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The Budget Reviews Radio Show!

The Budget Reviews Radio Show!

By Aaron Tom
In this podcast, I take a look at private label and "budget" items from places like Aldi, Dollar Tree and more, and share our opinions with all, to help weed out the quality stuff, from the junk. I'm frequently joined by my beautiful wife, who provides a sophisticated female perspective to my simple man observations.

This is a companion piece to the long running blog which can be found at
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Episode 1 Belmont Super Premium Ice Cream Pints: Make Fudge Not War and Brookie Dough (Feat. Hot Wife)
The initial written write-ups of these premium ice cream pints, available at Aldi, (and as featured on my blog The Budget Reviews) received the most backlash out of any of my articles, as swarms of adoring fans came to the defense of the frozen treats. I was not a big fan of them when I first tried them five years has anything changed since then? Find out as I sit down with my beautiful wife - who, for the record, was one of many who ridiculed me for my original opinion - for a live tasting of these pints. Are they worth the price? And how do they compare to the national brand? Join us and find out, won't you?
June 18, 2021