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The Bliss Broker Podcast

The Bliss Broker Podcast

By Harmony Garcia-Gentry
The Bliss Broker Podcast brings you into a place where you get to experience human interest. An audio journey of life's biggest moments as told by the person themselves. We chase down what bliss is, how to create it and where to find it. Every week we bring you a new story of happiness, growth, triumph and more...
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Emergence, Education & Equality w/ Louise O'Reilly

The Bliss Broker Podcast

Emergence, Education & Equality w/ Louise O'Reilly

The Bliss Broker Podcast

"Brotha of a Certain Age" interviews Me ~
Hiya, we are here for a special edition of The Bliss Broker Podcast! I was interviewed back in January 2021 by my great friend Rodney S. He is the creator & host of a podcast called "A Brotha of a Certain Age". He is a heck of an interviewer and has a great collection of episodes with interesting & inspiring people. So listen to our talk & go find his show for more human interest connections! Find his show on Anchor, Spotify & more... For more on Me! Remember: Go do something good for yourself, more importantly, go do something good for someone else... 
September 6, 2021
Being in Flow for Expansion ~
Season 3 ~ WOW! I have hibernated, I have grown, I have had lots of epiphanies and I am back to help support your growth & expansion! With the help of some empowered & enlightened humans from around the globe, I am mixing up Season 3 of The Bliss Broker Podcast with both Solo episodes and INTERVIEWS! Come dig deep with us. In the meantime, take a listen to Season 3 - Episode 3, I am getting used to being behind the microphone again, so bear with. SHOWNOTES: >>> For ways to work with me or just read my blog! @theblissbroker on Instagram on Facebook For info on my NEW Partner Ms. Abby >>> @babelonfitness on Instagram   The ~NEW~ Mindset/Fitness program is going live soon... Remember: Go do something good for yourself, more importantly, go do something good for someone else...
July 27, 2021
Who am I? Why am I? Where am I headed?
Welcome to Season 3 Episode 2 of The Bliss Broker Podcast! Some things I touch on in this episode. How my separation has helped me learn more about how I can be a better human.  The 40 day #MovementChallenge ~ The 100 Day Project >>> To close: Start your day with this powerful question everyday and see what happens! (listen to find out more) Join us in the Free community online: FB group @Sparkchasers and Instagram @TheBlissBroker & @Theblissbrokers100dayprpoject for more! Remember: "Go do something good for yourself more importantly do something good for someone else!"
January 26, 2021
Where have I been?
Where have I been? Wow, how do I answer that? I am not sure...  Take a listen to get updated on my life as well as what is to come for The Bliss Broker Podcast, and more... < The Website for ways to work with me.
January 20, 2021
Pain, Perseverance & Prosperity w/ Raya Horcher
This week's conversation was amazing, Raya has traveled & experienced so much of what this world has to offer. She now uses her education, life lessons & more to support & heal others. She is a Certified Resilience/Clarity Holistic Coach.  She "guides people who want to move through their past & step into living radical & wholeheartedly!" Find her on Instagram @_RayaLife_ Find me on Instagram @TheBlissBroker For ways to work with Me Remember, "Go do something good for yourself, more importantly, go do something good for someone else!"
November 1, 2020
Bravery, Business & Breaking Patterns w/Kayla Rowell
Today's guest is Mrs. Kayla Rowell. This young women has grown up seeing the societal norms of family-life. Generational trauma, negative money mindsets & stoicism. She was alerted by her intuition to follow the whispers into entrepreneurship. As with most people the amazing journey she found herself on was unplanned. It has been so powerful for her, that her husband has even been bit the "chase your spark" bug! A powerful story from a women who has dealt with chronic health issues, anxiety & more. The inspiring part is she persevered through it all and came out a successful Certified Life Coach & Business Strategist to many! Take a listen! Find Kayla On Instagram  Find The Bliss Broker On Remember: "Go do something good for yourself, more importantly, go do something good for someone else..."
October 22, 2020
Happiness, Honesty & Hat-making w/Gail Young
This was such a fun interview! Gail Young is a UK-based creative & business owner with her amazing hat-making company "Ornamentology". She offers such insight and candidness on life, loss & living vividly.  She is open about the people & experiences that tried to hold her back & shares her perspectives on playing full out! Join in our conversation! For more information on Gail & her amazing brand of unique wearable art, click below or follow the link! Please share and if you are listening on APPLE, please Rate ~ Review ~ Subscribe.  This helps me make the show better for your listening enjoyment. Gail Young is @ornamentology on Instagram For Me & ways to work with Me Food hacks & more... Remember 'Go do something good for yourself, more importantly, go do something good for somebody else..."
October 16, 2020
Healing, Happiness & Her Sobriety w/Cammie Eames
Where do we begin when it comes to sobriety? Well, it is absolutely a spectrum. Drinking is different for everyone, some people people just need management and others can't drink at all. Does alcohol play a role in your life? Do you need support with your drinking or your relationship with booze? Today we talk a little bit about Cammie's ~NEW~ membership site! It's called "Her Sobriety" and it launches on NOVEMBER 1st, 2020! Mocktails ~ Community ~ Guidance ~ Also, tools for filling the space alcohol embodied. For example, Reiki ~ Yoga ~ Dance and more... Find Cammie @sobernola on Instagram for more details! for more about how to be a guest on the show and how to work with Me! Remember, Go do something good for yourself, more importantly, go do something good for someone else~
October 9, 2020
Breaking Barriers w/Napoleon Hill
Success can be very overwhelming to achieve.  We all want more, we all want to be good at something.  Today I share 11 reasons we fail, inspired by Mr. Napoleon Hill.  In his book Success Habits (chapter 7) he talks about "The 15 major causes of failure". I borrowed my favorites and am sharing them with you. I want to help you overcome your road blocks, we can't work on what holds us back unless we know what they are. Ways to work with Me < Click here
October 1, 2020
Emergence, Education & Equality w/ Louise O'Reilly (Part 2)
Part 2 with Louise O'Reilly!  She was so fantastic to interview and learn from.  She offers so much clarity & insight on social change, social justice & inclusion.  Perth, Australia-based Creative, Writer & Educator, Louise O'Reilly and I talk more about connection! Louise is an Aboriginal Blogger, Writer & Course-Creator.  Find Her & find ways to work with her down below!     Louise O'Reilly Instagram
September 10, 2020
Emergence, Education & Equality w/ Louise O'Reilly
Part ONE! What a conversation!  This conversation was so great that it is a 2 parter!  Perth, Australia-based Creative, Writer & Educator, Louise O'Reilly and I lay the groundwork for a deep conversation about Aboriginal Culture, Inclusion & so much more... Tune into Part #1 and see what you can learn about Social Change and why it is so important.  Louise O'Reilly is a Aboriginal Blogger, Writer & Course Creator; Starting on September 7th she is offering a FREE 4 day training/challenge about "Cultural Inclusion Language" Find her below! Louise O'Reilly Instagram
September 3, 2020
Life, Learning & Leadership (Inspired by Napoleon Hill)
Hiya Spark Chasers!  I am happy to bring you a solo episode this week, inspired by my strong desire for Self-Education!  I have been drinking in all the information & education because, as a high school dropout I have A LOT of catching up to do; AND I love learning so I can then broker that information to you!  I love inspiring humans to "think outside the box" so that You can live a fuller & more vivid life, on YOUR terms.   Join Me today as we delve into 10 Empowering Action steps that you can take TODAY to get S%&T done, or started, in your own life... Learn about me < Click Here
August 27, 2020
Boldness, Burnout & Blessings w/Tara Eusebi
Today's episode will for sure entice you to give back!  Tara Eusebi is the creator & Chief Blesser for the Bless Mobile App.  She has put all her love and attention into this idea to Bless humanity on a Global Scale!  Tune in to hear her story and some of ways The Bless App has changed lives! From California to South Africa, Tara's App is definitely creating a ripple!  Let's see how giving back can support your happiness
August 18, 2020
Corporate, Coping & Curating Life w/ Savannah
Savannah is a Mom, Wife & Curator of her life.  She has had many experiences inside of the corporate world and after a major health situation with her partner, she felt herself questioning that.  She has taken the leap and chased her dreams all the way to Aruba and back!  She is a multi-passionate creator & entrepreneur with an inspiring brand "Trendy Hippie" and her ~NEW~ platform for education-seekers called "Chase Your".   Find her here! Instagram
August 11, 2020
Drive, drama & deflated dreams
Wow, what a weekend this was, I launched a paid program for the first time in my life and it has been overwhelming... What does growth feel like?  What does having the courage to step into your passions, in a real way, feel like?  It is not for the weak but for those select few who stick with it when it gets really hard, the payoff is priceless. For more on Me, The Bliss Broker: Click below... My Website  My ~NEW~ Accountability group! It starts August 10th, 2020 - October 10th, 2020!  My Instagram * Our Facebook Community!
August 4, 2020
Mental Health, Mercy & Mindfulness w/ Lisa Bailey-Brown
What an interview!  I never thought I could feel so connected to someone in such hurry from across the pond.  Today, Lisa Bailey-Brown and I have an open conversation about her husband's mental health and how she has dealt with that.  More importantly we touch on where she is today after over 20 years of marriage.  There is no doubt her family comes first, but thankfully she is finding her own joy these days and has realized she can't save him or prevent an incident.  She is strong, bright and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to supporting her husbands care.  She is the creator of "Beyond the Yellow Brick Road" a UK-based support group for families and loved ones of mental health sufferers.  She is also the Mom to 3 beautiful children, one of which is a part of my "Podcasting Allstarz" Peer/Accountability group.  He is a force in his own right.  Micheal Bailey-Brown is the creator and host of "The Tangled Mind" Podcast.  A podcast about mental health and the people and loved ones who live with it everyday. Find them today if you or someone you know needs support, information or just a conversation about mental health. Click below... "Beyond the Yellow Brick Road" Family Mental Health Support "The Tangled Mind Podcast" Thank you for listening!  Please Rate, Review & Subscribe!  Share with your friends! If you are interested in sharing your story of seeking bliss, struggling to find bliss or your story of resilience, perseverance & triumph find me today! The Bliss Broker Website The Bliss Broker on Instagram "Go do something good for yourself, more importantly go do something good for someone else."
July 28, 2020
Passion, Embroidery & Gratitude w/Amy Davis
Today we talk to UK-based Amy Davis, she is a engaging, passionate and clear on her dreams.  She speaks about her embroidery business "Alou" and her support for the #Mendnottrend Movement on Instagram.  As described on her Instagram page @alouartist (found here) she is passionate about "Sustainable textile products, commissions & workshops".  She even had a beautiful one-of-a-kind jacket just sell with Revive London- "A sustainable lifestyle brand"  Revive London-UK (click to find out more) To support Amy and learn more about her and passion to build your community!  Click below... Website: Instagram: @Alouartist Facebook:  Alou Artist  Support your community ~ Support things that matter to you ~ Chase your passions Remember ~ Go do something good for yourself, more importantly, go do something good for someone else... For inquiries about my Confidence Coaching Programs or to be ON THE SHOW, click below... Website: Instagram: The Bliss Broker If you like what you hear with me weekly, please Rate ~ Subscribe ~ Review
July 21, 2020
Yoga, Mindfulness & Romania w/ Amy M. Adams
Today's episode highlights chasing our dreams.  How unexpected occurrences can change the trajectory of our lives.  Today, I interview Amy M. Adams, a yoga & meditation instructor.  Originally from the New York area, currently residing in Romania, Amy talks about her journey.  From choosing Romania as her new home country and her long-time dream of traveling to India, we touch on how life can happen to us.  The key is being able to pivot and stay in the flow even when, especially when, life throws us a curve ball.   For more on Amy and her amazing practice: @themindfulsoulcenter on Instagram  "The Mindful Soul Center" on YouTube  She is launching an amazing membership program to help you gain knowledge & comfort in practicing Yoga.  Amy is passionate about sharing the benefits Yoga has to offer with all ages, all body types & all walks of life. Remember, go do something good for yourself, more importantly, go do something good for someone else... Follow me on Instagram! @theblissbroker
July 14, 2020
Clarity, Consistency & Community (For Wins!)
Today I am sharing some seemingly obvious hacks to REACH YOUR GOALS SUCCESSFULLY!  These are things that you may already know, but sometimes it helps to be reminded.  These steps have helped me show up for ME daily and they have given me the ability to feel the rewards of my hard work.  Everything that you want is available to you, just stay focused and avoid shortcuts, they won't get you anywhere in a sustainable way.  Hang in there, be easy on yourself, but don't give up. Let's have a catch up, here's where you can find Me, The Bliss Broker: I am @theblissbroker on ALL social media platforms... I am playing around with YouTube in the background and teaching myself TIKTOK now!  This should be interesting...   JOIN US IN THE FREE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY!  
July 7, 2020
Grief, Growth & Gratification w/ Victoria Volk
What a conversation this was!  I interview my friend & accountability partner Victoria Volk.  Victoria specializes in helping people with grief.  She is a "heart with ears" and can offer support as a Grief Writer, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist & Reiki Master (Energy Healer).  She is also a self-published author and offers her helpful and heartfelt book "The Guided Heart" available on Amazon. Join in on our conversation today to see how grief may be infiltrating your life.  Grief is something we all experience and it is important to talk about it and ease into it to heal.  Grief can manifest in many ways, so tune in to see if you may need some support or just to learn about grief. For more info on Victoria Volk "She loves the Gram" @TheUnleashedHeart  Also For more about The Bliss Broker @TheBlissBroker on all media platforms 
June 30, 2020
5 Actions to Empower You Today
Today we are talking about BLISS.  I created an easy acronym to help you remember 5 actions you can make today to start building confidence in your life.  Why are we insecure?  Why do we have low self-esteem?  The bigger question is how can we be more sure of ourselves and our abilities.  These steps will help you start believing in yourself if you take action.  "Nothing worth having is easy to come by."  TR  Join me today and start living vividly! I am here always with support via my ~30 or 90 Brain & Body Wellness Workshops or my *NEW* 1/1 support via Voxer.  Always have help "In your pocket".  Get help with relationships, support on movement plans, coping with codependency & more... For more info about me @TheBlissBroker on Instagram
June 24, 2020
Cammie Eames, Racism & Speaking Up
Today, I had the pleasure of having an open conversation with New-Orleans based Life & Sobriety Coach Cammie Eames. Cammie is the mother of a biracial teen girl who has lovingly been teaching and sharing insights with her Mom. Cammie is a skilled blog-writer and as a participant in a writing circle, she has been inspired her to write a book about her story. Tune in to hear our chat today! These conversations are where we can start to change the world around us. Please start conversations with your community. FInd Cammie Eames: @SoberNola On Instagram "The Sober Connection" Community on Facebook for her informative Blog Posts For more information on The Bliss Broker: @TheBlissBroker on Instagram "The Bliss Broker" Community on Facebook  Remember! "Go do something good for yourself, more importantly, go do something good for somebody else!"
June 15, 2020
Community Support & Self-Love w/Marc Jeffrey
Well, what a show we have for you today! Cornwall's #1 Podcast host Marc Jeffrey! He is a mentor, friend and long-time Podcaster based in the UK. He is here today to catch up and discuss the importance of self-love, accountability, the Podcasting Allstarz Group on Facebook (join us) and his role as the knowledgeable "Podcast Scholar" You can find Marc Jeffrey all over social media. Check out the information below.... @Marcjeffreypodcast on Instagram The Podcasting Allstarz (public) Group on Facebook ~ Here you can get support and advice on all things podcasting. You can also reach out to Marc and learn how he can COACH YOU in launching your own podcast. It is a lot of work and he takes all of the time and money he has invested over the years and helps you. Podcasting is hard work, it helps to have all the information in one place rather than spending months googling, reading & searching. Find his AWESOME podcast across ALL PLATFORMS, just search "The Marc Jeffrey Podcast" Join us today! Remember, go do something good for yourself and more importantly... Go do something good for somebody else!! Find Me, The Bliss Broker @theblissbroker on ALL social media platforms YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and now...TIKTOK Also....
June 11, 2020
Matt Burke, Magic Minds & Mindfulness
Matt Burke is a phenomenal human in many ways. He is a Ripple Creator, motivator & kind soul. He is here today (via Skype) sharing his magic mind, intentions, ideas & theories on life. For more information on Matt Burke & the Magic Minds Network/Foundation. Seek "Magic Minds Podcast" wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts @MagicMindsPodcast on Facebook. @MagicMindsPod on Twitter. @Mattburke_1976 and @MagicMindsPodcast on Instagram. He is making magic by connecting inspirational stories & people from around the world. Get to know him today! For more information on me, The Bliss Broker... Head over to
June 2, 2020
Bullied Into Bliss
A quick reveal of two abusive incidents from two separate relationships; one at age 18 and one age 34. These topics are never easy to talk about, especially on a public forum. I have always felt that talking openly about our hurts takes away the power it has over our lives. I will discuss how the later incident propelled me into my journey of personal development in a way I had not experienced before.  Resources ~ The Unbecoming Podcast with Phoebe Mroczek ~ The Four Agreements by: Don Miguel Ruiz Ways to find me: I am @TheBlissBroker on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram The Bliss Broker Community on Facebook More info about Me/How you can work with me/Weekly Blogs on Nutrition~Fitness~General life hacks at: 
May 27, 2020
Grow up (Removing Negatives & Adding Positives)
GROW UP! What does that mean to you? Well, this episode goes over some words, phrases and thought patterns that are an important part of growth & personal development. We all on some level want to be the best, we want healthy relationships and we most definitely want to feel confident. Well, if you are one of those beautiful humans, than tune in.  Humans ALL have  "Superpowers" and today I cover 3 of those...  ~ Adapting ~ Perseverance  ~ Hope (Faith) Along with some words/phrase to STOP using today and why limiting beliefs will keep you lethargic when it comes to chasing your spark. Thanks for listening! Join The Bliss Broker Community on Facebook Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube as "The Bliss Broker"
May 12, 2020
Purpose, Patterns & Personal Intuition W/ Michelle Marsh
This episode is NOT to be missed! Michelle Marsh is an Australian-based Wellness Coach, Creator of Aromanosis & Personal Growth Facilitator. Her calming voice and perspectives are enough to get you excited to start your own personal growth journey. She has an informative website where you can learn more about her, her brand of powerful & creative guided meditations and more... Her Podcast "Purpose, Balance and Burnout" can also be found wherever you listen to you favorite podcasts!
May 5, 2020
All the Passion~All the Resilience w/ Kelly Ann Gorman
She has survived a major misdiagnosis and taken control of her life by designing her life against all odds. She is a Powerhouse, a Podcaster, Podcast Producer, LinkedIn Pro & Coach, Business/Life Coach and so much more... She is personable, funny, and is talking with me today about overcoming all that she has gone through to give back to the world. She shares her life candidly online via her multiple social media platforms, podcasts and more... She has multiple podcasts and more... Find her and all her offerings online at:
April 28, 2020
Handcuffs to Happiness
Today we are talking to Ms. Jessica Johnson of Michigan, USA. We talk about her 3rd DUI, her arrest, and the road to greatness she has taken since that all happened. She opens up and shares her newfound appreciation for the little things and her awareness of daily gratitude that has changed her life. The blissful moments in her little village have helped her find what the alcohol couldn't... Some resources from today's show... "Wear Sunscreen" written by: Mary Schmich for the Chicago Tribune; Pub: June 1997.  Mary was inspired to write this article on a walk. She wrote the article in four hours. Later to be recorded, with music, by Australian Director, Baz Luhrmann. For years, mainstream media was unaware that she wrote the article, actually being accused of plagiarism.  Find The Bliss Broker Instagram: @theblissbroker Twitter: @theblissbroker FB: LinkedIN: @theblissbroker YouTUBE NOW!! 
April 21, 2020
Shame & 5 Tools to Greatness
Today I am telling a story about shame. A wake up moment, one of many. We have all felt the shame of a bad decision, the shame of hurting ourselves or our loved ones. Then we work past shame to discuss 5 tools to greatness, tangible things you can think about to move to a point of clarity, self-love & even better self-care & better choices. Let's support each other in creating a positive ripple in the world. We are now on Stitcher! Find help online to chat it out... Find me everywhere @TheBlissBroker 
April 15, 2020
Sober Coach ~ Cammie Eames
She's Baacckkk!  New Orleans based Sober Coach, Cammie Eames is on with me again talking growth, Coronavirus and sobriety.  You can find her on Facebook Cammie Eames and on Instagram @SoberNola Find more info on what I do at 
April 7, 2020
Empowerment with My Mom
Let's talk to my Mom, the amazing human that showed me and shows me how to do life successfully! We are having a couple cocktails in London, England and talking about adventure, abuse and how to be fearless in any situation. My Mom is a stunning human that doesn't focus on negatives, limitations or age. She attacks daily life with purpose and quiet intention everyday and is my Muse. She supports and loves every living thing she comes across and is a leader in her own right. She is an entrepreneur, with a successful pet transporting business based out of the beautiful mountains of South Carolina. She is the creator or "All Pets Road Trip" a quality, international pet transporting company, reconnecting humans with their furbabies throughout the year! Take a listen! Beth Veit/ All Pets Road Trip
March 31, 2020
One Love
Oneness is not sameness... Be open Today I get into another inspirational nugget from London. My visit to church inspired today's topic. Be you, be open, be accepting, be love. @TheBlissBroker on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIN DM me anywhere is feels comfortable for a FREE coaching call... One Love, Harmony
March 24, 2020
Fear Not....
Today on The Bliss Broker, we are playing catch up after being gone for 3 weeks to the UK. We are talking about fear and the importance of using fear to elevate. The importance of tackling fear, and more. Go find me in the world... I am @theBlissBroker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Go check out our new website at Sign up for all the freebies! I am here to listen, support, inspire and motivate you to live vividly!Share with your friends! Let's build this community!
March 17, 2020
Sober Coach Cammie Eames
An in depth interview with the magnificent Cammie Eames of New Orleans, La. She is a former party girl like me and like me, we still love to party and have fun, just without the hangovers! Cammie is backed by some amazing coach training and has also lived the life, so she is armed with some amazing information for you. As your Sober Coach she will walk you through zero drinking or just basic management. She understands that coaching cannot be a cookie-cutter experience, together you will design the perfect fit for success when it comes to alcohol. Tune in now! Find Cammie: Instagram @SoberNola Facebook Cammie Eames online 
February 11, 2020
Grace & Grit
Today we talk about the importance of following your truth! Remember, being aware that when you change, even for the better, it creates a ripple in your environment. Being clear about your goals, desires and your "whys" is important and so is grace. Offering grace to our inner circle when we are growing is a courtesy required and it is our responsible to be open and honest with our loved ones.  Find me on Instagram @TheBlissBroker Email me I am here to help! Also go find the Audible Original by Mel Robbins called "Take Control of Your Life"
December 19, 2019
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Today we cover the five levels of American Psychologist Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. We go through each level and talk about how getting out of survival mode will help you reach a true level of growth and self-actualization.
December 11, 2019
Trauma & Resilience
Today we get into trauma and resilience. I share with you how trauma does not have to mean the end of happiness. I will follow up with information on the ACE's Quiz (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and the "A, B C's of resilience. (Compliments of Resources: "Terrible thanks for asking" part of the American Public Media organization  FInd all the episodes at the link above or specifically the series on trauma titled "What happened to you?" Episodes #85, #86 and #87 Take the ACE's Quiz at or Marc Jeffrey Podcast "Podcasting Allstarz" Phoebe Mroczek "Unbecoming Collective" Find me on Instagram @Theblissbroker
December 3, 2019
November 13, 2019
November 13, 2019
Synchronicity, The Woo & Negative Thinking
Today I am talking about how synchronicity has led me to the topic of trauma. I expand on types of traumas, warnings symptoms and coping with trauma; both negatively and positively. I am also going to let you know why I think negative thoughts and envy can help you be better. Resources:  Terrible Thanks for Asking Podcast  ACEs quiz online (google it, there are so many easy places to read about it and take the quick 10 question quiz) Find me everywhere online @TheBlissBroker
November 12, 2019
Life at 21
Today we get into with a smart, spunky & independent 21 year old. She is sharing her perspective with us on dating, sex, meetup apps & more... Find me: @Sparklymedia on Instagram Harmony's Warcry Podcast Community on Facebook DM Me for questions, comments or even request to be a guest on the show!
October 29, 2019
The Love of 7
Today we talk about the number 7.  - 7 Rules of Marketing (Marketing strategy) - 7 Levels of Why or 7 Levels Deep (Dean Graziosi: Millionaire Success Habits) - The Magic number 7, plus or minus 2 (George A. Miller, Cognitive Psychologist, Harvard; Publication 1956) Reach out for help, tips, suggestions or even request to be on the show! @Sparklymedia on Instagram
October 15, 2019
Mistakes, Bravery & Self-Care
Today I fill you in on my fitness journey, my half-naked AFTER PIC on Instagram, being BRAVE and being REAL with yourself. Without your honest inventory you are guaranteed to fail. My Podcast is getting a new outfit! New Name, new logo, new guests, & new fire! Watch what we do with our new network of podcasters & coaches!
October 1, 2019
Episode #72 Sobriety Coach Cammie Eames
Today I speak to the beautiful and spunky Cammie Eames. She is a sobriety coach in one of the worlds most renowned party cities; New Orleans. We talk about life, bad choices and sobriety. Sobriety is different for everyone, for some it has to be all or nothing. Join us today as we get know each other better and stay tuned for what is to come for Cammie and I. We clicked so well, I have decided to have her on as a regular guest! Follow her on Instagram @SoberNola 
September 16, 2019
#71 My Canadian Friend and Route 66!
Welcome to episode #71! Today we interview Karen Landriau. She is a amazing inspiration and she offers her expertise to the world with her unique "Route 66" Program. Listen in now and learn about her program and our common desire to inspire and motivate people to be the best selves.  @KarenLandriau on Instagram
September 3, 2019
#70 Confrontation
Hi! Today we talk about confrontation, why we should do it and why it is important to a satisfying life. @sparklymedia on Instagram Harmony's Warcry Podcast Community on Facebook
August 20, 2019
Time Management is not my best quality now...
How my time management skills need to be honed too! I am learning everyday, join me in my growth. I talk all the things... I am giving myself a pass ant being proud of myself instead of critical. Peek.828~Harmony's Warcry Plans~Thrive Media~Being committed to my fitness~I am a Newlywed too! @Sparklymedia on Instagram Harmony's Warcry Podcast Community on Facebook
August 6, 2019
#68 Evolution
Episode #68 Evolution. Today we talk organic evolution. Helping motivate you with the first 5 steps to personal evolution. If you are sick of your own shit, this episode is for you. @sparklymedia on Instagram Harmony's Warcry Podcast Community on Facebook 828.237.2580 for help, inspiration, comments or reviews. Go do something good for yourself, more importantly go do something good for someone else.
July 17, 2019
Minipod Live on Instagram!
Hi guys, Harmony's Warcry goes live today on Instagram, why? Because it scares the shit out of me! Stay motivated, stay grounded, stay true to you! @sparklymedia on Instagram Harmony's Warcry Podcast Community Page on Facebook
July 2, 2019
Ep. #67 Why do people treat you like shit?
Hi guys, today we are talking about personal accountability and personal responsibility. Taking the reigns for communication, boundaries and overall happiness in our relationships.  I will explore the an amazing poem "As I Began to Love Myself" by Charlie Chaplin? Augusto Branco? Kim & Allison McMillen? Listen to hear it! Follow me for help, guidance, and support on @sparklymedia on Instagram Message me:  Have a great day!
June 25, 2019
Red Flags 101 🚫
Today we talk Red Flags! I explain the basic DL and what you can do about them. This is an intro episode to the Healthy Relationship series... •Sparklymedia on Instagram •
June 11, 2019
Ep #65 Time is Eluding Me!
This episode fills you in on all things Harmony; All of the things I am doing to level up my career and my passions. Is being built! This is my new interview-based podcast that showcases the 828 and all the awesome and unique businesses, organizations and philanthropists in it. and I am  @peek _828 on Instagtram Also Thrive Media is my new Social Media Management company, it is in launch mode, so ground work is the focus now!  For more info, email 828.237.2580 Call Anytime!
May 28, 2019
Ep #64 Bonus Sex Talk
Vaginismus; What is it?  Knowing your body; Sex is self-care. What to listen to:  -Savage Love-cast -Sex With Emily Follow me on Harmony's WarCry Interactive & Shownotes
May 21, 2019
Ep #63 Sex Q & A
Ep #63 Sex Q & A Let's answer some of your questions! Websites to check out... Couple Apps to check out Kindu• Offers over 1000 sensual & romantic ideas for couples. IceBreak• Helping couples break the ice one question at a time.
May 16, 2019
Kink & Our Bods 101 #62
Body Image, Body Confidence; Kink vs. Fetish... Sexy Book, Podcast suggestions & More... "Eat • Squat • Cum" go find them on YouTube & beyond...
May 9, 2019
Sexual Health & Bullet Points
WelCUM! We are talking sexual health info & the information to come in the upcoming sex series episodes! Book Recommendations:  "Nina Hartley's Guide to Total Sex" by Nina Hartley "Come As you Are" by Emily Nagoski >>>Don't forget the 3 C's of Sexual Health; Contraceptives~Consent-Clinics (Get tested) 
May 2, 2019
Episode #60 "Learned Helplessness"
We discuss Learned helplessness, what is it and why it's important to stop it, both victim and perpetrator. To find me: ~Harmony's WarCry Interactive & Shownotes On Facebook ~@Sparklypodcaster on Instagram
April 23, 2019
Liar, Liar Pants On Fire
What does telling a lie mean to you, do you do it? How often? What are the results of that? We will find out today! Also two important questions/prompts to get you thinking... "What does being here mean to you?" "Why would you question someone else's truth?" Be good to each other! @Sparklypodcaster on Instagram  Harmony's WarCry Interactive & Show Notes on Facebook
April 16, 2019
What is Harmony's Warcry?? \uD83C\uDFA7\uD83C\uDFA4
We talk NEW additions to this WarCry World & Helping you become a better version of You!
April 9, 2019
Don't fear your adventures 🤙🛫
Get going early ▪Ignore your doubts▪ Find your spark
April 3, 2019
I'll Fly Away
Let's summarize what I'm doing here, off to California...
March 26, 2019
Being Genuine ⚡
Let's tackle being genuine... we talk about the 3 things that can derail you from your genuineness. *Harmony's Warcry Interactive & Show notes on FB. *@sparklypodcaster on Instagram.
March 19, 2019
Reinventing yourself! 🤙💫
Reinventing you and your image for growth, being responsible for your happiness. Finding your spark and living your best life!
March 12, 2019
Fight for your happiness!
Ignore the haters, be true to yourself, your dreams and the image you have for your life! Jump!
February 6, 2019
I am getting a husband!!
Getting married at 43...Mindfulness...being grounded/Journaling/going with the flow◇ @sparklypodcaster on Instagram, Harmony's Pay it forward project on Facebook & email me anytime at
January 9, 2019
True Crime Top 5🗡
True Crime Podcast Top 5 🗡 Sponsorship* Engagement* Office/VideoPod! *My latest Top 5 True Crime Podcasts! *Happy Face *Sword & Scale *My Favorite Murder *Murder Mile *Up & Vanished
December 12, 2018
Want happiness? Check out EPISODE #50!!!
Happiness, thought patterns, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, goals, betterment! Let's get this awesome life going guys!!! Share my Podcast with your circle! Find me! *@sparklypodcaster on IG * *Harmony's Pay It Forward Project on FB
October 31, 2018
Are you Mediocre or no?
Go with guts Guys! Don't ignore the messages your body and brain are sending you because it goes against your "plan". Walk into your stellar life by walking away from whatever BS is holding you back!
October 15, 2018
No second guessing allowed!!
Here me now.... shut your inner critic up... that voice will ruin your plans and your self-esteem.
September 28, 2018
Who cares what "they" think!?!
Stay on track guys, no matter what; Rachel Hollis, get her book! Be inspired and inspire someone! ♡
September 20, 2018
Look at this shit!!??!
Bitching a bit, Our Lineman & Helpers, Changing our perspectives... Gimme your feedback.... @sparklypodcaster on IG Help make this podcast better 👍
September 18, 2018
No corner cutting ✂️
Midweek motivation from Harmony
September 5, 2018
Location change \uD83C\uDFE0
I've got 2 tickets to paradise...
August 31, 2018
Respect, just a little bit?
Respect...Demand it...but nicely. Just lead by example always (or as much as you can, we are human afterall)
August 29, 2018
Get up Stand up
Moving, Multitasking and Mainstream thinking...
August 28, 2018
Happy August 2018!!!
It is a new month bitches!!! kick its ass 🤙💡
August 1, 2018
Did you love Mr. Roger's too?
Mr. Roger's wisdom, tough love and being solid for the people around you...
July 29, 2018
Shut that asshole up!
Shutting down our inner critic for good! -Talkspace and Better Help (on line therapy) Email Me: for more info, help or whatever you may want me to talk about! ♡ "Harmony's pay it forward project" on FB @sparklypodcaster on Instagram
July 26, 2018
Gratitude Minisode 7/19/2018
Give thanks when you can... it helps our attitude and keeps shit in perspective! ☆
July 19, 2018
Sex Podcast Part 2 Kink/Fetish
I talk the basics on kink/fetish!
July 12, 2018
Friday Check in 🎧📻🎤
Check up and check in... Keep moving forward!
June 29, 2018
Sex series "Communication"
Lets talk about it guys... Porn, Sex Shop dates and the App store! Open up it will be worth it! 💋
June 20, 2018
Wednesday Minipod
Talk if ya need to... code "beautiful" for $45.00 all price plans!!
June 13, 2018
Who ya gonna call?
Ask for help when you need it and pass it on... National suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255
June 11, 2018
What's new pussycat?
Where we at yall? Well find out in this episode!
June 6, 2018
May 2018 Update 😃
Where it's at 😉
May 23, 2018
Let's talk about Sex 💦
Sex health and communication! Sex podcasts and planned parenthood!
April 27, 2018
Harmony's Quickcast
A quick quote for today 😊
March 24, 2018
Drunk in Texas Finale!
We move forward and heal...
March 14, 2018
Monday MINISODE 3/12/18
Connections 👊
March 12, 2018
Friday Film picks! 3/9/2018
Five of my most recently watched (and loved) documentaries, plus 2 bonus picks 📻🎧🎤
March 9, 2018
Drunk in Texas 🍻
Juicy feels about Austin, Texas...
March 8, 2018
Kudos! ❤👊
A positive message from a fellow Station! Thanks for the well wishes and appreciation!
March 6, 2018
Monday MINISODE 3/5/2018
We talk shame, get rid of it! 👊
March 6, 2018
Warcry #2 "Self-care"
Warcry #2 "Self-Care"
March 4, 2018
Top 5 Podcasts this week! 📻
A rundown of 5 more of my favorite podcasts in the digital world!
March 2, 2018
Drunk in Texas
We delve into Austin and the addict.
February 27, 2018
Positive Feedback ♡
@Positive vibes gives positive feedback to a newbie podcsster! Grateful!
February 27, 2018
Do what you want!!
My first MINISODE.... Be you ♡
February 27, 2018
Austin, Texas And The Addict
Telling the story of Austin, Texas, the Addict in my life, the implosion and my perseverance 👊
February 22, 2018
Testing! 💪❤
Testing 1, 2 ,3 ☆
February 21, 2018
Friday WARCRY Briefing!
Stand-up, Love and Whiskey, Love you Warriors, be safe this weekend!
January 26, 2018
Week #4 Of Harmony's Warcry!
My top Five Podcasts to Check out! Listen and expand your Mind, it's hard to hate someone when you know their story \ud83d\ude09
January 24, 2018
Finale Of WARCRY #3 Sabotage
Finale of Week #3 Warcry podcast "Sabotage"
January 21, 2018
Sabotage #3 PART 4 PREVIEW \u2606
The need for more info, so I am recoding Part 4 tonight for you beautiful people!
January 19, 2018
Warcry #3 Part 3 Is LIVE!
Closing out my take on Self-sabotage \ud83d\ude0a
January 18, 2018
Warcry #3 Part 2 Is Live!
My list of reasons we Self-Sabotage...
January 18, 2018
Warcry #3 Part Is LIVE!
Insight on how we sabotage our bliss...
January 18, 2018
Update Warcry #3
Delay in recording, will upload the Sabotage episode in the next couple days. \u263a
January 18, 2018
Make The Change 🌏
Synopsis #1 🙊🙈🙉1/15/18
January 15, 2018
Preview Harmony's Warcry #3
A brief preview for the #3 episode of Harmony's Warcry on "Sabotage". How we can derail the beauty and success in our lives because of fear and inadequacy issues. We all do it, it's normal! Changing our thought patterns and unlearning what society and past hurts have taught us is the key to a fully-charged, colorful and content life. 🙊🙉🙈
January 15, 2018
Warcry #1
Hear the launch, watch me grow...
January 5, 2018
December 25, 2017
December 25, 2017