instinct AND she's a helluva human.  We chat about her growing up as baby #5 (out of 6) a big Mormon Family, how watching her mother in a community production of You Can't Take It With You made her want to act, her journey to Los Angeles, how she stays well with meditation and other practices, how she learned to write in community, how she pours herself into multiple disciplines, GOAT MILK LATTES, her love of auditioning, finding the balance of wanting to be seen and wanting to take quiet time to just be, ranunculus, her dreams of creating a Female Western and so much more.  May we all take notes from Lindsay on ease, grace and creative flow. Lindsay on IMDB: Music:
March 30, 2020
Episode 23, Max Deacon (Actor, Writer, Creator)
In this episode I sit down with my new buddy, the extremely talented, endlessly kind, MAX DEACON.  We chat (pre social distancing) about the joy of getting to work in a community, Max's love of great film, his journey into his artistry, working without a net, accents and dialects, the dissatisfaction of being easy and agreeable, the magic of the LIBRARY, his favorite reads and so much more.
March 23, 2020
Episode 22, Elizabeth Masucci (Actor, Producer, Director, Storyteller)
In this episode my pal Liz and I bask in the Venice, CA sun and talk about her journey! We talk about her journey from baby ballet to a high school production of Our Town, her education and training, her first few roles as “hot girl #2”, her start as a producer, how becoming a mother has changed her creativity, the energy she finds in community, the kinds of stories she wants to see told, 90s sports flicks, body literacy and sooooo much more. This convo is a warm balm for the creative soul!
February 24, 2020
Episode 21, Lindsay Ashcraft (CEO of Craft Creative Co, Blogger behind Norther Daisy, Social Media Specialist, Content Creator)
In this episode I have a NorCal to SoCal chat with Lindsay Ashcraft, social media specialist extraordinaire.  Lindsay is the CEO of Craft Creative Co (a team of social media specialists who specialize in helping businesses grow their brands and tell their digital stories), she has a blog called Northern Daisy, AND she's holding down a dream job working with a company she loves.  Lindsay is the ultimate hyphenate badass.  We discuss how sidewalk chalk started it all, how she lost herself in her first startup job, how the moment that she was asked what her hobbies were and she realized she had no answer led to the birth of Northern Daisy, what she does to maintain her mental and physical health while working in the digital realm, great books,  travel, the magic of telling stories via social media, and so much more.  This is such an inspiring episode for anyone looking to start their own business, for anyone burnt out on social media, and for anyone looking for inspiration to follow their bliss.
February 17, 2020
Episode 20, Petey Gibson (Actor, Producer, Writer, Improviser, Stand Up Comedian)
In this episode I sit down with Petey Gibson, a true creative force. We talk about his journey, how he stays well, transitions, radical acceptance, sobriety, the pressure of inevitably educating each person he comes into contact with, the importance of entertainment and laughter, great books, great LA meals, procrastination and so much more.
February 3, 2020
Episode 19, Jeena Yi (Actor, Creative, Baking Queen)
In this episode I sit down with the ferocious talent know as Jeena Yi. We talk about Vietgone (the play she’s working on), her pivot from landscape architecture into acting, her education, what she’s learned from periods of frustration, The Great British Baking Show, Puff Pastry, the situations in which thoughtless diversity becomes a hindrance, her full circle manifestations and her hopes going forward. I had SO much fun listening to Jeena and I know you will too.
January 27, 2020
Episode 18, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Actor, Producer, Creative)
In this episode I sit down on the green velvet couch with my kind, inspiring friend, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. We talk about how Mary was inspired to act professionally as a child (thanks to Three Men and A Little Lady), her creativity vs. ego desires, her years of chemistry reading with leading men, her love for horror and action films, and how letting go and focusing on learning more about herself have reaped the greatest rewards. This is such an uplifting conversation with one of my most expansive friends. Mary’s words are sure to make you feel solid about your very own path. Catch Mary in Birds of Prey (in theatres this February), Gemini Man (streaming now).
January 20, 2020
Episode 17, Sarah Schenkkan (Actress, Food Writer, Creative)
In this episode I have a bi-coastal chat with Sarah Schenkkan: actress, creative and the author of the blog An Actress Eats. This is SUCH a special conversation that is sure to inspire all the creative “hyphenates” among us. Sarah talks about her journey as an actress, the vulnerable transitory time she’s been going through, and what she does to keep herself well. This woman is courageous and honest and this conversation is sure to make you feel seen.
January 6, 2020
Episode 16, 2019 Reflections & 2020 Intentions with PP and JGG
In this episode John Garrett Greer (aka the ol’ ball and chain) and I sit down on the green velvet couch to reflect on 2019 and the past decade on the whole. We also talk about what we’re intending in 2020. Happy New Year!
December 31, 2019
Episode 15, Jane Beaird (Illustrator, Fine Artist, Owner of Quiet Creature)
In this episode I have the distinct pleasure of a bi-coastal chat with Jane Beaird, a gifted and oh-so-LOVELY Brooklyn-based artist. We talk about how we met on the set of BrainDead, how she spent her childhood quietly drawing visual stories, her education, the inspiration she draws from the subway, what it’s balancing the nitty-gritty of a freelance business with the 8-year-old artist brain, her favorite influences, and the superpower of being a “Quiet Creature” (which is also the name of her business). Jane is so grounded and inspiring and this conversation is full of gentle nuggets of wisdom.
December 16, 2019
Episode 14, LIVE from Create Dinner No. 12 with Kate Pauley (Creative, Founder of Create Dinners)
This is a throwback episode and it’s the very first interview I ever recorded in the name of the Blank Paige Podcast! It’s a live recording from Create Dinner No. 12 with the founder of these beautiful events, Kate Pauley. Kate is a true creative. She writes, she makes music, she take photos, she makes beautiful things with her hands and the way in which she moves through life is an art as well. Enjoy this short, but sweet convo with Darling Kate!
December 9, 2019
Episode 13, Solo ‘Sode with Paige (Actor, Creative, Your Host)
In this episode, I chat more about my own background and where I’m at in my process. I also answer some listener questions. I yammer on about: actor holiday blues, the types of roles that scare me, my transition to LA, what I’m consuming to grow and stay well and so much more. Links of interest:
December 2, 2019
Episode 12, Neil D'Astolfo (Actor, Writer, Comedian, Creative)
In this episode I chat with my extra special bosom buddy, Neil D'Astolfo.  Neil and I have a long distance chat (the first remote interview for this podcast).  We gab about growing up closeted and the beautiful significance/energetics of coming out, all of his inspiring daily practices, Gloria Estefan, his one-man-show (MISTER MISS AMERICA!), mozzarella sticks, ice cream and SO much more.  Get ready to laugh you ass off whilst being inspired to show up as your very best self.  You can catch Neil at UCB performing on the house team, Glamour College, and appearing in a fun little episode of the new Hulu series, High Fidelity, alongside Zoë Kravitz. @neildastolfo
November 15, 2019
Episode 11, Gia Crovatin (Actor, Writer, Director, Producer)
In this episode I have a beautiful Upper West Side chat with one of my dearest friends, Gia Crovatin. We talk about what it’s like to grow up as an only child, her beautiful path as an actor, her journey to NYC and all of the ways she keeps on keepin’ on. Gia is the best and her words will make you feel seen and validated in all of your creative pursuits. Next year, you can catch Gia in Showtime’s Good Lord Bird and in Starz’s Hightown.
November 11, 2019
Episode 10, Nika Ezell Pappas (Actor, Artist, Full Spectrum Doula)
In this episode I sit down with my dear friend, Nika Ezell Pappas, in her final days of living in her beautiful Brooklyn apartment. We talk about our friendship, her story, her relationship to her art, how she became a doula and so much more. Prepare to be inspired by this grounded, beautiful artist. You can catch Nika as the titular character in the film, Nia on Vacation, and starring alongside Petey Gibson in the lesbian romcom, The Sympathy Card.
November 7, 2019
Episode 9, Angelica Chéri (Playwright, Screenwriter, Lyricist, Poet)
In this episode Angelica Chéri and I sit down on the green velvet couch and have a delightful chat. I talk to this gifted writer about cats, her 2 MFAs, her process, her relationship to God and to her ancestors, how she channels her words, how she holds onto the belief that she is already made it and so much more. This woman is definitely an inspiring one to watch. She has so much exciting work gestating and I can’t wait for the world to see more of it in 2020.
October 28, 2019
Episode 8, Tonya Glanz (Actor, Writer, Producer, Director)
In this episode I sit down on the green velvet couch with the magnetic Tonya Glanz for our first friend date. Tonya is an actress/writer/producer/director and she is a woman who makes shit happen. We talk about her journey into her artistry, her flows and her slumps, and her love of collaboration. Prepare to be inspired by her inner fire! Catch Tonya in the upcoming show Hightown on Starz, Timeless on NBC, High Maintenance on HBO and in her very own show The Adulterers on the AMC app and Sundance Now.
October 22, 2019
Episode 7, Amber Chardae Robinson (Actor, Writer, Creative)
In this episode I sit down on the green velvet couch with the hilarious and charismatic, Amber Chardae Robinson for a candid conversation. We talk about the little girl from Port Arthur, TX, who always knew she wanted to be a movie star, her strong sense of self-worth, how she keeps her mental health in balance, the tiny tyrant inside of her, her incredible relationship to fellow actor, Marcel Spears, and SO much more. Get ready to giggle and fall madly in love with this delight of a woman. Catch Amber in Hell on Wheels, Stuber (starring Kumail Nanjiani), and Always a Bridesmaid on BET.
October 15, 2019
Episode 6, Leon Hendrix (Writer, Director, Creative)
In this episode I sit down with the screenwriter, director and creative human know as Leon Hendrix. We talk about how he maintains his equilibrium as a creative, how The Simpsons informed his sense of visual storytelling, and the types of stories he feels the world needs now. Bonus: he gave a pseudo-pitch for an incredible story he’s dying to tell. Get ready to have your perspective shifted in the most delicious way by this guy...his voice is clear and he’s running the marathon with so much grace.
October 14, 2019
Episode 5, Simone Leanora (Actor, Writer, Content-Creator)
In this episode I talk to my DEAR friend, Simone Leanora. She is my former classmate/roommate and a bright star. We talk about our history as friends, Simone’s recent experience as a filmmaker, her faith, her limiting beliefs and how she tackles them, and the valuable lessons she’s learned from one of Hollywood’s greatest talents. Keep an eye out for Simone’s short film FOUND, and catch this beauty in Nissan commercials on your tv.
October 7, 2019
Episode 4, Megan Ketch (Actor, Writer, Creative)
In this episode I sit on the green velvet couch with the bright light that is Megan Ketch. We talk about her hilarious childhood, how she satiates her actor’s need for control, and how she gracefully navigates the marathon of her artistry. Warning, this one is DEEPLY inspiring. You can catch more of Megan on shows such as American Gothic, Jane the Virgin, Blue Bloods, Reckless, Under the Dome and The Good Wife on CBS, as well as The Affair on Showtime. If you’d like to read her musings check out her blog at
October 6, 2019
Episode 3, Taylor Black (Actor, Producer, Creative)
In this episode I sit down with my friend, the ever-inspiring, Taylor Black. Taylor is an actress, a producer and so much more. We talk about her start as a child-actor on All My Children, how she’s stepping into the power of her “no” and how her move to LA and elevated self-care practices have guided her in her flow. You can catch this wonderful woman in Dynasty on the CW and in the upcoming period drama, The Banker, alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Nicholas Hoult.
October 3, 2019
Episode 2, Allegra Edwards (Actor, Writer, Creative)
In this episode I interview my dear friend and exceptionally talented creative, Allegra Edwards. Allegra is an actress/writer/storyteller and easily one of the most uplifting souls I know. We talk about her creative upbringing, the integral role faith plays in her life and why her siblings taught her everything she knows about comedy. This woman’s bright light is sure to brighten your day and refresh your outlook on process. Her star is in the rise and you can catch her in Briarpatch, coming to USA Network this winter and Upload coming to Amazon Prime in 2020.
September 30, 2019
Episode 1, John Garrett Greer (Actor and Paige’s Husband)
Meager beginnings: episode 1 with my number 1. In this episode I delayed our nightly Downton Abbey Viewing and forced my husband, Mr. John Garrett Greer, to be my podcast guinea pig. We talk about how professional wrestling and video games kindled his love of storytelling, how ditching expectations allows him to stay present and how much he loves his wife. ;)
September 30, 2019