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Athlete to Entrepreneur

Athlete to Entrepreneur

By Richard Demb
On each episode an elite athlete shares their story, how they reached the top of their sport and their entrepreneurial journey after their competitive years. The good, the sad, the struggles and the wins.
If you're looking to start a business leveraging your talent or to grow your career, tune in....
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Donald Suxho - From war-torn Albania to the US Olympic volleyball team and beyond!
Donald's story is inspiring, gripping and begging for a big screen adaptation. In today's world of pampering athletes, his practices in -20 degree gyms, single pair of locally made shoes and diet of bread and sugar will have you thinking about what makes a champion. And that is all before he lands in the US at 17 with nothing...
October 21, 2021
Ted Sullivan - How he brings innovation and grit to every stop on his journey. From Duke to the Cleveland Indians to starting and selling GameChanger and now at IMG Academy..
Ted's life story only gets more impressive as he gets deeper into it. You'll quickly pick up on his magnetic energy but please don't confuse his humility for a lack of killer instinct.   He's the perfect guest for "Athlete to Entrepreneur", having pushed beyond his natural ability in baseball, beaten the odds with GameChanger and now expanding the boundaries of IMG Academy. He has me wanting to interview his parents to hear their secret....
July 06, 2021
Drew Hanlen - Training NBA All-Stars while still in college, starting adjacent businesses, how he built his reputation and what drives him.
Drew personally trains four NBA All-Stars and is sought out by players and teams across the league. Tune in to hear how he built his training business from a shockingly early age, how he expanded his business and what he's working on now. You may have seen his tutorials on Youtube and Instagram, his passion for helping others bursts through the screen.  Listen until the end to hear how much he charges for his time...
May 11, 2021
Lisa Griffith - College basketball to high-tech, from setting 3-pointer to sales records
Lisa led the Wildcat's to the Sweet 16, set Pac-10 3 pointer records and loved every minute of it. Hear how she leveraged her work ethic to transition from the court into sales and now Artificial Intelligence. Student athletes and their loved ones will appreciate her journey and advice. This episode is sponsored by - helping coaches increase their impact and income via video feedback.
April 06, 2021
Garrett Klugh - US Olympic Rower. If you liked Rudy, Miracle or Hoosiers. Garrett's story is better...
When 9 year old Garrett saw the Olympic torch run by his house in 1984 he decided he'd be in the Olympics. The rest of his story is simply awe inspiring. If you like grit, persistence, twists/turns, romance but no-violence, all told by a master story teller. Listen right now.  Garrett now manages Falk Ventures. Warning, you'll want him on your team.  Other than some language, this is a terrific episode for the whole family.
February 25, 2021
Victor Pellegrino - From gymnast, to D1 cheer team, to stuntman, to the GRID league and now growing Victory Grips....
Vic was on a pro team with Mat Fraser, was a stuntman for Disney's Indiana Jones experience, has a Masters in design and he's only 32. At least he looks 32.  Hear how his life experience led him to create the popular and successful Victory Grips. All without investors. And he's only just beginning.
February 17, 2021
Anna Muehle - World Champion Indoor Rower
Anna is very personable and open about the joy and challenges of competing around the world. She shares a play by play account of her head to head finish with a surprise competitor, what drives her to get on the rower after a long day and her hard earned advice for anyone looking to improve their erg times. 
February 08, 2021
Shane de Freitas - What it takes to have a gymnastics skill named after you, the 2 words he uses to describe the Olympics and much more...
Shane only got into gymnastics when he was 11 but was surpassing his peers a year later. His career includes the Olympics, an original skill that was named after him, moving between countries and now successfully balancing a coaching career.  He shares his drive and passion, warning - it's infectious....
February 01, 2021
Mike Cerbus - US Champion Weightlifter realizes what he was missing as a competitor sparked his passion for coaching.
I first heard about Mike's remarkable Power Monkey clinic from one of his students, my Crossfit coach. He addresses the audience while deep in an overhead squat...for 5 minutes.  Mike is humble, sincere and passionate. Hear his story. How his high school principle was a crucial part of his youth and career, his 3 keys for coaching and how he manages his business remotely.  Oh, and he was squatting 90 kg at 11 years old. Tune in and share:)
January 25, 2021
Tamir Goodman - building his first product within minutes of hanging up his high tops
 The Jewish Jordan radiates optimism and "blessings". You've heard of his skills on the court, did you know how enterprising he's been after playing pro ball? Hear how he built his first product, his experience selling it to NBA teams, his tips for launching a camp and his insight into pricing his products. 
December 27, 2020
Julius Oliver - When Celebrities Want to Swim....
Why do the who's who in NY call Julius Oliver? His guide to interacting with clients (it's working!) and a lot more helpful tidbits for growing a personal brand. Julius can be reached at
December 22, 2020
Celebrity Trainer David Kirsch - Growing a fitness following
David was a lawyer running 10 miles per day when he decided to change careers. Thousands of ripped people are happy he did. Hear how going from a runner's body to a competitive body builder in 6 months changed his career trajectory.  His experience opening a boutique gym and why he closed it. How he decides on pricing and what makes people who could train with anyone rave about him.
December 22, 2020