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The ChaosGrenade Podcast

The ChaosGrenade Podcast

By R.E. Davis
The ChaosGrenade is all about the Tabletop RPG hobby.
Hosted by R.E. Davis -- Father, Gamer and Author.
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Obligatory Intro Episode

The ChaosGrenade Podcast

Ironsworn + Solo Gaming!
Talking about the solo RPG experience and the free game Ironsworn!
November 08, 2018
Call-Ins, Play by Post, and Size Matters.
WE GOT CALL-INS! Also I got my co-conspirator Matt Bryant to talk it up about how we enjoy doing Play by Post. We also RAMBLE a bit about our preferred group size at the table!
November 01, 2018
Hearts & Souls (and DriveThru METAL)
In which I'm left kicking and screaming and begging you to support a friend, and how the new top tiers at DTRPG astounded me with its top sellers.
October 26, 2018
Obligatory Intro Episode
Our very first episode, I talk about The ChaosGrenade's tastes in tabletop RPGs, the OSR as an idea farm, and I attempt to make Rolpunk a thing again. Checkout the episode notes at!
October 25, 2018