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The Blueprint

The Blueprint

By Andrew Lord
How do you live life to the full?
How do you make a positive difference?
On The Blueprint we explore a wide variety of principles and expressions of 'success' from parents, educators and entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for 'ordinary' and who are now using different styles of education to scale their success in the community.
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I think this will help...
March has traditionally been a watershed month for me. Lots of my big shifts have happened around this time of year. I’m wondering is that the same for you? When I Googled ‘why is March significant’, it all referred to the Northern Hemisphere. Things like, ‘animals are waking up from hibernation’ (remember Punxsutawney Phil from Ground Hog Day?), and March is named after the Roman god of war, because all the military campaigns that went on hold for the winter, now swung back into full force! But that doesn’t make sense here does it? Here, in March, I find energy is starting to wane, and people are simultaneously looking up and asking, "OMG, what happened to the year? How is it March already?!" All the good intentions that motivated us through January and February have now been spent, and we're left asking “Is this really it? Why am I feeling so empty? What am I missing?" When you get to that point, you’ve got 2 options. 1) Tell yourself to shut up. Get busier until you have drowned that nagging sense of dissatisfaction with activity. Meaningless or otherwise. 2) Give yourself a minute, take a breath and sit a moment with those uncomfortable questions and to try and find an answer. We ALL need an answer. We exist in to realms simultaneously. The natural realm (what you can see/smell/taste/touch) and the higher realm (spiritual?). We operate in both. We all need to find our bigger reason, and then a practical lifestyle plan to carry it out. Make sense? Can you imagine what clear-minded, confident and deliberately intentional about how you choose to spend your time, looks and feels like? Have you already achieved this? Or is there still elements missing? This is a season for building inwardly. You can fight it, or you can flow with it. Fighting means you keep 'spinning your wheels', faster and faster until you either A) burn out and crash, or B) somehow make it through to the twilight of life – 50 or so years later, wondering where it all got spent… That’s would be a shame. I don’t want that for you. Last year I put together a series of podcast episodes inspired by my upcoming book (yes, it’s nearly done!) and these were reflective exercises designed to help get you closer to answering those questions. Interestingly, they are all from the autumn months last year! I’ve put these all together below and created a free downloadable guide – The First 3 Questions I’d Ask You if I was your Coach - to help get your reflections started. I’m sure these will be helpful as the days get shorter and we’re reminded that days are finite. On that guide there’s also a link you can use to book a free coaching call with me if you’d like to take those 3 questions a little deeper. Hope to talk to you soon, EPISODE 49 – Travelling through Time! EPISODE 50 – The Wheel of Life EPISODE 56 – A Quantum Leap EPISODE 57 – Overcome the ONE thing that is stopping you… PS: you don’t need to listen to all the episodes, just one will be enough to get you thinking deeply!
March 14, 2022
At What Cost - Exploring the untold consequences of government restrictions
I honestly thought that I would be kicking off 2022 with a different episode. There is so much going on behind the scenes here, getting ready for a new year of transforming lives. Blueprint Life Coaching's Youth programs have finally branched off and become their own entity - Blueprint Education Solutions - if you're a parent, educator or youth coach, I highly recommend that you check that out. But TODAY we're catching up with SJ (Sean) Stark from Contrast Media who has been working tirelessly to tell the many untold stories of the pandemic crisis that are still reverberating through our community. I WISH, so badly, that we could just leave 2020/2021 behind, but the impacts are still so real. Lives and livelihoods have been devasted - and most of the victims are suffering in silence. Mainstream media is unwilling to risk telling these stories because, 1) They are making money from covid. They don't want to risk killing the golden goose! Newsmedia is part of an industry built on fear, and a pandemic is a gift not to be wasted! The newsmedia knows all too well the role they must play in perpetuating the cycle. Research shows that we all have a negativity bias in our brains - we believe and expect 'bad news' about 5 times as much as we believe and expect 'good news'. You'll see about the same ratio of negative to positive news stories every evening on your television at 6 o'clock - a carefully curated selection designed to echo the perception of reality that is hardwired into our biology. This is not an accident. Nor is it reality. 2) And Secondly, in this sort of climate, asking simple questions can easily be misconstrued as disention, rebellion, and even treason! A barage of confusing oxy-moronic slogans have begun to flow freely. Phrases like, "we need to stay apart to stay together". Dismayingly these are being swallowed en-mass by the general public. But there are others who continue to raise questions. SJ is one of those. A brave individual, willing stand up, tell the untold stories, and ask the question - "At What Cost?" This conversation with SJ is based on the premise that governments ARE doing the best they can with the resources that they have available. It does NOT suppose that there is some maligned agenda driving the idiocy behind some of the inherent contradictions embeded in the restrictions and mandates - however it DOES ask the question - at what cost? What sort of society do we want to be, and, are the measures that are being put in place promoting that sort of society? Or are they pulling it apart?
January 17, 2022
3 brand new resources for parents and educators - with Marianne & Jenna from the Posify Group
Today we are back again with the amazing sister duo behind the Posify group. Marianne and Jenna. Both of these women have effervescent energy and are on a mission to help young people flourish! We've worked together on a number of projects and we’ve had the privilege of having them in episodes 19, 20, and 28. Marianne is a Clinical Psychology registrar (I made a little error in her intro that she asked me to note.😊 ) She holds a Master's degree from the University of Newcastle, a Graduate Diploma in counseling and psychotherapy, and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in performance. Jenna—who describes herself as a prod 'multipotentialite', is a teacher and careers advisor, with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama & Performance), Bachelor of Education (K-12), and Graduate Certificate in Education Studies (Careers & Transitions). In this episode, they’re back with some exciting updates and not one, but THREE brand new resources to share with us! It's a brilliant conversation packed with countless nuggets of wisdom and awesome resources to help turn your homeschool program or your classroom into a highly engaging space. Time to share...
December 12, 2021
One families epic health journey and the importance of freedom to make our own health choices - with Bruce Thompson
Today, we are speaking with Bruce Thompson who has been on an epic health journey finding health for his son, Ori, learning all about the brain and gut connection and why it is vitally important that individuals be allowed to make the personal health choices that are right for them. Ori's story is one of redemption. From severely autistic, constantly ill, immunocompromised, and always distressed, Ori has slowly but surely made consistent positive progress and is now a healthy, happy child with no sickness at all. He is still diagnosed on the autism spectrum, but has come ahead leaps and bounds since the Thompson family began to rethink their approach to health. It was an uphill battle. They were repeatedly told by mainstream medical professionals to just learn to live with it. There is no hope. But thankfully there were other wise voices in their world and through them, Bruce and his wife Nurit discovered a new way of looking at health. Theirs an incredible story, but I know it's not a one-off case. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of children and adults who have faced similar challenges. I want to share this with you today because right now, I have friends and colleagues who are being bullied by their employer, the NSW government. They are teachers and nurses being threatened with termination if they choose not to participate in Australia's biggest clinical drug trial. They want to reserve their right to refuse this medical treatment without threat of repercussion, and I firmly believe they should do what they can to preserve this right. This blog is simply doing what I can to help them be heard. If you find yourself feeling unheard, oppressed, and you want to break free from a system that has lost its way - I can help you. 6 years ago I embarked on my own journey of personal development and lifestyle design, and now I help others to do the same! For the next few weeks I'm opening up my calendar and taking calls for people who want to turn catastrophe into opportunity. I can show you how. There IS hope for your future and there's a lot that we can do together! Let's listen to Ori's story...
November 22, 2021
Mastering Calm Living - for ourselves, our families and our schools - with Angela Lockwood
Today, we are talking with a leading authority on calm parenting. She’s the author of two business self-help books, The Power of Conscious Choice, and Switch Off: How to Find Calm in a Noisy World. She’s an occupational therapist who has been working in schools for about 20 years now and has one key mission: to help young people live a little better and to support the adults doing the same - teachers, mentors and, of course, parents. Angela and I were booked to deliver a parenting seminar together, but to be honest, coming into this interview I was hungry to learn from her. I felt a needed a 'calm guru' in my corner this week - and I wasn't disappointed. Angela knows her stuff. She's been featured Channel 9 Today EXTRA, The Australian Financial Review, Good Health magazine, Huffington Post, Mamamia, Radio 2UE and numerous other parenting and lifestyle publications. Her regular segment on The Luke and Susie Show is syndicated across Australia. Witnessing a lot of the anxieties that children are facing have in an overwhelming life, she got inspired to host A Kids' Life podcast. It’s about helping us to better understand the complexities of life as kids. She’s also been featured in numerous media publications and shows. We covered a lot of ground in this interview. What is calm and where does it come from - how do we manage our energy for a more balanced life. What's her writing process? The Inclussive Classroom - what does it look like and where does it start? And of course - how does Angela define success, and how is she using education to scale that for her audience? Angela is such is brimming with quality information and I know if you're a parent or educator wondering how to have a bigger, more positive impact in your home or school, then you're going to love this episode with Angela. excited to bring her on today—here’s Angela Lockwood. To make the most out go this really insightful episode with Angela, I’m recommending that you to do two things: Take the Lifestyle Design Quiz to get this concept of balance going right in your life. It’ll generate for you a free personal profile, your strength profile, your focus for growth, and some coaching questions to help you get clear on what is your next step. Let’s have a chat about your fundamental beliefs. So, I'd love for you to book a call with me.
November 07, 2021
Marketing & Making an Impact - with Josh Moses
Today, we’re chatting with a very talented and impact-driven friend of mine. Meet Josh Moses, marketing manager for Häuslein Tiny House Co in Port Macquarie. They are an amazing business doing great things but Josh's journey has been so much bigger than that. His migrant roots exemplify the values of hard-work, dedication and building something from nothing. His parents instilled in Josh a love of learning and always giving your best, but also an altruistic nature of always finding a way to give back to others who have less than you. With his parents and brother high-achievers in business, medicine and the military, Josh considers himself the black sheep of the family. He is a creative. He has found his niche in marketing and story-telling through media, but also has an insatiable love of learning, moving from industry to industry, always changing, always growing. I first met Josh at the Luminosity Youth Summit. Back then, I didn’t realize how much we had in common and I've been glad to get to know him a little more over the years. Both he and his wife Tammy are genuinely inspirational people. Let's catch up with Josh now...
November 01, 2021
Thinking Like a Bank - Getting Money Smart with Sarry Ibrahim
Have you taken the Lifestyle Design Quiz yet? If you have, you would have received your free report by now, and seen that ONE of the Lifestyle Design Domains is - Business and Finance! It makes sense, right? We cannot live the abundant lifestyle of our dreams unless we have adequate resources at our disposal to make those dreams a reality. That's why I thought it would be really great to bring on an expert in the Financial sector to find out what he's doing to help his clients reach their goals AND how he's using education to scale that success for others. Meet Sarry Ibrahim, a Bank On Yourself® professional, founder and CEO of Financial Asset Protection, and the creator and host of the Think Like a Bank podcast, where he teaches ordinary people to think like a bank and achieve more financial freedom in their life. Sarry didn't always know he would end up in Finance. He attended an MBA program in Chicago, originally focussed on project management. He took on a side job doing sales and marketing at an insurance company. This is how he discovered his gift for helping people with their financial issues. Sarry enjoys talking to people and help them solve their problems. He also discovered how as people trusted him more and more with their financial issues, he became confident and comfortable asking people about money and decided to make it his career. Sarry is now a well-trusted financial consultant, planner, and advisor among business owners and real estate investors. We all want success in our business and work life, It's usually what fuels our other dreams. Let's learn some of Sarry's secrets for scaling success in the financial sector. Once you've listened to the podcast, you might be motivated to get clear on your personal goals, but be unsure where to start. I highly recommend you take the Lifestyle Design Quiz. It only takes about five minutes and it'll generate for you a free customised report with your strength profile, your focus for growth, and some specific coaching questions to help you get clearer on what that personal goal for you is. And if you want to explore those insights in more depth, then book a free coaching call with me to help you get more clarity on the next step on your journey.
October 17, 2021
Scaling Your Impact with Systems - with Dave Jenyns
Oh boy, I'm excited for this episode today. Dave is the GURU of systems here in Australia and his book was described by Michael Gerber (yes, THE Michael Gerber - author of the E-Myth) as the "implementation guide for the E-Myth". Do I really need to say more? Dave tells an incredible story about how he met Michael and how the systems he had already set up in his own business allowed him to take advantage of an amazing opportunity that came his way, and how it continues to free him to spend time with his family, build his business and pursue the things that matter most in his world. Sound like something you could do with some more of? Time is our most precious resource. If someone told you how you could create more of it in your life by freeing yourself up from the day to day activities that take up a lot but achieve very little in terms of big-impact - then I think you should listen up! That's what I did. Listening to Dave was a lot of fun. His journey and story were really incredible. He’s one of those perfect examples of having to have the awareness and perspective to be able to see the opportunities around us and creating the space and freedom to grab it. If you want to get a better perspective on your own life, I highly encourage you to go and take the Lifestyle Design Quiz and get a free, customised report outlining your strength profile and focus for growth. It will also give you some coaching questions to help you get clear on what it is that you want and how to take smart actions to get there. Want to create more time to do what matters most to you AND create greater impact in your daily work? Time to hear from the systems master…
October 10, 2021
How is coaching different? - with Jennifer Powers
Today, we are talking with Jennifer Powers - a accomplished trainer and master life coach from the United States. Jennifer has a master's in sociology, she is a master certified coach, speaker, best-selling author. In the last 15 years, she’s mentored and trained more than 2000 coaches and addressed 250,000 people around the world - and today we're chatting with her specifically about the life (or personal) coaching modality. How is it different to teaching, consulting, advising, etc? And how can it be used in a powerful way to reshape futures? It’s real honour to have Jennifer here with us as she shares her wisdom and insight on the coaching space. Jennifer is making an impact in the coaching space not only in the USA but around the world. Australian business and education is still catching up to benefits of personal coaching but we're definitely getting there and I hope that this interview will make a positive contribution o that conversation. Now as restrictions ease in New South Wales, life is about to change. Things are about to get back to normal, but maybe you don't want them to go back to the old normal. Maybe you want to set yourself up for a new future? If that’s you, then why not book a call with me and let's talk about what your goals are for 2022 and how we can design a 'circumstance-proof' plan to get you there. If booking a call seems like a big step - then I encourage you to do the next best thing. Take the Lifestyle Design Quiz and get a free, customised report outlining your strength profile, and focus for growth. It will also give you some coaching questions to help you get clear on what it is that you want and how to take smart actions to get there. Let’s get into the podcast…
October 03, 2021
Mastering Inner Wellness - with Dr Nas Parsian
Today, we are talking with Nas Parsian. Dr. Nas is a holistic health professional, academic nurse, and emotional health consultant. She has 25 years experience in a wide range of health and wellness modalities, evidence-based practice in healthcare, youth wellbeing, and chronic illnesses management, but her highest passion is health through spirituality and personal-transformation. She holds a Ph.D. from Deakin University in Melbourne on spirituality and self-transformation in people with chronic health conditions (focusing on diabetes-type 1 management). She has a strong background in higher education and research, Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) practice, transformational coaching, and hypnotherapy. She is also a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapists and a board member of the Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA). At the time this episode goes live, the doors to her heart-centered conscious leadership certificate have just opened!. It's an intense, accredited training workshop with new evidence-based, heart-centered modalities to optimize your inner wellness and improve your productivity. And I’m so excited to share with you all this rich conversation with a very intelligent woman who has so many great insights to offer. If YOU would like to start your own journey of self-improvement - whatever your goal - I  recommend you start with the Lifestyle Design Quiz. It'll generate you a free personalised report about your strength profile, your focus for growth, and also give you some smart specific action steps to help you move forward in the next positive step in your life. Now let’s get into the podcast...
September 26, 2021
Lost for Words - with Jo Medlin & Adam Nobilia
Today you're in for a special treat! We're chatting with two adult literacy teachers who have just come off the back of filming 'Lost for Words' - a life-changing journey for eight brave Australians seeking to transform their lives by taking part in an intensive nine-week-long adult literacy program. It shines a spotlight on Australia's staggeringly low adult literacy rate and is also a beautiful example of the coaching process - analysing what success means to each person, then developing a personalised strategy to achieve it - the essence of what we're all about here on The Blueprint. Meet Jo Medlin and Adam Nobilia. Jo is an adult literacy and numeracy advocate who has been teaching literacy for over 30 years. She's done volunteer work and currently serves as president of the Australian Council for Adult Literacy. She's passionate about helping people develop confidence as learners so they can feel empowered to go on and achieve their goals. Adam has worked in corrective services as a teacher of special education for over 13 years. He teaches literacy, numeracy, and vocational skills, as well as a psychoeducation program designed to reduce offending behaviours. He has counselling qualifications that inform his work as an adult educator. In his personal life, Adam writes and performs music under the moniker “Adam Blacksmith” and is about to release his third studio album, “Blind to the Sea”. These two amazing educators feature in the uplifting SBS documentary ‘Lost for Words’, airing soon - Wednesday, the 22nd of September at 8:30 PM on SBS. In this episode, we’re gonna be taking some inspiration from Jo and Adam as they champion the cause of adult literacy, creating confident learners, learners willing to take risks and become the best version of themselves along the way. If YOU would like to start your own journey of self-improvement - whatever your goal - I  recommend you start with the Lifestyle Design Quiz. It'll generate you a free personalised report about your strength profile, your focus for growth, and also give you some smart specific action steps to help you move forward in the next positive step in your life. Let’s hear from Jo and Adam...
September 19, 2021
Deciphering the Flowcode - with Dave Florence
In every crisis - there is also an opportunity! If there has ever been a season for 'building inwardly' - then this is it. In many parts of NSW, people are still in lockdown and economic and mental stress is prolific - but TWO things have not changed: 1) You are called to greatness. You were born for a purpose. Sure, the 'how to' may need to pivot - but the why is as real as ever. You have a mission to fulfill. 2) Achieving your mission requires that you embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth. To achieve your big dreams will require becoming the best version of you. Today on The Blueprint, we're talking with a man who has done just that. Dave Florence is sharing with us all about The Flowcode. [GET YOUR FLOWCODE VOUCHERS HERE] Dave has been on an inspiring journey—documented on his Youtube channel - the Evolution of Dave. His story is an amazing source of strength and motivation - especially in stressful times like these. His wake-up moment and quest for new habits started in 2017 with a knock on the head. He decided he wanted to become a better version of himself. He wanted to be a better father, a better husband, a better human being. Dave did a lot of research and discovered the positive benefits of cold therapy and breathwork. He is now midway through his master's certification as a clinical hypnotherapist. He practices NLP, is also a qualified SOMA breath instructor, and helps his clients as a flow coach and ambassador. In this episode, we're about to learn about his story, the FlowCode, and some simple practices recommended by Dave that you can put in place to get more of this peak state in your life. Let's get into the podcast...
September 12, 2021
If you can dream it, you can do it! - with Lloyd Godson
Today, we've reached a special milestone - episode 70! And to celebrate I've invited an old friend in for a chat - someone whose acheivements you caould only describe as 'amazing' and a man I've wanted to get on the podcast since it first began - my dear friend, a brilliant teacher, life-adventurer and education innovator—Lloyd Godson. This guy is an inspiration to me and I'm proud to know him. He has worked and studied all over the world and has a string of recognitions and awards including the Guinness World of Records for generating the most human power by human underwater. He created the first-ever self-sustaining underwater habitat, he has been nominated the Australian Geographic Adventurer of the year and he is the winner of the Australian Geographic $50,000 Live Your Dream Wildest Adventure competition. He's been featured on television multiple times and won numerous teaching awards,but most of all, Lloyd is a warm, kind, and big-thinking dreamer with a passion to live life to the full and to expand his impact through education. He's the perfect fit to join us here on the Blueprint! On this episode, Lloyd and I dig deeper into what's possible with design thinking - speaking of which, RIGHT NOW the doors to Project Space are now open! If you'd like to best position your child to succeed in the dynamic world of the 21st century through a holistic innovative project based learning program - then NOW is the time to jump on board! This week I'm doing one last webinar—5 Ways to Engage Your Kids and Prime them to Learn and Succeed, no matter the circumstances. - not only will this give you some great insights for enaging your child, but we also give away a whole bunch of free material (over $1000 worth) for those who decide to come on this Project Based adventure with us. Be sure to check it out. But for now, let’s talk with Lloyd...
September 04, 2021
Mini habits and the creative process - with Kate Gladdin
Today, we're catching up with award-winning international youth speaker and resilience specialist, Kate Gladdin! If you're yet to have the privilege of hearing from Kate, then head back to episode 34 where we learned about how to get back up when life knocks you down. Kate has faced some tough challenges but has turned her heartbreak into purpose and now is changing lives through her passion to help teens both in Australia and the USA. In this episode, we’re catch up on her exciting journey as she breaks into the life coaching space in the US and the story behind her very successful book, Mini Habits for Teens: Small Changes to Help You Navigate Life's Challenges. If you're an author, or even considering starting up any creative way to share you r message - a blog, a podcast, a newsletter, or an online course - then you're going to get a lot of value out of the insights Kates shares in this  episode. Some of Kate’s most practical tips are: 1 - There's no right way to go about this—what matters is the mini habits. Give yourself a structure to work by, and make sure you hit your mini-milestones. 2 - Don't edit yourself. Coaching yourself to a process and getting creative in the process are two very different things. Make sure you are able to take off the different hats at different times. And 3 - tips on building an audience and handling criticism. Being consistent, being in it for the long game, and being vulnerable, and honest And while we're talking about creative projects and helping young people to reach their full potential - this week, I have a special lockdown learning webinar called 5 Ways to Engage Your Kids and Prime them to Learn and Succeed, no matter the circumstances Save your spot now and learn how to create an amazing learning experience for your child. Let’s catch up with Kate now...
August 29, 2021
The Elephant in the Room - unpacking the often ignored health impacts of covid restrictions
This is going to be controversial. I'm hoping that this podcast is going to provoke a respectful, positive, and constructive conversation about the situation we are facing. The Blueprint is about success. It's about how to live an abundant life and how do we use education effectively to scale that for many - essentially how do we help more people live life to the full?  For months now, I've been sharing resources, stories, coaching, interviews with amazing people and whatever else I can to help this cause - and for the most part, I've avoided the 'elephant in the room'. I've avoided speaking directly to the Covid crisis because 1) there are actually positive outcomes that we can find in the midst of this debacle. There are relationships that we wouldn't have otherwise made and opportunities that would not otherwise exist - and so I wanted to bring those to the surface. And 2) because what we focus on, we magnify - and I don't want to be a part of the problem. There is so much fear mongering going on in the media and in the government already. I want to avoid that space. I have successfully avoided it for quite some time - but I can't do that anymore. Today we're talking about the Elephant in the room. I had no idea, when I recorded this podcast that the state was about to go into an unannouced full lockdown. We have ZERO cases right now, here on the Mid-North Coast, but because there are other cases popping up in a few areas of regional NSW - Gladys Berejiklian has hit the panic button. Many would argue that this is no surprise. This is right on queue. I'm not going there. Hidden agendas are a rabit-hole I don't want to get pulled into right now. I want this conversation to be about the simple (but profoundly important) issue of what we are doing to ourselves as a society by accepting the mandates to wear masks and not address the real enemy that we are facing - FEAR. I am a frontline worker. Not of the Covid crisis, but of the mental health crisis. I take calls often from people doing life very tough. In 2020, there were more than 3000 deaths by suicide in Australia - many of these young people - and it rarely made the news. Meanwhile Covid case numbers were counted in 10s and sometimes 100s and we heard it every single day. Watch out for the resources that I'll be sharing throughout the podcast (you can find these over on the blog) and the actions that we can all take today—hopefully, towards a more enlightened, positive, and forward-looking community working together for a healthier and happier future. Let's start this conversation...
August 17, 2021
Asking the right questions - with Jason Knight
Today we're welcoming back Jason Knight - a communication specialist who joined us in episodes 21 and 22 and helped us unpack how the education world can use this climate of drastic global change to its advantage - but today, we're shifting gears and learning all about his fresh new approach to branding strategy! If you're a coach or thought leader in the business or the education space, wanting to build authority and/or attract more clients or followers to your message (or perhaps this a goal of yours for the future?) then you are not going to want to miss out on a single second of Jason's smart new approach to authority building. In the corporate space, Jason runs Moved by Design, a successful strategic communications business helping companies deliver consistent messaging both internally for their staff and externally to the marketplace. Jason has built up a highly successful portfolio in the corporate space but has systematically dismantled all the highly polished, 'less-human' elements that don't resonate in the coaching, education and personal development spaces and has created: "Brand Solved" So for all you heart-inspired coaches, educators and entrepreneurs who want to increase cut-through and authority in your niche - let's get into this podcast!
August 08, 2021
The final 4 steps for building confidence with Giulia Fiore
Today, we're concluding the interview with fellow coach Giulia Fiore. If you haven't listened to part one - episode 065 - then you should go back and listen to that now. Giulia's niche helping men build confidence is pure genius. Her own confidence is infectious and she perpetuates ripples of positivity out into our community through her incredible work on mental health and helping build confidence. Giulia is this episode we continue the discourse around courage, confidence, and self-esteem. Concepts that are inextricably linked and vital to achieving our goals and becoming everything we're born to be. In the last episode, we finished off 'Addressing self-talk', which is Step 1 in Giulia and Andrew's Top 5 Tips for Building Confidence. And we're covering steps 2 to 5 in this episode - the final 4 steps you need for building confidence. Be sure to download the free resource available with this episode. Let's get back to this interview...
August 01, 2021
Where does confidence come from? with Giulia Fiore
Giulia is an amazing, accomplished counsellor and coach - and her niche is pure genius. When I strumbled across the work that she does - I was genuinely moved. In the coaching space, there's a lot of women helping women. It's a collective tribal movement - which (don't get me wrong) I think is great! But as Steve Biddulph says, within this space, the best a man can do is to cheer from the sidelines - it's not a movement FOR HIM. Women seem so much better at uniting to support one another - their success, it seems, is found together. Whereas men, never having had to fight the same battles for equality as women have, don't seem to have that comradery, or any compulsion to care whether their fellow man is winning or struggling. Men typically don't help one another as much or, as the cliche goes, they don't like asking for directions! It's inevitable then, that when you feel that you have to win on your own, you leave yourself isolated, lonely, and (ironically) far less likely to succeed than if you had connected with a mentor, a coach, or even a friend.😞 And that's where Giulia comes in. Today's podcast guest is Giulia Fiore, a certified counselor and coach working in Sydney, she has dedicated her life to help men improve their relationships, work performance, and overall wellbeing. She is the founder of Confidence to Achieve, offering relationship coaching, counseling, and performance coaching. She also works with organisations and teams as a consultant, speaker, and workshop facilitator. Guilia is the 'secret weapon' for many men smart enough to enlist her support and today we're going to be unpacking her signature coaching zone, an essential ingredient for anyone's success - confidence building. For this two-part episode, Giulia and I have put together our Top 5 Tips for Building Confidence to help you wherever you are in achieving your career and personal goals. Come and meet the lovely Giulia Fiore...
July 25, 2021
Living Life Better Than 7 - with Nick Bourke
Today's episode is celebrating a story of resilience, integrity and finding meaning in the pursuit of something greater than yourself. Nick is an everyday hero. From hitting the rock-bottom, rising up again with mindfulness and intention, and bravely sharing that journey with others, Nick is a quintessential example of what it means to unlock his Blueprint. I'm sure a lot of you will relate to Nick. Not only does his story include some painfully common themes, but he's also one of the most genuine, authentic and honest blokes you'd ever hope to come across. This comes out in everything he does including his new venture 'Better Than 7' - a resource website and podcast designed to help others live, well, better than '7'. Nick is a former client and now a friend who has worked with me in the Launch Your Passion Project course and then, more recently one on one in my MX04 Coaching program.  I've seen him work hard to get the results he wants, and now, it's just so rewarding to witness how Nick is having a ripple effect on other people. If you're finding yourself feeling 'one-dimensional', Nick has worked hard to put together resources to help you fast-track your journey to a more fulfilling life. He is building a community of people wanting to go through a self-reflective process just like he did which you can find on his new website. After the conversation with Nick, I thought his 'score yourself' check in process was golden and I wanted to share it with you. It's a technique we use in a lot of the Blueprint programs and so I have put together a FREE DOWNLOAD - the 30-Day Self-Assessment Check Sheet which includes a very simple but powerful 4 week reflection on the 6 lifestyle domains plus personal development which undergirds them all. Be sure to get your copy!
July 09, 2021
Education that interrupts human trafficking - Every Daughter Matters
Today's episode is a very personal one for me. We're chatting with Ross Nancarrow - a fellow coach whom Sofia and I have worked with together to improve our connection with one another. he's a man I now call a friend. He's also a mentor to many other leaders around Australia, but what he calls his true mission is his ministry organisation: Every Daughter Matters. Every Daughter Matters partners with teams in India and Nepal to stop or reduce the trafficking of young women into the sex trade. Their work is an inspiring example of how education can be used to have a powerful impact on the lives of others. The work is simple, but profoundly effective. Ross helps to train teams who position themselves at key checkpoints on the borders and spots potential trafficking incedents and intervenes with awareness, education and support to save young girls lives before they are lost to a life of misery, abuse, slavery and prostitution. Ross and his team work tirelessly to expand the reach of the work of Every Daughter Matters. and they have recently acheived tax deductable gift recipient status here in Australia. Supporting them is a way YOU can join in their success story and help to change lives for girls in Nepal! I urge you to support this cause. Let's hear from Ross...
June 27, 2021
Genius Learning with Changemaker Mum - Heidi Conway - Part 2
Let's get back into the interview with Homeschooling Mum, Education Commentator, Life-Coach and Entrepreneur - Heidi Conway. If you missed episode 61, be sure to go back and check it out. In this episode you'll hear a little more about trends in education but we dig deeper into Heidi's niche - the Changemaker suite of programs.
June 19, 2021
Genius Learning with Changemaker Mum - Heidi Conway - Part 1
Today, we have the pleasure of gleaning from the experience of Changemaker Mum, Heidi Conway. Even while earning a six-figure salary and a career in the corporate world, Heidi had always been open to MORE. So when she received that phone call—that probably many of us got at some point—from her expensive private school that her boys were disengaged, one wasn't focusing well, and the other wasn't writing, she knew she had to do something. Taking a good look at what success looks like for her, Heidi made the big decision: she opted to leave her corporate career and to home-educate her young boys. Seven months into building confidence, resilience, and willingness to learn, a whole new world of home education has opened up and now she has combined her passion for coaching with all that she's discovered for her boys through a new form of education called genius learning. Heidi and I have crossed paths a number of times in the homeschooling world and the coaching world and we have a lot in common with the amazing work she's been doing with Changemaker Teens and Changemaker Mums. It's been great to get to catch up with heidi, especially coming off the back an international homeschooling conference in the UK. This episode has been split in 2 parts - you're about to hear Part 1. I also encourage you to check out Episode 048. It's super-packed with amazing resources and content for everyone in the home education space and those who want to explore homeschooling.
June 19, 2021
5 ways to reflect, celebrate and lock in your success
It’s our 60th! This episode is a special milestone for the team here at The Blueprint and we're excited to share it with you! THANK YOU! for being a part of this journey with me. I feel truly blessed to have an amazing community of like-minded people around me, people who refuse to settle for ordinary and who want to live life to the full. This podcast has explored a lot of different ideas and perspectives about how we see success and how we can scale that through education. It's such a vast topic and in future episodes we will be refining even more onto the 'crative process' and 'impact through education' - but today, we just want to celebrate the journey and say thank you for being a part of the process. So, I guess that it's appropriate that today's theme is 'Reflection and Celebration' This is an area I haven't always done well. I tend to love setting new goals and targets and often I forget to pause, reflect and recognise what I have achieved. This has worked for me in some ways, but if you want to bring others with you, if you want to build a family or team, (and even for your own benefit) then you NEED to take some time to celebrate the positives and the wins along the way. Join me as we unpack FIVE WAYS to reflect and celebrate your success! Let's get into the podcast...
June 13, 2021
From Heartbreak to Hope - with Anne Ward
Today, I'm so proud to be sharing with you another success story - someone who has been positively impacted by one of my coaching programs. Welcome, Anne Ward. A recent graduate of the Launch Your Passion Project, she's been an amazingly successful woman in the music space - a musician, a performer for the Australian Opera ballet orchestra, she's got a Master's degree in music, and has been a lecturer of flute theory of music and composition for the Australian Institute of Music. She's also faced some incredible challenges and heartbreak along the way. I just love Anne's can-do attitude and maturity of faith that has been refined in the crucible of trials and now, Anne proudly declares that her biggest success is being a proud home-educating mum of two amazing kids. Anne really does have a clear vision of how she's called to help and its a simple model that we can all emulate. Faith - Family - Impact - in that order. Come and join us on the podcast as we hear all about the highs, the lows, the heartbreak and the hope of a woman determined to give her all...
May 30, 2021
In time? Or Through Time? - which one are you?
Time is precious. Time is what our lives are made of. We think of time as a immutable constant, but like most things in life, 'time' can be shaped by our perceptions. We don't all think about time in the same way. There are many different perspectives, but there are TWO key models of how people think about time. These 2 different perspectives lead to very different actions and therefore, very different results. The 2 views are: 'In time' and 'Through time' I'm not going to say too much about each, because in today's podcast I will ask you a few key questions to help you decide which one you are and how that affects your actions. I will say this - you need both perspectives. In-time helps you to get into the zone. It helps you to immerse yourself into the moment and thereby achieve greater focus and productivity, not to mention, more engagement and pleasure in your activities. Through time helps you to see the bigger picture. To plan. To strategise. To think ahead and create a 'map' that you can take with you 'into the forest' so you don't get lost when things get dark and uncertain. You know I love supporting people build big, impactful life-projects. In a project you NEED to be able to adopt BOTH of these perspectives. Listen to today's episode - but if you'd like to work with me directly and launch a passion project that matters to you - grab the flyer for my next free course here AND (I don't always offer this) IF you are in the 'messy middle' right now - if you are being hammered by the force of resistance and feel unable to push through to achieve your big goals - then I want to offer you some time. Let's get on a short coaching call, unpack the problem, disarm resistance and move you forward. CLICK HERE TO BOOK A CALL
May 16, 2021
How to overcome the ONE thing that is stopping you from reaching your goals
I guarantee you, if you have EVER set about to improve yourself, to create change in your life, sto start a business, a new education program, or even a simple shift of habit - then you WILL have faced the force of resistance. Stephen Pressfield, author of the War of Art, coined the term 'resistance' refering to a natural force - as natural as gravity or decay - a force that WILL come against you as you strive to reach your goals. Today on the podcast we're talking about how we can 1) RECOGNISE resistance when it comes in all its many forms - and 2) how we can BEAT IT, so that we can move forward and achieve our goals and change out lives. On the podcast, we've talked many times before about the 'Hero's Journey' - well 'resistance' is the force that we encounter in the 'messy middle'. The dark days when the odds feel insurmountable. Have you been there? I know you have. Resistance is responsible for derailing thousands of men and woman from achieving their goals, from being their best - and yet, when it comes down to it, the force of resistance is surprisingly simple to outwit AND easy to beat IF you know the strategies - and that's what I want to share with you today. Let's get into it...
May 02, 2021
A Quantum Leap (a sneak peek into my upcoming book)
OK. I'm a little bit nervous about sharing today because I'm pulling back the curtain on my current passion project, and of course once you put it out there - you're accountable right? I'm writing a book. There. I said it. There's a natural resistance to undertaking ANY creative project, which I'm sure you'll hear more about in upcoming episodes (so make sure you SUBSCRIBE!) but today, I thought it would be fun to share just one chapter from the manuscript so far. The framework of the book is similar to the MX90 coaching process. We start with identity. Unlock mindset. Design a smart, aligned lifestyle strategy Build successful habits And then - next level - how do you have an impact? How do you share the breakthrough YOU'VE eperienced with friends, family and your community? Pretty cool, right? Now, as you probably know, one of the ways I've designed my life to have impact in recent years is through a fun youth coaching program called: Young Hero's Adventure Quest. It it we literally experience the Hero's Journey (you can learn more about the hero's Journey here) and kids learn their academic work, all whilst having fun, creating a great culture, and participating in outdoor adventure experiences...  So, I thought, why not create one of these experiences as a part of the book? Do you remember the Quantum Leap TV program? (late 80s early 90s) or maybe (more recently) Marvel's Antman and the Wasp?  These series/movies give us a sci-fi insight into the very real science of the 'Quantum Realm'. In the Quantum realm time-travel, multiple universes or even changing outcomes with your thoughts/observation are all theoretically possible! Now we can't physically access the Quantum Realm like Sam Beckett or Scott Lang BUT we can use our imagination to dive deep into this place and think outside our usual frame of reference, and in doing so get some amamzing new insights into ourselves. You're the hero of this episode. To get the most out of it, download this free IDENTITY checklist and use it for some self-reflection activity after listening. You can also sign up for an early-release copy of my book. Let's have a little fun...
April 25, 2021
The Five Love Languages
I once read a quote that said, "Communication is to a Relationship, what Blood is to Life". It's so true. Brene Brown says: "Connection is why we're here. It's what gives meaning and purpose to our lives. So in our quest for "success" and abundant living - we'd better get good at nurturing our important relationships, right? And that means improving our communication. That's today's episode. A powerful framework to improve communication with the one you love. As a coach, I'm a big believer in the coaching process. You don't have to be down and out and struggling before you reach out for help (if fact, its better if you're not, but often it takes that sort of kick-in-the-guts motivation to be kind enough to ourselves to get some help!) Sofia and I recently decided we could do with a tune-up and so we found a relationship coach - someone we knew we could trust and have been getting some relationship coaching together. In our first few sessions, we’ve talked about 'love languages'. I first did the Love Languages quiz about 20 years ago but the question - "what's your No. 1 Love Language?" caught me a little off-guard because I think I've changed a lot over the years. So I went and redid the quiz and I was right - I'm different! Perhaps you can relate to that? Perhaps you and your partner are not the same people you were 5, 10, 20 years ago (surprise, surprise!) Have you heard of the Five Languages before? It was inspired by Gary Chapman's best-selling book, The Five Love Languages, which is really about communication. People are different in so many ways. And because of that, communication can be difficult. And so he identified these five ways by which we express love. He also introduces the concept of the 'Love Tank' - the reservoir that gets filled (or drained) by the actions of our others. He talks about how we NEED to learn how to speak one another's Love language so that we can FILL each others love tank. I mostly help people with their Passion Projects - experiencing a breakthrough and doing more of what they love BUT I also know that deeper relationship connection, richer family life is at the foundation of living that full, whole-hearted, abundant life - right?
April 19, 2021
The Aftermath - a story of inspiration and hope
In today's podcast, I want to share an inspiring story of strength and resilience. It's a story that exemplifies the spirit of hope in individuals and also the power of community. Today we're talking with Ben Mailo (known online as Mose Mailo) and the devastating floods that have changed life for him and his family in the past few weeks. Ben shares the heartbreaking journey that his family has been through, but you'll also get an insight into how their values about what's truly important and the ability to stay upbeat and postive - even the in the face of extraordinary obstacles has empowered them to ride out this storm. Ben shares the story of a wonderful community that has rallied together to support one another and I am inviting you to become a part of that community - be someone who makes a difference to Ben and his family.
April 05, 2021
Having a business AND a life!
Today, we have a very special guest—she is the principal of the Port Macquarie Performing Arts Studio, director of Morgan Media, a podcast host, a speaker, and a business coach. Meet Stacey Morgan. who is doing so much more than teaching dance. Stacy is mentoring young people for life and using her model of education to scale success. She's a role model for young people and for parents who want to run a business and have quality time with your family. For Stacey, she found her 'thing' very early in life - loving dance and having the joy of learning and growing and competing together with a tight knit group of friends. She danced professionally for a few years and then later took a pathway into education and landed a dream job with the Royal New Zealand Ballet company. Moving back to Port Macquarie she started a dance school in her garage - which after Day 1 needed to move to a bigger premises! She has gone from success to success - but on the way had to learn a lot (often the hard way) about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance - which is where her business direction is moving now. She's got a lot to share with other parents in business who want to get that balance right! If you're in a position where you're wanting to get a lifestyle balance, I highly encourage you to take the Lifestyle Design Quiz which gives you a free personalised report analyzing your strength profile and your focus for growth. It will also give you some coaching questions to get you really clear on your next smart steps. Let's get into the podcast...
April 04, 2021
5 things you need to remember in a crisis
This podcast was put together in the midst of the March 2021 NSW flood crisis. No power, no internet - just my phone charged with my car and a reflection on what I've observed it takes to succeed in the midst of overwhelming obstacles. There's no use me teaching you about self-discovery, about developing a new mindset - or even systems or strategies at this point - this is game day! This is the moment that all that other personal development gets put to the test, and we either rise to the challenge - or we don't. In a strange way, I love these moments (hear me out) I'm not a sadistic person who likes to see suffering - far from it! My heart breaks for the people being tested right now. But I am also in awe of the strength, resilience and unexpected heroism of the human spirit. It's something that as Australian's we've been proud of in the past - brought to the fore by the historical and natural adversities we've faced - but perhaps lost a little in recent times. We've got comfortable. These challenging times - although I wouldn't hope for them or wish them on anyone else, still do provide the catalyst for developing the character we need to live our maximised life. This is true education. Real life. Join with me now on the podcast as we explore FIVE key principles we all need to remember when life gets tough and we are facing our darkest hour...
March 25, 2021
How to understand and develop a Growth Mindset
In the last couple of episodes, we talked about building success from the inside out—building a business, a life with a mission. And our core message was: you can find happiness and make a positive impact in the world if you align your action with the core identity. Episodes 049 and 051 have been all about having clarity on the internal parts of yourself—we did the Wheel of Life activity and Traveling through Time. But for this episode, we will take a look at mindset. Mindset is KEY to allowing that core identity to either flow out and be effective, or not. Mindset is the way we understand and process the world around us. It shapes the decisions that we make and is a critical factor in determining our success. You might have done the work on identity and have a clear idea on who you are called to be. You might have even worked with a coach to develop a smart Lifestyle Strategy to realise success - BUT - if you haven't optimised your mindset, you are operating with a limited capacity to succeed. I have a dedicated course teaching the four different types of mindset (Perceptual Positions, Growth focus, Happy mind, and Optimised mind). It called the Dangerous Minds course. Check it out here Today, I want to focus on the growth mindset. So let’s get into that...
March 21, 2021
The Wheel of Life Activity - my version
Every single day is an opportunity for you to START working on your maximised life. That's why this week I want to share with you my adapted version of the Wheel of Life activity. In my coaching programs I use a whole range of different tools and activities to help people get clearer on who they are, what they're called to bring to this world and set goals to match. Trouble is - life is never a one-project-process! Life is complex and nuanced and there are ALWAYS multiple things going on at once. To addess that we use tools like the Lifestyle Design Quiz, and also the Wheel of Life activity. Today, I want you to download the activity sheet, print it out and then let me run you through it on this super-quick episode. There are 8 different lifestyle domains - a little different to the Lifestyle Design Quiz, becuase I use this one is business programs - "work" and "finanaces" are separate on this tool. Also, Physical Space is an extra feature - how happy are you with things like your house, office, garden - the spaces you live in. And this tool also has "Spirituality or Personal Growth" - an important part of ANY personal development process. This tool also has a place to help you define success - what does 10/10 look like for you in each of those 8 areas of life? Once you're done, I'd love for you to leave a comment below and tell me what you thought? Let's dive in...
March 16, 2021
Travelling through Time!
We're off on an adventure - travelling through time! In today's episode I want to share an activity that I just did with some awesome people attending my Launch Your Passion Project course. Whenever I run a caoching program, it's always framed around the same idea - that success is built from the inside out. Phase 1 is always about core identity and purpose. If you get clear on that, then you can start taking smart, aligned action that will deliver powerful, life-shaping results. I have a suite of tools that I use with clients to help them get this clarity. Mind Mapping The Lifestyle Design Quiz - click here to take the quiz The Wheel of Life Activity - click here to get your copy But one of the MOST impactful yesterday was 'The Timeline Activity' So let's do it! Time to buckle your seatbelts we travel together through time to 3 significant events, that when viewed from this perspective can absolutely shape your actions today. Brrrrrrrrrrr... The flux capacitor is warmed up... The engines are running... It's time to go! (Psst, if you live in NSW and want to get free coaching with me, guess what? TAFE NSW fully sponsors the Launch Your Passion Project course, so that a select group can get proffessional life coaching for FREE! Click the link to be notified the next time LYPP is running.)
March 06, 2021
Preparing our kids for the future
This is a special episode giving you an insider-pass to my session at the Australian Homeschool Summit! I’m releasing it today instead of Monday because I want you to be able to get in and get the special offers before they come down. This week I presented alongside a 37 other thought leaders in education. My presentation was a future-focused to looking at trends in technology, politics, the workforce, and education. How to move from feeling wary and uncertain, to confidently taking advantage of their position as homeschoolers to thrive in the dynamic world of the 21st century. IMAGINE - no longer having to beg, bribe, or plead with your kids to engage them in their learning, but rather it becomes something they WANT to do! And the connection, joy, and fulfillment that we all want - that just becomes a natural part of the process. Acheiving this is through passion-based learning. Be sure to check out the support links I mention in this episode: Most Likely To Succeed Documentary Homeschool Help - my 10 step process for creating a passion based learning program Summit Bonuses - for a limted time! The Lifestyle Design Quiz MX90 Coaching program Launch Your Passion Project - for residents of NSW to get my help setting up their homeschool program ...and of course, Project Space Listen up and grab this amazing opportunity!
February 25, 2021
Designing Change - with Willemina Wahlin
It's been a tough day today but I'm so excited and motivated to share with you this amazing conversation with our guest today! You know how you can feel your state change and your mood lift, just by thinking about something you're looking forward to? That's what this episode was like for me! Meet Dr. Willhemina Wahlin. She is a Lecturer in Design and the Acting Associate Head of School for Charles Sturt University’s School of Communication and Creative Industries. She is also the creative director for the New York-based non-profit organization, PROOF: Media for Social Justice, which uses visual storytelling for social justice and human rights advocacy. Her work focuses on the role that design plays in promoting civic engagement, upstander behavior, and social cohesion. She has designed over 15 traveling exhibitions that have been displayed internationally. Since 2017, she has been a member of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s Cultural Steering Group. 'Willie' (as she's known to her friends) grew up moving often due to family and work factors, but she doesn't regret it. In fact she appreciates the opportunity for growth and how this exposed her to social networks, strengthened her emotional intelligence and propelled her to human-centred work that requires soft skills like kindness, empathy and understanding. This is an insightful conversation about the creative process. Willie underscores some very important roles of education—bringing human skills to the industry, developing soft skills, cross-curriculum projects, and project-based learning. And her philosophy around becoming the 5Cs so as educators we can live to inspire others! If you can see how understanding the creative process helps you to live a more holistic, impactful ife, then you NEED to take the Lifestyle Design Quiz after listening to this podcast. The Lifestyle Design process will show you how to leverage your strength and your focus for growth and make your next smart move.
February 21, 2021
Here we go! Taking a look at 2021.
So excited to be back in 2021! It's a brand new season of the Blueprint Podcast and there’s so much I want to share with you. Here, we have a foundational belief based on the ancient biblical text of John 10:10: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full. Jesus came for a reason. He wants to take people who are struggling and help them get back on track. And at Blueprint Life Coaching, the call we have is a 'sub-mission' of that ministry. Our work has two domains — Blueprint Life Coaching and Blueprint Education Solutions. BOTH are about helping people live life to the full. One focuses on personalised support to reach goals in business, family and any other focus for growth - the other uses innovative education models to change the way we think about learning and thereby change the results we get. Education needs to be inspired by life. For so long, education has been about telling kids what they need to know. But life coaching is about how do you bring out that gold inside of you. So we're bringing that world of life coaching into the youth coaching space. This process I take people through, whether it's a youth coaching program or an adult program, some commonalities have emerged: the Hero's journey. When I started these, I know that there is a path, a step-by-step way to build a maximised life. And I know it's something I'm called to share. If you're interested in personal growth - the BEST place you can start is by taking the free, lifestyle design quiz - that will outline your strength profile, your focus for growth and give you some specific coaching questions that will bring out a clarity on your next best move. To see our youth programs, go to: and download a copy of all our different programs To connect with me you can follow this blog or just reach out to me at
February 11, 2021
Reflecting on Creativity & Success - with Tim Maddren
2020 is almost over just like that! And we're down to the last episode of the year! It's been a tough year with lots of challenges! But the greater the challenge, the greater the triumph. And through those challenges, we've been able to look at success from different perspectives, chat with amazing people, and get brilliant insights into how we can turn adversity into success. I couldn't think of a better way to wrap up 2020 than an inspiring conversation with one of Port Macquarie's most respected talents, Tim Maddren! Tim has had a long string of successes in the creative arts. He played roles in Peter Pan, The Rocky Horror Show, The Addam's Family, Fidler on the Roof, But he is probably most well-known as a former member of the children's group, Hi-5. Tim is an authentic family man and an inspiration to so many other parents, educators, artists, and young people. We're lucky to have him in our community! In the past couple of years, he and his wife founded their own production, Got Ya Back, here in Port Macquarie not only to share their craft but also to mentor young people. As well as teaching them performance, they've been helping kids acquire real life-skills to help them thrive in this challenging new world. Creativity is the key. On the podcast you'll hear all about their most recent project featuring local artists —The Christmas Bell - A Moment for Us All. It is such a pleasure to share the successful life and art Tim has been consciously creating with his integrity, social responsibility, and with passion and purpose in our final episode for the year. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
December 20, 2020
2 things you need to do for a great week
Today, we're gonna look at two things we all need to set ourselves up for a great week. I recently ran the course Launch your Passion Project, a great opportunity sponsored by TAFE, where we talked about how success (in anything) is built. Simple and Smart. If you can take these sorts of actions consistently then you're going to be great. Many people think that success is going to come as this great big flood, but it doesn't happen like that. Success is built over a lifetime, consistently taking small, achievable steps. Here in the Blueprint, we've got all sorts of coaching programs to help you at each of the different levels towards that success. And this episode is a great place to get started. With a new year looming just around the corner, NOW is the time to start implementing some positive lifestyle habits. This is totally doable. Ready to set yourself up for an awesome new year? Let's get into it...
December 06, 2020
Starting your business right - with Jade Weller
Success is such a rich concept. There's are so many different facets to it! I think when people hear the word success, they think immediately of fame and material wealth and what the media portrays as "successful" - and yet EVERYONE who comes onto the podcast, when asked, 'what does it mean for you?', describes a much deeper, richer, holistic version of what success is. Success is about abundant living, tapping into that core piece of you are and who you're created to be, and living life to the full based on that. For many of you, I KNOW that a big part of that abundant life is finding a business or work environment that aligns with who you are on the inside - and for this, I'm happy to be chatting with Jade Weller. Jade is the founder of JadeStart Consulting. She helps people validate and launch their business ideas leveraging her diverse background in sales, law, accounting and a variety of experience in business. She's been recently nominated as a finalist for Women's Finance Awards Mentor of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year, and is one of our very own Luminosity Stars from 2019. Jade is a young woman doing really great work helping people connect with their 'WHY' and build a business that aligns with their purpose. If you are someone who doesn't want 2021 to be a rinse and repeat of previous years (um, I think that's everyone?) AND you're the sort of person willing to take ACTION to realise those dreams - then be sure to download the great resource we've put together called 10 Questions You Ask Before Quitting Your Job.
November 29, 2020
The reason for the hope that I have
Last week on the podcast I was chatting with an old friend from uni days. And yesterday I turned 45. It makes you think. Reflect. Life is such a gift. Today I'm sharing a key moment in my own story and the 'why' behind what I do. Blueprint Life Coaching, Blueprint Life Academy, Blueprint Youth Programs and this podcast all have one purpose in mind. To maximise the human experience. I am constantly blown away by the amazing potential that exists in people, and as a coach, it's my role to help bring that out. Your stories are at the centre of this podcast because, for me, it's about celebrating the vast richness of success that we find in all sorts of other people's stories. The nature of a coach is to draw out the gold and help you reach your full potential. But how did I get here? There was one decision more than any other that brought me to where I am today - and that's the story I want to share with you on the podcast today. The reason I still have hope in my life; why I believe there's something greater for me that I'm willing to take risks to pursue; the reason I have the confidence to go out and connect with people; the reason I feel I have something to offer to support other people in their own journey; the reason I started Blueprint Life Coaching. Here's my story, if it inspires you in any way - be sure to take action to make it real for you...
November 22, 2020
Try not to panic - Part 2
Hello and welcome back! If you haven't yet caught Try not to Panic - Part 1 - 10 tips for overcoming mental health challenges - then you need to do that right now! (I promise you'll be glad you did!) Today we're concluding that conversation and shifting gears to talk with Mark more about scaling success through education. Walking me through his years of experience of healing himself and teaching, Mark shares how he came to recognise moments that need correction, and some of the crutches he's seen people resort to while exploring the definition of success and education. Mark has definitely a vast bank of wisdom to draw upon, with smart principles that you can apply in your situation, especially if you are in education. He has put these all together in a collaborative document that comes along this episode—the 10 tips for overcoming mental health challenges. Make sure to share this episode and freebie to people you know who might be needing support! Let's get back into Mark's story...
November 15, 2020
Try not to panic - 10 tips for dealing with anxiety and depression - with Mark Glover
Can you believe it -  our 40th episode! There are a lot of people facing trials and challenges at this time, the governments are doing the best they can but I believe there is not enough emphasis being placed on the invisible scourge of mental sickness being proliferated through isolation. Someone who has walked through some very difficult times himself and come out the other side is my long-time friend, Mark Glover. Mark has had a colourful journey - travel, 12 years in England, multiple career paths, came back to Australia and got back into teaching. We have SO much to catch up on and so we've split this episode into 2 so you don't miss out on some of the gems of wisdom that can only be gleaned through genuine time spent in the trenches. Mark touches on several important pieces of wisdom: vulnerability, authenticity, the positive purpose of pain, the healing powers of creativity and time in nature; and of course, what we've covered before here on the Blueprint - what you focus on matters! Some of these may sound a bit cliché but Mark's journey shows that they absolutely work. Let's jump into Mark's story...
November 06, 2020
Getting through the dark days - with Ina Mullin (Lifeline, Australia)
In today's podcast, Ina Mullin, National Manager, Communications, and Public Affairs Officer for Lifeline Australia, is sharing her amazing story and work in helping people connect and find hope in life. I know that everyone is facing some form of a challenge at the moment—with Covid and the state of the world—but our ability to handle these challenges is THE distinguishing factor, determining whether we're going to be successful in our lives or not. It is that simple - and that hard! This episode is about what you can do to get past that moment of feeling stuck or like it's the end of the line for you. As someone who has walked through my own very dark days, and I greatly value those who give their time to help others get through the challenge. These people are coaches - hope and survival is the goal - a quintessential human quality that forms the bedrock of life. Hope allows us to dream. Dreams give us the strength to believe. Belief is the main ingredient of success. Ina is a leader in one of Australia's primary organisations dedicated to giving people hope. Ina joined Lifeline in 2018. She's had a bunch of business development, brand management, and public relations roles at different charity organisations. But in the past couple of years, she dove deeper into mental health, understanding other people's issues, and emotional distress, and building resilience in them. Growing up with socially conscious parents, she spent her early years volunteering at a crisis shelter, inspiring her to focus her corporate career on building opportunities for a more compassionate world. Right now I'm running a course called Launching Your Passion Project and recently we talked about the 'messy middle'. It doesn't matter what you're trying to create, there's always this aspect of resistance, when life seems harder than normal. That is what Lifeline can help you get through. This is a very timely podcast. Many people are going through tough times right now. Governments have priorities a certain aspect of "health" and largely underestimated the mental health impacts of restriction measures - the most vulnerable being youth and minority groups. Ina shares the spike in calls that Lifeline has been receiving over the past 12 months and highlights the importance of connection and how it gives us the strength to hope. IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW ARE DOING IT TOUGH YOU CAN: Connect with us here at the Blueprint Call Lifeline by dialing 13 11 14. It's important that as we go through these challenging times, we adjust our plans to make sure we include social connections. I also encourage you to do some deep reflection, like journal work, to rethink your purpose and call. Connecting with your inner identity and purpose will strengthen your mental health and give you a positive direction to move you forward. Have you taken the Lifestyle Design quiz? That is an amazing way to get your clear on your own inner strength and your focus for growth. It will generate a free, customised report that includes personal coaching questions to help move you toward your best life. Let's get into the podcast...
October 29, 2020
My tribute to Sir Ken Robinson
If there's one man who was able to tap into a lot of models of achieving success and who's had a deep understanding of what it is to be successful, it's the late Sir Ken Robinson! Today's podcast is a tribute to him. To the amazing life he has lived, and the wonderful work he has done, especially in education. Obviously Sir Ken had done a lot for education in the UK before 2006 (they don't hand around those 'Sir' titles to everyone!) but for me, I'd never heard of him. For me, he bloomed into notoriety with his amazing off the cuff TED address entitled "Do schools kill creativity?" Sir Ken posited that creativity is as important as literacy, and explained a lot about the hierarchy of education and about it coming from the industrial era—something I constantly cited in my own academic work. His work perfectly explained how schools are a microcosm of society's broader power structures, reflects the way industrial paradigm schools have not changed and operate in this old industrial mentality while the rest of us have moved on. Governments have failed to make the transition but Sir Ken was someone who just 'got it'. He fully understood what needs to happen, what the education revolution should be about and he articulated it in a succinct way that inspired millions. Sir Ken also was able to capture and describe the essence of living a full life - what he called 'The Element. As a coach this resonates so strongly with me and I love how he brings these 2 ideas together - living a rich, fulfilled life AND education as the training ground for it. That's EXACTLY what we're all about here at the Blueprint. After listening to this podcast and his work, you'll recognise that we don't have to stay in the old industrial paradigm and an outdated social script. There are better ways to do things! Identity, designing your own maximise life, the essence of success, empowering our creative spirits, having purpose and impact, and scaling that to create a better society using education. Sir Ken was just able to sum a lot of these deep foundational principles and talk about those in the context of education - something that everyone recognises is important. Sir Ken was a hero of mine, a kindred spirit, someone I look forward to meeting in heaven and having the opportunity to sit down and talk with someday. To Sir Ken: Thank you for what you have done for the way we think about ourselves and humanity. You're an amazing man! It's such a blessing that we now have the opportunity to listen to the great resources you have left behind. Over the past 15 years since that initial TEDtalk, Sir Ken has written amazing books, including my favourite, The Element, and produced invaluable resources for educators and parents. I've put together a free downloadable list of these resources to share with you his best work. That's My Tribute to Sir Ken Robinson available along with this podcast. Let's listen to it...
October 22, 2020
What is the Young Hero's Adventure Quest - with Andrew Lord
This week, we're taking a deep look at the Young Hero's Adventure Quest. A life coaching and nature-based learning program (designed by yours truly) for kids who don't want to spend 5 days a week stuck inside a classroom. We cover Maths, History, Science, Geography, English, Creative Arts, PDHPE and a whole lot more, combined with life coaching principles and all done outside in the great outdoors! Adventure Quest began way back in 2017 when I was working in a Special Assistance School called Nautilus. It was my job to come up with innovative, cross-curricula programs that would excite, inspire and engage kids in their learning. I had already run regular 'Adventure Days' in 2 other holistic programs I had designed - the Learning Centre at the Youth Hub and the Restorative Independent Student Experience (RISE) at the Tutorial Centre but at Nautilus we  wanted to link learning to teachers passion areas. It was there I met a good friend of mine, Lloyd Godson (the BioSub Man!) whose resume reads something like an aquatic version of Bear Grilles! Lloyd was the perfect partner to develop this concept. His ideas were great and he eventually won a teaching award for his amazing work on the program. Unfortunately without the right managerial support, this and other amazing initiatives died without the proper chance to show what they could achieve. I was determined that the Adventure wouldn't end like that! So when I left that school, I decided to take the concept and extend it even further. It's a desperate time in education. Mental health issues in young people are still on the rise and now reaching epidemic proportions. (Something I'm not sure the government has taken into consideration with the recent lockdown measures to save the elderly from Covid-19?) 1 in 7 young Australians experience a mental health condition; 1 in 14 young Australians experience anxiety disorder; suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians, accounting for more death than car accidents. And the list goes on. Adventure Quest is about doing education differently. It's cross-curricular, but most importantly its designed from the bottom up with the knowledge, character and practical skills needed to thrive in life in the 21st century. It is clear that in a world of dings, pings and other non-stop notifications competing for our attention, we are letting technology have WAY to much influence on who we are and how we live. Jim Kwik in his recent book 'Limitless' describes this phenomenon as 'Digital Dementia'. Author and educational researcher Michael Fullan says trying to improve education with technology is a "wrong policy driver". The Young Hero's Adventure Quest is a reaction against the mainstream education setting which remains on a self-destructive trajectory, despite the research and warnings. You can get your own free copy of the program outline here! There's so much more I want to share with you about this exciting program - let's listen...
September 29, 2020
What to do when life gets a little chaotic and crazy
How do we keep living the maximised life when things get chaotic and crazy? I'm totally exhausted this week! We've had so many programs launching this week - but I want to help you understand what I do as a life coach when I see these weeks coming - to make myself more efficient and not allow the pressures of life to steal away my joy and peace. How do you stay centred on your core purpose when life starts to get overwhelming? Our tendency is to back away from self-care, to play the martyr and serve everyone else but ourselves - I mean that's what you've got to do right?  This week I want to show you how looking after yourself in these crazy times is an essential first step to success AND I'm going to give you a proven framework to show you how to do it. You don’t have time NOT to do this. Believe it or not - overwhelm is simply a state of mind. Motivation is the opposite of overwhelm. Let me show you how to connect with your purpose and get motivated for success! The GVFD Framework that we’ll talk about today is a free document that I made for my paying clients but I want to share it with you now along with this podcast to say thank you. This episode is also sponsored by the Lifestyle Design Quiz—a free online quiz that gives you a free personalised report with a bunch of coaching questions. These coaching questions will help you identify your signature strength, focus for growth, and get clear on the ways that will help you focus your energy and stop getting overwhelmed. Remember: You need to invest time in yourself. When you're feeling overwhelmed, that is not the time to abandon self-care. Let’s get started...
September 18, 2020
A Blueprint Hero success story
Today I'm bringing on a former student, Suzanne Wood, who went through my Passion to Profit course earlier this year. We had an awesome group but when Covid hit we suffered a 60% drop-out rate, many struggling to make the transition online - but Suzanne survived! More than that, she thrived! Sue is a mother of four boys but also has mentored many other young people on journey - well before she was ever calling herself a coach. She has been involved in the children's and youth ministry of the Grace Church in Port Macquarie and taking people into her home for many years. She always wanted to see a change in her community but I'm sure she'll be the first to admit, there were a lot of loose ends in her vision early on. When we met and she poured out her heart about what she wanted to create, I thought Passion to Profit is going to be a good fit for her and she ended up being one of the stars, a part of the Blueprint Heroes group! Suzanne was able to turn a live, in-person workshop into an online experience that in-turn opened a bunch of other opportunities. She exemplifies the results that can be achieved when you combine a can-do attitude, willingness to learn, and doing the work with the right coaching support. Suzanne is a real deal—she's just getting started on her business journey with Built to Shine but that in no way makes her a novice in terms of what she has to offer. I love helping another coaches create impact. This helps me to reach MY mission - to co-create 10,000 success stories. I realise it's a big number so working with other coaches who I know will pay it forward makes a lot of sense. Talking about impact and the ripple effect of coaching, don't forget to check out our free new coaching program—the MX04 Coaching Series. It's a super fast and effective way of giving yourself a boost right when you need it. I'm giving it away for free because I know it will help me in my mission of co-creating 10,000 success stories. Let's get into the podcast...
September 10, 2020
Getting back up when life knocks you down - with Kate Fitzsimons
With today's episode, I'm just feeling so blessed to have this opportunity and amazing job to share time with incredible people like our guest, Kate Fitzsimons. Such a truly inspirational young lady who's got so much wisdom to share! Kate is an award-winning international youth speaker and resilience specialist, She is a speaker and a coach who specialises in uplifting teens. She is someone who deeply understands the key principles of motivation. Kate understands how overwhelming, confusing, and encompassing some challenges can be especially at a time in your life when you're struggling to find your own independent identity. Some of her struggles we can all relate to and she candidly shares how she didn't always have the best attitude or handle things in the best way during those times. She got a unique 'wake up call' which she bravely used to turn all her challenges around and in the process has transformed her life! Now she's off in the USA taking some big steps to follow her dreams. Kate is a natural with the way she tells her story — I use that term sparingly because I never want people to think they don't have to work to get where they want to get to, but she really is easy to relate to. This rich, inspirational, and potentially life-changing conversation with Kate shares a lot of great little nuggets of wisdom, especially on mindset. It sounds so simple but it is actually turning darkness into light! So if you're facing a tough personal struggle now, make sure to reach out to Kate or to me using the links below. This episode is sponsored by Project Space and the free new training - 5 secrets to boost your child's learning and prime them for success in 2020 and beyond, this is a powerful learning program to build confidence, grit, determination and a whole bunch of other soft skills essential to position your teen to win in the dynamic world of the 21st century. Make sure you check that out. Let's listen to her story...
September 03, 2020
Having a positive impact - the School for Life - with Annabelle Chauncy
As always we're talking about what does success looks like, how to get there and how can we scale our impact through education - and today's guest embodies this idea. Dynamic leader, social entrepreneur, and winner of the prestigious Order of Australia medal - Annabelle Chauncy, started a multinational NGO from scratch at the age of 21 which is now operating in Australia and Uganda. For the past 10 years, through her Foundation School for Life, she's built a team of over 120 staff, 3 schools in rural Uganda that provide quality education to over a thousand students, and a community outreach to more than 2000 people. Annabelle's success in all of her endeavors shows that this amazing woman knows what it takes to drive effective change and sustain it. Her schools have grown 50-100% every single year and she's developed a national brand that drove and engaged supporters to collectively raise more than $6 million in just five years. This humble farm girl, who grew up with an amazing free, wild childhood is now doing awesome things around the world. She's got so many nuggets of wisdom to share. Annabelle has never hesitated to share her talents or time. There are thousands of kids grateful to her for this and today, we get to benefit as well. Let's listen to this amazing young woman...
August 28, 2020
Discover the life shaping potential of the Project Space program
Discover the life shaping potential of the Project Space program
August 19, 2020
A sneak peek at the Project Space Showcase!
This week's podcast is a bit different-- it's a sneak peek to the Project Space Showcase! This happens a couple of times a year and happens at the end of one of our special coaching programs called Project Space. It's a 12-week learning adventure for 10 to 17 year-olds (best for 12 to 15 year-olds) following a series of 6 modules. The first module digs deep into their personal identities called 'Who do you think you are?' and the next one uses those insights to design a passion-based learning adventure then followed by modules on planning, self-management helping them become more motivated and empowered with what they do. All these will culminate on an exhibition event called Showcase-- kids put all their hard work on display to be judged like in a business event giving them a more authentic learning experience. And in this episode, I'll take you on a tour to see the work of some of our students... This episode is sponsored by the training called Five Secrets to Boost your Child's Learning which I do as a part of our mission to see people happy and engaged in what they do. It's about finding that sweet spot of learning. In this training, we'll help you help your child make that fundamental mindset shift and gear them for success. I'm also sharing my single most effective approach to engage kids into learning in this training which I give for free! Let's go and continue on this tour..
August 18, 2020
It's all about perspective - with Michael Crossland
If you enjoy this interview half as much as I did, then you're going to be VERY blessed indeed! My guest today has shared the stage with the Dali Lama and Tony Robbins, he's battled through incredible adversity and come out the other side with a perspective that can help us all to embrace the best of life and achieve success. Today, we're talking with the truly inspirational, Michael Crossland. He is one of the strongest, gutsiest, hopeful people I have ever come across. He is a hero of faith, hope and love - a man of courage whom I admire greatly. I first met Michael back in 2014 when I got the chance to listen to him at a school presentation. He shared about his life and the struggles that he's faced (which you'll hear more about on the interview) and how he walked away from a highly successful corporate career to design a life of meaning and passion and purpose. Here I was feeling stuck and unable to bring about change in a system that desperately needed it and Michael was able to breath hope into my heart and give me the courage I needed to take the bold moves I would make over the next few years to realise my dreams (you can read more about my story here) Since then, I've seen him talk at a bunch of places - at small corporate gatherings here in Port Macquarie to national TV. He's a guy who just wants to help others. He's spoken to more than 600,000 people from all walks of life and different backgrounds-- juvenile detention centres, 9/11 victims, business people, elite athletes. His story is really mind-blowing - which is why I'm super excited that he's sharing some time with us here at The Blueprint! Michael is a man who gets up every day determined to get into the arena, to live life to the full and to make life better for others. He really does epitomise the story of success that we're all about here at the Blueprint. Prepare not just to be inspired but also hear Michael's winning formula and recipe for success! (Oh, and he has an exciting, special announcement too!) Let's listen...
August 06, 2020
Introducing the new MX04 coaching series - with Andrew Lord
It's my mission to maximise the human experience. That's why I'm here and why I do what I do - to help people just like you live life to the full. When I started this journey, I wanted to co-create 10,000 success stories to have an impact and leave a legacy. I know that I'm well on the way to this vision and soon will be inviting subscribers to join a brand new group called blueprintheroes - an elite group of men and women who have taken action with the support of Blueprint Life Coaching and achieved some amazing results. Stay tuned for that! In this episode, I'm sharing the first part of my four-part coaching series called MX04: Part 1: Your Strength, Part 2: Your Value, Part 3: Your Passion; and Part 4: Your Pathway. For today, we're going to jump into Part 1, to help you identify and understand your key strength and also the areas you need to learn and grow. Before we start, if you're yet to do the Lifestyle Design Quiz, then please go and do that now so you get the full value out of this session. Done that? OK - let's get into the lesson! MX04 Coaching Series
July 30, 2020
Speak up and be heard - empowering the youth voice - with Jenna O'Connell
In one of our episodes last month, we were lucky to have Marianne from the Posify group. And today, we’re blessing again to be able to catch up with the other half of Posify, her sister, Jenna O'Connell. Jenna has done so many things-- a teacher, a career counsellor, and so much more. She describes herself a proud 'multipotentialite. Echoing some of the work we do here on The Blueprint, Jenna is passionate about working with young people and helping them cultivate their purpose. Jenna candidly shares how struggled through primary school with low-level dyslexia but this didn’t stop her from exploring every open door she has found along her way. Jenna is the youth ambassador and the program coordinator for Dyslexia Mid North Coast and has presented at numerous forums. By being part of these initiatives, she now supports and advocates for the School for Life, an organisation dedicated to improving education outcomes for Ugandan children and youth. In this podcast, we are again unpacking some deeper ideas around success in the context of empowering young people to speak out and listening to their collective voice about how they wanna see the world shaped. A key part of that is "wayfinding" and feeling lost. If you feel like that (or you know someone who does) the BEST action item you can take is to check out the Lifestyle Design Quiz. Taking this will help you identify your strength profile, focus for growth and a maximised life coaching process to live an abundant, whole-hearted life.
July 23, 2020
Dealing with the pain we face in life
To be honest I'm a little bit nervous about what I'm going to present today. It's not a popular topic. But what matters most to me is seeing you WIN - and to do that we've got to dig into some messy places. Today we're going to be talking about pain - and the positive role that it can play in our lives. Growing up, I spent a lot of time wondering 'why'. Why do we have to feel pain? Pain made no sense to me. It had no positive purpose as far as I could see, and when I was experiencing it I felt that I was being punished or had somehow made some divine mistake. For most of my adult life and parenting years I thought this way, even questioning my faith at times, but as I began to look into the lives of others as a coach and here on The Blueprint, I began to get a handle on it. I know you might not want to hit that pay button this week  - but I really encourage you, IF you are dealing with any painful situations at all, then this episode might just provide the perspective you need to see past the clouds and get you taking positive actions that will move you forward and out of the challenge faster than you otherwise would have. Doesn't sound like the best topic for a Monday morning, but you might be surprised. The resources and ideas that you'll find here will actually help you come out feeling positive and empowered and ready to take on the world!
July 15, 2020
Making positive, empowered lifestyle choices
Kate Golle is a proud wellness warrior, a mumma of 3, freedom business coach, health advocate, lover of life and a dream chaser! I got to know Kate through a private Facebook community that she started with her husband Anthony called Empowered Lifestyle Revolution to empower people to make informed medical decisions including (but not limited to choices around vaccinations). In a climate of genuine concern in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, the group grew rapidly and now has more than 42,000 members! Their message is simple - life is what you make it, so make it! In just a few months the group has already empowered hundreds of men and women to make conscientious choices for the own health and wellbeing. This is not their first time coaching men and women in the Lifestyle Design space by any means! Dreamlifestylers, Tribal Wellness Movement, the powerful documentary Overfed and Undernourished and the book Raising Healthy Kids in Unhealthy Times are all testaments to Kate and Anthony's commitment to helping others live life to the full. Kate has so much knowledge and experience but is still has down-to-earth, humble quality; always learning, always willing to share, and always striving to make her life and those around her better. On this episode you'll hear Kate also talking about the importance of lifestyle balance and how success is not just about health, money, or any other sort of number but a much bigger story than that. If you feel the same way, then I encourage your to kick start your own personal Lifestyle Design journey with the Lifestyle Design Quiz to help you get clearer on what matters most to you and break down for you the maximised lifestyle design process.
July 08, 2020
Building a great business and life
Today we are talking with one of Australia's leading business coaches. He is a man who has been really successful in business and has helped many others build their own success to have a more powerful impact in the world. Meet legendary business mentor and friend of mine Wez Hone. Wez is the founder of Business Greenhouse and the Kingdom Business network. He has coached more than 240 companies and helped them earn 500 million dollars in extra revenue. Wez is passionate about helping believers, men and women of faith, to create and grow an impact for business and to further advance the Kingdom of God. If you're at all interested in building a great business in order to have a bigger, more positive impact in the world around you then you're not going to miss this episode! Wez has ridden the roller coaster of life - the ups and downs, and he has some great stories to tell, but one of his great strengths is his no-fuss, always-learning, always growing attitude. He shares from a firm conviction and confidence that business was and is always going to be "his thing" and he is genuinely excited about helping 'Kingdom Entrepreneurs' scale their business and use their success to have a positive influence on our current culture. Wez is a family man, happily married to Kimberly and blessed with three beautiful girls he shares with us how he navigates a busy schedule with balance and purpose. You'll hear  about the importance of the 'mind-game' in business and life and Wez shares some simple but effective strategies he uses to ensure he is looking after his own lifestyle balance. Of course if you want to empower yourself with positive purpose and clarity around your OWN personal strength, impact in the world and what you need to focus on for growth right now - then you need to take the Lifestyle Design Quiz! It'll give you a free personalised report and help you to get clear on your next steps to live your own maximised life. Wex has so much good stuff to share on how to build a great business and life! Let’s get into the podcast…
July 02, 2020
Unlocking your success using neural programs
A little while back I attended a special online presentation called "Activating Your Assignment - Sabotage or Success?" and the presenter was Simone Leslie, a Master Neuro Strategist, who I'm excited to say, is today's guest on the podcast. She really blew me away with how she could break down really powerful concepts! And I knew that this was going to be a great conversation to help all of you (and me) keep giving our best and getting the most out of life. Simone is the author of It’s OK to be Beautiful: Heavenly Whispers to a Broken Heart and has been a master strategist for the last 20 years. She’s also a speaker both with live audiences and on national TV. She specialises in "combining neuroscience, quantum physics, and emotional intelligence, clearing neurological blockages that cause self-sabotage to help people breakthrough and achieve success." Her success journey has not only been for personal fulfilment, - along with her husband Dave, they’ve founded several orphanages and early learning centres in different places around the world including: Cambodia, Zambia, Ethiopia and Kenya. She uses profits from her book and business to fund these and other social enterprise projects all around the world. This conversation brings out many fantastic truths. And to be sure that you’ll get all these valuable chunks of information, don’t forget to download the Key Takeaways Guide that you can use to take action.
June 21, 2020
Cultivating a growth mindset in your kids
What does it really take to be successful in life? Big question, right? But it actually boils down to a few foundational principles - including the topic of today’s podcast. Having a GROWTH MINDSET. This was first explored and introduced by Stanford University professor Carol Dweck and her team. Basically, a growth mindset is a belief that talent is not innate. It is about believing in your own potential; that you can do anything that you want to do, you just have to want it bad enough and believe that you can. Today we get to chat with someone who has done incredible work in improving kids' mindset particularly their growth mindset-- Alexandra Eidens. She is the developer of The Big Life Journals and The Big Life Kids Podcast. Her journey captures what it is to have a growth mindset. She shares about her failures (especially when she was just starting) but also how she recognised these and educated herself to bounce back and ultimately make her idea work. Alexandra has already positively impacted thousands of kids and families around the world and it was a privilege to have her on the show - I hope you enjoy it too!
June 17, 2020
How we can use this season to change the face of education - Part 2
Today, we’re joining back up again with my two guru friends in the education and communication spaces - Lee Hancock and Jason Knight. In the last episode, they unpacked for us the fundamental role of wellbeing for students and how important that is in the education system. We also unpacked what education can learn from business especially the way technology can be used to transform the learning experience. These two very smart guys and leaders of innovation in their respective fields. Lee is the winner of the 2020 New South Wales Premier Teachers’ Award and he points out how teachers have rapidly adapted in the face of the challenges brought by Covid19. For this episode we've put together an Education Innovation Checklist with all the themes and topics tackled in this two-episode discussion. I hope this helps you to take action and apply more innovation in what you do in the education space. Don’t forget to download the free resource from Episode 21-- Lee’s Top 10 Education Apps. It's a list of the tools he effectively used with many other teachers he works with. In episode 21, we have been talking about the strategies that we could use right now given the rapid changes we've needed to make to adapt to the pandemic and so we’re picking up that conversation right now…
June 08, 2020
How we can use this season to change the face of education
In this episode, we are going to dive again into the world of education. We can't have a breakthrough in our struggles without learning. Learning is an essential ingredient of success. Education is how we scale learning - and therefore scale success - at least, it should be... For way too long 'education' has been about jumping through bureaucratic hoops in order to meet someone else's version of who we should be. Not only do we end up learning a plethora of useless information, but (worse) we develop a mental habit of believing that 'success' will come when we follow someone else's rules and play someone else's game - and it just isn't true! So we need to discover new ways of how we can make education better for our kids. Not just kids, for parents, educators and adult learners as well. It's already happening and you can join the revolution! Today, joining us are trailblazers also in this field: Lee Hancock and Jason Knight. Today, using the current crisis climate as a catalyst, we are talking about how we can move into an exciting iteration of what education could be. Lee Hancock is an exciting innovator in the education and digital space while Jason Knight is a communication and brand guru. They will both share how education could and should be about capturing the key ingredients for success and for empowering people. Just like our episode with Marianne Power we're going to break this into two episodes. This episode will be about what's going on now and what we could learn, and the next episode will be about the solutions and what these two amazing guys think could happen given the massive changes happening around education.  This episode is sponsored by the Dangerous Minds course. Let's get into it!
June 04, 2020
Positive Practices for your Mental Health and Wellbeing - Part 2
Last week, we learned about Marianne’s background and how the amazing Posify group came to be. She had just started sharing her four very practical tips for promoting mental health but I felt we needed to break up the episode to be sure we didn't miss a single bit of this enthusiastic conversation. I didn't want to edit this down and so we're going to keep going through each technique - step by step so you get the full value out of this episode. If you haven't heard episode 18 yet, be sure to go back and listen to that one first so that you've got the background for this series. Marianne is a fountain of knowledge and SO passionate about her content - you'll hear that when you listen today. Be sure to get your copy of the Wellbeing Posters - a self-awareness resource that you can stick up at home, in your workplace, or wherever you are going to stumble across it and take some simple steps to optimise your mental health and wellbeing available throughout this 2-part episode. Let’s continue...
May 28, 2020
Positive Practices for your Mental Health and Wellbeing - Part 1
In this very challenging time, looking after our personal well-being and mental fitness is of paramount importance. This is a 2-part podcast sharing the insight and knowledge of Marianne Power - an expert in the field of positive psychology and one half of the dynamic duo from Posify Group. Marianne is a fountain of knowledge and very passionate about what she does, and together we unpack the essential ingredients PLUS some very practical strategies for maintaining a healthy mind in these difficult times. In this episode, Marianne shares her story and how Jen and her have synthesised their skillsets to allow Posify to do amazing work and have a powerful impact in the community. We also explore this current season and the opportunities for growth that are available in this season. (In the next episode, she will be sharing the top positive practices and strategies that are most essential in keeping a healthy mind - be sure to subscribe so you don't miss that!) During these episodes, you will hear about our Wellbeing Poster Series - a self-awareness resource that you can stick up at home, in your workplace, or wherever you are going to stumble across it and take some simple steps to optimise your mental health and wellbeing. Let's get into it!
May 24, 2020
Inspiring Us All to Dream Bigger
"How do I dream and achieve bigger than the ordinary?" "Do I have to be ‘special’ to be successful?" I think we can all relate. Many young people have these questions in their mind and most of us have walked into adulthood with these same doubts clouding the back of our heads... only to resurface whenever life calls us to 'step up' and go to the next level. These same fears come flooding back in and we are reminded just how inadequate we feel. It's that same feeling of doubt and being an 'imposter' that keeps us playing small. Today that can change. Meet Liz Volpe. Top female entrepreneur in Australia but also a leader in the social impact space who has helped spark inspiration among young people all over the world. Listening to a successful businesswoman and social entrepreneur like Liz share how she spent much of her formative years lacking confidence and not knowing what she was meant to do or how to go about doing it can reassure us and inspire us all to question our own limiting beliefs about ourselves and whenever we want to step up. Liz shares how her journey started and went, managing to start her own company at a young age of 22 to discovering the world of social enterprise and redefining her success in terms of 'impact' more than 'things'. This podcast is an important story for RIGHT NOW. A lot of uncertainties are yet to unfold around the COVID19 crisis. But Liz shares her own experience in shifting her business to actually turn challenges into opportunities. Liz is the real-deal entrepreneur. I know that her story is going to inspire YOU to dream bigger!
May 15, 2020
A Tool for Creating a Happiness Habit
This episode is a resource giveaway! I’m giving out a tool to help you develop a HAPPINESS HABIT-- so you can become more productive, more efficient, and live HAPPIER. This week I was inspired by a talk I heard recently from Kelly George (who we've interviewed before) talking about building habits. I know HABITS seem to be boring, less exciting than GOALS. When we hit our goals, we celebrate. But with habits, they're invisible, often we don’t even notice that we're doing them. But in all the areas I work - coaching and education, for young people or for adults, developing positive habits is a key part of the process in redesigning our lives. So I thought I'd share with you one of the tools I use with ALL of my clients. The GVFD. This is a great first step for you to start redesigning your life...
May 10, 2020
My top 5 video resources that every parent-educator needs to see
Normally, I’d be showing up to do this on a Monday – but this week is extra special because next week – on Monday, I’ll be kicking off one of my presentations at the Australian Homeschool Summit, which is also sponsoring this episode. In just a couple of weeks, we've from roughly 5% of people who choose to home-educate to nearly 90%! This really is an UNPRECEDENTED change in how we live our lives. But for the people who are presenting at the Summit (myself included) we’ve been doing this for years. Which means for years I've been studying what it means to create and deliver 'life-inspired' education - and TODAY I'm going to share with you FIVE of my biggest inspirations. Maybe you’re planning to send your kids back to school as soon as the doors open? OR maybe you’ve kinda liked the experience of spending more time with your kids and developing a NEW NORMAL? Either way -  it doesn’t matter! These 5 videos are going to inform and inspire your outlook on the best way to coach and educate your child into the future...
April 29, 2020
Becoming ALL of you.
This week’s podcast is an interview with my life coaching mentor when I was studying at the Life Coaching Academy – Jane Taylor. Jane spent her formative years progressing up the ranks of professional tennis, overcoming viral meningitis and multiple injuries along the way to become one of the top-ranked women's players in Australia. After an injury at the 1997 US Open ended her tennis career, it was time to re-imagine her own life beyond elite sport. As a passionate life learner, she studied a double degree in education and taught a few years in schools before becoming the regional director of MIND MATTERS -  a national education initiative in mental health and wellbeing. This interview started out as a conversation about being a positive voice in these challenging times. Having lived through her own share of adversity, Jane always has an uplifting quote to offer in dark days. But it became an interview about celebrating your humanity. The complexity, the multifaceted nature of who we are. We are so much more than what we do. This conversation goes deep, in a different way, to examine what does it mean to live life to the full – being ALL of who you are...
April 24, 2020
You've got to know your why
So many questions right now. So many unknowns. What's going on? Will I loose my job? What restrictions will be next? Am I safe? Are there opportunities for me in this time? I get it. There's a lot of uncertainty. A lot of change - and that makes people uncomfortable. But ONE THING hasn't changed. Who you are - and the Call on your life doesn't change with the seasons. Sure it builds and grows - but at it's essence, it remains constant. Dependable. In this podcast, I want us to focus on KNOWING YOUR WHY. In my business, I've needed to make pretty urgent shifts too. And being sure about why am I doing what I’m doing has a lot to do with my capability to decisively take a pivot and adapt to changes. Everything around you may change but never loose sight of the fact that you have the seeds of greatness within you. New opportunities are waiting for us - both right now with this crisis AND at the other side - and being sure with your WHY will light the path to get you there.
April 18, 2020
A life shaping question for now
I'm hearing a lot of stories from my friends (and you're probably hearing the same things) about people doing it tough. Maybe you're one of them. Maybe you have lost your job OR maybe you are facing unprecedented expectations from work that you're not even sure you can handle? OR you just might be stuck at home, struggling under the pressure of working remotely PLUS trying to homeschool your kids with limited resources. Don't worry, I get it. My business has been twisted around completely in these uncertain times as well. But I also know that with every challenge, there's an opportunity. Imagine we were together in person right now at a cafe (remember those?) and I was coaching you. We are going through a process called 'future-pacing'. I'm asking you some questions designed to inspire you and get you thinking beyond the rut of day-to-day living that has become a frustration for you in the last few years... One of the questions I ask is...
April 06, 2020
Suddenly Homeschooling - Secrets for Success - Day 5
Let's take a quick jump back in history to see how we started this thing called "school" and what is it actually for? School is for learning, and learning is for life! So what happens when the system we use for schooling passes it's use-by date? Do you redesign it or jump hobble on with the same old model with some upgrades? Authentic Learning is all about leveraging real-world problems to maximise the learning experience. Not only is it most relevant and learning is richer, the kids actually engage and enjoy it more! Listen and leave a comment
March 28, 2020
Suddenly Homeschooling - Secrets for Success - Day 4
What is the 4th secret to creating an exciting, engaging learning experiences at home? Collaboration. Whaaat! How are we supported to do collaboration in this current environment? Well I can share some tips with you - be sure to sign up for the resources -
March 27, 2020
Suddenly Homeschooling - Secrets of Success - Day 3
What is the 'Learning Zone' and how do you help your child find it? On this very short episode I share how you can take some steps to help your child in this learning journey...
March 26, 2020
Suddenly Homeschooling - Secrets to Success - Day 2
Day 2 is all about MINDSET! A positive attitude is everything, and needed now more than ever as fear threatens to cripple us. What are the 5 key areas of mindset and how to embed them into learning experiences Sign up for resources at:
March 25, 2020
Suddenly Homeschooling - Secrets to Success - Day 1
Over this and the coming episodes we'll be focusing on the important Lifestyle Domain of "Family & Community" I'm going to be sharing an expanding series that unlocks my: 5 SECRETS TO CREATING AN ENGAGING LEARNING EXPERIENCE Be sure to sign up for the updates here:
March 24, 2020
Success is sooo much more than money!
Today's podcast is for all the men out there (and the women who care about them!) who know they're called to a fit and healthy expression of manhood but feel that society sometimes is pulling you in the opposite direction. We are grateful to have Matt Defina of The Man Cave share his experiences digging deep on issues concerning men’s mental health and well-being.  Inspired by his adventurous  childhood, he shares some of the amazing work he's doing at the Man Cave for young men and boys and tackles how creating safe spaces matters in men’s behavioural development. Some might say he was 'bred from birth' to be a super 'Men's Mental Health Ninja' 😉 😂 - but as insightful as he is, Matt views himself as just an ordinary guy with struggles like everyone else. This is a powerful interview where the Head of Programs for one of Australia's most innovative and up-and-coming providers of preventative mental fitness for young men opens up and offers vulnerable, heartfelt insights for life that we can all benefit from...
March 09, 2020
Thinking beyond traditional boundaries in education and life
In today’s podcast, I’m talking with a mum who has not only discovered a powerful way to  motivate and inspire her kids in their learning, but also built a heart-centred, lifestyle business. Meet Kelly George. When I first connected with Kelly, she was hiking the Te Araroa Trail across New Zealand with her beautiful family of five and her husband Daniel. That's the kind of adventures that they've come to know as 'life' as they live it on their own terms. Kelly is what some might call a 'life-hacker' - her life as a mother and wife drove her to think of ways to create an income without giving up the benefits of time with family and in the end it was her experience in homeschooling her own kids that paved the way. She applies a refreshing pragmatism and courage that cuts across the traditional assumptions that keep most of us locked in our 'social script'. Her business, Fearless Homeschool gives her the freedom to live this amazing lifestyle but also allows her to support hundred of other families doing the same! In this sincere but practical interview, Kelly shares her unique insights into education and thinking outside the education (and social) boxes we all seem to get stuck in.
March 01, 2020
5 important questions you need to ask yourself
The answers you need are never far away, you just need to know the right questions to ask... In today’s podcast, I’m unpacking FIVE key questions that hone in on the FIVE lifestyle domains that my clients and I explore together and (I think) are essential for living a happy, whole-hearted, fulfilled life. GET THE FREE PDF GUIDE FOR THIS EPISODE In this episode I'll share, not only where I've stumbled across success, but also where I struggle and how these 5 simple questions put a spotlight on how and where I need to change and grow. It's popular and sexy to talk about 'magic formulas' for success, but the reality is a great life is never created in one single moment - it is a series of small, daily actions all moving in a positive direction and all aligned with your core purpose, that stack one upon the other to build monumental impact. It's doing the little things well. THAT is what these questions will help you to focus on. I started out with 5 questions - linked to the 5 lifestyle domains - but I ended with SEVEN questions. The extra 2 bonus ones, I just couldn't leave out! These will bring it all together and give you some options for action as you set about designing your ultimate future. :) Be sure to download the pdf guide before you get started...
February 25, 2020
5 keys for Health & Vitality - with Terry Powers
Are you living the abundant life? In today's podcast, I'm chatting with a good friend of mine, a man who I think has cracked the code and is actively living the abundant life. I'd like you to meet Terry Powers - a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist (not a bad resume, eh?) Together with his brother Leigh (plus the other family members always floating about) they run Powers Health. Terry has passion for helping people live at their peak - the way God designed for us and he treats people for every ailment you could imagine - from allergies, to muscle strains to behavioural disorder to grief and loss. Along with all of this, together with his wife Vinny, they are raising a beautiful family. She is also a passionate health advocate, sharing the benefits of Doterra Essential Oils with her clients and his older children have now graduated their school education to pursue psychology and music (see the links below for Bianca's new single) Terry's unique approach to life and business has inevitably raised some eyebrows and he shares some insights about facing challenging people and opinions in this episode. You know I love helping you to take action! So, as a bonus I've used the content from this episode to create a free downloadable resource: The 5-day Health & Vitality guide with Terry Powers. It's a practical actionable guide to make sure you are living your abundant life. Enjoy!
February 04, 2020
The ONE THING that has increased my productivity more than anything else!
Life Coach Andrew Lord shares his struggle with perfectionism and his encounter with a simple truth that has flipped his feelings of inadequacy and super-charged his productivity over the last 12 months. In this episode, you'll get a deeper understanding of the crazy life of a life coach/creative entrepreneur and learn how you can apply this simple idea to your own life. You are invited to contribute to the conversation over at the blog - hope to see you there!
January 14, 2020
3 mindset keys for a happy, healthy lifestyle - with Sarah Moss
Welcome to 2020 - AND a new decade! It's such an exciting time and an exciting opportunity. As I was reviewing my content I knew I REALLY wanted my first podcast for 2020 to pack a punch and deliver some key insights for living the abundant life we aspire to here on the Blueprint. When I re-listened to the interview - I knew this was it. Sarah is such a clam and unassuming personality but she drops some real gold nuggets in this interview and I can't wait to share it. In this podcast we're going to unpack what THREE key principles Sarah has used to shape her own happy, healthy laptop lifestyle as a mother of 2 (soon to be 3) children AND how she uses these same 3 principles to guide her clients from all across Australia to success in their health and fitness goals.
January 06, 2020
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
If you were unstoppable, what would your life look like? We live our own individual lives everyday. We have our family, our regular job, or usual routine. The question is, is this really what we want to do in life? Do we feel happy? Are we all fulfilled? When was the last time that you have fearlessly went out of your comfort zone and chased after your dreams despite that little voice in your head saying that you can't do it? We all want change but at the same time we fear change. We want to become better yet we're too lazy to do what it takes to improve. In today’s podcast, I am talking with Ellie – from Ellie Bell Coaching – who specialises in helping people with transformation and change – and I’ve got to say – she’s made some big brave leaps in her own life before becoming a life coach! Ellie's journey is an inspiring story about how she left her corporate job in the UK and moved to New Zealand to be with the man of her dreams and start a family. Along the way she has uncovered her passion to help others as a life coach . On the podcast she'll share the Wheel of Life tool and talk about her free e-book "OVERCOMING NEGATIVE BELIEFS".  You'll also hear about Thrive After Sport - a coaching service that she started with her Husband Matt to help athletes transition out of a career professional in sports. Enjoy!
December 23, 2019
Dropping Truth Bombs at the IGNITE conference
Challenging the status-quo is hard. Are YOU ready for it? We grew up in a world where our parents and teachers told us what we need to do in order to reach our goals in life.  We were taught to follow the "social script" Nothing wrong with this. it is stable, predictable and it will take you where you want to go at some point. We were taught we must follow these steps and go through the cycle.  But the world is changing faster than it ever has before. What worked 20 years ago just DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE! Find out what does!
December 09, 2019
A medical miracle - meet Roy!
Have you ever been in a situation when you feel like your life is over? Can you still come out of the darkness? We all experience adversities in life. A time when you hit rock bottom. As Brene Brown would call it - your "face-down" moment. There are circumstances that you never think you'll be in. Stuff that you think only happens to other people - not you. If there's one thing that is assured in this life - it is struggle. Struggle is what shapes us, defines us and ultimately (if we let it) builds our character. When that happens we strengthen and equip ourselves for a better tomorrow. Stronger. Smarter. Braver than before. Never say die!
November 25, 2019
The Hero's Blueprint
What if there was a model of success that was hidden in every story, in every culture, from every time period around the world? Today, we are looking an ancient formula to design your life and learning experiences – we’re going to be unpacking the Hero’s Journey. The Hero's Journey was a concept first conceived by mythologist Joseph Campbell, he wrote a book which has been read millions of times over since it was first published in 1949 - The Hero with a Thousand Faces. In it he recounts his study into dozens of myths from all around the world and outlines a pattern - a blueprint - that every hero follows on his or her quest for greatness. Hope you enjoy it!
November 11, 2019
What is Lifestyle Design
We all want to live a complete, happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle, am I right? But how do we really achieve it? Is it really achievable? I am sure that at some point, you have said to yourself – "I want to achieve that health and body goals" or "I want to get a fulfilling career with big dollars" or even saying "I want to travel the world!" Or how about "I want to be happy being with the man/woman of my dreams". But is there really a secret formula to help us get these goals? While there is no genie that can grant us three wishes or magic spell that can give us everything that we want, there is certainly a process that can help us unlock our inner potential and turn these dreams into a reality. And THAT is what I am very excited and happy to share with you today on the podcast! Today, we're going to unpack the 5 key principles of Lifestyle Design – that you can use to start living YOUR maximised life. This is the exact same process I've used to redesign my own life and now use every week to take my clients from ordinary to amazing in just 90 days. These 5 key principles are taken from the world of product design - where I first learned how to create - and translated to help people discover their own different versions of success in the domains of business, career, family, romance, health, fun and adventure. To get you started on your own creative Lifestyle Design adventure, there is also an awesome free resource that you can use >> the Lifestyle Design Quiz For now, get your pen out and get ready to take some notes as you listen to today’s podcast.
October 29, 2019