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The CEO Table Podcast

The CEO Table Podcast

By Chrissie Milan
The CEO Table represents the go-getters, the sidehustlers, the freelancers, the entrepreneurs and everyone who is ready to be the CEO of their own lives. Join us for candid conversations with our host Chrissie Milan and leave feeling ready to create the life you want.
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You do not need to be the same person every single day w/ Lovelynn | A chat about mental health
TW: This episode contains mention of Suicide.   In this week's episode we sit with Lovelynn Ndlovu, a mental health advocate who founded of a @abloodysituation. Lovelynn has been featured in Women's Health, written for Gal-dem and Black Ballad magazine sharing her journey on PMDD, endometriosis.  Today we talk about her mental health journey, navigating friendships, the workplace and therapy. Where to find Lovelynn: Where to find Chrissie: SIGN UP TO THE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SMALL BIZ DIGITAL MASTERCLASS: SHOP THE INFLUENCER EBOOK WHERE TO FIND US: Join our mailing list:
November 10, 2020
How to actually balance a 9-5 with your side hustle!
The most common question I get asked is 'Chrissie, how do you even balance all of that?!' well here's my answer. I love everything that I do so I had to find a way to make it all work and finally after many failed attempts - I GOT IT.  SIGN UP TO THE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SMALL BIZ DIGITAL MASTERCLASS: SHOP THE INFLUENCER EBOOK WHERE TO FIND US: Join our mailing list:
November 3, 2020
What it takes to build a fashion tech company w/ Judith & Elizabeth
In this weeks episode we get into conversation with the ladies behind the UK's first fashion innovation tech podcast; Elizabeth & Judith. Their stance on fashion, tech and sustainability as well as candid advice on building a company (ups & downs) was what we all needed to hear this week.  Where to find the efitter app:  Judith: Elizabeth: WHERE TO FIND US: Join our mailing list:
October 27, 2020
5 basic social media tips you're overlooking!
A short episode on the basic things your brand needs to grow on social media! I'm holding a masterclass on November 14th to equip you with the strategy you need to get your small biz social media strategy just right.  See more details here: SIGN UP TO THE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SMALL BIZ DIGITAL MASTERCLASS: SHOP THE INFLUENCER EBOOK WHERE TO FIND US: Join our mailing list:
October 20, 2020
"Just do the work" w/ Renee Kapuku
Renee Kapuku is an entrepreneur, writer, public speaker, and consultant. She was the first student from her state secondary school to attend Oxford University. She then pursued her postgraduate degree at Harvard University after. Renee is also a serial entrepreneur, with a keen eye for social equality and opportunity. She is founder of Flyover Network, a social enterprise which up-skills young professionals from underrepresented backgrounds, and consults with private sector organisations on recruitment and workplace diversity and inclusion. She is a Top Writer at the publication Medium with tens of thousands of views to her pieces weekly and also a previous contributor to the Huffington Post. Renee is a powerhouse & today we’ve been blessed with her time.  WHERE TO FIND RENEE: WHERE TO FIND US: Join our mailing list:
October 13, 2020
"There is no shortcut" w/ Sedem Ama
In this week's episode, 2x National & London boxing champion Sedem Ama takes us through the mind of an undefeated athlete. Not only is Sedem a champion boxer, she's a PR account director who has worked for some of the biggest brands we know. With two equally demanding careers we just had to know how she does it all.  While, The CEO Table podcast has always focused on the minds of entrepreneurs, after exploring the world of fitness I decided to dive deeper and find out what it really takes to make a champion. The perseverance and dedication it takes to push yourself physically can do wonders for you mental toughness and tenacity. So with that being said - I hope you take away something valuable from this episode.  Where to find Sedem:  Where to find Chrissie: Follow The CEO Table Sign up to our newsletter/Download our Q4 Goal Planner
October 6, 2020
The black experience | Part 2 ft Aba Amoah
Over the last 3 weeks on the podcast I have sat in conversation with amazing black women to discuss racial identity and our experiences. ⁣⁣ In this weeks episode I sit with Aba Amoah (@aba_abroad), she is one of the organisers for the Black Lives Matter protests which saw 20,000 people attend to stand against racial injustice. To be honest, I didn’t speak much in this episode - I listened as Aba shared her experiences of being a black woman in the USA, in China and in the UK. I listened as she spoke about the mission she is on to make a change and what we can do to help. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The number one thing that I took from this episode is the importance of education. A weapon no one can take away from you. The more we all learn, the more we can all do to push the movement forward ✊🏽⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Find Aba here: Find Chrissie here:
June 25, 2020
We must build each other up ft Renee Davis
Meet Renee Davis freelance writer and journalist and founder of Out The Box, an award winning hub for black and brown entrepreneurial talent. In this weeks episode we speak about Out The Box's mission to the black community. Renee shares her experience on being black at work and shares what the movement needs from us and our allies.  WHERE TO FIND RENEE: WHERE TO FIND CHRISSIE 
June 18, 2020
The black experience ft Loriane Mbayo
In this episode, due to the series of events that has taken place I sat down with one of my great friends, Loriane Mbayo, to really just unpack the black experience.  The murder of George Floyd has sparked a global conversation that black people, despite being unheard, have been trying to have for years. We spoke about our frustrations, our reactions and our experiences as black women. The last few weeks have been heavy for the black community, and I really wanted  a safe space to talk because like a lot of us, I was angry, I was tired and I was disappointed.  WHERE TO FIND US: Loriane Chrissie
June 7, 2020
EP13 The Myths About Motivation
Happy Tuesday everyone! In today's episode we talk about the myths about motivation. I asked you guys what you are currently struggling with a while back and a vast majority of you said Motivation. I believe that motivation is fleeting, it's temporary and if we depend too much on it - it will take us no where... listen to the full episode to find out why,  WHERE TO FIND CHRISSIE
March 31, 2020
Adulting & living intentionally w/ ADESSY
This week we sat with Adesola (Adessy) , founder of the Navigate series.  Hosted by Adessy, Navigate engages 20 somethings in conversations about their adulting journeys through a series of light-hearted discussions. This 6 part video series is not meant to provide a solution to everyone’s woes, but rather to show that people are not alone. From finances to careers, to even relationships Navigate unpacks it all. Leaving no area untouched. Hopefully, it’ll help relieve some of the pressures associated with ‘becoming an adult in the twenty-first century.  We had a pretty honest and straight up conversation about navigating adulthood, our favourite parts, the confusing parts and everything we learnt in between. Adessy's take on intentional living was so refreshing to hear, how she carries herself in her work, her daily habits and her attitude is no doubt a key factor in her success so far.  For more info on Adessy; click the link below: WEBSITE: FOLLOW NAVIGATE: FOLLOW ADESSY For more info on Chrissie
March 16, 2020
How a 9-to-5 can help build you and your side hustle.
So 9 to 5’s - every entrepreneur’s/side hustlers worst nightmare right? It used to be mine too but after a year in my first major career step I realised how much it’s taught me about myself, about running a business, about discipline and all the other things in between. I often hear the excuse of so many - I want to build my business “but I just don’t have time after work” - I was the same too. After 6 months of being terrible at balancing, I finally got the hang of it (so far) - watch this episode to find out more about how I transformed and how you can do it too 🖤 WHERE TO FIND CHRISSIE
March 10, 2020
In Conversation with... Lolly Comms
In today's episode, we sit down with Lolly, an award winning director and DOP whose journey began in 2017. 3 years into her career, Lolly has stepped into music video directing, appeared on the NTA-nominated, hit show, The Rap Game UK. Her work has featured in the Metro UK, Complex and GUAP magazine. Most recently, one of her projects, Motherland, has been officially selected at three BAFTA-Qualifying film festivals: Underwire, London Short Film Festival & BFI Future Film. We talked about her journey, where she started, the struggles she faced in switching careers and the realities of freelancing. Lolly's transparency about her journey resonated with me throughout this episode and I hope you guys also find value in her story! WHERE TO FIND LOLLY WHERE TO FIND CHRISSIE
March 3, 2020
Why you're not reaching your 2020 goals
Hello everyone! Happy new year - happy new decade, happy 2020. We have been gone way too long but we're so happy to be back and right back into regular scheduling.  In today's episode I spoke about all the reasons why you're not activating your 2020 goals after quite a few of you let me know you were feeling lost and overwhelmed with your list of goals. Sometimes we can't seem to pinpoint what the barrier is between where we are and where we want to be, then all it takes is that 'aha!' moment to help you realise what the obstacles were. I hope this episode can bring you closer to that 'aha!' moment.  MENTIONED The One Thing - Gary Keller & Jay Papasan SEE MORE OF US ON:
February 19, 2020
Planning for a better 2020
2020 is fast approaching & in this episode we dissect how to start planning for a better year & a better you  EVENT TICKETS :  Chrissie Milan Instagram:  The CEO Table Instagram: YouTube channel  Channel 1: NEW CHANNEL:
November 19, 2019
Stop being so humble
When people aren't honest with themselves about how much they really want in this life they lose out. Don't play yourself, speak into existence exactly what it is you want and only then will you be in perfect alignment to really work for it.  EVENT TICKETS: Chrissie Milan Instagram: The CEO Table Instagram:
November 12, 2019
S2 EP1: How to be a do-er and not just a dreamer
November 6, 2019
The Self-Doubt Sauce
I think we've all been lost in the self-doubt sauce one too many times and to the point where it may have cost us an opportunity. In this episode I highlight the dangers of the self doubt sauce and how to stay out of it.  The CEO Table is a personal development platform for all my goal-getters out there chasing after their dreams and turning them into plans.  Stuff I mentioned in the podcast: Ego is the enemy: Follow Chrissie Milan: Follow The CEO Table:
July 17, 2019
This week we are talking about one word, and that my friends is: CONSISTENCY. We are all guilty of missing this one important ingredient in our cake mix and then getting frustrated when it just isn't working. The truth is, all the things we want is on the other side of CONSISTENCY. Whilst planning for the second half of the year I realised how pointless this all was if I was just going to continue my bad habits of being inconsistent. So in this episode; I pledged to show up for myself, to set a routine and to be consistent. I went through some tips + hacks on how to be more consistent and honestly it was a wake up call that I needed so hopefully it was helpful to you too!  LINKS:
June 20, 2019
The importance of promoting yourself w/ William Adoasi
Today we meet with William Adoasi, 28 year old founder of Vitae London. Vitae London is a watch brand based in London, England, they are watches that make an impact. When you purchase a watch from Vitae London, you directly help fund a child’s education by preparing them with the necessary tools for school. William talks about key points throughout his Journey with Vitae: the meaning behind the brand, scaling his business to become investor ready & the importance of promoting yourself. Vitae will be opening an investment round to the public. Sign up here to find out more:  Vitae instagram:  William Adoasi:
June 11, 2019
Being intentional EP 2
Hey everyone! First of all thank you so much on the love from episode 1!! So glad you enjoyed the content. This episode was slightly unplanned but based on your feedback I wanted to just give you what you wanted straight away. This episode focuses on the power of being intentional, being purposeful and really just taking control of your journey. Follow us over on instagram and myself and our new website will be available very soon. See you next week!
May 22, 2019
You Have To Show Up For Yourself: Mabintou Kolley
Meet Mabintou Kolley (@MABIN2 + @MABIN2_) , a force to be reckoned with. Mabintou is an Architecture student, Digital Designer and Creative Director. 22 year old Mabintou's clients include; House of CB, Holly Boon Cosmetics and her very own; Beauty Hive app.  We talk the early days, how MABIN2 the brand became and what it really takes to build from the ground up.  What I love most about her is her unstoppable nature, the desire to have it all and the integrity that comes with her work. A true inspiration to young CEOs and an example of what it means to own your craft.  The CEO Table podcast is the perfect candid conversation to connect you to your favourite CEOs, hear their stories, hardships and mistakes to forever take with you on your journey.  Find Us:
May 14, 2019