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The Caribbean Net Worth

The Caribbean Net Worth

By The Caribbean Net Worth
Your Network Is Your Net Worth: Unlock the Hidden Power of Connections for Wealth, Success, and Happiness in the Digital Age.

The Caribbean Net Worth is the original source to find and connect with local Caribbean owned businesses; handymen, mechanics, attorneys, dentists, and several other professions. The perfect platform for you to Network and Support local Atlanta based business professional.

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Episode 1: Jerk Veggie Sliders On The Menu
Growing up, were you threatened to eat what was on the table, or else we would not get dinner (No? Just me?). Well thankfully times have changed and not only are you deciding what you want to eat, but you also have the opportunity to decide what type of food lifestyle you wish to live. Whether it is a pescatarian, vegan lifestyle, or you honestly just want something delicious without feeling guilty. The Caribbean Net Worth has found just that-- in this week’s episode. We sit down with the chef and innovator of No Meat Eatz LLC., Mr. Chris Miller When asked “which family member influenced and what specific meal?” Chris Miller responded: “My aunt Lizzie was my biggest inspiration because her creativity was always outside of the box.” In this episode, we receive an inside look at the base ingredients that go into making a No Meat Eatz Jerk Veggie Slider. Based on the reactions of our hosts Keela and Benzo, I know that you can’t wait to get your hands on one for yourself. No Meat Eatz is offering our audience a special discount of 10% off of your purchase with the use of the code: THECARIBBEANNETWORTH Be sure to go to and or follow them on Instagram and Facebook @nomeateatz to place your order.
March 05, 2022
Episode 8: You Name it...
What is a party without a cake? Exactly! Without a cake, a party seems incomplete. When you are the search for a cake, you want the best cake that you can find. On this episode of The Caribbean Net Worth, we introduce you to the perfect person and place to order a one of a kind cake for any of your future events. Chef Ki Falcher is the creator and driving force behind The Trinity and Company. It is a culinary collective that focuses on the three pillars of culinary arts of food, desserts and pastries, and drinks. Chef Ki Falcher When we asked Chef Ki what led her down the career path of baking and artistically decorating cakes, she responded that : “I have been baking since I was ten years old; I started baking cheesecakes. I have an aunt in New York, and she taught me that recipe, and I would sell a cheesecake to anyone that would buy a cheesecake.” Growing up, we all have that one thing that was a constant in our lives that helped shape who we are today. For Chef Ki, that influence was food! Chef Ki expressed that food was that important constant in her life. With food being that constant, it became Chef Ki's inspiration to start The Trinity and Company in 2014. Since then, she has added various services to her company. She now offers personal chef, meal prep, and even bartending services. The Trinity and Company is a one-stop-shop for any of your culinary needs. Whether you plan a large or small event or just need help with your meal prep, The Trinity and Company can fulfill all of your culinary needs. Be sure to visit The Trinity & CO at and use promo code “THECARIBBEANNETWORTH” FOR 15% off all orders.
March 05, 2022
Episode 7: Our Heart Lines
What is the best way to celebrate a graduation, an engagement, or a baby shower? With a party of course!  Now before you start to panic about the details of finding a location, decorations, or even a DJ. You should know that The Caribbean Net Worth has found the perfect solution for you! On this episode of The Caribbean Net Worth, we introduce you to Yolande Small, who is the CEO and Founder of a unique multi-purpose facility known as Heartline of Atlanta. Heartline is considered to be a “one-stop-shop” for event planning, where they offer their customers access to caterers, decorations, even event planners and so much more. Customers have the option to customize their events or to have Heartline customize their events for them.  Depending on your event size Heartline, customers will have the option to choose from four well-sized galleries including a “backyard” gallery for outdoor events. Heartline is considered to be a “one-stop-shop” for event planning, where they offer their customers access to caterers, decorations, even event planners and so much more. Customers have the option to customize their events or to have Heartline customize their events for them.  Depending on your event size Heartline, customers will have the option to choose from four well-sized galleries including a “backyard” gallery for outdoor events. 1625 Rock Mountain Blvd Ste Q Stone Mountain, GA 30083 Social Media: @heartlineofatl 770-568-3025
March 05, 2022
Episode 6: What you Roc?
Shopping online has all but become the norm these days; however, since you have been working from home you have successfully gone through the entire inventory of your “favorite stores”. Now what? Now you’re going through Instagram to see where the next “best place to shop” is, as always The Caribbean Net Worth has got you covered and done the hard work for you. Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite store, where you can shop online and have the option to shop in-store as well. In this episode of The Caribbean Net Worth, we introduce you to Shawn MacAllister, who has been the founder and genius behind DemRoc Clothing Inc for the last 15 years. Having been in this industry for that amount of time you can be sure that there were some challenges. When we asked what is the most challenging thing about growing a brand? Shawn responded: “ The most challenging thing growing a brand was believing that I was able and capable of being in the industry and being effective.” Having been in the industry for this long you know that your shopping experience with DemRoc will be unique and relevant. Shawn has consistently provided his customers with a wide variety of apparel, from T-shirts, hoodies, hats, tank tops, briefs, and more! Be sure to shop with DemRoc online at or visit their storefront location in Lithonia. Make sure you visit and use code (THECARIBBEANNETWORTH) for 20% off of your purchase.
March 05, 2022
Episode 5: Lashed By Lotus
Having heard the phrase "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." various times throughout our lives. I am sure that we have all attempted to do just that. In this episode of The Caribbean Net Worth, we introduce you to someone that embodies that phrase, and she also happens to be one of our very own, Shekinah Henry. Shekinah Henry is the multifaceted talent behind Lotus Artistry. A one-stop-shop for diversified cosmetic services, such as eyelash extension, makeup, and micro-blading. Shekinah started her journey by dabbling in henna and makeup in 2013. One year later, she established Lotus Artistry and turned her hobby into her business by offering her classmates services while she was in college. When we asked Shekinah what made her decision to go into freelance and independent upon her own, she responded: "I've grown up seeing my grandmother having her own business, my parents having their own business. My parents are always doing something different." Having been inspired by both her parents and her grandmother's entrepreneurial drive. Shekinah did not want to be stifled and wanted to have the freedom of expression when it came to her business. With her commitment to strengthening her hobby, Shekinah has created a successful and ever-growing business. Since the conception of Lotus Artistry, Shekinah has continued to expand her services, and she now offers eyelash extension, nail salon services, and eyebrow tinting and micro-blading services. Whether you need makeup done for an event or want to enhance your look for an event, allow Lotus Artistry and their beauty specialist to serve you with attention to detail and relevant beauty techniques and practices to look your best. Be sure to visit Lotus Artistry at and use the promo code “THECARIBBEANNETWORTH” FOR 15% off all services.
March 05, 2022
Episode 4: Wine anyone?
Wine anyone?  No not that kind of wine, (sorry put your wine glass away).  I meant wine as in one of the staples of the Caribbean culture.  Although the spelling has often been debated, there is no debating the joy, and the freedom that you have, while whining. Another benefit of whining is that it is considered to be a form of exercise --who doesn’t love disguising dancing as a workout? You may be wondering how you can experience all of this if you don’t know how to whine. Do not worry because, in this episode of The Caribbean Net Worth, we have found the perfect person and place for you to learn. Kittwani Oscar is a group fitness instructor that owns and runs Kittness Dance Fitness Studio right in Metro-Atlanta. When asked what role dance and fitness held in her upbringing. Kittwani said that through praise dancing at church as a child and getting into fitness in college. She decided to merge the two together creating a multicultural dance fitness studio for anyone to come in and learn about the culture and how to whine. Kittwani has been a certified group fitness instructor since 2016 and personally choreographs all routines. We all know that fitness is not about fitting into the status quo of “good looking” at Kittness Dance Studio she created a philosophy that “we measure your smile, not your waistline” she wants her members to know that no one is looking at your waistline, your legs or anything else. Instead, she repeatedly promotes confidence through fitness and encourages her patrons to dance with no limitations. Offering her patrons various ways to get fit, whether it is through Bootcamp, Bang, or Yoga. Kittness Dance Studio is a one stop shop for fitness, culture, and great energy. Be sure to sign up for classes online at or visit the studio location in Norcross. 3380 Holcomb Bridge Rd. Ste 7 Norcross, GA Social media: @kittness_studio 10% off of class passes purchased through their website using the code: "THECARIBBEANNETWORTH"
March 05, 2022
Episode 3: Boundless
It is no secret that every parent wants the best education for their child. Traditionally speaking in the United States the choice has only been between public and private schools. However, within the last thirty years, a new alternative option has emerged; charter schools. A charter school is an independently operated school that has the freedom to design their curriculum to fit their students. This week on The Caribbean Net Worth we introduce a charter school called The Atlanta Unbound Academy (AUA). The Atlanta Unbound Academy is a kindergarten through eighth-grade school community that is led by founder and Director Alaina Chipman-Leeks When we asked how and why she decided to open a charter school, Alaina responded: “I always wanted to create a space for students to feel safe intellectually, emotionally a space that they can be challenged and I believe a charter school provides parents with the option to choose the best school for their child.” AUA provides its students with a safe space to have the courage to think critically and challenge perspectives. For example, sixth-grade students can look forward to having a healthy dialogue about news recaps around the world. This is done to understand different perspectives and allow students to express their opinions on different topics.  Although a charter school is still mandated to follow the academic state regulatory boards, AUA takes a unique approach to tailor the curriculum to its students. Teachers go through a six-week training course during the summer, where they break down the curriculum provided by the state. During this training course, the curriculum standards are broken down to ensure that it is delivered and received properly by students. Another unique tool that AUA teachers utilize is the teach-back clinic. Alaina explained that these clinics are a way for teachers to practice their lessons in front of their peers and leadership and receive feedback before to introducing the lessons to the students. The experienced academic program at AUA will prepare students for success not only in high school or college but as future leaders of their community. Be sure to check out their website for future enrollment! Enrolling kindergarten and 6th in 2020 Kindergarten, 1st, 6th, and 7th in 2021
March 05, 2022
Episode 2: Let Dean upgrade you.
When you’re searching online for style inspiration, it’s easy to fall down the black hole of Insta-hell. When you finally look up from your phone, you realize that you’ve spent two whole days just scrolling through feeds and laughing memes – and you’re still in your pajamas, with no idea what to wear (we’ve all been there). Which sort of defeats the point. Well never fear, we’ve done the hard search for you. In this episode of The Caribbean Net Worth, we introduce you to Dean Curtin owner and the mastermind behind DCI Styles; Atlanta's Premiere Boutique Fashion house for men in Perimeter Mall. When asked, “How would you say your Caribbean heritage influence your decision to open DCI?” “It’s the multi-ethic background from the people of Jamaica and the many different walks of lives that inspires me.”” DCI Styles specializes in providing customers with various styles and unique pieces that are from all over the world. Whether you are looking for casual attire or you are looking for an upscale addition to your wardrobe DCI Styles is definitely the place to go! DCI Styles is offering our audience a special discount of 10% off of your purchase with the use of the code: THECARIBBEANNETWORTH. Be sure to visit their store location in Perimeter Mall to place your order and follow them on Instagram and Facebook @DCI_Styles.
March 05, 2022