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BeyondBold - TheBoldAge

BeyondBold - TheBoldAge

By TheBoldAge
Alive and kicking in our 50s and beyond.

Listen to our BoldInterviews where we get to meet some interesting boldies and have a fun chat with a nice cuppa; our BoldNews where we have a roundup of interesting news from across the globe and BoldTopics where each month we cover a dedicated topic from positive ageing to fitness and beyond.

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BoldInterview - Dave Carr from Guys and St Thomas' Hospital in London

BeyondBold - TheBoldAge

BoldNews Episode 3
The BoldNews podcast features Steve, Andrew and Nigel discussing interesting news stories from around the globe that have piqued their interest.  Stories this week range from university research, chatbots, zombie cells and Steve even goes high brow with a discussion on age friendly cities. A far cry from his previous week's topics of 'tech neck' and 'zoom face'. 
January 15, 2021
BoldInterview - Slow Puncture featuring Peter Berry and Deb Bunt
Our latest podcast features the wonderful Deb Bunt and irrepressible Peter Berry, co-authors of the book Slow Puncture. An inspirational chat about Peter's journey and living well with dementia.  In his words "dementia takes my yesterdays and takes my tomorrows, but it doesn't take my nows" Get a copy of the book here on Amazon
January 04, 2021
BoldNews - tech neck, ageism and more
Join Nigel, Steve and Andrew in this episode as we discuss recent news that has captured our attention.
December 21, 2020
BoldNews - elections, zoom face, fitness and ageism and more...
Join Steve, Nigel and Andrew as we discuss some topical news stories from around the globe. In this episode we discuss: the election in Mynamar and the special arrangements made for the over 60s,  the phenomenon of Zoom Face, fitness, gyms and ageism, bucket lists, and vitamin c #theboldage #boldies #ageing #ageism
November 23, 2020
BoldChat - Margaret and Sian
Margaret and Sian chat to us about their lockdown, experiences, learnings and hopes
November 11, 2020
BoldInterview - Dave Carr from Guys and St Thomas' Hospital in London
In this episode we speak with Dave Carr, a critical care nurse at Guys and St Thomas' Hospital in London who, along with his entire team, was on the front line in dealing with covid-19. People are going to be surprised at some of the things the nurses are going through that they have not heard in the media and how those working in the NHS are feeling. We didn’t realise just what they went through and the depth of anger that they are now feeling about the way they have been treated. You can hear it in Dave’s voice as he tells us what they went through in the first wave, as they were protesting and what they are preparing for now. I’m glad we get to bring this to people’s attention.  Enjoy this first of many BoldInterviews.
October 06, 2020