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The Book Fix

The Book Fix

By Loren
Where happiness is only a cup of coffee and a good book away and where all readers have a home! I am a book blogger turned podcaster who has a passion for sharing everything book related. Here is where I do reviews, vocal essays, and interviews with peers and authors to
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Ep 1 Do We Still Need Libraries?
Welcome to The Book Fix! I'm so glad you found me! In this first episode, Loren, the blogger from LazyCoffeePrincess, tells us about herself, who inspired her to read, and figures out why she started a podcast of all things! That's not all! She takes the listener on a journey through the history of libraries, reveals how important they are in communities, and tells why she believes that libraries are important. Stay tuned for next the next episode where there's a special guest!
December 13, 2018