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Cannabis Curious

Cannabis Curious

By Ashley Nickel
You likely can't go a day without hearing about cannabis in the news. Join Ashley Nickel, a cannabis nerd and entrepreneur, as she interviews guests who are making their mark in cannabis. Whether you are a cannabis patient or consumer, navigating the current aboveground markets as a licensee, or want to learn more about what's happening in cannabis, this is the podcast for you.
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Cannabis Branding Made Accessible - Ladyjane Branding - Compliant Fun Personality Driven Branding

Cannabis Curious

Michigan Cannabis Cultivator - Iliad Epic Grow - Pharma Patent Lawyer Lands in Lansing
**Since the podcast aired on 10/8/2020 I've been contacted by four former employees of Iliad Epic Grow. They provided documentation of complaints they've filled with LARA alleging they have not been paid in accordance with their employment contracts.  There is an MRA Investigator assigned to their case.  Hi Cannabis Curious listeners, meet Richard Ruzich, a pharmaceutical industry expert, patent attorney, and former naval officer, and the CEO of Iliad Epic Grow. Iliad is a Lansing, Michigan based licensed medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation company. In this interview you will learn more about Richard Ruzich's background, his vision for Iliad, Richard's views on the parallels between cannabis and pharmaceuticals, and the future of regulated cannabis.
October 8, 2020
Cannabis Branding Made Accessible - Ladyjane Branding - Compliant Fun Personality Driven Branding
Hi Cannabis Curious listeners, meet Jennifer Whetzel of Ladyjane Branding a cannabis branding consultancy. Ladyjane meets you wherever you are in the branding process using a fun personality quiz and a multiple-choice platform to drive the branding process. Jennifer has put her years of marketing expertise and her data-driven brain to work creating 16 Archetypes specific to cannabis. Ladyjane Branding helps cannabis entrepreneurs and startups find their brand identity and build a cohesive brand strategy. In this interview you will learn more about Jennifer's background, Ladyjane Branding services, the importance of branding in a maturing market, and the Women in Cannabis Study - an ambitious research product documenting the experiences of women working in the industry.
October 4, 2020
Online Cannabis Licensing Courses - Permit Pros - Accessible Cannabis Business Expertise
Hi Cannabis Curious listeners, meet Sarah Sanger of Permit Pros. Permit Pros is an online course on the cannabis business permitting process. The course is aimed at potential and current cannabis business owners interested in learning more about the permitting (or licensing) process. Sarah and Belinda bring their combined expertise in successfully obtaining California cannabis business permits to this self-directed course. In this interview you will learn more about Sarah's background, the Permit Pros course, considerations for entering the cannabis industry, and Sarah's perspective on the future of cannabis legalization.
September 30, 2020
Organic Cannabis and Natural Farming - Gage Green Group - Planting Seeds of Divinity
Hi Cannabis Curious listeners, meet Gage Green Group (GGG). Leaders in natural farming and boutique cannabis. GGG crafts flowers and seeds in an all organic, natural ecosystem. Gage Green Group is known for their preeminent genetics but GGG methods go beyond cannabis; it's a way of life for Jeff and Mike. Together these two deeply and intentionally explore regenerative, natural farming methods to not only continuously improve GGG genetics but to also bring forth natural healing methods and protocols to the collective. It doesn't matter where you are on your cannabis journey there is something you can learn from Gage Green Group. In this episode we cover Jeff and Mike's origin story, organic cannabis, natural healing, spirituality, and what's next for Gage Green Group. IG @gagegreengroup FB @gagegreengroup
September 12, 2020
Michigan Cannabis Caregiver - Maize and Grew - Shares His Adventures in Regulated Cannabis
Hi Canna Curious listeners, meet Doug of Maize and Grew 3x High Times Cannabis Cup winner. Doug is a Michigander. He's currently a caregiver but spent a few years working for regulated cannabis businesses in Colorado. He's got some great stories about his cannabis adventures. In this episode,  you'll learn more about Doug and his experience growing cannabis, his views on the future of regulated cannabis in Michigan, and what we can expect to see from Doug in the future.   IG @maizeandgrew
September 3, 2020
Cooking with Cannabis - Michigan Cannabis Chefs - Infused Food with the Highest Vibes
Hi Canna Curious listeners, sit down for an infused meal with Michigan Cannabis Chefs. This high vibe, talented crew makes you want to stay in kitchen all day. The food is delicious and the company even better. Chef Lynette and Chef Nigel love what they do and they're damn good at it. In this episode you'll learn how Michigan Cannabis Chefs was founded, the types of events they host, and the well-deserved attention they are receiving in Michigan and beyond. I've been dreaming up parties and events to plan just so I can have Michigan Cannabis Chefs cater the food. You gotta check these guys out!  IG @micannabischefs FB @michiganchefs Website
September 1, 2020
IP and Trademark Law in Cannabis - Aura IP Law - Protecting Your Cannabis Business
Hi Canna Curious Listeners, for all my cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs this is the episode for you! Meet Sheila Gibson Founder of Aura IP Law. She started her career in Intellectual Property (IP) at a nationally recognized IP boutique and practiced at several top-tier law firms over her first 16 years as an attorney. She has worked with clients in many different industries, such as biotech, medical device, agriculture, food packaging, pharmaceutical, green technology, mechanical, sports innovation, beverages, and more. In this episode, Sheila educates us on how IP and trademark law in the cannabis industry, things to consider when pursuing a patent or trademark, and how she anticipates this type of law evolving with cannabis legalization. This will help you figure out if and how you want to protect your brand or business. A topic I believe will only become more relevant as more people and businesses enter the industry. IG @auraiplaw FB @auraiplaw Aura IP Law Website
June 30, 2020
Cancer Survivor and Winner of Survivor - Ethan Zohn - Invests in a Hemp Farm and Starts a New Foundation
Hey Podcast - Meet Ethan Zohn former “Survivor” winner and contestant on “Survivor: Winners at War”. Since his first “Survivor” win, Ethan has battled and beat cancer twice, and became a world-renowned motivational speaker, author and humanitarian. Post-diagnosis, chemotherapy drugs weakened his body for months. He was open to the idea of using cannabis to help mitigate some of the harsh side effects associated with cancer treatments. He consulted with a doctor who believed in the medicinal properties of cannabis and started on a daily CBD (plus a bit of THC) regimen that worked best for him. Nearly immediately, he felt stable, calm and anxious free.  Ethan talks about his experience going from competitive athlete to cancer survivor, discovering CBD, a new foundation he's started, and investing in a 116 acre hemp farm MONTKUSH in Vermont that will be featured in a TV show Kings of Kush.  Note: The phone connection is a bit choppy for a few minutes in the middle of the podcast.  IG @ethanzohn IG @montkush FB @EthanZohnSurvivor Grass Roots Soccer Safe Roots Foundation Mont Kush
April 27, 2020
Investment Pitch Competition - Cliintel Capital Management Group - Opportunity to Raise $25K for Your Cannabis Product or Idea 
Hey Podcast - Meet  Rick Batenburg III, Chief Investment Officer of Cliintel Capital Management Group, an accomplished cannabis venture capitalist. This fall Cliintel Capital Management will be hosting an innovation pitch competition for cannabis entrepreneurs. The competition will take place in Denver, Colorado. The prize is $25K in capital. In this conversation, you'll learn more about Rick and Cliintel Capital, how Rick frames and analyzes market opportunities, why cannabis is a particularly unique industry, and how to stand out in the investment pitch competition.  Investment Pitch Competition - Cliintel Capital Management Group Rick's Instagram @the_cannabis_vc Rick's Twitter @rickbatenburg
April 17, 2020
Committed to Quality - Redbud Roots - a Michigan Cannabis Company Here to Stay
Hey Podcast - Meet Hunter Mishler, Director of Production Science at Redbud Roots. Redbud Roots is a vertically integrated medical and recreational cannabis company based in Michigan. Redbud Roots was one of the first to market in Michigan. While first to market usually gives companies some momentum, Redbud Roots is turning that momentum in to staying power with continuous research and development and a range of products to meet patient and consumers unique needs.  In this conversation, we discuss the origins of Redbud Roots, treating people well, listening to your patients and consumers, and why there is so much room for innovation in cannabis processing. IG  @redbudrootsmichigan Twitter @RedbudRoots Facebook @redbudroots
April 13, 2020
The Dopest Hostesses with the Mostesses - Savor & Smoke - The Speakeasy of Cannabis
Hey Podcast - Meet Jasmine and Sara the founders of Savor and Smoke. Two Michigan women brought together by Instagram inspired to create the very space they were craving for themselves. Savor and Smoke sesh's are aimed at bringing the cannabis community and fresh cannabis brands together. Savor and Smoke hit the Michigan scene with a bang! Starting 2020 off with a one-of-kind cannabis sesh. The perfect party for stoners; good music, yummy snack food, CBD-infused drinks, a variety of cannabis vendors, and absolutely no judgement. The next sesh is Feb 29, and this time it's a sweat and sesh combining cannabis, yoga, and meditation. In this conversation you'll learn more about the two women behind Savor and Smoke, the origins of Savor and Smoke, and what to expect in the future from Savor and Smoke. Big thank you Cultivate Coffee & Taphouse in Ypsilanti for the great space and coffee to fuel our podcast.  IG @savorandsmoke IG @cannabiscurating
February 20, 2020
Creating Connection and Community Among Businesses - Jamie Cooper - Cannabiz Connection & Sensi
Hey Podcast - Jamie Cooper is a canna celeb to me! She's a force in the Michigan cannabis community. She founded Cannabiz Connection a B2B networking and lead referral program. She brought Sensi magazine to Michigan a cannabis lifestyle and culture publication. She works closely with municipalities to educate them on the benefits of allowing canna businesses in their communities. It's hard not to ask Jamie, "how do you manage to do it all?", but once you meet you Jamie it's easy to understand how she does it all. She's passionate, organized, and likes rolling up her sleeves to get the work done. In this conversation you'll learn more about the resources available through Cannabiz Connection and Sensi. We go pretty heavy on zoning on why it's so critical to maturing state cannabis markets. We talk about coming out green and what that means and what the experience is like. IG @cannajamie Cannabiz Connection IG @cannabizconnectFB @cannabizconnect Sensi Magazine FB @sensimediagroup IG @sensimagazine
February 10, 2020
Restoration & Legalization - Shaleen Title - Mass. Commissioner Perspective on Regulating Cannabis
Hi Podcast - This is a short 17 minute, valued packed conversation with Shaleen Title, Commissioner of Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Shaleen was appointed by the governor, treasurer, and AG to serve in the social justice seat, one of five seats, responsible for regulating medical and adult-use cannabis in Massachusetts. Prior to her appointment, Shaleen co-authored the Massachusetts marijuana legalization referendum and has consulted on state and local marijuana policy around the country. As an attorney specializing in marijuana regulations, she's provided regulatory expertise for leading marijuana consulting firms. She also served as founder of a women-led recruiting firm and as a founding board member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, where she led the drafting of the first model bill created to give states guidance to implement a process of reinvestment and reconciliation. She previously served on the national boards of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Marijuana Majority, the Cannabis Law and Family Alliance, and the National Lawyers Guild. Wesbite Twitter @shaleentitle LinkedIn
January 30, 2020
Mary Jane's All Grown Up - Sarah Jane - Cannabis for Multifaceted Midwestern Women
Hey Podcast - You are going to love Sarah Jane! These women are making cannabis approachable. They're using their own experience and genuine appreciation and love of women and cannabis to create community. The Sarah Jane IG posts are fresh, fun, engaging, and keep my feed happy and inspired. In 2020 Sarah Jane will have a microdosing collection on Michigan Provisioning Center shelves. Beautifully packaged, approachable cannabis options - mini j's, edibles, and a spritz. These are the kind of cannabis products you want out because they're so pretty! Sarah Tupper, Jessica Lind, and Maya Reading met at the University of Michigan and have remained close friends ever since, and now 20 years later are coming together to make cannabis accessible and fun for Midwestern women. Join me for a conversation with Sarah about the origins of Sarah Jane, idea to first product kit launch, creating community, and discussing cannabis with your family, friends, and co-workers. IG @your.sarah.jane Website Medium:
January 28, 2020
Michigan Born and Bred - North Coast Provisions - Lifelong Family and Friends Wholeheartedly Jump Into Cannabis
Hey Podcast - I have a soft spot for Michiganders and North Coast Provisions is no exception. I'm still energized by my conversation with Sean. We discuss what it takes to start a provisioning center (dispensary) in Michigan including finding a location, building out a facility, and the state and local application process. Sean and I also chop it up on the future of cannabis, how being a family/friend-owned business informs values and culture, and the pros and cons of self-funded organic growth in the industry. Thank you North Coast Provisions for sitting down with Cannabis Curious! I appreciate you taking time to shed light on cannabis in Michigan as a licensed provisioning center. You may hear some background noise throughout the conversation as we met at Copper House Coffee. Thank you Copper House for the excellent coffee! IG @northcoastprovisions Facebook @NorthCoastProvisionsMI Website
November 26, 2019
Safety Affects the Entire Supply Chain - DMLift - Sourcing and Research Helps
Hey Podcast - Very timely conversation with Chad Seward of DMLifct! In this episode we cover a lot of ground on cannabis legalization including current vaping headlines, larger quality and safety considerations, and future of craft cannabis in Michigan. Be sure to check out DMLift if you're an interested business or consumer (links below). I appreciate Chad making the time to answer questions. Thank you for listening everyone! IG @dmliftinc Twitter @DMLift_inc Facebook @DMLiftinc.Official Website -
November 7, 2019
Commercial Kitchen Equipment - Great Lakes Hotel Supply - Scaling Canna Confections
Hey Podcast - I sat down with Diane Sorenson and Mary Martin of Great Lakes Hotel Supply. Great Lakes Hotel Supply is a full service commercial food service equipment company. Great Lakes Hotel Supply recently entered the cannabis market. Diane and Mary discuss how Great Lakes services and equipment translates to cannabis. Thank you for listening! Great Lakes Hotel Supply - IG @greatlakeshotelsupply Facebook -
November 6, 2019
Playing on the Field for the People - Stormy Simon - Advocating for Access, Equity, and Agency
Hey Podcast - I'm so excited about this episode! I had the opportunity to talk to Stormy Simon. Stormy is a bad ass! As former President of she led the company through tremendous growth ($20M to $2Bn) while helping to shape eCommerce as we know it today.  She left in 2016 to join cannabis and has been an ally and advocate for medical access, social equity, agency, and entrepreneurs ever since. Stormy is an incredible leader, advocate, and person. Stormy's presence and nuanced understanding of cannabis is a gift to the movement, people, and patients. I am so grateful to have her as a guest on the podcast. Thank you for listening! IG @stormy.simon Twitter @Stormy_Simon Facebook @stormysimonsays
November 1, 2019
Security What Is It Good For? - 710 Security - Absolutely Everything!
Hey Podcast - I had the opportunity to sit down with David Beckett Founder and CEO of 710 Security. 710 Security is a soup to nuts cannabis security firm with extensive national experience. 710 helps clients with every aspect of security from planning to state application, and installation to monitoring. David shares some great stories in this podcast including sitting next to clients as they hear their application is approved to grand opening celebrations where the first regulated cannabis product is sold. David and his team have extensive experience in the security industry, and have been in the cannabis security industry since 2008! I hope you enjoy getting to know David and 710 Security as much as I did. Thank you for listening! 710 Security - IG @710security Facebook - 710 Security LTD
October 8, 2019
Methadone Man Turned Medical Cannabis Pioneer - Pure Green - Water-Soluble Pharma Grade Cannabis Tablets
Hey Podcast -  Super excited to share this conversation with you! I sat down with Stephen Goldner Founder of Pure Green, a vertically integrated cannabis company here in Michigan. Stephen began his career in pharmaceuticals when he invented methadone. As he watched his friends come back from the Vietnam War addicted to heroin, he was determined to find a cure for heroin addiction. In the early 1970's, Mr. Goldner co-invented both the liquid form of methadone and urine screening.  As Stephen watched his friends struggle with PTSD and other diseases, he also saw them effectively manage their own symptoms with cannabis. Pure Green was the first company to receive a medical cannabis processor license in Michigan. This has allowed Stephen to lead Pure Green through the process of developing pharmaceutical-grade water-soluble cannabis tablets enabling safe, effective and predictable dosing for patients.  Mr. Goldner has more than 35 years experience as a regulatory professional in the healthcare arena as both a forensic toxicologist and an attorney. . Additionally, as founder of the Regulatory Affairs Associates LLC, Mr. Goldner has helped helped get more than 240 drugs and devices approved.  Pure Green - IG @puregreencanna 
October 1, 2019
Homegrown Cannabis Made Accessible & Sustainable - REV Grow Gear - Your Plant Nanny
Hey Podcast -  Interested in growing your own cannabis? This is the episode for you! I sit down with Carrie Francoeur of REV Grow Gear - a turnkey, LED lighting system kit for cannabis cultivation and beyond. Carrie's experience as a medical caregiver and commitment to the environment fueled her passion for creating a sustainable, accessible solution for growing cannabis at home. In addition to the Girlz Room Grow System, REV Grow Gear also offers educational YouTube videos on growing cannabis and a welcoming storefront in Morenci, Michigan with all you need to get started growing your own cannabis.  REV Grow Gear - IG @revgrowgear YouTube -
September 3, 2019
Naturally Hydroponic Nitrogen Releasing Fertilizer - Jim's Earth Worm Poop - Feed Yo Plants
Hey Podcast - If you're interested in all natural fertilizers, check out this episode with Jim's Earth Worm Poop, organic worm castings, founded by Dane Theisen. Dane is an entrepreneur, marketing professional, and experienced medical caregiver. Through his own experience growing cannabis for medical patients he discovered the power of worm castings. Jim's Poop is a naturally hydroponic worm casting that releases nitrogen. In this episode, you'll learn about Dane, growing cannabis, worm castings, and where to find Jim's Poop.  Jim's Earth Worm Poop -
August 16, 2019
Cannabis Chronicles | How Current Financial & Industry Analysis Falls Short
If you're into pot stocks or considering getting licensed then this is the episode for you. I cover my general observations about the cannabis industry and where current financial and market analysis fall short. 
July 15, 2019
Extra, Extra Read All About - The High Blog - a Cannabis Lifestyle & Culture Blog
The High Blog is a cannabis lifestyle and culture blog founded and run by Lily. Lily is an journalist, writer, and author based on Canada.  In this episode we discuss The High Blog, cannabis legalization, and the decision to leave more traditional jobs to pursue cannabis careers.  The High Blog -  The High Blog on Twitter - 
July 14, 2019
Cannabis Chronicles | Deep Dive Into Michigan's Recreational Emergency Rules
Michigan's Emergency Rules for recreational cannabis business licenses 
July 10, 2019
Cannabis Chronicles | Michigan's Recreational Market, Illinois Legalizes Recreational, and CBD
Michigan recreational emergency rules + Illinois legalizes recreational cannabis + the CBD industry 
June 28, 2019
Learn About Cannabis Cultivation From a Master Grower - Farmer Brown - New Jersey, D.C., and Beyond
Learn about cannabis cultivation and the road to recreational cannabis legalization in NJ. If you're interested in learning more about Farmer Brown check him out on Twitter @NJMasterGrower. 
June 28, 2019
Cannabis Chronicles | House of Reps Legislation, Canopy Growth and Michigan's Recreational Market
House of Reps votes to block DOJ from enforcing cannabis laws in legal states + Canopy Growth + Michigan's recreational market 
June 24, 2019
The Future of Cannabis - Dowagiac Church of Marihuana - Co-Operative Cultivation Funded by Bitcoin
David of Dowagiac, Michigan has unique vision of starting a cannabis church to preserve and pass on cannabis cultivation knowledge and skills funded by bitcoin to drive transparency.  You can find more information on David and his venture on Facebook - 
June 14, 2019