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The Blind Idiots

The Blind Idiots

By Blind Idiots
The Two blind idiots @ItsMeAB503 and @RomeroOnAir get together to have in-depth and meaningful conversations with people from different industries. Come teach us idiots something.
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Jimi Fritz: Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer

The Blind Idiots

Question: The Hip Hop Stoner Kid
Adam and Danny are back once again. This week they welcome guest and friend of the show, Question. Questions is an up and coming hip hop talent from Atlanta. Question produces, raps, sings, and stays tapped into what's going on in the music industry. Find out what Question has been up to, what he's done in the past, and what he has coming in the future with this episode. Check out his social media by following him everywhere at, @QuestionATL. Find his You Tube below as well as an article that was done on him by the recording academy. Question You tube: Recording Academy article:
November 24, 2021
Heather Wylde Smith: From Escort To Ethical Biz Coach
The Idiots are back once again. This week Adam & Danny sit down with Heather Wylde Smith. Heather has an interesting story of struggle and success. She worked as an escort for 16 years, and in her words, "She loved it." Heather shares with the idiots all about her experiences, some stories, what she's doing today as an ethical business coach, mentor, and all around awesome woman. Check out her website below, you can connect with Heather and work one on one with her, as well as find some funny and interesting facts about Heather and her life. Do us a solid and follow the show across all platforms at, @TheBlindIdiots, and follow Adam at, @ItsMeAB503, and Danny at, @RomeroOnAir.
November 10, 2021
Jimi Fritz: Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer
**We apologize for the lower quality audio, Adam is a full blown idiots** The fellas are back once again with another awesome episode for you all. This week Adam sits down with Jimi Fritz. Jimi is an author, musician, film maker, and so much more. This was such a fun interview, please make sure to listen and share with everyone. If you'd like to know more about Jimi or support any of his projects you can do so by checking out his website here:  Make sure you follow the fellas on social media, Adam: @ItsMeAB503, and Dan: @RomeroOnAir, and you can find the show across all platforms at, @TheBlindIdiots.
November 03, 2021
Angel Shamsa: The Holistic Healer
The Idiots are back once again. This week they are learning all about the world of holistic healing. This includes crystals, natural drugs, and spiritual wealth and healing. Shout out to Angel Shamsa for sharing all of her knowledge with us. Make sure to connect with her on her website.  You can also find Angel on all of her social media at, Angel Universal. You can also find the fellas on Twitter, Adam: @ItsMeAB503, Danny: @RomeroOnAir, and the show across all platforms at, @TheBlindIdiots.  
October 20, 2021
Dennis Dziedzic: The Married Man's Survival Guide
Welcome to another episode of The Blind Idiots. This week we talk with Dennis Dziedzic. Dennis has traveled around the world learning different languages, finding his wife. Having a family. And teaching men how to be better men in their marriages. There is so much great information in this podcast. Make sure you find Dennis on his Facebook group, The Married Mancave: You can also find the book that Dennis wrote called, The Married Man's Survival Guide at the link below. You can get a free chapter of Dennis's book by going to the following link: Make sure to follow the fellas on Twitter at, Adam: @ItsMeAB503, Danny: @RomeroOnAir, and find the show on all platforms at, @TheBlindIdiots
October 13, 2021
Le'Dawn and her musical dreams
Welcome to anothe rweek of the Blind Idiots. The fellas sitdown with friend of the show, Le'Dawn. She is a musician, artist, and all around dope person. We talk about her journey through music, life, and everything else that she opens up to us about. It's another fun conversation as always. Make sure to listen and share with all your family and friends. Make sure to follow the fellas at Twitter, Adam: @ItsMeAB503, Danny: @RomeroOnAir, and the show across all platforms at, @TheBlindIdiots. Find Le'Dawn at the links below You Tube: Twitter:
October 07, 2021
Brian the IT Guy
The fellas are back this week with a new interview. This week they sit-down with a friend of the show, Brian Upshaw. Brian has made a career out of his interest in technology and computers. He talks about how he got into computers and why they peaked his interests. He shares how he was able to flip that into a career and even shares some thoughts with us average Joes and Janes on how we can protect ourselves from our technology. Enjoy the episode, and make sure to share with everyone.
September 29, 2021
The Alabama Show
The idiots are back once again.  Today they are talking to a good friend of the show, Alabama. You can find Alabama on 103.7 The Q , and the I Heart Radio app. Alabama shares her story with us about how she got into the radio business, her travels around the country, and how she got to where she is now with her own morning show. From happiness to heartbreak, her story has laughs and sadness, and she's here to tell you all about it. Follow the Idiots on social media at, @TheBlindIdiots, Adam: @ItsMeAB503, and Dan: @RomeroOnAir. Find Alabama at, @AlabamaRadio, and @TheAlabamaShow. 
September 22, 2021
Meet the Fellas
Welcome to episode one of The Blind Idiots. Adam and Dan have worked together on a couple of different projects, but this one is different. They finally get to sit down with the people that they are really interested in knowing more about and dive deep into their world and learn a little something along the way. So, we hope you will enjoy this new project and make sure to tell your friends and family. If you have an interesting story, work in an interesting field of work, then shoot the fellas an email at, Or you can find them on Twitter and IG at, @TheBlindIdiots. Find Adam at, @ItsMeAb503, and Dan at, @RomeroOnAir.
September 15, 2021