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The BlueBerry Lounge

The BlueBerry Lounge

By SweatySpookz
The BlueBerry Lounge is a Destiny 2 podcast dedicated to Guardians. We interview Guardians to find out more about them, discuss our relative interests from weapons / builds, the various activities, maps, & strategies.
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T.B.L Ep.03 Ft. Hazelnt - Mr. Shits Broken
In this weeks episode, we dive into topics surrounding Iron banner, explore Chapter 02 of our Lore reading, and find out some more about our guest. Question for listeners: Do you Iron Banner, if so, do you see this as a positive, or a negative change? Discord invite link:
May 14, 2022
T.B.L ft. G_A_T_R - “ Get Toddled “
In this episode we interview G_A_T_R & find out more about his podcast, community, and history in gaming. For those who make it to the very end of the episode, I’ve included a short blooper as well. Discord:
April 28, 2022
Meet the Host / Why Podcast?
Today I bring you a simple introduction, touching on some of my gaming history / roots in gaming, and highlight a gun that is new with the current season. Discord Invite Link:
April 19, 2022